October 23rd, 2005

Halloween 2008

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Am I the only one in TQC that doesn't know how to drive? (I'm 19)

Do you and your SO have a song? What is it?

Any suggestions for a "ready to fall in love" mix cd? So far I've gotten India.Arie's "Ready for Love," John Mayer's "Love Song for No One," and Pink's "Waiting for Love" Not necessarily in love, or found the right person yet, just waiting, I suppose.

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1. There are these guys that always hang out in the parking lot at Home Depot; when cars pass by, they stand up, raise their hands, etc. They're not wearing uniforms, so they probably don't work there. What are they doing out there?

2. Do you tend to write more LJ entries when you're happy or when you're sad?

3. When/how did you first know exactly what you wanted to do with your life (your career)?
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Is there a good music downloading program that lets you do it for free, but without getting in trouble. I had one a while ago that a few people here recommended, but i can't remember the name of it.

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I saw a website a few months ago with return address labels I really wanted to get, and I can't find it now. The family name (or whatever) would be on top, and underneath, little graphics representing the members of the family (that you picked out from the website; you seperately pick out the head, hair, all features, etc.) would be there with the first names under them. You could also put cats, dogs, and other pets, and so on. Does anyone know where I can find these? Thanks.
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What is the best music download site? The one with the best variety of new and older music, hard to find stuff, and is not a killer cost-wise? For CD burning, not for Ipod use.
Ahh! Babies!

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If you are NOT a vegetarian, would you ever eat dog? Cat? horse?

Do you often try new and different foods or stick to things that you know and are familiar?

What if these meats were part of the culture you are visiting and considered a delicacy there?

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miss molko

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If a/your animal dies in your home, how do you dispose of the body? What if it's a 'big' animal?

When I've had animals die, it's usually at the vet so they take care of it.
I remember when I was seven my dad threw my deceased kitty in the trash and it was very traumatic for me...I've been bitter since!
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Sports Event Song

Ok, this is going to be very vague but any help or tip offs would be appreciated! My friend is trying to find this song that's played at almost all sports events these days. The latest places he's heard it are at hockey games and and from the Penn State band at the Michigan game on Saturday.

He says it's a newer techno song, is really popular, and that it has no words, really. He told me you can go "ohhhhh, ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh, ohhhhhh oh" in lower and higher pitches if you wanted to sing along with it.

Thanks so much!
mix tapes

I have a soft spot for anything accoustic

What artists would fall in the same "indie-folk" genre as Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine?

Also, what is the website that connects related musicians? It uses a bunch of colored circles connected with lines, and when you type in an artist's name, it creates a map of other related musicians.
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I want to put my trainers/sneakers in the washing machine. i've done this several times before, but this time i need them dry in 24 hours. whats a quick way of drying them and is it safe enough to put them in the tumble dryer?

thank you!!
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Reference letters

What should actually be said in a reference letter?

I'm having 2 written for me from supervisors, but I also need to write one for a friend.

Should it include stuff like how reliable they are for information, punctual, etc?
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Just how fake?

I'm watching 'World's scariest places' and wondering, just HOW fake is this? I mean, obviously the banging and shit are fake, but do they have actors there or are they really just stupid people? And what would they do if they got a smart family, just never air it?

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1. Do any of those "Am I the only one" type questions irritate anyone else or is it just me? ;)

Seriously, does anyone really think they are the only ones who experience whatever it is? There are approximately six billion people on the planet. It's safe to say that whatever original thought or experience you've thought or you've had has been thought by or experienced by at least a million other people already.

ETA: I felt I should add that the questions themselves don't annoy me - it's the way it's worded + the assumption (whether or not they actually believe it) they are, oh my god, the only one ever or they're just fishing for comments.

2. What's the longest you've ever gone without food? Why did you (even if it's a reason like you wanted to fit into a dress or it was a dare or other reasons like spiritual fasting or eating disorders, whatever)? How long do you think you could go without food (not how long before you would die, but before you just couldn't take it anymore and would eat the first thing you saw)?

3. If you're a Christian, do you believe that God will never put more on you than you can bear? If you do believe that, do you just believe that promise is only for Christians?
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Can you suggest some really really cheap meals? We don't eat meat, so keep that in mind. My boyfriend and I are VERY low on money right now, and I'd like a little more variety in what we're eating. Bonus points if a large batch can be made and eaten as leftovers. Thanks so much!

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If there a website that offers reviews of the US military by people who have been/are in?

My parents are going through a divorce. My natural reaction to this is to continue cutting them out of my life. Is this the right choice?

At what point do you think free speech should stop? Flag burning? Throwing eggs? Cursing?

Is a paid account really worth it?

EDIT: How hard is it to get a legal motorcycle license when you are not in your home state? Is there anything special done for the military?
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a question about exes

So.. If you had an Ex contact you after 3 years of no contct, whatsoever, and they asked you to call them.. they apologized for it not working out.. and you have compleatly gotten over the reasons the relationship broke up.. would you call them?

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Oh, and I finally put an Icon on this journal.. yay
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My parents' 25th anniversary is coming up. A good friend of theirs is throwing them a party this Saturday. Me and my brother obviously are going to do something at the party, since we didn't throw one ourselves (both of us being away at school). We were thinking speeches, but we don't know whether both of us should give separate speeches, only one of us should, or if we should both stand there together and talk. Thoughts? And yes it must be something like a speech, since we don't have the time/access to put together anything like a slideshow, etc before we go home. I'm 19, he's 21, if that's important.
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What are all the chocolate bars available in the US? I was watching Seinfeld today (The Dealership episode), and they mentioned mounds bars, $100 000 bar...and that's all I can remember at the moment. :P Anyway, those aren't available in Canada. Twix is though.
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my brother has really been bugging me about this web site we used to know back in the day but of which's url we forgot. it was an interactive website where one could create (and modify) these lines, shapes, and figures connected by dots and make them move around. i think i recall something about soda pop in the title?

maybe an image will help:

Give Peace A Chance

Weird Rabbit

There has been a wild rabbit sitting in the same spot in my back yard all day, right in the middle of the yard, nothing around but grass and fallen leaves. I saw it this morning, it took a while to realize what it was because it was pretty well camouflaged. My cat stalked it, it ran away. Went back out later, it was back in the same spot; again later, still there. This time I went near it to see if it was possibly hurt (I don't think it is), and it ran away, but to where I could still see it. Back out a bit later, it was back in the exact same spot, where it still sits.

It's cold and almost-drizzly out; I didn't look closely enough at the spot of grass to see if it was hiding any babies, but I don't know if they'd have babies at this time of year.

Any idea what could be up with this little thing?

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What (or who) is making your life worthwhile?

It can be silly or serious. Im just very curious.

I just realized the major things im doing at this time arent making my life worth while.
just more widely accepted. Im living to please the ever present and never satisfied "Them"

and almost hurting myself in the process. I was wondering who else, if anyone was doing this unconciously?

LJ friending

What's the website that lets you see who has friended or unfriended an LJ user? You have to register that username, and it'll show statistics for that user from then on. I can't find the link. u_u

Edit: Answered promptly. ^_^
Simba turns

He just doesn't get it.

A friend has a problem:

She dated a guy for a year or two. Then the guy met up with another girl (younger) and they took off for Florida together to "start new lives." My friend was appalled and disgusted when she found out. She tried to sevr contact with this guy, but when he returned from Florida (it didn't work out)and began to call my friend regularly. She would refuse to return calls or answer the phone if she knew it was him. She finally tells him that she can no longer see him. She spares his feelings and claims she's having a hard time with school and her part-time job. A year goes by and the guy calls her again. She talks just once, but keeps it brief. Then the guy calls every three months or so.

He called her again on Friday to see if she wanted to go to a football game. My friend ignored the phone message.

I don't know what to tell her. She wants to sever all ties with this boy, but at the same time, she doesn't want to burn any bridges. She wants to keep it as civil as possible. I told her to just tell him the truth. But she says he won't get it. I have a feeling that this guy is not all there (I found out he was in special ed., not for severe disabilities, but he's still a few fries short of a Happy Meal if you catch my drift. He acts normal, but some of his math and reading skills are limited a bit). And I think this might play a role in him not getting the message that my friend doesn't want to see him again.

Is there any way to let this guy know that my friend doesn't want to go out with him without letting things get ugly?
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1. If you're chewing gum when you're about to kiss someone, what do you do with your gum? Spit it out to the ground? Hold it in your hand until you're done? Keep it in your mouth and try to keep it out of the way?

2. I just painted my room light pink and dark blue, and the trim (door and windowsill...) are crisp white. Would it look weird to have like, cream colored bedding? I've always thought that accessories should be either white OR cream, but never mixed. What do you think?

3. Which do you get most frequently: nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, or diarrea? How often?

4. What foods do your body just NOT let you eat? (Not that you don't like it, but you just can't eat it...) What happens if you eat it? Would you eat it if your body let you?

5. Beiwtched or I Dream of Jeannie?

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What's the name of that Christmas movie with the Mr. Scrooge character and the 3 ghosts of the past, present, and future come to visit him then he changes his 'evil' ways?

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I read on one of my casual friend's xangas that he's feeling pretty down (a lot of similar stuff I'm going through right now, actually). We've only talked a few times, but I remember the first conversation we had we talked about how much we like giving and receiving mix tapes/cds.

My question is, would it be weird of me to make a mix cd of encouraging or cheerful music and mail it to him anonymously through campus mail? I know I, personally, would love to open my mailbox someday and have a random anoymous gift of sorts, but I didn't know if that was the more common response. ha
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cat tea

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1. Do you prefer loose leaf tea or tea in bags?

2. I have two different colored eyes. One of my eyes is green and the other is half green/half brown. If you saw someone like this, would you think it was weird, or cool? Sometimes I get really stupid comments like "My dog has two different colored eyes!" but sometimes people think it's the coolest thing ever.

3. Is it normal for your stomach to feel significantly bigger at the end of the day?

4. I'm not asking this about thin or slim people in general. Do you prefer someone who is slim and TINY all over (extremely small boned, no curves) or someone who is slim and has curves?

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Those were just some quick pictures I found from google. I'm not saying that people who are bigger or curvier are unattractive or any less beautiful. I was just curious about these particular builds.

5. Do you prefer to call people or be called?
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What do you think of Unitarians, if you think of them at all?
I ask because I am one and I like to think of myself as a not-at-all repressed! Misunderstood! Religious! Minority!. But maybe that's untrue. Don't be afraid to be mean or unleash the stereotypes when answering this question. Trust me, I've heard it all before.

The song I'm playing now is my new favorite. Do you know it? Do you like it? I love it not only because it's awesome musically, but also because it mentions Lansing so I have this silly little fantasy of me going to University of Michigan (to which I just submitted an application gasp fingers crossed) and falling in love with someone and listening to this song and being really happy. Lots of good hopes and dreams all wrapped up in this one song.
Told you it was silly.
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I've been invited to go see a movie at an IMAX theatre next month, which will be my first. If any of you have been, can you tell me your first hand experience of what it's like?

I got dragged to one of those planetarium laser shows 9 years ago (it was NIN, not Kenny Logins. heh.), and this is what I'm picturing the screen to be like - domed and too huge to see everything at once. Also, it was so loud, I had that 'concert ear' thing afterward. The laser show was at a different theatre, but both show IMAX movies now.
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What are some websites that have, I don't know what they're called, interactive postcards, maybe? Stuff like Bloody Finger Mail and Mr. Picassohead, where you can design something and send it to someone?
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so i've never understood the whole ranking people thing. like, how bad looking do you have to be to be ranked a 1 and are there really any 10s out there? whats the lowest number you can be w/o it being an insult. like if someone said you were a 3 i'm pretty sure you would be offended. but if someone said you were a 9 then you would be complimented. but what if someone said you were a 6 or 5? i just never know what each number means. could someone explain this to me please? its something that has always confused me. thanks in advance!
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Where do you live, and what are the seasons like?

I live in Fort Myers, Florida.
We have hot season. Rainy season. And currently, hurricane season. With a few days in the 50s-60's here and there.
Alex Kapranos / villain


Which Franz Ferdinand album do you like better (if you like them at all)?

How often do you trim your fingernails?

Do you like music that's in another language? Which language?

Do you wear glasses? Contacts?
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My friends computer has some problems. It randomly reboots itself without notice. There doesn't seem to be anyreason for it, but there is a blue screen that says something about the drivers. Any idea of whats wrong with it and how it can be fixed?

And completley unrelated - is it "Anyway" or "Anyways"? Which do you say?
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Curious George: the musical

Okay, I was playing around with my iPod and I got to wondering what is in peoples play lists. Not what you think makes you look cool but what you actually listen to when no-one is around so in this vein I will be asking the hard questions once again. Feel free to do it anonymously if you want.

Shuffle your iPod/mp3/CD playing device and or programme. What are the first 5 songs
1. Beyond The Sea - Robbie Williams
2. Disco Science - Mirwalis
3. Get Right - J Lo
4.Somebody to Love - George Micheal
5. Just Like Me - Eminem

What are the 3 daggiest songs you have? Again the ones you would never admit to having.
1. Dancing Machine - Jackson 5
2. Flashdance (what a feeling) - Irene Cara
3. Get Right Back To Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale

What are the 3 coolest songs?
1. Something Beautiful - Robbie Williams
2. Broken - Seether feat. Amy Lee
3. Home - Micheal Buble

My iPod id filled with tacky musical goodness :)
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Name of a movie

Okay there's a movie that I saw a few years ago, I want to buy it but can't remember the name of it. The title has either the word "Fort" or "Castle" or maybe even "Fortress" in it.

The movie is about a Lieutenant (I think) who gave bad orders to his men while at war resulting in the deaths of some of the troops. He gets sent to military prison, where the prisoners are treated horribly and eventually they overthrow the prison and escape.

I believe the main character is played by a well-known actor, but I don't remember who it is.


EDIT - I found it on my own. The movie is The Last Castle, the actor is Robert Redford.
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does anyone know where i can find a version of the program Dr. Sbaitso for macs? is there a version out there for macs? i very much hope so.
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Cause google is just so hard.

I just realized I need to do some reasearch for my NaNovel...

Can anyone tell me what animals/plants/minerals/things came originally only from america and south america? I don't mean inventions, I mean basic materials.

What animals are native to germany and romania/transylvania? (Either or, they don't have to live both places, I'm not sure where this is set yet.)

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Okay, this should be a fun one.

I posted a few days ago that I'm having a Halloween party, so I decided it would be really fun to have a scavenger hunt. I'll be sending participants out into an area that has a lot of bars, restaurants, etc., and always has lots of people in costume walking around on Halloween.

What are some good ideas for things to put on a scavenger hunt list? It shouldn't be anything they might have to buy unless it's really cheap.