October 14th, 2005

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I've posted a lot today...

*edited: Are there any websites where I can get replica California highway signs? I really want a Highway 1 sign, although not enough to personally steal one.
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I just got told today after going to my campus' health center that I had bronchitis and a 100.2 fever. I got a note from them so that I could skip my 4:30pm class today and the professor agreed that it was ok. I have one class tomorrow, a class I really like, but there's a lot of reading to do for it and I just can't seem to concentrate on it with all the meds I'm on and the headache that I have.

I could just skip it tomorrow, except there will be a quiz on the readings that I can't seem to focus on. The quiz is only worth 8 points out of I think 300, so it's not a really big deal if I skip it.

What would you do? Skip class and just say the hell with it I'm sick? Or try to focus on these readings and go cough up a lung in my class tomorrow while still probably doing horribly on the 8 point quiz?

EDIT: My University had a major power outage last night that lasted until this morning, so all classes were cancelled! Made that decision easy.

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I have a friend who's going through a lot of stress right now, and is suffering some insomnia - he's been getting 3 hours of sleep per night for the past few days, and I'm starting to worry about him.

What would you do if it were your friend? Is there anything I can do, or do I just make a few comments but let him work out his own problems for himself? I care about this guy, and I just wish there was some way I could help him relax!
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Painting my room.

Ok, my boyfriend is coming over next week to help me paint my room. It's just the two of us and we have very little painting experience (I helped paint my room once over seven years ago so I only vaguely remember)

But I have control freak tendencies when I think somebody is doing something wrong and I want more than anything to NOT FIGHT while painting.

So I decided to write down a list of the step-by-step guide to keep us on track so we won't bicker about "we have to do this before we do that..." and blah blah blah and we can cross things off as we go.

But having only done this one time, years ago, I want to get some input for my guide to make sure that I'm on the right track.

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I know it's long but is there anything obvious that I'm missing? Anything I need to clarify? Anything I'm doing completely ass-backwards?

At least have an answer for the questions in brackets?

I would REALLY appreciate some input because I just want this to go smoothly. I'm kind of nervous, haha.

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oh noes!

does anyone know what's up with Bash? is it gone, is it the server, or what? i've been trying to get on the site for at least a week or two, with no luck.

also: does anyone here work in medical billing(insurance billing)? i'm thinking of taking the required classes this spring, and would like to know what it's 'like'. ie, do you still enjoy it? did you even enjoy it to begin with? et cetera 

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which do you think carries less calories/carbs? taking a bagel, hollowing out the middles and just eating the crust part or just eating half a bagel? my boss and i have a bet going on.
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The Receptionist Classic

The Sweetest Thing

I just took a call from a customer checking on her order, hoping that it would arrive by tomorrow - in time for Sweetest Day. I've never met/talked to anyone that actually celebrates this day.

Does anyone here celebrate this holiday?
Just curious, if you are... what are you planning?
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Getting Lost

Have you recently found yourself getting totally lost in a song? The connotation for "getting lost" can be whatever you make it, and even though my answer is, it doesn't necessarily need to be spiritual.

I've found myself getting completely lost in "Breathing the Breath" by Matt Redman. I've never just completely fallen into a song (and subsequently into a state of worship) as easily and powerfully as I have for this one.

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Do you like soup?

If so, what kinds do you like/dislike?

I love Roly Poly's mushroom soup, and I adore clam chowder.

The only soups I won't touch are the Campbell's Chunky soups, especially the ones with 'steak'. *shudder*
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what's wrong with my back?

Is this an indication of a serious problem (kidney or something)?

My back hurts in this dull achey way, on the left side. It hurts kind of inside my back, not on the surface or anything. There isn't a bruise there. It's kind of in my mid-left-back... above the waist and below the bust area...

I'm worried that whatever organs hang out back there are having problems, but maybe I just slept funny?

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Hmm...this may be a silly question, but I'll ask anyhow.

Tomorrow I'm doing a community service (class requirement)/College Libertarians project. We're painting a building of some sort (I think it's a youth center of some sort, I forget. But it's irrelevant).
Anywho, I've been battling a killer cold and sore throat. its one of those gross coughing-til-my-throat-is-raw type of things. Is the paint and the 'fumes' going to do a number on my throat, or will it not have any affect?

Again, this seems dumb even to me, but I honestly have no idea.

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A few weeks ago, I bleached my brown hair and dyed it pink. Now the pink is fading and my roots are coming in, and I don't want to dye it pink again. I have auburn regular hair dye, but how would I go about doing this so my hair doesn't turn a strange colour that I don't want? I'm going to fade the pink as much as possible before I dye it, but how will the auburn look like over bleached hair?

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A series of random questions:

1. For those of you who have read The Da Vinci Code, can you tell or recommend me some sites that can give me more information on the true facts inside the book?

2. I can't wake up in the morning! I could set my alarm clock at 9 am, but I would press the snooze button all the way til 10 am even when I have classes at 10 am. Argh. Any solutions?

3. Where did the phrase 'grain of truth' comes from?

4. For those of you who works in the service line, do you ever dish out 'small revenges' on rude/arrogant customers?

5. Your guilty pleasures?

6. is emo the new Goth?

My answers to 4 and 5:

4. I work as a cinema crew, and sometimes if a customer is rude to me, I would give him seats in the corner and near the screen. And if he asks me if I could give him a better seat, I would tell him all the rest are reserved.

My friend works in a bakery, and when there are unreasonable customers, she squeezes the bread with the tongs before putting them inside the bags.

5. Listening to Backstreet Boys. Buying something I like, even though I know I don't need to have it.
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My dad doesn't even want me to apply or attend schools that are "too far" from him. My dream school is USC (so cal), and just today, I received more mail from them. My dad just said that "you're not going" and "not to even think about it." Now, this is the man who thinks that Carnegie Melon (in PA) is TOO far away. I live in Jersey. So basically, I'm going to Rutgers in his mind.

Now, I think I would literally go into deep depression if I go to Rutgers. Now, obviously, if I have no choice (I was rejected from everything else), I'd go. But, to give up my dream for my protective father?

I don't know what to do. He has it set that I'm going to end up at Rutgers. "We'll drive and bring stuff to you." Just before he even bribed me saying that he'd give me how many millions to stay close, and I could spend it for whatever, and after I graduate, I can do anything.

I know Rutger's isn't a bad school, but it's just so much more than that. I believe that if I go to Rutgers, I won't take anything seriously, probably end up partying all night, you know.

I already told my mom that I'm going to USC no matter what if I'm accepted. And she agreed with me.

I just don't know what to do about my dad.

btw, I'm going for Business.

**He probably wants the security that I have to depend on him for money. IE, if I go to Rutgers, get a blah job, and need his money to live?

**He knows or has the impression that once I go to Cali, I'll never come back. He knows that I have the ability for business and that I won't need his money after I do what I do. You know?
:) (:
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Which Strong Bad email did the whole "BALETED!" thing start? And "fgwhyds" (or whatever the word was).
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Do you find it disturbing when hear people 18-23 talking about getting married? What about having children?

I'm 22, and anytime I hear that I get skeeved out. I blame my aversion to having either for this, but wonder if I'm alone. I recently found out about a couple 22/23 getting married, and my first thought was "Haha!....Well that won't last...pbbt."
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What is the darkest and lightest time of year where you live? (and where DO you live?)
What time does it get dark at the darkest time?
How about the lightest time?
I always thought it that the longest and shortest days were the winter and summer solstice, and know it is dfifferent if you're in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere ... but what about other locations - are different states or countries different?

Darkest in Massachusetts is December, Lightest is June.
In December, it gets dark around 4:30
In June, it gets dark around 9:00/9:30

Curious becuase I remember when I was in France in ... April a few years ago, it stayed light out until 10:00ish and I thought that seemed weird.

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say i have a school i want to go to for college. what can i do to help improve my chances of getting in?

((i'm currently a junior. i also like to fret ahead of time))

ETA: other than good grades/ap classes/good sat scores, etc.

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Do you think we would be friends if we met in real life?

Also-- I'm going camping early tomorrow morning, and it's been raining all week. Advice on what to bring? I'm staying in a tent.
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Is there a website anywhere that can give an un-biased breakdown of issues for Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester? They're running for governor of NJ, and I haven't decided who to vote for yet.
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Do you play World of Warcraft?

If so, Horde or Alliance?

What race/class are you?

I'm going to start playing tonight after being talked into it by my boyfriend. =x

Bit of help, please.

I'm running a contest and I need an impartial way to choose the winner. Would you all help me by choosing a number from 1 to 33 (whole numbers only, no fractions or decimals, for you cheeky monkeys out there) and leave it in the comments?



I've been rewatching the Scifi series Firefly, before I go see the movie Serenity.

For those of you who have seen either the movie or the show, who is your favorite character?

Personally, my favorite is Wash. Second place is a tie between Jane and Book.
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This is kind of hard to ask for this group because we're all in different places in our lives but,
how many times have you changed the area in which you want to get a career in/have a major in? (That is, what were they? not a number..)

If you have your degree/career already around how old were you when you decided this is what you want?
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I... don't?

A friend of mine married a guy who's in the Air Force. He just got transferred from Hawaii, where he was guaranteed to stay in the country, to a unit on the mainland that's taken a LOT of casualties. He's almost certainly headed to Iraq. He knew this could happen, as did my friend who married him.
Understandably, my friend is having a hard time dealing with the fact that he'll probably be in Iraq by the end of the year.

This got me thinking:
1) If you were head-over-heels in love with someone and wanted to get married to them, would you reconsider based on their job if it was dangerous (i.e.- military, police, firefighter?)
2) Would you reconsider for other reasons? Not necessarily because of the dangers involved, maybe for money or status (i.e.- They don't make enough or their job just isn't "good enough"?)
3) If you would reconsider, what kind of jobs would be unacceptable to you?
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Random questions

Hope this isn't too much to ask at once.

1) What actor/actress are you 100 percent sure will never win an academy award?
2) Do you use an eyebrow pencil to enhance your eyebrows? Do you trim the length of the hairs or just pluck/wax strays?
3) Have you ever kept (or still keep, even though I read it's not recommended anymore) ipecac syrup in your home "just in case" of poisoning? Or did your parents (considering you know/remember)?
4) If you could add one more button to the telephone, what would it be?
5) If you could be any inanimate object what would you be and why?
6) Won't pertain to everyone, but favorite Twilight Zone episode?
7) What would you say is the best physical, non-sexual feeling in the world?
8) If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

Anyone on here who is familiar with immigration?

Okay. Say you're a foreign student in America.

You make the stupid mistake on delaying your graduation from a university so you can stay in the country longer and OOPS, your student visa expires.

Let's say you're months behind on rent and you've borrowed money from a not so kosher person and can be in a lot of trouble.

Is there any kind of agency for foreign kids in trouble that they can help these kids who made stupid mistakes or be like some kind of advocate for them so they don't get into deep shit with immigration?
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does anyone here use MS Outlook at work? We have it at my work, and i would like to access my email, but i do not have the link to log in. Does anyone have this link? it'll take you to the host site where you are asked for a domain name and password..

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How "evil" is a person who doesn't believe in love?

Mean: 2.38 Median: 0 Std. Dev 3.67

ok, it seems that "evil" was a bad choise of words. insert "sick," "ill," "deprived," "sad," etc instead.
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When you brush your teeth do you also brush your tongue?
I don't. I know that you're supposed to but I start to gag immediately every time I try. Last time I almost threw up.
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Catholic-y type question

Ok, So St Florian is the Patron saint of Firefighters, And St Michael is the Patron Saint of Police, Is there a Patron saint of Wives of these people?

As in if I was to get a gift for a very religious woman of a man who just became a police officer would i get a St michael medal?

What about mothers of these people?

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When I was eleven my mother broke up with her fiance. This guy had been in my life forever, he was like my father. Im now 18 and I havent talked to him since. no contact, period. There werent any hard feelings between him and I, I distinctly remember him and my mother telling my brother and I that he still wanted to be a part of our lives. Anyway, moving to present day...I think I found the website of the company he works for (owns?) I have a work email address (Ive tried to get my mother to talk to their mutual friends to get his number but, well my mothers a flake) anyway, I want to Email him but Im not sure if I should or how to go about it.
Rumor has it he got married last year, and Im happy for him. but I am the ex fiance's daughter. and I dont want to make this whole thing any more awkward than it inevitably will be.

Anyway, any suggestions for how to go about this? How to explain how and why I found his website...without seeming, stalkerish...I dont know maybe I am. hmm, any suggestions at all?