October 19th, 2005

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What is your SO's OBSESSIVE HOBBY?

How much does it annoy you? Does it interfere with your relationship?

My recent ex's was table top strategy gaming. The ex before that was smoking pot. My sister's boyfriend's is his bird We deduced most guys have one and that the girlfriend always fins it annoying unless it's her hobby too. Of course, we just like to generalize.

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I have a paper to write about my personal prejudice's I chose organized religion, because it was the easiest one that I can write an 8+ pg paper on. However, we have to provide a service to said group....I live in Utah, obviously the prominant religion is LDS. Its everywhere, in the dorms, on campus in the city I am not lacking oppurtunity. I just dont know what service to provide. the paper is due right after thanksgiving I think so the whole christmas thing is out. any ideas. Also, how would you approach the LDS church, or club about providing the service. I dont really want to flat out say Im writing a paper on my prejudism against organized religion. because, well thats kinda rude, so any ideas on how to sugarcoat that?
Quinn Twin

Blonde and _______________???

Tomorrow I am going back blonde and since I hate having one toned hair, I thought I would ask all you helpy mchelperson's for some help! It can't be anything too funky (boo hiss!) because I work at Outback. But it can be hip, as when I got hired it was red all over with small chunks of blonde and almost black.

(You can see it here : http://pics.livejournal.com/alphagirlfriend/pic/00003k2y/g6
Also, here's one of the crown, which might give you a better veiw : http://pics.livejournal.com/alphagirlfriend/pic/000053c6/g6)

I was thinking of blonde all over with the same red and dark brown, only in really thin streaks and maybe more spaced out. I really loved it like it is in the links above, and so did everyone else - except my husband (who told me as long as I loved it, it was more than fine by him, but I still would like him to like it too). The other thing is that I really miss my blonde hair. I haven't had it in about 4-5 years.

So lay your creative ideas on me!

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Flogging Molly

I know it's gonna sound weird...

Would anyone happen to know of a website or a place where I could get a sound clip of the noise a giraffe makes? I know it sounds weird, but I need it for my friend...hehehe...she gonna kill me for it so if no one sees me around after I get the clip that will be why, but oh it will so be worth it. There's a whole back story/in-joke that involves giraffe's and so now all I have to do is make the noise of a dying giraffe, upon which my only basis is 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut', and we either crack up laughing or she glares at me while everyone else laughs.

So yeah if anyone could help me out at all that would be appericiated, thx :)

Therapy and privacy

I am wondering if anyone knows the policies in speaking with shrinks in terms of when they have to take some sort of action? is it only if the person is threatening harm to themselves or others that they have to report the patient to someone? Or are they obligated and capable of doing something if the patient mentions an instance of domestic violence for example (or would this be something protected by patient-doctor confidentiality)?

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I’m having a rather big Halloween costume party and the variety of musical tastes is about as big as the crowd. I would like a nice size play list to make everyone happy, however, I would like that list to be “Halloween” music. Not sound effects but music that has to do with ghost and goblins and hell, etc. (i.e., Blue Oyster Cult - Don’t Fear the Reaper, Michael Jackson – Thriller, etc.).

What song, including the artists would you suggest?

Thanks in advance!

~ Pepper ~

EDIT: I already have the following:

Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper
Rob Zombie – Halloween
Misfits – Monster Mash
Danny Elfman - This is Halloween
Marilyn Manson – I’ve Got a Spell on You
AC/DC – Highway to Hell
White Zombie – I’m Your Boogieman

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Does anyone here take Cryselle? I can't remember the missed pill rule. I know if i miss one, take it as soon as I remember. I just realised I didn't take last night's (10pm) pill.... but I didn't take last night's either. I can't remember if the rule is that i can catch up but I need to use condoms, or if the rule is that I'm already screwed. I don't have the pill information with me, and i can't find it online.

edit: finally found them on some online pharmacy site. I'm to take monday and tuesday's pills today, and wednesday and thursday's pills tomorrow. and ask my pharmacist if i should use condoms, but i think I'll just go with those and not bother calling. edit further for clarification: when i say "go with those and not bother calling", i mean "condoms are cheap and easy, and less hassle then getting ahold of the pharmacy, so I'll just use condoms."
the question was more about whether I had missed too many and had to switch out to my week of placebo pills, or whether/how to pick back up.
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Flight Centre and interview help

Has anyone ever had a phone interview with Flight Centre? I'm calling for mine shortly.

A friend of mine worked for them a few years ago, and in the interview they said he needs to sell them a plant. Knowing the nature of the Flight Centre business, should I be focussing on the universal values?

I REALLY want this job. I applied for it 2 years ago, but had no sales experience. I've done sales for the last 2 years, and now I'm trying to get in ther.

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What's your favorite romantic movie line(s)?

I have two.
When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal to Meg Ryan
"I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, Topher Grace to Josh Duhamel
"Like do you know she has six smiles? One when something really makes her laugh. One when she's making plans. One when she is laughing out of politeness. One when she is uncomfortable. One when she is making fun of herself. And one when... she's talking about her friends."

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does anyone know how to get out of a lease? i've been in my apt for 6 months, and the neighborhood is so loud i can never sleep, and the parking is so bad that i've paid $3000 in parking tickets since i've moved in. the place is owned by a company not a regular landlord, so i don't know if that makes it easier or harder. I'm in MA if that makes a difference.

i ask eleven questions whenever i can, so i don't forget how much i love "this is spinal tap".

1. does it irritate you when you go into a community's archive and there are a bunch of posts dated for the future? why the hell do people do that? it's seems pointless to me.
2. if you ever ordered anything from gap.com, how long did it take for your stuff to get to you? my boyfriend's birthday is today, and i ordered a bunch of stuff for him and they said "4-7 days", but didn't mention that was 4-7 days from when they felt like shipping it, which was saturday, and not the wednesday that i ordered it. i'm *really* hoping it will get here today. think it will?
3. what band do you like that you hated when you first heard them?
4. do you donate to charity? which ones, and why?
5. is there something that you used to do, but now that you see other people doing it, you want to yell at them for being dumb-as-shit? but can't bring yourself to do it because it would be hypocritical? (examples: smoking crack, having kids at age 12, being a [social group/stereotype]...)
6. when you download music, and the filename is wrong, are you anal retentive about correcting it? (i'm not alone, right?)
7. what kind of jobs could one get with an associates degree in psychology? ...with an associates in *anything*?
8. do you like answering questions in tqc where people ask advice?
9. what's your favourite breakfast meat?
10. what's your favourite village person?
11. what word do you always misspell even though you know the correct spelling? (i ALWAYS spell village "villiage". i'm stupid.)
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So I moved to this part of the country last year and experienced my very first Real Winter (tm). I come from the deep south where it doesn't get as cold and certainly there is nowhere near as much snow. But last winter in Indiana I ended up spending more time than I ever dreamed of walking through snow. So this year I need to be prepared, with clothing and boots and whatnot. And I have some stupid questions since I've never shopped for winter wear before...

Is there a *fashionable* option for boots or something that I can wear when walking through a lot of snow, to keep my legs and feet dry? I always figured that you are supposed to wear these big rubber boots over your shoes and tuck your pants into them but I never see anyone doing that. I did see girls wearing tall furry boots but I guess those are boots you don't put over regular shoes. What are they called? Do they keep moisture out or are they snowproof?

How do you wear a scarf? Is it necessary? The scarf I had last winter I couldn't tie it right and it always rode up my neck and exposed it to the cold air, and if it rode up enough it would knock my hat off too since I had to pull my hats down really low to cover my ears. I hate the way earmuffs and hats with furry ear-flaps look. Ugh it just seems like in order to not look dorky you have to not wear so much warm stuff and just grin and bear it. Maybe I should just get a big coat with a big hood I can tie under my chin so it doesn't slip off, and deal with it.
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Has an SO ever told you that your family is weird?

Every guy I've ever dated has said the same things about my family: My mom is too nice and tries too hard, my dad comes off as really mean but once he starts talking he never shuts up, and my sister is nice but obviously insecure.

What do *other people* say is weird about your family?

Do you agree with their assesments?

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I have this dating situation that I need opinions on.

About 4 weeks ago I was set up on a blind date with this guy. It went ok and lead to 2 other dates with him. I went out of town then and called him when I got back and then he went out of town so we haven't hung out in about 2 weeks but he is going to call me when he gets back.

Now another person is offering to set me up with someone she knows. I said that I was willing but I am worried that I'm semi-cheating on the first guy, even though we aren't official or anything.

Do you think it is wrong to be seeing two guys at once in my situation?

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Any Canadians out there? I'm a U.S. citizen and high school senior, looking to maybe go to college in Canada. Any sites that will allow me to search for majors, etc? And would it just be impossible for a U.S. citizen to get into a Canadian college? Any information would be helpful, I know nothing! :-D ;)

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If your high school did Senior Projects, what did you do? How did it go? Did you enjoy it? Gain anything from it? What are some out of the box senior project ideas you've heard of or have participated in? Last year, I'm not sure what exactly his project was, but it had to do with blindness. He spent a day with a blindfold on to experience what it was like. I thought it was an interesting idea.

I'm still in the dark about what I want to do. I'm thinking something relating to Math and Music, but not sure where to go with it.
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Couple of questions...

1. How does one go about getting their SCUBA certification?

2. Does anyone have any experience with the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville?

3. If I were to take a year after graduating from my undergrad, with a BS in Biology, to do a master's program, would that make me more appealing to a medical school? Would that hurt at all as to getting my application in and taking the MCATs?
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I bought a car a little over two months ago, and I still haven't received the pink slip or the registration card in the mail. This is the first car I've bought as an adult so I'm really not sure what to expect, but it seems like I should've gotten them by now?? What if I get pulled over and asked for my registration? :(

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my keys are all screwed up and i dont know why> it is doing the opposite of what they are suppose to do> i"m typing in caps lock right now because it"s making things normal> my shift key isn"t working>

how do i fix it so my shift key will work again?


Anyone know of a gym where my 9 year old can take a fitness class for kids? I called the YMCA and they only have 2 classes on Saturday for the whole week. I want to be able to go to the gym and take him with me but have him working out too, not just stuck in the daycare. Thanks!
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What's it called?

I'm trying to write a synopsis of a story and I've gone completely blank on what kind of disease this character has. What's it called when you have a disease that's making you incoherent and not able to recognize your own family members? Is there a word for it beside dementia?
Edit: I don't mean a specific disease, just a general description. Alzheimer's is one of them, but it's not what I'm after.

Speaking of films..

In "Mary Poppins", the characters were able to shrink and insert themselves into another world via a sidewalk chalk painting.

Which film(s) would you like to live within? Not as a character but as yourself.

Flattering, or Frightening.

Do you feel that leaving flowers on someones car is romantic or scary?

Lets assume both people know each other and it is not strangers.

Here is a situation I had like 5 years ago... I was talking with an ex of mine and we were kind of hinting at going back out. So I left a rose on their car with a poem.
And they were so freaked out by it that they never spoke to me again...

Now tonight I received an anonymous bouquet on my vehicle... And I am 95% positive it is someone who just admitted to having a crush on me...

I am sooo flattered :-)

But almost everyone else is like "Thats scary" "OMG get a restraining order"

So what do you think? Any experiences to share?
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Why don't we have gay Marriage?

What are your views (on gay rights)?

Are there any facts that lie behind your views on gay rights?

Main question -- if you were a person who bashed gay stuff, what do you think your reasons would be?
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We were talking about this in theater today.

Gender roles question:

What do you think about an (all-girl) cheerleading squad doing pushups after each touchdown at football games?

I think it's sketchy. This action that doesn't make any sense isn't really questioned at my school. Why don't they just do a cheer??

EDIT--It's not about the pushups. Sorry, I didn't explain the whole conversation I guess. It is a gender role question. I mean, when they're doing the pushups, it's this totally submissive stance---they're on the ground and the guys all around them are watching and looking up their skirts. It's just something they do, and it seems to me to be weird.

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So let's say there's this guy you like. I mean, love. More than your life. You know it's not only "teenage loev" because you're kinda mature, and you've known this person for almost four years, and you try to make them even more happy than you would yourself.

But you seem to think that this guy is with you only because the girl he likes already has a boyfriend, and he feels like "Well, since she likes me that much I might as well just keep her".

Plus, you're not one of the most beautiful girls in the area/world, so you're sure he wouldn't even know you exist if you weren't his girlfriend already.

Do you think I'm crazy already... ? He thinks I am. We've been together for more than a year now. When we weren't together I'd think about him EVERY DAY. We would stop talking for months at a time (he's someone I met online; I met him in person.. mmm.. a year ago, but when we were online (most of the day) we would talk NON STOP)

He's got lots of pictures of this other girl, in a place he spends most of his time at, and one picture of me, kind of hidden. Well, I know, I'm ugly...

He says he wants this relationship with you to be really serious/commited, but may not act exactly as his words says. It breaks my heart, I think he's lying, but he says he's not, that'd he'd never lied to me or hurt me.

I'm not even that kind of a person who wants commitment, or atleast haven't been for most of my life. For that reason, I really woudln't care all that much if he didn't want us to be so commited.

It just annoys me SO MUCH that he thinks he has to say nice things to me, or prettend he wants to me with me all the time, or say I'm great, or any of that kinda things...

It just hurts me that he's not honnest with me, because apparently it's a value both of us appreciate.
...So. I've wanted to break up with him since March or so. Yes, I do love him, and that's why I stick around.

I don't know what to do, I don't even know what I'm asking here.

Anyone has any comments..? Please..?
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If you neg on an binding early decision acceptance, do schools actually sue you?
I know they usually just blacklist the high school you went to, but do they ACTUALLY go through the whole process of hiring ppl to sue you?

Eighties Music

I need some recommendations of eighties songs. I'm looking for GOOD eighties music. Here's an example of what I'm loking for:

Depeche Mode
The Spoons
A Flock of Seagulls
Echo and the Bunnymen
Happy Mondays
The Cure
The Smiths/Morrissey
Platinum Blonde
Tears for Fears

Can you think of anything along these lines?

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Does any girl around here feel, or ever felt, like women are around simply to please men? Like, we're worthless if we are not a sex symbol and aren't being eye candy all the time?

... Anyone?

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Guys: does your SO have a pet name for you? (sweetie, honey, darling, snookums)
Does it annoy you, or bother you?
do you like it?
or do you not care?

Girls: do you have a pet name for your SO?
do they care?
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first time


This is a really strange question, but I wanted to know if you can actually feel pain in your internal organs. Someone I know (and respect and know to be intelligent) told me a story about taking too many magic mushrooms and feeling it in her kidneys afterwards. I also sometimes have lower back pain and wonder if it's something other than muscle ache.

I hope this isn't as stupid as it now sounds...

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Are you in college?

If so, what's your major?
How many years have you been going to college so far?
How many classes are you taking?
Do you have a lot of work to do, like homework? If so, how do you manage your time?

(I ask because this is my first semester in college and I'm taking 5 classes at the moment, and it's hard. =\)

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How many stamps do I put on a letter (regularly sized, just a normal envelope with three pieces of paper in it) to mail it from the US to Canada? Just regular post, nothing fancy, and arriving in a week is just fine with me.
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My amazing best friend is amazingly confused right now. Her Ipod is being mean. This is what she says: "okay, so......i have pretty much allllll of my music in my itunes library, thing is there's a lot that i don't listen to regularly & don't really want on my ipod (yet i would like to keep them in my library).
i'm pretty sure there's a way to do this, i just don't have the instructional cd & their website isn't being much help.
sooo if you guys know anything plllllease help.

Anyone have any ideas?
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Do you think women with HIV/AIDS should have babies?

Do you think they should have mandatory abortions if they get pregnant? Do you think they should just be encourage by their doctor to terminate their pregnancy, but let the choice remain their own?