October 22nd, 2005

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1. Are there any movies where the main character gets pregnant, they break up, they don't get back together, but it still has a happy ending? I'm tired of watching movies where she can't be happy until she's back with the boyfriend.

2. What color is your carpet? Did you pick it out yourself?

3. What size bed do you have? Do you share it with anybody?

4. If you were doing a big project like painting, would you rather (a) have a helper who was clumsy (didn't notice they were dripping paint all over the place, bumps freshly painted walls with a roller of the wrong color, leaves wet brushes out to dry and harden...) but saves you time with the tedious tasks like taping edges and spackling nail holes OR (b) take two to three times as long working by yourself? Those are your only options.

5. What big furniture items do you have in your bedroom? (including large appliances)

6. Are a "twin" and a "single" bed the same size? My ex INSISTED his bed was smaller than mine because it was a "single" and mine was a "twin"... I couldn't find any info on it but I'm positive they are the same. We never got around to taking actual measurements, haha.

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I have a kodak digital camera (I cant figure out the make right now) and it wont flash, the flash works but its permanently off for some reason, theres the little icon on the screen, does anyone know why? and how to fix it? Sorry if this is too vague
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Dish Network Website

Is anyone else here having trouble with Dish Network's website? It seems to load ok, but then I get to the very end of the process of trying to pay my bill and it says it's unable to log in to the server right now. I've been trying off and on for a few hours. :/
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are you supposed to tip when you order take out from a $20-$30 per person restaurant? these are restaurants that if you dined in you would have to tip, not for fast food places and such. i feel bad when i leave the take out counter without giving a tip, but i don't feel they deserve 20% because they didn't wait on me all night.
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birthday ideas

Any ideas on what I should do for my 17th birthday? It's in two weeks, it's a 4-day weekend (my birthday is Friday, we have Monday and Tuesday off), and I want to do something. I've got a lot of friends but they're in a couple different "groups"...thanks, guys and girls. :)
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I'm presenting a demo/workshops on blogging for teens this afternoon. (I am, among other things, a teen-services librarian at a public library.) In addition to helping them set up their own accounts, talking about sites that offer free services, and offering a brief explanation of what blogs are and where they came from, I'm also talking about a few instances of famous blogs and bloggers. I talk a little bit about celebrities who blog, but I also plan on talking about bloggers like Crystal Evans and Kevin Sites. Can anyone help me think of a few more in that same vein?

EDIT: With coffee comes clarity. What I'm actually looking for are examples like the Crystal Evans and Kevin Sites cases--relatively ordinary, non-celebrity blogs which attracted media attention and/or controversy. I've got the celebrity blog thing covered at this point...

because i have nothing better to do

What are the songs that come on your computer (whatever you use to listen to music) when put on random?

1. coldplay - the scientist
2. sarah slean - eliot
3. the shins - sphagnum esplanade
4. interpol - next exit
5. radiohead - airbag
6. ani difranco - untouchable face
7. death cab for cutie - marching bands of manhattan
8. pixies - ana
9. death cab for cutie - your bruise
10. keane - somewhere only we know
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How bad do you feel when you step on a snail? Or a worm?
Edit: also, am I the only one who whenever she sees a worm on the sidewalk or street or gutter after a hard rain stops and throws it back into the dirt/grassy area?

Do you think they'll ever make decaf redbull for people who got addicted to the taste but are off caffiene? Can you think of any drink that is similar but not caffinated?
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Without my music I am nothing!

Well, apparently my usual online radio station, Accuradio, is down. I'm about to go nuts with nothing to listen to, so I turn to all y'all for help.
Any good ideas for an online radio station I can listen to? I usually listen to the Classic Rock, Celtic/Folk and Broadway stations on Accuradio, but I'm up for almost anything.
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Straight ladies(and gay men, I guess):

Do you stare at (other) women's breasts? Do you do it on purpose?

I do; I can't help it. I'm not a lesbian, and I don't believe actual bisexuality so it's just out of fascination, really. I don't get any sort of sexual charge out of it, they just interest me. Big, small, ugly, beautiful lopsided, covered, displayed, I just always notice breasts.

I'm just wondering if I'm the only straight chick who's this fascinated hahah
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iPod questions

Okay, I'm going to ask a question about iPods. If you're anti-iPod, please don't answer with "just buy a Creative", etc. I know for sure that I'm going to buy an iPod, I just need a little bit of advice. Anyone who actually owns an iPod, your answers would be especially appreciated.

1. I can't decide between the 4 gig iPod nano, or the new 30 gig iPod with video playback. There's a $50 difference, and a HECK of a lot more space on the 30, obviously. I probably don't need that much space, but hey, there's always room to grow. I would be super careful for the nano, and I'm planning on buying a silicone case for either, so scratches, although scary, are not really much of an issue. The thing that keeps me coming back to the nano is that it uses flash memory rather than hard drive, no moving parts, no skipping, etc. I do plan on using my iPod at the gym--probably not for rigorous running, but just for working on the elliptical, bike, things like that. Would the 30 gig really noticably skip so much, since it's on hard drive memory rather than flash? Will I even notice the difference? What are the other benefits of having no moving parts?

2. Speaking of silicone cases--why does a 5-pack of tubes cost practically the same as two cases from some online place such as http://www.zcover.com? Why am I not hearing a lot about people buying tubes? Is there something wrong with them?

3. Should I buy an extended warranty for about $50, or should I just stick with the one year that they give me? I know warranties are usually a waste of money, but it seems necessary for the iPod...
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Foamy The Squirrel

I used to have this site bookmared that had an archive of all the 'Foamy The Squirrel' toons, including the ones that were no longer in the archive at IllWillPress.com. However a couple months ago while someone was on my computer, still not sure who, they managed to mess with Mozilla and I lost all my bookmarks. Does anyone happen to know what site I'm talking about with the archives? I really want to show someone the old toons so any help would be appericiated.
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Pathetic questions.

Which name variation do you like better, Grey, Gray or Grau?

Which should I draw first, my original character or a fanart? or should I try both at the same time?

And just so this is slightly an interesting post, what would you name your kids if you had them?

(Personally, Elise and Clara for girls, Ethan and Jacob for boys. (Oh, so creative.))
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(no subject)

Last night, my friend and I, both college students, were musing about our futures and the discussion of making friends as "adults" came up.

For those of you who are 24+, how did you make the friends you had now? Where did you meet them and how do you go from being coworkers/classmates/whatever to friends?

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The other day in one of my lecture classes (which takes place in the campus movie theatre, which doubles as a lecture hall) our prof played a bit of a prank on us.

We watch a lot of movie clips in the class for discussion at whatnot, and class started with a video. It seemed normal enough. A car was driving through the mountains. Pleasant music was playing. After a minute or so I was starting to think "This is the longest car commercial I've ever seen". Then this demon/monster thing jumps on the screen and starts screaming. Needless to say, the whole class jumped and screamed, but we got a good laugh out of it afterwards. The end of the video was a black screen with a can and some writing (it looked maybe German).

My question is what on earth was it and has anyone else seen it? I'm assuming a commercial for some canned beverage?

(no subject)

1.Where can I get clothes similar to American Eagle's for a much cheaper price?

2. Are you sick of me yet?

3. What's your favorite flavor of bubble gum?

4. Do you think sad music is for sad people only?

5. If you've ever learned a seccond language, how long did it take you to become fluent on it, and under what circunstances?

6. Whats your favorite flavor of water?

7. How can I help a friend who gets anxious about everything? I don't want to be just nice to him, I want to help make a change on the way he handles things.

8. Does any one want to dress me up: pretty/sexy/feminine/girly.
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(no subject)

How many people squish their sandwiches? What I mean is, after you put the top piece of bread on, press down on it, to flatten the sandwich.

I do it, but usually only when the breas is toasted.

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Um...kind of an odd question:

How do you break up with a girl who doesn't want to be broken up with?

After some soul searching, I decided that since I'm striving to become an officer of the law, it wouldn't be good for me to be with someone who has a lot of druggie friends(and used to/does drugs).

I tried (note, *tried*) to break up with her Monday, gave her the upstanding citizen bit, and some how, she convinced me to give two more months.

Collapse )
Any suggestions?

edit:As per most of your suggestion, I'm just going to break up with her next time I see her.
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sort of computery

1. How fast and accurate is your typing?
1a. How did you learn to type?
1a1. If you used a software tutor, what one?
1a1a. Did it have rude words in it? The one I'm using to brush up on my skills does. 0.o
1b. Was that numbering system totally annoying?

2. What method do you use for posting to a community? Do you select from the "Post to" box when you go to the Update page? Or do you go to the profile page of a community and click the link there? If you go to the profile page, do you find yourself accidentally clicking the "Join here" link by mistake?

3. After updating my journal, I got this message preceding the "Successful Update" message:
Logging in to server... Also, the server has a message for you:
Your password is too easy to guess. It's recommended that you change it, otherwise you risk having your journal hijacked. Visit http://www.livejournal.com/changepassword.bml to change your password.

Does that mean someone's been trying to hack my account by guessing my password?
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(no subject)

1. Do you think it looks weird to wear a black t-shirt and dark jeans with white sneaks?

2. Have you ever masturbated at work/school?

3. How many inches around is your tummy?

4. What was the last effort-ful dinner you had?
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car troubles...

Okay...I think there's something wrong with my car. I don't know much about cars, so the answer might be really obvious.

Anyways, I was making a frappuccino run this evening, when I noticed that despite having my headlights on, my dashboard was not backlit. I turned off my headlights and turned them back on, and my dash had the backlight on for a second before it turned off again. Any idea what this could be? I'm guessing the battery, but I want to be sure...
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Hairy people

1. Have you ever had laser hair removal? If not, do you want to have laser hair removal?

2. If Yes, were you satisfied with the result?

3. If you feel comfortable about answering, what body part did you remove hair from?

4. How many treatments did you have to go for?
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Portland or Seattle

Would you rather live in Portland or Seattle? Why? (Say theoretically you're doing this because you hated your job so much you just decided to up and quit it and are now moving back across the coutry and you have friends you can crash with in both cities for a little while.)