October 20th, 2005

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I work at a book store and I can't find it.
I am looking for a book I saw a couple of years ago in a book store, maybe Barnes and Noble. I don't remember. The cover looked like an old composition note book and the title was something like Passing notes. In it, there were all these notes that kids had written back and forth to each other. You know like do you like me check yes or no.

Any idea what it could be?
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Very random

How would you feel about living in a society where every public space (that is, streets and parks, not things like private enterprises or offices) had cameras that recorded the goings-on there, but no human would actually ever see what was recorded unless a crime (theft, assault, murder, etc.) occured there? Things would be recorded by a series of computers, they would store the data, and then after X amount of time the data would be erased, so any use of it would have to occur within that timeframe.
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"Your password is too easy to guess. It's recommended that you change it, otherwise you risk having your journal hijacked."

Have you ever gotten this message from Livejournal? I just did, which is odd because I've had the same password for a long time. Or is that the problem?
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Stuck ATM card

Have you ever had your card stuck inside an ATM? (inserted it and then the card wouldn't eject no matter what you did)

How did you handle the situation?

I didn't get my card stuck, I'm just curious.

EDIT: I forgot to mention...what did you at the scene right after the card was stuck? Did you wait around the ATM and call the bank, did you leave the machine and go home, etc.?
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birthday girl!

Letting things roll off my back

So I'm one of those people that when someone says something (in this case a total stranger!!) mean to me It effects me horribly. A complete total stranger (someone I've never even met) went a little crazy today and said some really hurtful things to me. Why should I care what she thinks or says? I shouldn't but I do. Now my I'm really upset and my whole day has gone down the drain.

How can I change my view point on this? How can I let her words just roll off my back? How can I just shrug this off?

Ideas? Encouraging words?

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so i'd like to get my boyfriend's brother a nice gift for christmas... he's the only one i'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out. he's... different. in a totally endearing way. he's into making models of guns and dragons and stuff like that out of coloured twisty ties.... he likes sci fi a lot. kind of a loner, doesn't really like most people. reads, but only certain things. likes star wars a lot. into old school video games and any sort of dragon or dinosaur related documentary or video game. Likes buffy the vampire slayer and smallville. a lot. he already has boxed sets of both (i'm pretty sure... positive about the smallville one. i helped my boyfriend think of that for josh's past birthday)

i'd like to get him a unique gift.

does anyone have any suggestions? off the wall suggestions are VERY welcomed :)
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Random questions.

answer whichever ones you want.

1. What is one thing you will always spend the extra money on? For me, it's skin care products. I'll buy cheap clothes, used books, generic medicine, etc. I've noticed a huge difference from cheap exfoliators, moisturizers, etc
to expensive ones.

2. Are you the type that always has to be right or have the last word? Or are you more likely to just give in during an argument or debate?

3. Do you have a Type A personality?

4. Have you ever had a problem (addiction or something else) that interfered with your social life, relationships, or work?

5. I stole this question from someone who posted it in her personal journal. How much difference does 30 years make? For example... do you think there is a bigger difference between now and 1975? Or 1975 and 1945? or 1945 and 1915?

6. What's the first thing you drink in the morning? Do you drink more caffeinated beverages than water?

7. Are you embarrassed by your middle name? I've met a lot of people who will refuse to tell anyone their middle name.

8. If you could relive one year of your life over again without changing a thing, what year would it be and why?

9. In the past 5 years, how have you changed for the better? How have you changed for the worse?

10. What makes you feel secure and safe?
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1. Do you believe the saying, "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"?

With these next couple, I am not trying to be morbid. We were talking about this in my class last night, and I was wondering what other people's thoughts were. Also, please don't flame others whose views on these subjects may not agree with yours.

2. What are your thoughts on physician assisted suicide?

3. If you knew you had a terminal disease and the end was near, would you sign a DNR order? (Meaning if you go into heart failure or stop breathing, the medical staff will not try CPR or other lifesaving techniques.)

4. For a terminal patient, do you believe that doctors should try every possible treatment, even if the treatment may not improve quality of life but instead only delay death some? Does this change if the patient is a loved one? How about if the patient is yourself?

ETA: Has anyone talked to their parents, significant others or family members about their wishes or your own wishes in a situations like above?
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keyboard configuration

Do any of you type with a different keyboard configuration besides US English?

I'm in Iowa, and I'm learning the French keyboard layout, because I am a French major and a lot of my papers have to be done in French, and it is eaisier to do it with the different keyboard versus just inserting the characters or using the alt key.

Just wondered if I was the only one...actually, my friend that spent a year in France does it too, but I was curious to know if anyone else did it too.

healthy choices!

Should I buy margarine or butter? I think I would buy butter because margarine is basically a chemical mush and water, but butter is so unspreadable. I know butter has more fat, but margarine is so full of shit I don't know what is better for me to be putting in my body.

I usually buy becel margarine... not sure if you can buy that in the US or not but I live in Canada.
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barker for president.

resumes, openoffice coversion

my computer came with a crappy version of microsoft office, for which the trial period ran out. rather than pay out the ass for a new version, i had a friend send me a giant list of product keys. none of them are valid any longer, so that plan was shot and i decided to try another way. i downloaded openoffice, but when i convert my word files to openoffice files, they are majorly distorted. why? how can i fix them?

and, is there anywhere that i could download resume-type templates for openoffice, like word has? i checked out the website some, but didn't see anything like that. i'm freakin' tired of creating resumes over and over.

strawberry shortcake

cooking question

sorry, this is kind of a boring question for most, but i thought someone here would know.

i'm making a recipe in the crock pot, and it calls for a tbsp. of italian seasoning. my parents are out of town for the day, and i can't reach my mom's cell phone right now for some reason. she told me she had italian seasoning. problem is, i can't find it. i've looked in several drawers in the pantry, and it's definitely not in the spice drawer, or anywhere around it.

what can i use instead of italian seasoning?

thanks guys.

EDIT: got my answer. dinner is saved!
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Do you have an irrational fear, what is it?

I freak out now and then about the possibility of losing one or both of my hands. Last night I even fell asleep thinking about how I should research prosthetic hand technology and save money, just in case. And how I would buy too-long sleeve shirts so people wouldn'nt know I was missing a hand. I can't live without both of my hands!


Does anyone in this community go rollarblading?

If so, how old are you, and where do you go?

Do you think it's ok for adults to rollarblade, or is it more a kids hobby?

I used to when I was a kid, and I'm thinking about doing it again, but now that I'm 20 I worry people might see me out rollarblading around in the neighbourhood and laugh at me.

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I have a TV that has progressive scan plugins, but when I set a game on my ps2 to use progressive scan, it tells me "the screen will go black and, if you don't have progressive scan mode, it will stay black." Well it stays black, meaning I supposedly don't have progressive scan mode. But when I unplug the normal video plug (one of the three for video, left audio and right audio) I still have video, meaning a video signal is going through the progressive scan plug.

Wtf? Can it be that my TV has a progressive scan plug but no progressive scan mode? Why the fuck would there be a worthless plug on my TV?

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I'm in a debate class in my school, and I have to pick a topic under the broad heading "education". There are three pairs in the education group, and each debates twice, once as the affirmative and once as the negative.

The affirmative group picks the topic, and my partner and I are the affirmative last of the three pairs. The other two picked our two choices for debates, random drug testing in school, and sex ed in school, and we can't decide on another topic.

What would be a good debate topic about education? It has to go against the status quo, how things are now. It also has to be controversial and have possible arguments on both sides. Thanks!
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Music Sites

Is there a site similiar to Yahoo! Music (free), where you can customize your own personal station and listen to them, hopefully without the commercials and the skip limit?

Yahoo! Music hasn't been working for me lately, and the commercials every other song are very annoying.

Work e-mail volume?

How much (work-related) e-mail do you get at your job? I'm talking e-mails that you actually have to open up, read, and then dismiss or respond too.

I recive between 3,000-4,000 e-mails a month and I send out between 600-700 (as an admin asst/meeting scheduler). Is it just me or is that really a lot?!

(no subject)

1. Should I lie during job interviews? I mean if they ask personality qustions like if you're a leader or a follower, if you're a people person. I've always been honest (I'm not a people person and I'm not a leader) but maybe I should lie to make it more convincing that I want these jobs?

2. Any tips for applying/being interviewed at Target, Starbucks, Wal-Mart and the interview process afterward? A few years ago I applied to all of them, got interviews, but wasn't selected to work there.

3. At Wal-mart, part of the interview is to fill out a questionaire about drugs. One question asked whether an employer should be able to dictate the types of drugs an employee does in his off hours. This includes legal drugs, like cigarettes. I don't think employers should have this right, but I don't know what answer they are looking for.

4. At Target, one of the questions they asked what to do if you think you see someone stealing. Should you stop/detain them, let them go and report it to a supervisor? I Assume they have a procedure, but what is the right answer?

5. Target also asks what you should do if you can't get along with a co-worker who works the same shift. I said I would try to see their point of view and work it out, but I don't think this is the right answer. Any ideas?
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Is it right to comment?

There is someone on my f-list that I met a couple of times through friends.

Is it wrong for me to comment on her lj? I gave my view on a situation and I don't know if it was the right thing to do. I got no feedback so I assume it wasn't offensive but would you have commented on the journal?
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What do you think/feel about being overweight/obesity?

Rephrased question for clarification.

And btw, I'm slightly overweight. I'm not catergorizing people who are overweight as a separate race of people. Just wanted opinions.
Simba turns


Is is okay (legal) for me to smuggle a tape recorder in my purse or backpack during a meeting with an academic advisor?

Nothing went wrong. But when I'm under pressure, I tend to forget some things that are said to me. If I took a recorder then I could playback the directions that I "missed."

(no subject)

1. Do you have wireless internet in your home?

2. Girls: What is your favorite eyeshadow color? Brand?

3. Do you wear jeans even after they're ripped? No matter *where* they're ripped?

4. Will you share something you usually keep private that most people don't know about you?

5. List all the costumes you wore in past Halloweens?

6. Is it acceptable for poor college students to not give gifts for birthdays and Christmas? Are homemade gifts or no gifts understandable?

7. Describe the last time your SO got angry at you. What was it about? How did you both react?

8. What activities do you do outside by yourself? Shopping, park, library, movie, are all I can think of.

9. How early do you start your Christmas shopping?

10. Do pigeons live in the suburbs? Why are there pigeons coo-ing outside my window?
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I want some very orange-tasting candy. i like (the first layer, specifically of) orange gobstoppers, and orange Tic-tacs, but i was wondering if there was any other candy that is that particular flavor of orange, that y'all know of?

(and that disqualifies the big tic-tacs that are individually wrapped, i remember those but they're impossible to find.)


Clarification: i appreciate the suggestions of things that are "candy and orange". Those, though, are... not exactly what I'm looking for. The ones that taste, specifically, like orange Tic Tacs , or orange Gobstoppers... but bigger. That's what I want, if they exist.
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Car Titles

Are you supposed to keep your car title IN your car - as proof of registration? I can't remember and it seems like that would make it easier for a car theif to forge a signature and turn it in to be 'legally' retitled in their name.
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Medical Insurance

For those of you whose jobs doesn't offer Medical insurance, has crappy insurance or those who have their own business and need insurance. Where do you get your medical insurance from?

I was wondering this because my husbands job offers it, but it is too expensive. They already take out enough from his paycheck. I have heard about insurance companies that offer insurance to people who own their own business and such. Can anyone tell me about some good companies that do that? Thanks.

I really hope that makes sense. My mind is in about 3,000 places at once.

Sex and chocolate

1. What's your favorite type of chocolate? Milk, dark or white?

2. Does anyone else think that most movies today suck?
2b. Why do you think they suck?

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what are good words to use on a resume, or cover letter rather. or just in general to describe you and your work. more specifically, as a graphic designer.

saying i'm "original" is lame and overused. i've thought about fresh, thought provoking, blah blah, but nothing seems right or convincing without sounding like every other person applying for jobs. help?

Master and Commander

I was watching Master and Commander the other day, and the book is sitting on my shelf, but I haven't gotten the chance to read it yet and I'm wondering:

Is the Midshipman Blakeny, (ie the blond kid who looses his arm) supposed to be the son of the fictional Lord Blakeny the Scarlett Pimpernell?

Or is Blakeny just a common name and I'm just crazy and/or imagining things?

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my computer is being weird. Trillian works, but neither firefox or IE can access anything online- even google. I can right now obviously, but i just restarted... again. in about ten minutes probably nothing will work again, except trillian.


edit: nevermind. other people in ym buildign are having this same problem.

Alcohol suggestions

I just bought some Black Swan shiraz, and it's the worst tasting stuff I've ever had in my life.

1. What kind of liquor do you prefer if you are making a drink with little to no mixers?
2. Favorite beer?
3. For people who have had enough experience outside of Bud/Busch products: what is your favorite dark beer/light beer?
4. Any suggestions, please, please, please, on a good red wine that is widely available?

My favorite beer is Yeungling (sp?) but I can't find it anywhere up here (chicago). I'd like to expand my wine drinking outside of my randomly chosen red wine of the week.
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My mom and I are shopping for an electric heater or two. We live in Louisiana, so it doesn't have to be heavy duty by northern standards, but we do get quite a few days in the winter where the temperature drops below freezing and sometimes into the teens. We're trying not to run the central heat because it's so expensive and we'd really just like to keep the living room warm. We're also looking into something that would be energy efficient to run not only off of wallpower but also a generator if we have an ice storm and lose power (we went without power for a weekend during Rita and were absolutely miserable, we're determined not to freeze this winter if something happens). We're looking for something reliable that's going to work for a long time, so an investment under $70 is okay. That being said...

We've seen the cheap little ceramic heaters at walmart, the radiant ones with the wires covered by a metal cage, the quartz ones that put off sun-like heat, ones with fans in them, and oil-filled ones that look like radiators. In my research online, I'm seeing over and over again that the oil filled heaters are the most energy efficient and give off heat longer than other heaters, even if they do take longer to warm up and they're heavier. My uncle in Michigan has said oil-filled is the way to go. What do you think? I've found some nice oil-filled heaters at home improvement stores around here (ones with timers, thermostats, neat gidgets like that) but I'm just wondering, is that the best, most energy-efficient and cost-efficient way to go?
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If someone has social anxiety how exactly do medications help you? I mean, what do they do to your body? Give you confidence? Make you a more pleasant person? I just don't understand...

EDIT: What about anti-depression medication? How does that work?
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update and question

Update about the "making kids smoke to make them quit" thing
It turns out that the parents didnt actually give permission, it was done behind their backs. The kids where made to sign a contract that forbid them from telling parents/guardians.
Some kid narked and it was all called off.

ok, question:

how long does sperm survive outside of the body?

(no subject)

How much does either PRK or Lasik surgery cost in your area? (Preferably PRK.)

What do you think of the whole idea of laser eye surgery?

What do you think when someone looks 16 or so, but is really 20 or older?

How many friends could you rely on for nearly any sort of help?

Do you think gambling should be legalized in all states, possible as a supplemental form of income for the states/national government?

If you were to become President, what would you do?

(no subject)

I keep getting these pop up ad things on my computer. They say something like "Window's Security Alert" and tell me that my computer was just attacked and I should download of software so it doesn't happen again. It's a webpage, not like a real Windows thing. I'm assuming that it's crap and some sort of virus or scam. Can someone verify for me? They're just pissing me off. Plus, adaware and spybot aren't picking anything up, so these ads just keep coming.
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i un-installed itunes from my computer. i had ripped a few CD's in itunes... and i found the files and have moved them... but they are in media player format and they will not open. i want to be able to open them in winamp. when i go into properties it gives me a chance to change what it opens with... yet they still don't open. can anyone help?

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If the politically correct term for black in America is "African American", what's the politically correct term in other countries? African Mexican? African Canadian? African Finnish?
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold


it's stupid pointless question time!

I currently don't have any set, but- should i list some interests on my userinfo page? is reading a person's interests important to you? HOW important?
i've left my interest section blank over these many years because i can't think of how to narrow my interests down to create a list. Also i usually can't be bothered to read other people's lists if they're very long.

rabbits of unusual size?

If you had a freakin' giant bunny would you be happy? Or more stoic, like this man?

Edit: To find the picture, I just did an image google search on "flemish bunnies"

The picture I'm referring to is the second that comes up.... or the second picture from here. The man who is very serious about his giant bunny.
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Normal people.

(no subject)

In the US - Why can't you walk into any library anywhere in the nation, and get a card, and check out materials? I know it varies by state and county, and I understand that you didn't pay community or state taxes to buy the books, but wouldn't it be enough that you'd pay fines just like everyone else? Why don't we have a national library policy or something?

If you don't live in the US, what are libraries like where you are?

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I figure this is a long shot, but when I google myself, my LJ shows up. I already turned off that whole robot option, but i still came up.

My question: is there any way for me to do a search on my whole journal to get the entries in which I'd posted my last name? The google result is my general journal link, not the specific day that had my last name unfortunately :(

Thanks very much :)

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Does it look bad to only list one previous employment on a resume? I'm updating my resume (which I haven't updated in five years) for a job in the same field I'm in now. I've been at my current job for five years, and the job I had before doesn't apply to what I do or the job I'm applying for. Should I still list that previous job?

Halloween 2008

(no subject)

So I'm planning on moving to Virginia in December, soon as I finish up classes (I'm in my first semester at a local community college). I'm moving there to kind of start a new life and move out of my parents' house, and I would love to have a position at Colonial Williamsburg of Jamestown/Yorktown (I'm already aplying for jobs there), and I don't have any reasons to move back to Maryland. I also will be staying in Virginia during the summer, vacations, etc, so I'm not just staying there for school.

Anyhow, I'm trying to get in-state tuition to cut costs. My parents didn't list me as a dependant on their taxes this year, I've been working, and none of their money goes toward my tuition.

The one loophole I can find to receive in-state tuition (as I haven't spent the last 12 months in VA, but in MD) is to declare my "domiciliary intent," basically that I will be living in VA indefinitely.

Is there any other thing I can do or say to prove I have domiciliary intent other than the reasons I've given? Do you think they'll be enough? How will I prove my reasons?
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