October 26th, 2005

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Water, water, everywhere

I moved to Ohio from New Jersey recently and I live in an old townhouse. I've noticed that after getting out of the shower my hair feels HORRIBLE. It's hard and brittle and just doesn't feel healthy. Even after using a conditiner. Does this have something to do with the water? Maybe the hardness or ld pipes or something? And what can I do about that? Is there a special shampoo or cnditioner I can use?

Also the tap water tastes kind of bad. Tea and coffee are fine, but I can't drink the regular water. Are those water purifying pitchers worth it? Would that help?
Precious Moments: Love

Work at Home

Anyone know any legit work at home jobs and online jobs that don't cost a bundle to get started out with?

If you have the sites, please post them so I can check them out. Thank you!
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Me--State Fair

for those of you with Firefox...(and other questions)

What are ESSENTIAL extensions to have?

Personally, I have Foxy Tunes, Forecast Fox, eWebMail Color and Graphics (for Yahoo mail) and the countdown clock.

Anything else that might be handy?

Anyone else have adult ADD? Just curious...pretty sure I have it, and my therapist thinks so too.

If you are dating someone, and they gave you a birthday card that thanked you for being a "good friend" but also made you a CD with songs about love and not running away because love is right here...would you chalk it up to good song selections, or a subtle message? I can elaborate more if need be, but I should sleep...
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US Health Care Costs

Okay, I'm Canadian, where our health care is paid for by the government, so I'm not quite up on US costs and everything, a bit of Googling tells me some stuff, but not exactly what I want to know, so I come to ask you.

I've read that an appendectomy can cost in the realm of $20,000, other things a lot more than that. My question is - where do these costs go? I can't picture any part of the health care process that would cost that much, even if equipment manufacuturers/hospitals are making a nice profit.

Can anyone who has had a high bill like that provide a breakdown as to where all that money goes? I'm stuck here.
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Wow, this post is cheery.

What was the worst thing that happened to you in a relationship?

What was the worst thing a significant other has done to you?

What's the worst thing you've done to a significant other?

And, as to avoid mass THQ suicide:

What's the happiest memory you have?
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(no subject)

I am suprised at such a huge response to my "what do you look like question".
Everyone is so beautiful, and it was nice to see the people we all talk to (in one way or another) almost everyday.

1. Who suprised you with the way they look? The most? The least? - well because you may know them in person, or seen lots of pictures

2. What made you happy yesterday? (no matter how small)
3. What are you looking forward to today? the most? the least?
4. If I had the money I would travel the world, go to every musuem, eat different foods, go to incredible music shows almost every night. What would you do?

(no subject)

hmm so i'm trying to figure out this new poker game for the ps2 that they kept advertising last night on espn during the world poker tournament. does anyone know what it's called?

i'd like to get it for my boyfriend for his birthday... i've tried googling it and everything but it's not going well.

thanks :)

(no subject)

Is it just me or do any of you think they are overplaying this "2000 dead" a bit? Imean, why is number 2000 so much more important than the first 10, the 27th, 189th, ect. etc. etc.? Shouldn’t ALL those who have died have the same amount of "this is the person he/she was" air time on tv than the 2000th? Shouldn’t their parents be interviewed as well?

Am I the only one who feels this way?
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one, two, three, four...

This past weekend at a party I had the chance to get up and jam on keys and vocals with some people I know and I loved it. It worked out so well and I really enjoyed myself and realized that I don't suck at music as much as I thought I did, so now I'm on a mission to start a band. Nothing big or trying to break into the scene and get signed, just a jam band that might end up getting some gigs later on. I'd like to make music my full-time career at some point and I'm thinking some experience could really help.

The problem is I don't know any musicians other than the guys at work and it's hard to get anybody together during the weekends because they all work so much. I go to a Baptist college of about 1,000 people and I've tried to get involved with the praise bands here, but one of them doesn't want me and the other one rehearses once every two weeks or so and has a full/rotating membership. Other than that and a few music majors, I don't know a soul who might be interested.

I'm looking to put together something that will be able to practice at least once a week, preferrably Friday nights or weekends, and really interested in covering classic rock songs (beatles, fleetwood mac, led zep, anything else you can think of) and maybe some more recent and modern stuff... then we'll go from there.

How would I go about this? Asking people and "getting the word out" hasn't worked, so would posting flyers around campus be a good idea or would that be cheesy and annoying of me? What are the odds those would work? What should I put on them?

Or can you think of some better ways to go about putting a band together?
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(no subject)

What time do you usually get out of bed?

Do you use an alarm clock? If so, are you a snooze button abuser?

What's your morning routine?

If you have a routine, is your day off if something goes awry in the morning?
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(no subject)

1. Do you know anyone named Ava?

2. What would you like for Christmas? (pick one thing)

3. Do they sell wax/grease or something for treadmills? Where would I get such a thing?

That Vonnegut quote made me think of some questions

Poll #598670 Optimism vs Pessimism

Compared to people you know offline, are people on LJ

more optimistic than the general offline people you know.
more pessimistic than the general offline people you know.
about the same as the general offline people you know.

Do you consider yourself

a pure optimist
a pure pessimist
somewhere in the middle
somewhat of an optimist
somewhat of a pessimist

Reading or watching the news

makes you happier
makes you more depressed
doesn't really affect you

If you join some cause does it

make you feel good that you're doing something positive?
depress you because you feel like you won't accomplish anything any way?
You don't give a shit.
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(no subject)

This question comes from the book "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs."

Let us assume there are two boxes on a table. In one box, there is a relatively normal turtle; in the other, Adolf Hitler's skull. You have to select one of these items for your home. If you select the turtle, you can't give it away and you have to keep it alive for two years; if either of these parameters are not met, you will be fined $999 by the state. If you select Hitler's skull, you are required to display it in a semi-prominent location in your living room for the same amount of time, although you will be paid a stipend of $120 per month for doing so. Display of the skull must be apolitical. Which option do you select?

(no subject)

Last night I went to bed with a paper towel folded up and wrapped around and taped to my big toe, becuase of a nasty thing i've got there.
It's healed to the paper towel, as it did the nights before, but now whenever i try to take it off it hurts like a bitch.

my roommate suggested just yanking. i asked her if i looked stupid. if i just yank it, a)I will scream bloody murder and b)the less dead flesh that the healed-to-towel stuff is attached to will get ripped to hell.

better suggestions? I have class in an hour.

new question: twitchy the 2-inch goldfish is having a bit of fun poking the trying-to-sleep 4 inch plecostamus. the pleco is just kindof shifting where he's attached to the tank. at what point will the pleco flip out and attack twitchy?

and, how much algae does a pleco need? he's been eating(i assume) non-visible amounts of algae from the tank glass, the same 8x8 section of glass, for nearly a week. (unless he zooms around while i sleep and returns to the same area of glass)


So I have a friend (B) who 'disappeared' from school for a while, causing us all to be worried and all. Today he came back, but only A (a mutual friend) knew the real reason why he left school.

Anyway today I was in the lift with A. And I asked her, "So why did B left school?"

And she told me it was "complicated - I tell you over lunch."

Then I said, "Well it's B - when is it ever simple?" and we laughed. It was gossipy, but I did not mean to be malicious - you know how you just don't mince your words about someone when they aren't around?

But the thing is, B was in the lift too. We didn't see him because it was so crowded in the lift.

How are you going to handle this?

And have you ever have one of this moments??
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(no subject)

What are, in your opinion, some must-read "classic" books?

I am an English major taking some time off from school and I want to catch up on some of the reading I was never exposed to in high school. I'm looking for anything really--books you loved in high school, classics you love to re-read, etc.


my crush

Is it redicilious to have a huge crush on someone you have never met (met them online), only known for 2 weeks, but talk to on the phone and online constantly?

And actually feel you could fall for them?

I feel redicilious.. lol. Well more like I feel silly.
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Abusive Relationships

1. What do you think of girls (or guys, actually) in physically abusive relationships? Does your opinion depend on the gender of the person being abused?

2. Same question but for verbal and emotional abuse.

3. Do you think one type of abuse is worse? Why or why not?

4. Does your opinion of a person in an abusive relationship change depending on how long they stay with the person?

5. Any other thoughts on this at all?
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Gray hair

If you have any gray hairs, how old were you when you first noticed them? Are you male or female?

If you don't have any gray hairs yet, do you know when your parents first got theirs?
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(no subject)

How do you make a zip file?

Why is there a Clear Channel logo on almost every bus stop I see? Do they own part of a but line or something?
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I'm a student studying at a university in the UK. Therefore I'm looking at things from a British angle but all advice is appreciated.

I'm currently in my second year of my undergraduate course studying History and Sociology. I plan to get a joint honours degree which I feel would open up my options. For a long time I wanted to studying drama but a last minute decision to take some extra classes changed my decision.

I have been toying with the idea of becoming a lecturer as I really enjoy researching topics and conveying my information to others. My question (or questions) is: what do you do as a lecturer? I imagine a PhD is valuable along the way at some point as well. My other question is how long does it take for you to qualify as a lecturer? I'm 20 at the moment so I'm worried my age may limit my options.

I'd some ideas in my head before I visit the Careers Service at university. They politely turn you away if you mention you haven't got a clue what you'd like to do.
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More book questions...

Have you read "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer? Did you like it?

Have you ever worked at Barnes & Noble? What was the experience like?

Would you rather read only one book for the rest of your life (a book you enjoy), or always have something new (but mediocre) to read?
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If you wanna go and get high with me...

When was the last time you consumed an illegal substance (including alcohol, under the legal drinking age)?

What was it?

Who were you with, where were you, what was the situation....?

When was the first time?

What was it?

Who were you with, where were you, what was the situation....?

(no subject)

Do you ever think about TQC or a specific member of this community during the day? I mean, other than members you know IRL.

Today I passed a Cold Stone Creamery, which I think is where bellapalmera works. Am I right? Anyway, it made me think of them and TQC. :o)
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1. Is there any scientific proof that women endure pain better than men do? I do not mean research to prove that women are stronger (already know the answer to that), I was wondering about studies related directly to proving that they endure pain better than men. I've heard there was a study done.

2. Do you think that women can endure pain better?
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(no subject)

All right, I love film, but why are they all so obsessed with making new movies out of old movies, or out of Broadway shows, or out of old tv shows?

As far as bad tv shows and movies that sucked to begin with, I think they should stop beating dead horses. And I just don't get why every Bway hit has to become a movie.

(no subject)

Does anyone know any (ex-)hippies/are there any (ex-)hippies around here? Preferably hippies from during the Vietnam War.
If you do/are, would you be so kind to answer some questions? :)
I'm doing my thesis on the influence of Hippies on the war in Vietnam, and vice versa. So I'd be really grateful if I managed to talk to a couple.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

Does anyone else just not understand?
Ive been so sad for the past 2 weeks. I have things to be happy about.

I feel like Im just being sad for fun. But this isnt fun.
I dont understand whats wrong with me.

Anyone else?
Ever fall in complete love with an ass hole?
It makes life hard. Expecially when you break up.

I just want to die.

And the funny thing is. I dont love my new boyfriend. Not nearly as much as I loved my ass hole 1 1/2 months into the relationship. But seriously he means the world to me.

Anyone else feel like they are fucking over their lives? Maybe?
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university question

What could I do if I major in Writing or English, and minor in Journalism? If I went this route, I'd go to grad school as well (Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing? or something in the English department).

Is it possible to get your PhD if you're not made of money?
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I take and I take and I take

How can you de-smoke-ify objects from the home of a heavy indoor smoker? We're talking about a daybed and mattress, a television and a TV stand. (The mattress is still wrapped in the saran wrap-type of plastic, and it took just 12 hours to make our garage smell like a den of iniquity.) I was told to sell these things, but I don't even think I could donate them, not smelling like they do currently.

If you have astigmatism, was it corrected or at least improved with a new pair of glasses/lenses?

I got a new laptop. I have installed AIM, Firefox, Adaware, Spybot, and Norton Antivirus. What am I missing? My old laptop was never the same after I uninstalled AOL (the service.) Will I have the same odd problems and bugs if I uninstall it's software from this new laptop, having never actually used AOL on here? What about the other garbage ISP stuff on here? How about Musicmatch Jukebox? I'm thinking I'm going to switch it out for iTunes - is the newest update OK? I heard about problems with an earlier version. I didn't get a disc for Windows, so if I get hosed by uninstalling something, I'm gonna be peeved. Maybe I oughta just leave everything. :-/

Name questions seem to be popular! How many other people do you know that have your first name? The only other time I've ever heard of someone with the same name was in LAX in January of this year. My mom heard someone with my name on the radio once, and I had a boyfriend who said there were absolutely tons of people he knew in California with my name. He was also a big liar. :-P
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(no subject)

Do you think it's right for a school to say students have to not have any sort of blog, or they risk being suspended? (The school claims it's not about censorship but safety from cyberpredators, as seen here)

Collapse )

Also, cartilege piercings. How well/long do they stay open? I have an industrial, but for my new job I can only have studs. So bye bye barbell and rings aren't possible either. I'm planning on wearing my regular studs from my earlobes (a not-in use pair), at least while I'm working, but those are soooooo much tinier. Do they make bigger studs?

(no subject)

1. What are some community/meeting friends sites like madradhair.com and faceparty.com (but NOT like myspace or facebook)? I used to be quite active on one a couple years ago but I cannot seem to remember what it was called. When I try searching for it, all I get are links to dating sites.

2. I rented Risky Business but had to return it before I finished watching it. I left off right when his parents get home, which I think was pretty close to the end. What happens the rest of the movie?

Oh, and if anybody cares about crappy 80s movies, I'm sure the comments will contain spoilers.

(no subject)

What's the name of the song in preview of Jarhead?

(sounds like a cadence, with rapping overlayed, eventually)

Any sites that host cadences(I need to start running again!)

(no subject)

Something short before I go to bed:
How do the telephone wires in your country run?
Underground? Telephone posts in the open? All satelite? Something completely different?

Normal people.

(no subject)

My friend has just given me a DVD-rom drive, with all the cables and wires. He expects me to figure out how to plug it in myself [and there's no way he can do it due to location problems] - how hard is this going to be? In general, I mean.

Will I destroy my computer if I start randomly plugging it in and booting to see if it worked? Can you give me any useful advice, please??

Rediscovered hotness

What older* movies have you seen, say, bored on a Saturday afternoon, after a long period of not watching them and all of a sudden it occurs to you: "Hey, [s/he] was hot!"

It's happened to me twice, when I saw Superman and Blazing Saddles. Christopher Reeve and Cleavon Little were hot! And somehow I had not thought so before.

* or otherwise not first-run
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Flash Sync?

Google and Download.com have been completely unhelpful, so I turn to you once again.

I have a Sandisk Cruzer Mini 1 GB flash drive. I would like to find a program (free, that is) that syncs the files on the flash with ones on my desktop, preferably only folders that I select and/or only files that have changed, and also preferably one that does it automatically when I connect it, ala what Activesync does for Windows Mobile. Any thoughts?

AIM File Transfers

Another technical question...

My friend is trying to figure out why her file transfer on AIM won't work. When I or anyone else tries to send her a file, we get this message:

The transfer request has timed out; the file will not be sent.
Make sure that your Buddy is using the latest version of AIM.
Changing your settings in the Firewall preference may help.
Also both you and your Buddy may need to adjust the settings of the firewall software on your individual networks.

She is on a newer laptop with updated security stuff. Her firewall settings are on the normal "Incoming, Outgoing, and Proxy Server" settings. She has the newest version, 5.9.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

Is there a good female cover of In My Life by The Beatles? I really love Fiona Apple's cover of Across the Universe and I'm looking for something similar for In my Life. Or something on the acoustic guitar perhaps? Anyone know of any other good covers of beatles songs?