October 24th, 2005

petit prince


when you see the disney logo (specifically the castle with walt disney's name underneath) do you think of the 'd' in disney as a d?

i always sort of perceive it as a backwards G with a line through it. i mean, i know it says disney, but i don't look at it as a capital d. am i the only one?
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handing in a paper twice... sort of

Okay, this might sound really dumb... but is it okay to hand in a paper more than once? (I'm a university student, if that matters). I'm very attached to a personal narrative I wrote a while back for one class, and I have edited it slightly from the original. I would like to use this paper again for one of my classes, after adding on to it a bit (to the beginning and the end). Is this okay? It's my own work, but I wasn't sure if there was something wrong with doing this. Thanks.


1) I'm looking for the exact phrasing & author of a sentence that goes something like, "Don't sit too close at the ballet, it ruins the illusion"
Couldn't find it on Google...

2) Did your parents let you play video games when you were a child?  Why?  Why not?  Which ones?  What was your favorite & why?

3) I write/talk to my emotionally mature friends for advice about my emotionally immature friends.  Why is it that half of the former group suspected that I was subtly trying to convey a problem between us even though nothing neagtive/dramatic had occurred recently, whereas the latter group won't even acknowledge any problems despite my confronting them directly & our having huge fights???

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I went to bed at midnight tonight, but I was woken up rather violently at around 2 (let's just call it a fire alarm for the sake of ease). I have a lot of problems getting back to sleep after being woken up... so now, at 3:30, I'm still awake. I really need to get back to sleep, as I have a midterm in the morning. I'm completely exhausted, but I'm also incredibly pissed off, stressed out, and sore/headachey. I barely got any sleep this weekend, and I guess I'm a little dehydrated, so I'm like... so tired I can't even fall asleep at this point.

End point: what do you do to calm down and get back to sleep? I just went and got some tea, and now I'm watching TV for a bit in the hopes it will cool me off.
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What the...?

Thought of while watching the weather channel: What kind of maniac knowingly goes into the middle of a hurricane in progress and stands OUTSIDE in winds of over 100mph!? I know these weather guys are getting paid for this, but sheesh, have they no sense of self-preservation!?
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alpha hydroxy acid

Ladies, has anyone had their skin burned from using a skin care product with alpha hydroxy acid in it? And I'm not talking about the kind of sun burn you can get as a result of your skin becoming more vulnerable after using it (which is common). I'm talking about a red, sore blotch directly where you applied the product.
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(no subject)

Situation: I started a job earlier this year knowing that I would quit again some time soon-ish (within the next 2 or 3 years if not earlier) because my husband is in the military and military people move a lot. When they hired me they asked about this but I just said that we were intending to stay here for longer.

We're moving in January so I want to quit this job at the end of December, take my remaining paid vacation (which will cover all of December!) and have my last day around the last of November (I still have some overtime hours) - I've already prepared what I want to say (husband came down on orders out of nowhere, so sad, yadda yadda yadda) but I don't know WHEN to do it. I want to do it this week but what day? Monday to get it out of the way? Or Thursday (I'm off on Friday) so they have a day without me to deal with it? Right when I get to work or before I leave?

I never quit a job so I'm kind of nervous about this. My boss and I don't have the best relationship so I actually should be happy to just slam the letter on his table but I still feel bad.

What would you do?

(no subject)

Serenity question: While watching the end credits to see if maybe there was going to be a fun end bit (there's not, you can go home), we saw "wild animal trainer" in the credits.... where were there animals? I remember goldfish. that's it.

Also: If you were NOT going to use the proper name (plecostomus)- you didn't know it, or didn't think the other person knew it, or you were 10- what is this fish?

Is it just me, or does my plecostomus blink?
feeding? I have algae wafers, they say 'do not feed more than it will eat in two hours." and that they;re nocturnal-ish, so feed later in the day. Every day? every few days? I've had my pleco about 3 days notw, and it hasn't moved from the glass at one end of the tank.

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I'm going to be doing my first bouncing/security gig on Saturday.
Its for a metal band in a small venue, but I was told to expect a lot of moshing (allowed, so long as it isn't too violent) but otherwise I'll be on the look-out for people smoking and/or doing drugs.

I'll be working with a couple of fathers of the band members, but apparently they're small guys(I'm about 6'1" and 300 lbs)

They told me to try and wear a security shirt, and whatever I think I might need.

Any suggestions of what I may need?
(I'll have a cell phone and I was thinking of bringing along a couple of radios so I can coordinate with the other guys...but I'm not sure what else.)

I haven't been to a show in like 3 or 4 years and I don't really remember what security carries.

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somewhat shallow question

my husband and i were discussing last night about how a person's same sex or opposite sexual preference "celebrity" crush(es) says alot about them. i know, slightly shallow, but fun to ask.
so what are yours? and why?

scarlett johannson and kate winslet(for normality and talent). i will watch absolutely anything with them in it.
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Another advice question

I'm having a crisis about where I live and work and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 1/2yrs now and have been long distance for all of it.

I've just moved home after graduating university and started a new job in June. So here's the problem..

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Stupid words....

What is the word for attributing human chracteristics to inaminate objects? It's not just personification is it? I think there is a more specific term for it.

EDIT: Anthropomorphism

EDIT EDIT: OK... so what is the difference between anthropomorphism and personification? The definitions haven't clarified it for me.

Some random questions

1.)a.What season is it where you live?
b. If it's currently spring where you live, to snowy Holiday movies irk you?
2.) If you could choose another time to have been born in, what would it be and why?
3.) Are you ticklish?
4.) If people were boogers, who would you pick first?
5.) Do you wear insoles in your shoes?
6.) What's your favorite store?
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(no subject)

1. Would you rather date someone who has knowledge in the same area(s) as you or different areas so you could learn more from them?
2. What do you think about virgins who say that something they like a lot is 'sex'?
Example: "I got this new t-shirt today. It's sex."
3. Assuming life could be made possible there, would you move to another planet?
You are allowed to take anything, and anyone you want will accompany you. Basically, assume all favorable conditions.
4. Do you check yourself out quickly in reflective store windows when you walk by them?
5. If your neighbor was mistreating their pet, would you report them to the proper authorities?
6. Which accent(s) do you find the sexiest?
7. Girls: Does plain tylenol soothe your menstrual cramps? Not a general question since it's different for everyone, just you personally..

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This riddle has been going around in email forwards for YEARS and i still haven't figured out the answer. And i know that sending it to 10 people will not give me the answer.

What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you'll die?

What is it?

Edit: the answer is 'Nothing'. and yes i'm aware now this was posted a few weeks ago.

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new question:
You knwo hoe sometimes the edge of your fingernail will crack, and sometimes it's just best to take the tiny cracked off bit and yank it out?
I do this all the time, no problem. including to my feet. but a few days ago i did this to my big toe and now have a nasty nasty infection type thing. and I'm a klutz, so i just stubbed it on my scooter and i screamed. I put alcohol (purell, technically, what was at hand) on it twice yesterday.... and neosporin today... suggestions?

(student health says they're booked for today and to clal back tomorrow... bastards)

Of homework and flies

Are there any LJ communities for students (especially college students) to post papers and let their peers proofread them?

Why would a fly keep landing in the same spot over and over other than for food? I have a speaker on my celing that seems to attract them... well... like flies, although the other identical speaker does not. Also, all day today I have had a fly that keeps landing on my right arm. Never on my left, only my right and again and again and again.. it's driving me NUTS!!!

Sorry for the frequent posts, I'm done for a bit. I'm just really excited about this community... It rocks!!

Mailing a pie

How can you mail a pie? Can it be done without destroying it? I'm talking an apple pie with a moderatly liquid filling and a rather fragile crust that probably wouldn't survive being placed upside-down, banged about, crushed, etc.
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(no subject)

Just a quirky question about college/test forms:

When a test form/college application asks what language is spoken at home, what should I put if my parents speak to me in Spanish, but I reply in English? There's only one option, and putting English seems like I'm cheating myself out of an advantage, but putting Spanish seems like I'm cheating myself into one.

So. What language do we speak at home?

EDIT: What difference does it really make?
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(no subject)

For those who follow a religion:

1. Are there any beliefs/ideas in your religion that you don't follow? What are they?
2. What major beliefs/ideas in your religion do you completely agree with?


3. Do you think it's wrong for a person to grow up "following" a religion but never really understand much of anything about it?


do plecos molt?
Or is mine just very very diseased?

S/he appears to have a second, thin/nearly see-through layer of skin that isn't really attached... close to it, rippling with the current... it freaks me out...

(and, i sat and watched him. he sortof blinks. he rolls his eyes down and then back.)
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(no subject)

I have to interview someone for a job tomorrow and I don't want them to get it.

Can you give me some examples of questions I could ask him which might him incredibly uncomfortable or make it difficult for him to answer (legal questions though ie: can't ask about his love life, his religion) ?
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(no subject)

Renaissance thinkers argue that women should be educated ...

a) w/ emphasis on history and philosophy
b) not at all
c) w/ emphasis on poetry and religion
d) confied solely to music, dance, and knitting

(no subject)

I'm looking for a good security software for a single user who downloads stuff from LimeWire once in a while. What's the best of the best (best security + support + good price1) for someone like me?

1I don't mind if I have to pay for quality and service, just as long as it's not exorbitant.
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(no subject)

I bought a dress the other day, and discovered there is a very discreet zipper on one of the sides. What is the purpose of this zipper? Is it meant to be a secret grope pocket or am I just being a dirty teenager?

(no subject)

i am trying to decide on which camera to buy..

canon powershot sd500 which is on ebay right now for $300- review

or the canon powershot g6 that is for $400- review

if any of you have any experience with them.. what one do you prefer? what are the pros and cons of these two? do they work well in the dark? or anything else that i would need to know.

thanks in advance.

background music

Can anyone tell me what the music in the background of this commercial is? I'm fairly sure its a well known classical piece, and if its not I am more interested in the well known classical piece it sounds like . . .

Anyway its on this site:


(its the video titled "Close to Home 10.35.05")

or if you are watching cbs, its the background to the latest commercial for Close to Home.

i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

If I'm mailing $19 to someone in California (from NJ) in an envelope, do I really need to take to the post office and get it weighed? Can, I just put like 1 or 2 stamps on it?

questions for the day

For all you cigarette smokers/ex smokers:

1. How old were you when you you started smoking and why did you start?

I started when I was 15, but only smoked socially until I was 17, and I really started up. I originally started because it was "cool". Yeah, lame, I know.

2. How old are you now, and have you quit? If so, when?

Now I'm 19... a month or so ago I made an honest attempt at quitting... but then I started again two weeks later. I'm disappointed in myself, really.

3. For those of you that have quit, how many honest attempts did you make to quit before you successfully did? How many years did you smoke?

I've only made the one attempt.

The reason I ask these is because I want to quit- I want to quit because it's too expensive and it's bad for my health... but I don't want to quit, you know? When I made my attempt, I didn't really want to quit, and I think that definetly contributed to my failure. So..

4. In order to successfully quit, do you think that one has to really want to?

Randomly... I have a blister with fluid in it on the bottom of my toe. Should I pop it?

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(no subject)

My sociology teacher doesn't know my name, should I say something?
About a month after school had started she asked me what my name was, I told her that it was Joan. She has been calling me Joanne ever since. I know I should have said something when she started calling me Joanne, but I didn't want to seem like a bitch. It's only a half year class so it's already half over, if that matters. It's just that I would feel weird saying something now considering she's been calling me Joanne for nearly a month.
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Comp question

If it's saying you have no sound device on your comp, does that mean the sound card's shot?

The sound used to work fine but for the past month or two it's been in and out. Now there's no sound anywhere (also tried a different set of speakers plugged into the computer) and it says there's no sound device. I wasn't sure if it would just NOT show up if it were dead or if it's more complicated than that. . .
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screw you, Quicktime!

Every time I go to a site in Firefox, that requires Quicktime, it doesn't work, and it tells me to "manually install it". But I HAVE Quicktime.

I'm running Firefox 1.0.7 and Quicktime 7.0.3. What gives??
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