October 16th, 2005

What to Do?

"Friend" does something (Z) to offend me => I try to explain why he shouldn't do (Z) => He feigns lack of comprehension instead of addressing the issue. => He replies with generic, defensive tactics without actually listening to what I am trying to say & explain. => I get supremely frustrated because he is one of the most (top 3) intelligent people I know -- He's better than that!  Tell me I'm right or wrong, & support your stance with strong reasons.  He should not dance around the problem & run off, making me even more irritable & lose respect for him.  Then, to make matters worse, he plays the emotion card, as in, "Why are you so angry?  You're letting your emotions cloud your thinking.  You're acting like such a girl." => The last sentence really riles me up because he also proves that he's a sexist that has illogically lumped me into a stereotype which I despise.  I don't feel that I am making any progress, as in, he hasn't learned anything from our discussion.  Somehow, he has also made me into the bad guy in all of this because I'm the one doing most of the yelling.  Oh, poor him being berated by me.  By the way, he repeatedly asks what he did wrong & accuses me of doing that "girl thing" where they yell at men without telling the men what they've done wrong.  Dude, I've repeatedly told you what you did wrong, & you'd know it if you were paying any kind of attention.  Please, I know you're not stupid. => Friend, you know what?  You're not going to change, I see.  & I don't feel like I need to change because I'm the one who was offended here.  You did me wrong.  I think I should leave.  Permanently. => He finally realizes that he's really crossed the line.  He assures me that he will try harder to avoid doing (Z) because he knows it offends me.  => I accept his offer. => Things go great for the next 24 hours. => Too great.  He decides to see how stable the boat really is by making really sarcastic & snide remarks about (Z) just to see how I will react. => Unsurprisingly (at least to me), I do not react well.  Does he really think he's so charming he can get away with this?? => I tell him that he's really an arrogant jackass (Especially in light of how well I treat him as a friend.  I'm really not exaggerating here.  I give & give in this particular relationship.  He knows it, or he'd let me walk as I had threatened.  He has more to lose than I do.). => He immediately jumps into victim mode even though he picked the fight while I was minding my own business.  He asks, "Why are you yelling at me again?  OK, just get it out of your system & yell at me until you're done." => WTF??  I do *not* want to yell at you, but you seem to ask to be yelled at so you can play victim, & reinforce this idea that women are bad & irrational.  DUDE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???  Hi, Manipulate Much?  I really don't see why he insists on this kind of behavior.  What does he gain from it? 

-- Confused & Annoyed.

My patience is seriously wearing thin.  This is beyond extraordinarily stupid. 

I really must consider breaking away from this relationship.  It's just WRONG.

Who votes for walking away permanently??

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What is the best Opeth album to download?

My boyfriend won't tell me because he thinks I'll hate them and I want to download their best album because they're his favorite band and I'm blabbering so anyway just please tell me the best thankee!
Cameron -- Gambling Girl

Basic Skillsets

What skills do you think every person should have, so long as they have the physical ability and it is safe for you to have them? (E.g. 'knowing how to drive a car' is not a necessary skill for a blind person). Are there any that you advocate that many people seem to think is unnecessary, or propogates a belief or mentality that people find harmful?

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lyric trivia q

in the song "pyramid" by radiohead, does anyone know where that vocal sample in the beginning is from? where the woman whispers "i can enjoy myself sexually without love. and i can be physically satiated. but only with love can i be fulfilled."

i'm not lazy(at least, about this)- i've been scouring the internet for hints of where it might have come from, or if it's original to their song, or what. anyone have a clue?
abby genius

TV Show ID?

All right, my friends and I were talking about old TV shows tonight, but none of us can seem to identify a show that I saw in the early to mid-90s. It rings bells with a few of them, but none of us can think of what it was.

The only part of this show that I can remember is this time when the characters had found some people who were either genetically modified humans (or aliens, I'm not sure), who I *think* had spots similar to the Trills in Star Trek except bigger. These humans/humanoids were kept in cell-type things, with windows like ship portholes, through which those outside could look through to see in. I think they were being kept there by force, but I can't remember. I also think I have a memory of one of the captives there painting on an easel, but that's really fuzzy and may not be accurate.

I thought it *might* be Seaquest DSV, but looking at episode summaries of that show, I can't find anything that rings a bell. Maybe I'm just not seeing the right keywords, I don't know.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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1. Do you like to cook or bake? Which do you like better?
2. Do you prefer to give your pets "people names?" For example, would you prefer to name your dog Molly as opposed to Spot?
3. Do you agree with the recent ratings switch on GTA: San Andreas from M to AO?

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Good and Evil

2, 2, 2 questions in one!

1) Car trouble. Not even trouble, just concern. We have a '95 Toyota Corolla manual transmission. The battery light comes on when we start driving and stays on the whole time the car is on, but the battery seems to be running perfectly. No jerkiness, dying, dimming of accessories, or anything else out of the ordinary. Any theories as to why the battery light could be popping on when the battery seems to be just fine?

2) Lately songs come on the radio and I automatically try to remember the first time I heard the song or if it has any special meaning to me. Are there any songs that just "take you back" to a certain time in your life? And I mean either a time frame (i.e.- high school, summer camp, etc.) or a specific moment (i.e.-first kiss, graduation, etc.). If so, what are they and what do you remember when you hear them?
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How did a heart, human heart ever turn into an <3 figure?
Why does a heart represent love?
Etc sort of thing.

Edit; Got this from wikipedia and it makes the most sense..

"There are many claims that the "heart" shape actually depict features of the human female, such as the female's pubic mound or vulva. A Sumerian cuneiform symbol for "woman" closely resembles the heart shape, and is believed to directly depict the pubic mound. Others maintain that the heart resembles the shape of the female breasts or the female buttocks, especially when bent over in readiness for copulation. Any of these origins would indicate that the heart was originally a symbol of fertility and sexuality, explaining its current association with love."
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Do people who avoid to tell you their real name or their close family and friends real names, put you off?

When on lj I feel as tho people feel the need to hide those things and I don't think I could be a very good friend if people hide stuff from me.

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What kind of foods give you heartburn?

Last night I went through all my clothes in my closet. I have stuff in there from when I was 11 years old till recent. How would you determine which clothes to give away to Goodwill and which to keep? Im having trouble letting stuff go.

Example: Do I really need my PE shirt from Middle School? lol
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Effective purchasing?

I have two options for purchasing an iPod (whenever that happens to be):

1. I can purchase it at Best Buy. It would cost $299, plus $50 for their three year service plan.
2. I can purchast it through my university, through the online Apple store, for $269, with Apple's two year extended service plan for $47.

Either way I'll be spending a fair amount...and I can't get the newest model at BB yet, it would seem, so thoughts on which is the better option? I don't plan on getting it right away by any means.

(ps--yes, I had asked about digital cameras earlier in the year, but after seeing the new iPod models, WOW.)
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What silly things are you scared of?

My answer: When I was younger, I was scared to death of Santa. I would not go near him, and when given the choice of sitting on santa's lap or getting no presents, I chose no presents (I did later get them anyway).

To this day, being almost 25, the fat red man freaks the hell out of me. I won't go near santas collecting change outside stores, I avoid the mall when he's there, just freaks me out thinking about it.
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Anyone remember the show "the State"?
ifyou do.. what was your favorite skit?

Mine was the fake comercial where the lady calls pest control and says she has fleas.. and all over her house are hundreds of Fleas, the bass player from Chili peppers, all different sizes.

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Can you make sense out of this logic puzzle?

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Someone linked me to this, and I decided to do it for fun, but I got this contradiction:

Clue 3: United States won the fewest gold medals, so it had to have won 2
Clue 9: The country who won 2 gold medals also won 2 silver medals
So the US won 2 silver medals

Clue 6: China won either three or eight gold medals
Clue 12: China won fewer than eight gold medals
China won 3 gold medals

However, Clue 14: China won more gold medals than silver medals
China had to have won 2 silver medals

And, according to the rules: No country shared the same number of silver medals

The US and China both won 2 silver medals

So, is my logic faulty, does the logic puzzle fail, or is the wording too vague?

I also seem to be coming up with contradictory answers for Finland's medals, but I didn't go through the process to check it a second time.

EDIT: Yup, that comes out contradictory for me, too.

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I want to get my lip pierced, however, my work doesn't allow piercings on the nose or mouth (but they let you have eyebrow piercings, wtf). Can I get my lip pierced with a glass retainer? I'm willing to leave it in for the couple months it requires before switching it out.

What piercings (if any) do you have? I have both earlobes pierced, a cartilage piercing (that I want to eventually make an industrial), and I used to have my navel pierced but for some reason it closed up. I'm getting that re-done though.

For those of you who don't have body piercings, would you ever get one? Why or why not? What piercings do you want? I want to get my industrial, my navel re-done, two or three other piercings around my navel, and I've been considering a few different surface piercings, but I'm not sure which ones.
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(no subject)

i'm spending my Sunday afternoon being lay-zay and hungover and drawing horns, a pitchfork, and a mouth full of flies all over a picture of Roy Moore in my local newspaper. it's quite funny and done well if i do say so myself. i think i'll put it up on my fridge.

how are you and how are YOU spending you're Sunday morning, afternoon, or night(depending on where you are)??
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buying a computer

I'm trying to purchase a used but good condition laptop and only have a few hundred bucks to spend (under 500).
Where does one go to get a reliable one since friends keep telling me it's dumb to buy it on e-bay? Is craigslist any more reliable?
And if I find someone selling one, how do I tell if it is in fact in good condition or if it'll break on me quickly?
Reliable places to go?
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(no subject)

I donated blood on Friday afternoon (felt fine!) and by Friday night (2am) was in the ER with a kidney infection, and possibly also a kidney stone. Do I need to inform the Red Cross about this? Is my blood tainted in any way?
:) (:
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Have you ever stolen one of those books used for show, from IKEA?

I was just itching to grab one and stuff it in my purse. Or, down my pants--whichever's easiest.
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Poll #591849 Listening Habits

Which are you more likely to do?

Put one song on repeat for a long period of time
Skip through songs without listening to any song in its entirety
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Any last minute date ideas?

He suggested a movie but it's such a waste of money to sit there in silence and then go home and say goodnight. Please, gag me.

Restaurant is all that's popping into my head...

It's cold and late so I don't want to do an outside activity, and we both work tomorrow so I don't want to be out too long.

I don't want to be too bored because I start arguments when I'm bored (haha), so staying in with a movie is out...

Is restaurant my only option?
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(no subject)

How good are you with remembering names with their association (accomplishment/significance in history)?

How would you personally approach a long list of unfamiliar names with significance to memorize in a short period of time?
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Lefties do it right!

Does anyone know any left handed couples?

If you are left handed:

1) do you find it easier to be with other left handed people?

2) do you find yourself attracted (as friends or lovers) to other left handers?

3) do you find yourself clumsier than right handers?

[I can say yes to all those questions. I'm going to bed now, but I look forward to seeing replies tomorrow. Behave yourselves while I'm gone, mm-k?]
Eddie McDowd

Scrub scrub here, scrub scrub there...

Is there any way to remove dark yellowish stains from under my fingernails and the skin around the nail?

I was plucking green pecan pods from a planter filled with rainwater the other night. When I finished the task, my palms were stained yellow, I assumed from the green pods. I washed it off in the bathroom, but this morning I saw that my fingernails were stained dark yellow. I tried scrubbing with a nail brush, soap, water and alcohol, but they still look dirty.
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