October 17th, 2005

Me--State Fair

Since it IS estimated at 340 million, and all...

Obviously, in theory, it's possible that all numbers have an equal chance, but as you can see from this chart, they don't.

So one would think a good strategy would be "pick the numbers that have been drawn the most", right? Or not so right? I'm just offering this for an interesting discussion, not so much a "help me gamble!" sort of thing.

I may buy ONE ticket...I occasionally do, and what the hell, right? Can't win if you don't play...
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What's a decent free FTP program to use nowadays? Used to use WS_FTP, but even the basic version's 30-day-eval now.

Oh, what's up with all the sy--*gack*

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So I was hanging out with this guy unromantically a few months ago. we were friends. i called him one night to come "rescue me" as I knew he would be up and no one else would. after said night, he posted about me in him lj. it wasn't fattering but it wasn't hurtful either. he doesn't know I have an lj and have seen it as it is in an open post. we haven't hung out since that night.
the question: should i post in his jounal or just let well enough alone?
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So, say you're a guy in a club, and a cute girl you'd like to get to know starts hitting on you, and is trying to talk to you but you can't really hear her because the music is too loud and you can't really communicate - how would you find a way to flirt with her back under the circumstances? Do you just shout in each other's ears? :D
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For those living together couples (married or not) do you:

A) Never go to the bathroom with your s/o in the room.

B) Only go to the bathroom with your s/o in the room if they are in the shower (or visa versa).

C) Will go to the bathroom with your s/o in the room only if it's #1.

D) Will go to the bathroom with your s/o in the room no matter what is gonna come out!
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1) crackedmyself wrote, "It's possible that, since you've done most of the giving in the relationship thus far, he feels that you're the one being unreasonable by asking him to do anything at all" in response to my situation with a Friend.  How do I change the dynamics of my relationship, or is it possible at all?

2) How do you treat/deal with your SO's exes?

As jealous as I can be, I consciously try to be very open-minded about exes unless the ex has proven herself to be a bitch.

I really believe that simply because two people couldn't make a romantic relationship work in the past doesn't mean they can't or shouldn't be friends.

Unfortunately, this approach has backfired on me twice so far (With 2 different men).  The exes took serious advantage of my good nature, & when I brought this up with the bf-at-the-time, he thought I was being unreasonable!!!  WTF???  There is no justice in the world.


I am a bad fish owner.

the quarantined fungal fish seemed better and was returned to the tank last night. He was found floating behind the filter this morning. I blame stress, not disease.

Twitchy, the other fish, is being his usual twitchy self, although he seems to be looking for Death(fish 1).

He seems totally healthy, except: Twitchy is(was) orange with black markings, like someone held him and dipped his tail and top fin in ink, and then smeared a little on the top of his head. This morning, in the not good lighting of 'my roommate is still asleep', i mistook him for Death until I realised I was one fish short and took a second look. His blackness is definitely fading away.

why? bad food? disease? crap water?

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Customarily you're supposed to give your employer 2 weeks notice that you'll be leaving your job for new employment elsewhere. But my current employer typically fires someone on the spot when they announce they're quitting.

Considering I am not leaving my job due to any specific dissatisfaction--I'm leaving for the sake that this new company offers same-sex benefits (my current employer does not offer them)--should I give 2 weeks notice or just wait til I'm done?

Points to note:

1. My current employer really likes me and has nothing against gays, etc.

2. I wear a lot of different hats in this organization, if I leave unexpectedly it could put them in a compromised position.
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1)What's the worst thing to happen to you financially?

2)Do you save money every month or do you live paycheck to paycheck?

3)I know there was a SIMILAR question once, but not the same - if you're MARRIED, how do you handle your finances? Do you have one joint account and that's it? One joint and another separate account for each of you?

4)How often would you want to have sex ideally?

Clothing, Music and Stereotypes

I was thinking to myself earlier: "Self, we're fairly dressed up today." And we were. But then I was thinking to myself what the perception of me comes across to other people who walk by. I was also very obviously listening to my mp3 player, so as "Captain Kelly's Kitchen" started blaring I wondered if anyone suspected that my favourite bands include the Dropkicks and Flogging Molly, as well as Nine Inch Nails and Nightwish. Would you suspect that someone who looks like they're dressed to teach in a school would listen to such music? I know some teachers do. But it's all about appearances, isn't it?

Do you listen to music that fits with what you wear? Is there a stereotype surrounding the style of clothing you wear and what is it? How about your music and what genre is it?
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1. Where do website domain providers (like godaddy.com for example) and website hosting providers get the domains/hosting from? Since like no one else can get them.


2. If a Christian commits suicide, do they go to hell?

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What is your opinion on euthanasia for animals?
For people?
If the two answers differ, why? What is the major difference to you over an animal or a person being in pain and wanting to die?
Do you think it's ok to deny someone the right to die should they choose?
If you were old, in constant pain and ready to die- would you seek that help?

Collapse )
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I've known people in my life who would have been willing to max out credit cards and go into debt in order to save a pet's life. I've also known people who are ready to take a dog out back and shoot it the minute it starts to limp.

1) How much would you be willing to pay in order to save a pet's life? Would it matter if the animal were in pain? Would it matter if the expensive solution would only extend the pets life for a short time rather than bring them back to full health?

2) Have you ever had a pet put to sleep?

3) What is the most you've ever spent on a pet's medical expenses?
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I lost my Microsoft Office 2003 Serial Number and I need to re-install said software. Any idea on what I can do to remedy this? I'm desperate!
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Sticky situation.

My boy, Sharpie have been seeing eachother for a few months. Due to our work situation, we've had to keep quiet until our situation changed. Things are coming to fruition nicely, and soon we can be 'out of the closet' so to speak. The problem is that one of our mutual friends from work, who we both LOVE (as a friend) has a huge, huge crush on Sharpie. She had asked him out many months before we started seeing eachother, and nothing was really said about it after that. She even was dating his brother for a short while. We both thought it had passed under the bridge.

I couldn't tell her about us, because of the risk of it getting out at work. I already felt bad about lying to her, but what happened next made it worse. She and I went out to dinner, and it came out that she not only still has an interest in him...but a rather devastating crush. She started telling me just how much she liked him, how it killed her to see him at work, how she enjoyed it when he accidentally touched her leg his cute smile, etc. I felt like utter shit listening to her pour her heart out to me. :\

Now, my question is:
What is the best way to tell her without her feeling even more betrayed?
Do you think it would be better if I approached her or if he approached her with the news?

Lasik Surgery

For those of you who have had/know someone who has had Lasik surgery...

From what I read, after the surgery you will have blurry vision for a while and you should just "go home and sleep" and when you wake up you can see. It sounds ridiculous even to me, but that thought is almost enough to put me off during it. HOW blurry will it be? Like my eyes are now, or some scary blind thing? I doubt I'll be able to sleep... and the thought of being helplessly blinded seems all kinds of bad, even for just one day.

My apologies and utmost respect to those permanently visually impaired.
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If I am writing a paper and am using an online source and I want to use parenthetical referencing, what do I put in the parenthases? If I have the author's name, do I just put that? If there is no listed author, do I just put the title of the website? I did print the sources out, so I can potentially list page numbers, but that essentially doesn't mean anything because of print format and text size and blahblahblah... should I include the page numbers anyway?


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So if you suspect that your significant other has a crush on one of your close mutual friends, do you say anything about it? Do you ask him? Do you write it off, knowing he'd never cheat on you? Or would you even want to know for sure?
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What's a better word/phrase for "good decision maker"?

Edit: I'm not going after a word that defines a person good at making decisions but a person who makes good decisions.

Something like virtuous but another word...Gah brain fart in the middle of this sentence. Don't mind me.

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Has anyone here ever consolidate their student loans? Was it worth it? Did it save you money or did you have to eventually, in the long run, have to pay off your loan as well as a little more to the consolidation company?

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Whenever I hear the song Help by The Beatles I always sing along with the background vocals...

Whenever I hear the song California Dreamin' by The Mamma and The Papas I sing the lyrics that are echoed back whether than the lead...

Does anybody here have any songs that they do this to?
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More questions

1. Even if you don't update your journal every day, do you always read your friends list?
2. What kind of journal entries do you prefer to read on your friends list? Funny? Serious? Political?
3. If you could trade lives with one of your LJ friends, who would it be and why?
4. What percentage of your LJ friends do you feel you "know" fairly well?
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So... I'm at work today and suddenly my coworker says "whats wrong with your eye?" I grabbed a mirror and said "I dunno!" It doesn't hurt... hasn't changed size/shape since this afternoon. There's a slight pressure that I don't feel unless I think about it.

So.. what's wrong with my eye? Should I be worried? What can I do about it?

Warning: Picture of my Eye!

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My friend has a really cool purse. It has two parts: the main compartment, and a wallet hanging on the outside. It's leather and has a shoulder strap, and it even has a little heart with her first initial on it...has anyone seen a purse like this? Better yet, does anyone know where I might get one? I've looked everywhere I can think of...
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Do any of you share a vehicle with your spouse/significant other (as in, there is only one car between the two of you)? How does that work for you? Have you found any ways of making it less stressful? I'm getting mighty sick of it, especially since my boyfriend fills his schedule to the limit. Thanks!
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My sister was just telling me that she doesn't drink milk because one time when she was little, she poured a bowl of cereal and the milk was clumped. She's been traumatized since.

That reminded me of when I was little I was eating fish sticks and there was a black dot in one... and it grossed me out so much that I couldn't eat fish sticks for years.

What food finds have traumatized you?
:) (:
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Way to procrastinate!

I'm in a reading slump. I'd much, much rather re-read the books I read as a child (currently reading What Katy Did for the 481985136th time) than pick up any of the novels already on my bookshelf. I've been disappointed over the last few years, and I don't know whether my standards are too high, or what. The last reallyreallyomgilovethis book I read was Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

SO. I need books that changed your LIFE. Books that.. that left you with so much emotion that AARGH you wanted to scream and cry at the same time and kill yourself, but not really.

I'm not really into sci-fi, fantasy, or historical fiction, if that helps.


Bird Flu

How many of you actually don't know about the bird flu?

I told my friend about it and she was like no way, I thought it was a joke. Then I told her basically that if it comes to the US, a ton of us will die, and it's an actual serious issue. She didn't believe me.

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There is a commercial for George Fashion...for walmart? Tt's a woman walking around town and everything's going from toronto to london, and there is an awesome song in the background. A friend of mine is curious as to what it is... Would anyone happen to know?

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If someone criticizes you how do you usually respond, or if you never really get criticized how would you respond? And this wouldn't be a friend, family member, teacher or somebody else giving you constructive criticism, it would be meant to be offensive.

Ignore the person completely? Criticize back? Give them some kind of look (like a glare, "riiiight", or "I don't care what you think" look)?, Say something to the effect of "I don't care what you think" but don't actually criticize them back? If you agree with what they said, let them know you agree? Act as if you're taking it like constructive criticism and ask how they think you can improve whatever it is (given it's something you can fix, seriously I did this one in high school once which is why I bring it up here, she actually recommended something haha)? Something else?