October 18th, 2005

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Answer any.

1. Would you think differently of a man who eats lunch from a vending machine (chips, candy bars, cup-o-noodles..) everday at work who appeared to be around 45, than of a man who appeared to 22 eating lunch out of a vending machine everyday? What would you think about each?

2. Would you think differently of a coworker who ate candy bars for breakfast everyday than of a coworker who brought granola bars for breakfast everyday, regardless of their age? What would you think about each? [ETA: I'm not asking your opinion on the food, but if your opinion of the person would be factored by their eating habits]

3. Do you think badly about a friend you haven't talked to in more than three years and nearly NOTHING in their life has changed?

4. What are your favorite canned foods? I love chili beans, soups, and canned spinach.

5. How would you prounce Curci? This street name has driven me insane for years and nobody I know can decided on how its pronounced.

6. Do you pronounce "massage" like a soft "massazhe" or like a hard "massadje"?

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Has there ever been an actor or actress that you for some reason kept thinking you hated but then for some reason grew on you and now you think they totally rock?

For me it's Philip Seymour Hoffman

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So, I've been invited to a Halloween party and I need to figure out a costume. Anyone have any ideas on a costume for a short, overweight person?

Are there any celebrities or characters that are short and also overweight?

So far I've considered going as an Oompa Loompa, the overweight witch on Hocus Pocus, the big Transylvanian from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that's about it.

Any ideas?


any pages that translate text to differnt lingos kinda like bablefish, but with varied english lingo?

[stoner lingo/surfer lingo/ ect..]

anyway, if it makes sense to anyone. thanks for helping me out
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Weird question ahead.

Who do you think is "worse"?:

a. A married man who secretly has cyber or phone sex with a stranger he meets online or
b. A girl who purposely looks for married men online (since there are those who do say they're married or even flaunt it) so she could toy with him as if she's going to cyber/phone and then leave him on purpose without doing it, as a way of "punishing" him and wasting his time because she thinks it's immoral what he's doing to his wife and feels he deserves it

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Have any of you been getting the Trojan Vundo virus a lot lately? My dad keeps on getting rid of it but I keep on getting another one. It's a HUGE pain in the butt. He asked me if I've opened any attachments or gotten spam mail or anything lately and I haven't. Could I be getting the viruses from websites? I go to lyrics sites a lot, but other than that, I go to my usual sites like LJ and my college's site and xanga.
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2 questions

1. For my wedding reception centerpieces, I'm looking for a vase (or something similar) that looks like this:

I'd like it to be 8-9" in diameter. I've been googling this for months and I can't find anything reasonably priced. There was something at AC Moore that we found for $10/each (we'd like to spend $15 max each) but my fiancé didn't like it that much. Any suggestions? Or ideas of where to look? We're using it to put floating candles in and some rose petals (similar to what they're doing in the photo).

2. His birthday is coming up and I want to do something nice for him but fairly in expensive (under $50) because I just took him on a fairly expensive vacation. I want it to be a surprise. We are both working that day and get home around 530. Any ideas? I wouldn't mind taking him out to dinner but I'd like it to be a little more interesting than that. We live together if that makes a difference in what you suggest.

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Dry Sinuses

I have a cold or the beginning of the flu or something and yesterday around 4 pmish, I took one Suddafed decongestant. Well, this morning I woke up and my nostrils are so dried out, it BURNS to BREATHE. :( Is there anything I can put in my nose to help make breathing tolerable?

I vaguely remember someone suggesting petroleum jelly when this has happened before, but I don't have any. I'd be willing, however, to be pitiful enough to make husband go out and get me some before he goes to work if that's the safest/only answer.

Hahaha, if I didn't think it would smother me, I'd dip my fingers in olive oil and shove them up there.
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Now, my boyfriend wil go to 7-11 and get the biggest drink they have. He does this to me all the time as well. I'll ask for a certain size and he just gets me a super/mega/o0ber huge drink. Which is normally way to much for me lol.
So, are you one of those people who want the huge drink like him, or a smaller and more managable size like me?
When you go to a sit-down restruant, do you caculate a tip, or just lay some money down?

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How does one write a chapter outline? I have to write a 5-10 page outline for my psych class and Im going insane. The amount isnt the problem its the content. I get the hierachy thing, but Im pretty much just copying definitions of the bolded stuff in the book, word for word. I have a feeling this will not result in a very high grade for me. Does anyone have any tips? or better yet a online guideline sorta thing/

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Alright, this seems to be a healthy, diverse community to ask:

I escaped Christianity at the young age of 17, thank Albus; what can I do to help others who are in the process of de-converting?

It was a very painful, hard thing to do for me. I truly loved God and was all lined up to go to Theological School to be a youth minister. My entire family was Baptist (they still are) and thus I had to be secretive about my conclusions. I was very angry for a long time, felt that I had been brainwashed, etc., and I just want to help others through the metamorphosis into reality.

For those of you who are still religious, I absolutely mean no offense; feel free to ask questions (about why I deconverted, etc.) but please don't comment if you have nothing polite or constructive to say.

Oh, and I'm a writer; do you think my writing a book on the subject of deconversion would be helpful to anyone?
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Has Stovetop stuffing (specifically the chicken flavor, which tastes nothing like chicken) always had little chunks of onion in it? I'm eating some right now and I can't decide if I just never noticed them before, or if they were never there before.
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I was at a wedding this weekend and a woman there was trying to explain my future in-laws crazy behavior. (Acting as if I'm killing their son, not marrying him) She said, "When your daughter gets married, it's like you gain a son. When your son gets married, you lose a son".

Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

Any ideas?

I'm in the midst of writing a story, but I've hit a bit of a snag in fleshing out one particular character.

How would you expect the Ghost of the English Language to speak/think? What would such a ghost look like? I'm just fishing for some(and or any) ideas/suggestions.

FYI: This story is about the ghost telling the reader about its untimely demise at the hands of the internet, so it'd be set in the present.
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so my dad has decided to get me an ipod for my birthday this year, he just doesn't know which kind i want though. im tempted to get the Nano, but is it more expensive than the others? which one would you recommend? Why?

also, does anybody have the same birthday as me (oct 18th)? i already know of two, and i'm curious. =)

Thanks a whole bunch.

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Okay, another question today...Below the cut are a list of psychoactive substances I've recently acquired. I'm interested in knowing if any of you have ever tried them, what your experiences were, and which substance I should try first!

Oh, and I have read everything at Erowid, I'm just interested in TQC's responses.

Collapse )
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Are you superstitious? Which superstitions do you follow especially close, & which do you disregard?

For example, I throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it & try not to step on cracks, but I don't care if I break a mirror or step under a ladder.
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If you do not live here, or have spent less than a year in Baltimore, what comes to mind when you think of The Greatest City in America? Why?

Is there anyplace online that will ship Natty Boh (National Bohemian beer to you non-Baltimorons) to a friend in VA?

For those that do live in Baltimore, or Maryland:
Besides Natty Boh and Berger cookies, what else should I get for a friend who misses his Baldymor? (I may just be taking all this with me when I see him at Christmas instead of shipping.)

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Which are your parents:

a. Always worried, restrictive, over-protective, babied you

b. Laid back, let you try everything, threw you out into the world to fend for yourself

Was this good or bad for you growing up?
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Well.. most of us try to live without regrets,
but.. if you could do (at least) one thing differently in your life, what would it be?

It can be something minor-ish, like 'I wished I lived on campus in college' or something bigger...

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I'm looking for positive love songs that aren't like, top 40, pop crap. :o)

Do any of you know of any punk, rock, alternative or classic rock songs about being in love that aren't poppy or anything like that. Any suggestions are welcome! :oD

Team Halloween

Ok....at my high school we all have a big Halloween dance and all the sport teams go together and dress up as a group and everyone else just goes by thjemselves. So my soccer team (about 16 girls) has had a few ideas of what to be-dalmations,cards, french maids,etc.

Anyone have any ideas of what a big group could go as?
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Why does newspaper paper age so much more quickly than regular paper?

My dermatologist told me the other day that the only makeup I should stay clear of is Cover Girl. Does anybody know why that brand would cause problems with my skin? I don't wear makeup, but I'm just curious.

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Two things, first one inspired by earlier post:

1. Which celebrities do you just "not get"? Maybe you don't get why they are so popular, or why people think they are so hot, etc.

2. Is it better to go to work with damp hair or hair that has a permanent dent because it was slept on, and is too short to go up?

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How can I get all my hotmail contacts into my gmail account? Without typing each one out..

And I have a usb hub thingy, but lately its been very tempermental. working for charging up my ipod but when I try to connect my camera, and sometimes even my printer, the computer doesnt detect it. or when I unplug the hub itself it doesnt make the little sound to let me know a USB device was unplugged. Is it my computer or the hub? and what can be done about it?

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Can anyone give me any good song recommendations for when you have a crush on someone?

My favorite ones so far are Mandy Moore - Crush (how appropriate, huh?), Dashboard Confessional - So Impossible, Good Charlotte - Change, Mae - We're So Far Away.

I like all kinds of music, but my favorites are things like Dashboard, Story of the Year, Switchfoot, and of course your typical girly occasional pop-stuff... ANY recommendations are welcome though :)

I want the best of the best! - Your favorite songs :)

Thanks very much!
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You are on the expressway and driving ten miles over the speed limit (lets say like going 75 miles per hour) when very suddenly, a car comes up behind you and tailgates you very very closely while flashing his brights at you repeatedly to get out of the way. YOU:

- Pull into the other lane so the car can pass by

- Slow down so as to hint to the other driver that they should pass you/irritate other driver

- Speed up faster untill they stop tailgating you.
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Have you ever seen, heard or experienced in any way a ghost?

For those in a management/HR position: If several of your employees came to you about one their fellows and complained about said persons BO how do/did you go about solving the problem?
Has anybody here ever had that problem at all? Having to work with somebody who stinks I mean.

13 Floors ?

So everyone is talking about this haunted house that is 13 stories tall. It costs $13 to get in, and you get a dollar back for every floor you go up. Nobody gets too far because it's so scary. I live in Iowa; I've heard it's in Omaha, NE or Lincoln, NE. But I've also heard it's in Kansas City. I have never seen it advertised though. And it seems nobody knows exactly where it is.

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is just an urban legend and no such haunted house exists, or if it is indeed true.


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What does "once removed" mean?

Im asking because I saw it in an insurance commercial. There was this guy that had a sign with something about cousin and then underneath it said "once removed". Since I saw it ive been wondering what that meant.
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extra credit

I have a huge extra credit opportunity in my sociology class. We have to witness something we never have before and write about it.

Some of his suggestions were going to a church service we've never experienced (Jewish, Catholic, whatever we haven't been to before), go to a bar/strip club/gay bar and mingle (totally in the interest of sociology, I go to a religious college and this is all optional), and my friend and I came up with the idea of sitting in on a trial at the courthouse, probably one for a traffic violation.

Before we settle on something, does anybody have any suggestions for other things we could go to that we've never been to before? Both of us are under 21.
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Has anyone seen High Tension ? I'd really appreciate it if anyone who's seen it could just outline the plot and major scary parts so I know what's coming. I'm a wimp.
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Random questions

1. Have you ever put money in another person's parking meter or had someone else put money in yours?
2. If you usually jaywalk when it's clear, would you not jaywalk in a situation where there is a parent with a child waiting for the light to change?
3. Do you have any favorite museums (and if you do, either which ones or what is the subject matter)?
4. If you walked by a ringing pay phone, would you answer it?
5. What is a common thing that people do that you think is a waste of time?
6. To what extent, if any, do you believe in numerology, astrology, horoscopes, etc?
7. How many times have you had to write an autobiography for school? Have you ever recycled any part of an older autobiography you've written?
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Old game mess-up, asking for help

Hi all,
I used to love the game Lemmings, and just got Lemmings Revolution off ebay. It's not going so well, but they provide tech support (or so they say, we'll see).

I have to send them some of my system info, but my computer was built piece by piece, it's not like a Dell or Compaq or something. So, where do I find the info on:
PC Brand Name and model
Processor Speed/Mfgr (AMD Duron, 901 MHz)
CDRom Drive Speed/Mfgr (I can probably find this one, not enough light right now)
Total RAM (I have 512)
Make/model of my Video Card/3D Accelerator & amount of Video RAM (Trident Video Accelerator Blade/3D ProMedia? Found this in my Device Mgr)
Make/model of my Sound Card
Mouse/Driver info (PS/2 Compatible mouse/A4Tech Optical GreatEye Wheel Mouse, but where do I locate the driver?)
I'm relatively certain that most of this stuff is outdated, but how do I find out for sure? (In layman's terms, please, I don't speak Tech) :-) Any help is greatly appreciated!

EDIT: Also, the game specs say I need DirectX 7... I have DirectX 9, does that matter?
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Are you an amazing writer?
I need your help with something!
*I have this really amazing college application essay, and I'm having a problem with how to phrase the last sentence. It seems quite impossible.

Either way, if you'd like to read a half decent essay, I'd like any feedback!
Like, will it get me accepted into college? :)

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So my best friend is going to be in the play I'm stage managing, The Miser by Moliere, we're doing it in period, and she has to use a fan as part of her stage business, but feels awkward with it, and wanted to watch some kind of movie or something where people used fans in a similar fashion so that she could get a general feel for it.

I have a netflix subscription, so getting a movie would be no problem, but I really can't think of any movies like that offhand. Any suggestions?
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How many NBA fans do we have here?

Anyone think if the players adhered to the new dress code by wearing a game uniform every waking minute (and maybe sleeping too) that the league would reconsider the dress code?
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A friend of mine just graduated with a bachelor's degree in business and international studies. What jobs would want somebody with those qualifications? I'm assuming she'll need entry level since she has no "business world" experience.