October 15th, 2005

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1. Do you ever get mad cravings for milk? I just thought about it and had to go downstairs and chug a glass.

2. What kind of milk do you prefer? I like 2%. I think it tastes better, and it seems to last longer. I'm very picky about milk starting to go bad.

3. Those of you who are lactose-intolerant... do you ever consume dairy products anyway? I have a lactose-intolerant friend who loves cheese so much that he'll eat an entire double-cheese pizza, even though he knows what it will do to him.

[edit] 4. What is your favorite kind of cheese? Mine is Gorgonzola.
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Say you just started going out with somebody and he took you to meet his extended family for the first time. You're really nervous, really want to make a good impression and all that...

After a few hours of mingling and small talk, some of your new boyfriend's uncles think it would be funny to give a sweet flavored malt beverage to the toddlers. So they're chugging a 5% alcohol beverage from their sippy cups while the grown adults sit and laugh.

Do you immediately say something? What actual words do you say?

If they don't listen, do you take the cups from the kids?

Do you tell the parents of the toddlers? Call child protective services?

What WOULD you do?

Most importantly: are these things you would actually do or just wish you would have done later?

(this hasn't happened to me, it was just a thought triggered by something)

Relatedly, if you saw a pregnant woman drinking alcohol, would you say something to her? Try to stop her? Just glare at her? Ignore her? Not really care much to begin with?
Mountain Dew

Ocean Waves

Can anybody recommend a really good CD of waves crashing on the beach.  You know, one of those nature soundtrack type things. Something real nice and relaxing.
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love defined

ok, based off of my (granted) poorly worded poll earlier, i'm taking a different approach.
how would you define love. i understand it's a very broad term, so feel free to break it down into subcategories. i'm interested to hear.
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Weird celebrities

Are there any famous people that you think are sexy that you think that other people would think you're on crack for thinking that they're sexy?

My weird fascinations are Fred Schneider of the B-52's and Steve Buscemi.
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Interrupting a good meal and conversation.

Does anyone else get annoyed when a waiter comes over to your table during a meal to check on you?

I know they're doing their job and trying to provide good service and get a good tip, but it just drives me crazy. Especially if I have food in my mouth and have to respond to them.

Why aren't there little buzzers on each table to call a waiter when you need them, like there are on airplanes for a stewardess?
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Got a Nintendo DS?

I'm not your typical gamer, but the DS seems pretty cool, and I'm thinking of purchasing one.

I'm looking to hear more about the messaging system. How do I find other users? Do I need to actually know other people with DSs and arrange to message/play games with them, or could I theoretically pull my DS out of my pocket and start messaging/playing games with random people in the vicinity - does the DS pick up if there are other DSs nearby? Is the messaging facility completely free? I have no idea how it works - is the service dependent on where you are geographically (like a mobile phone service), or do you actually directly connect straight from one DS to another?
Thanks for any info!
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If you're not female, presume you are for this fun roleplay:

Say there's a good friend that you've known for a few years now. You and he are a lot alike - share the same hobbies, like the same bands, have the same job, etc. He used to hit on you when you first met and was really worried that you were going to leave to go away to college. He has had a girlfriend/almost-fiancee for about two years.

Lately, he's been telling you about how badly the relationship is going and what some problems are. You've been spending more time with him, and he constantly inquires about your availability status (but that doesn't bother you, you're rather open about it). He hung out with you several nights until 3AM even though he had to be at work at 5AM and, even when you offered to leave to let him get some sleep, he said it was "okay."


2 sexual orientation questions, 1 photo question

1. Is it a common thing for heterosexual girls to be attracted to homosexual men? Or is that just something they tell us to make us feel good?

2. On a not-entirely-unrelated note, does anybody have any stories about dating somebody who is of a gender not usually included in your sexual orientation, yet to whom you were genuinely attracted? How did that work out for you, eh?

3. Does anybody know where I can find a high-ish res picture of the scene where David Blaine is hanging in a glass box over the Themes and there's a remote control helicopter flying right by it with a hamburger dangling from the bottom of it? This was during his must publicized fast.


Why is it all the men I've been trying to get to know recently either want nothing more thana one night stand (not my bag) or an obsessive relationship?

Question two:
Why cant I just find someone who just wants to be friends, casually date, and have mind numbingly hot sex all the time five times a day?
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That was weird.

Ok, two questions, completely unrelated to each other.

1. I was having breakfast and suddenly I felt this painful little lump under my tongue. I went and looked at it in the mirror and it was like a teeny (about the size of this o, I'd say) water balloon. I thought maybe I could pop it or something so I poked it a bit and it sort of emptied back into the inside of my tongue. What the heck was that, will it happen again, and is it normal or am I mutant?

2. If you are paralyzed from the waist down, specifically from an injured spinal cord, do you lose sexual function and/or feeling? Or is it a 'some do, some don't' thing? If you do, does it happen for both women and men?

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Automatic or manual?

Do you like a guy/girl in uniform? Why?

What was the last thing that you ate?

How many grains of salt do you take with this community?

Without looking at my profile, how old do you think that I am?

When you hear the words "military school" what do you think of first?
Is it bad or good?
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1. Presuming that you don't wear a uniform, or that you work with others, do you normally dress a little more, a little less, or equally as "prefessional" as your coworkers? What kind of environtment do you work in?

2. How much flexibility/innitiative do you take at work? Like, "we always do things this way, they are asking me to do it that way, but I'm going to do it a little differenly because it would be better that way"?

3. Ingedients-wise, what is the difference between muffins and cake? If I had a box of chocolate cake mix, is there anything I could do differently to make chocolate muffins than chocolate cupcakes?

4. When is it grammatically (not definitively) appropriate to say "I'm starved" versus "I'm starving"

5. How often do you get mad/annoyed/upset at your SO to any degree?

6. People always apologize for posting multiple times in a day, but I don't even notice that they have unless their icons are one or two posts apart. Do YOU notice?

the ones we call mom and dad

Anyone else who can't speak to their parents at all, because of language barriers or other things?

I'm just frustrated because I don't have a good relationship with my parents, I never have, and I think in order to make things better we have to talk about things, or at least be able to talk period right? But we can't. There's language barrier, as well as the fact that everytime we always get upset at each other because we just can't understand each other as people even beyond the language. I think parental relationships are hard enough without communication difficulties and I feel like I just have to be silent with them from now on.
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1. Do you use spell check when you write anything on your computer?
2. What color are your bedroom walls?
3. Does it bother you when people announce the have just experienced "DeJa Vu"?
4. Do you ever use any product specifically designed for the opposite sex?

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1. Did your mom smoke/drink/do drugs when she was pregnant with you?
2. If so, how does she explain it?
3. Are you mad at her for it? Could you forgive her?
4. Do you think you might have turned out differently if she hadn't smoked/drinked/done drugs?
5. Does it bother you when people say "I smoked when I was pregnant with my kids and they turned out okay" as a way to justify it?

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Halloween 2008

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A friend just adopted a one year old Basset Hound/mix. The dog is adorable, but destroys anything they've given him for toys - Nylabones, Kongs, stuffed animals, rope toys, everything. Any suggestion?

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1. What would happen if you accidentally put the wrong "school code" on your PSATs answer sheet?
2. What's worse/more disappointing: losing a sports game by just one point, or losing by over 20 points?
3. What's the most you've gone without any sleep?
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Is there any way to figure out where free samples came from? I've gotten free stuff fairly regularly from Oil of Olay for years, but today I got (and mind you, I'm not complaining) one of those Schick Intuitions razors complete with a holder and two blades, in a box from Schick marked "Free Sample" and nothing inside but the razor. Again, I'm not complaning, but I keep thinking that that is one hell of a free sample and I'd love to figure out what list or whatever it came from...

Edited to add, and this one's actually important: I upgraded my Mac from 10.3.9 to 10.4 last week, ran the system update, all that. Since then, Firefox will periodically "freeze"--I'll go to move the scroll bar or type something in a text box, and I'll get spinny rainbow wheel for about thirty to forty-five seconds. If I try to do anything else in Firefox after it stops, spinny rainbow wheel again until I force quit on Firefox and re-open it. I used to get this verrry rarely, usually if I'd had the same Firefox window open for a couple of days, but now it happens after about an hour of having the window open. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was depressed? Specifically if they got depressed after you were together.

How did their depression affect you?

How did it affect your relationship?

How did they deal with it?
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I took a female friend shopping this afternoon. To the mall, in fact. I have this theory about female humans and shopping... I've been to the mall an unfathomable number of times with my mom and sisters, most of which are repressed from the severe trauma and so I remember a fairly reasonable number of visits instead. (Am I showing my experimenter bias? :) ) I tested my theory by going with girls from various countries to malls and department stores. (Still none from Australia... any volunteers? ;) ) All of them show the same thing, with little variance for culture - girls will stop and look at at least one item from every rack and generally take 15 minutes or more per department or store. It reaffirms my belief that is a biologically predisposed trait of all human females and not a product of culture. :)

The girl I went with today sped past racks of everything imaginable looking for a very basic shirt for wearing under a suit to a job interview next weekend. (Which, by the way, we did not find. She's a short, thin, Japanese girl, and we were looking for a plain white shirt with no stripey things or visible seams, and a collar without a button. Harder to find than you would think. Anyway...) I'm out of shape (for me, I can still play sports for hours on end and run a 4.5 40, etc) and she's in a rowing class and an aerobics class this semester, and she got tired and wanted to sit down before I was bored of shopping (which wasn't so bad without the random-looking-at-everything, but I'm not quite to that... :) ) She also didn't "shop" like a girl, and, in fact, didn't really browse in any store until she made me go into the software store. I ended up spending $100 to her nothing (controller, two games, and preordered another game.)

Does this signal an unbalancing in the force? A possible harbinger of ultimate doom or the end of the world?

And... how many of the girls here do this stuff when they go shopping? :)

How many of the guys notice this in girls when they're leashed and collared and dragged to the mall? *flees from the girls*


How easy is it for you to find jeans that fit you? Is there a particular brand that you find fits you better than other brands? What is it about jeans that usually doesn't fit? What size jean do you wear? Do stores usually have that size? How many pairs of jeans do you usually try on before you find one that works? Do you think your jeans shopping/wearing experience is the same as most peoples?

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1. Suggestions for oxygenating a very small (too small, really, but I can't find my other) makeshift quarantine tank? I've got my fungal fish swimming around in a vase half gallonish plastic cookie jar from a guy down the hall because the other fish is fine but he's still covered in white dots.

2. how do i find a piece of clear glass that i believe is in my fishtank, but can't see?
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What's your experience with the company? Is it a scam or is it legit? A friend invited me to one of their meetings and they sound too good to be true, yet people seem happy with it. Yet on the other hand, there's a ton of shit about it online. It confuses me since it's affiliated with Citigroup and Citibank, and it's been around for 20 some-odd years. What's the honest deal?
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what should I do?

i made plans with my man to go to a party with him.. the called me and told me that he would met me at the party, but he didn't know when.. said he had something he had to go talk about and didn't know if it was going to take a few minutes or a few hours, and won't tell me what it is..
should i work OT and just forget about hanging out with him tonight, or should i go home and wait for him?

::later edit - he re-established the plans.. so.. this is irrelevant at this point.. lol:::


I just bought a TiVo and I have a question that isn't in the user manual.

How do I know when I will run out of room?

Right now I have a bunch of Season Pass shows and I have them set to delete when I tell them to delete. Is there a way to know when there won't be any room?

I would assume that it would be the View Recording History tab, where it says why stuff won't be recorded. Nothing is in there now though, so I'm not sure.

Does anyone know?
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If you were a Bond girl what would your name be?

Kissy Suzuki
Tiffany Case
Mary Goodnight
Bibi Dahl <--- innocent/descriptive. Looks like a baby doll.
Honey Rider <-----suggestive
Xenia Onatopp
Pussy Galore
Plenty O'Toole
Dr. Holly Goodhead
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So I have a really pretty cross stitch that someone made for my mother and myself as a birth announcement. So it's about 22 years old. Well my mom stuffed it in a closet and I never saw it until I moved. So it hasn't been taken care of. It is framed and what not. It has like, loose pieces to to speak. There are toys stitched into it and the doll has braids that stick up. This took the person quite a bit of work, it's nice sized (I can'd say off hand how big it is) and I know it took a long time to make.
1) What can I do to clean it? I don't want to damage it, but I want to preserve it.
2) My mom told me it's not proper to put fabric behind glass. I am curious as to Why?
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Do any of you guys cut your hair?
If so, can you give me some tips on how to approach it?
I've been really bored with my hair lately, and I kind of want to try cutting it myself.

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I know that it's not proper to say, "The artist puts a piece of their soul into a piece." But I don't like the way it sounds to say, "The artist puts a piece of his or her soul into a piece." Is there a better way to phrase things like that?
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