October 13th, 2005

minnie and zeus

National ____ Month

Does anyone know of a site that lists awareness months?

Like how we have Black History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month and National Love Your Chameleon Month (or whatever)... I'm not looking for a specific issue, but rather what issues are assigned to each month. 

john mayer?

wtf? he had a reality show? huh? when was this? anyone watch it? The bear prank where he asks "true or false, your body is a wonderland was written about a guy". And he calls himself myers. lol.
leon/stuffed animals/snuggle/cute

Some odd questions

1) Is anyone disgusted with "Girls Gone Wild" videos? Is it just me or are they just taking advantage of drunk college girls?

2) Has anyone seen "My Fair Brady"? I am beginning to think that guys who date much younger women (10 years plus) are more likely *NOT* to want to get married, then guys the same age as the women they are dating. What do you think?

3) What is your passion?
a) How did you know/find out that is your passion?

4) Do you watch Food Network? Who is your fav. cook/host on that network?

5) My friends from Ohio are coming up to Chicago for a short three day weekend. While I am pretty knowledgeable about the city, I was wondering if any of you had any great little known places around town to show off to them? I am all about looking hip and cool! ;)

6) My room-mate and I yell at the TV when we are watching shows, you know, making fun of the acting, making snide remarks at commercials etc. Are we the only ones that do that?
a) how did we get to be so bitter?

7) I think I have seniorites, I have no drive to study for any of my classes. How do I get over it? How do I get motivated?!!! argg
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regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

Inspired by a recent mock_the_stupid post:

Ok, I know this is going to make me sound really, really, really dumb, but I should probably know this if I'm, you know, ever going to live on my own.

How are you supposed to clean your bathroom?

I know you can use comet or something in the tub, but do you use a sponge or a rag or what?


And yes, please feel free to mock the fact that I don't now this, despite being almost 21...
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in ur blank, brains, grunny

Minds eye?

Ok, I just remembered something that's been bugging me for ages.
When you (You, not people in general) imagine things, do you actually see them?

Because if I try to picture, say, a cake, I can tell you exactly what it looks like, I could draw it if I wasn't such a crappy artist, but I don't actually see it. If I shut my eyes and try to imagine something, I just get black.
I always thought that was normal until I read an anecdote about this guy who said something along the lines of 'Whenever we were in kindergarden and the teacher told us to shut our eyes and imagine, i got nothing. Then one day, I finally saw something - it was dancing chicken legs.'

(no subject)

What is it called when a baby is born and the parents leave the placenta attached to the baby until the umbilical cord falls off? I saw a really great website about it once but I can't remember where nor can I ever remember what the name for that is. Can anyone help me?

EDIT: Nevermind. I found it. It's called a Lotus Birth.

Questions, how I have questions

1) Where on earth did I put my I.D. and my suede changepurse?
[Update: Hiding at the bottom of my black backpack. Naughty changepurse! ID is still AWOL. C'mere, you little rotter.]
2) What is on your Must Accomplish list for today?
3) Which lipstick (pencil/gloss/or form otherwise) is your current favorite?
4) Which non-work/class related books are you reading/looking forward to reading?

(no subject)

does anyone know what happens when you are falling asleep and you suddenly feel like you are falling?

that physical sensation where your heart jumps and your body jerks.....sometimes it even seems like a light flashes.

im sure there is a fascinating answer, i just wish i knew what it was!
Normal people.

(no subject)

So....what kind of socks do you wear? What kind are you wearing right now?

edit: also, to whomever is curious, I am combining all my free journals (likelyme, gnerd, _thetoad_, sarkazein [who exists no more...I used a rename token on her] into this one paid account. :]

Cube decorations?

Do you work in a cube? Did you/do you decorate your cube? Why, and what do you have in it?

I do work in a cube and I haven't put anything personal in it, mostly because I kind of don't see the point. But a lot of my co-workers have tons of plants and pictures and calender and knicknacks, and, well, I don't get it. It kind of seems like trying to gild pig poo, in my opinion. It's a cube, folks. All the kitschy garbage in the world isn't going to change the fact that you're stuck in a 6'x4' physical manifestation of soul-less corporate policy.

....or I could just be really, really cynical and not cut out for office work, or something. :P

(no subject)

what's the name of the fish disease where they get white spots?

I thought I knew it, but i looked it up and it was something else, and I need to know so I can go get stuff.

Where it's white, will it go back to normal colour after it's treated?

Edit: poking around online, it seems entirely possible that it's not ick, but rather a fungus. faaaantastic. I'm hoping the medications listed on this last-updated-in-2000 website still exist.
Pushing VW

(no subject)

If you're in a store and you accidentally knock a small item onto the floor, do you stop to pick it back up?

If you're in a store and you notice someone else knocking a small item onto the floor, and they don't stop to pick it up, do you pick it up?

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(no subject)

1.Am I the only one that hates the term "people of color"?

2. How tall are you?

3. If you could be any antagonist from any movie/ book who would it be and why?

4. Have you ever read "Hamlet"? Did you enjoy it?

5. What are you doing today? (as in what do you have planned for today.)

6. Would you buy this cellphone, even though it's prepaid? Is that a good deal? How does this particular plan work?

(no subject)

How soon into your relationship did you and your SO start discussing things like marriage, moving in together and having kids?

* by "discussing" I simply mean talking about it as if it will happen in the future - not actually planning it by picking a date or anything.

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(no subject)

Okay, so my boyfriend and I were at the grocery store late last night. (Around 12am.) While he was in another aisle I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked and I saw a mouse just standing still and then it ran across the aisle in to a hole in the bottom on the shelf unit. I reported to a worker and everything and I am assuming that the worker told a manager, because she checked it out herself. My boyfriend was tired and wanted to leave so I didn't get a chance to see if she told a manager or not.

Now my question: Would you refuse to shop some place where you saw a mouse?
Paw pring

(no subject)

My boyfriend is going away to Boston for the weekend when he comes home I want to suprise him with the sexiest evening I can possibly pull off. Hard for me since I am not really "sexy" I'm more of that cute thing. Or so I've been told. And I giggle when I try to "sedude" guys. Anyway. I want to go all out with sexy lingre, which I have gotten, porn hair and some sexy make up.
The questions are:

How do you do porn hair? I have mid length curly hair that I blow out straight all the time.
How do you do porn makeup with out looking like a drag queen?
Any other ideas for my trying to be sexy night?

(no subject)

Google didn't help much, so I turn to you guys. What are some of the best sites for internet tests?

Edit: I should clarify, I mean internet tests as in, "What sort of drunk are you?" or "Which Cannibal!: The Musical character are you?" etc. Danke!
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i can always come up with nine.

1. if you were playing scrabble by yourself in the morning, and you planned on going for a run afterwards, but then selected the letters b, t, and k after one of your turns, would you take this as a hint to not go running by yourself? 'cause it kind of freaked me out.
2. if you could have either invisibility or x-ray vision, what would you choose?
2a. am i alone in always wondering what people look like under their clothes? seriously, i would dig the hell out of x-ray vision.
3. if you are no longer a virgin, did you lose your virginity to someone you actually like? do you still talk to them at all?
4. does anyone ever tell you that you were born in the wrong era? if so, what era do you think you belong in?
5. what's your favourite kind of wine?
5a. favourite beer?
5b. favourite hard liquor?
6. are you making something out of nothing?
7. if you want to have kids, how many would you want?
8. do you have a good relationship with your SO's mother?
9. what's your favourite kind of tea?
9a. do you take sugar, lemon, or honey in your tea? cream?
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it's been a while since i've actually POSED a general question...

1. when you use a public bathroom, do you ALWAYS use a toilet seat cover? what if there aren't anymore, do you resort to either squatting, using strips of toilet paper, or does it even matter?
2. what if you were using a public bathroom you use all the time, say while at work, do you still use a seat cover?
3. for the guys, do you even bother with seat covers?
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Me--State Fair

quick question...

Last night, I got some food before I went to night class (a raspberry tea, two hard boiled eggs, and some fruit salad). I got to class, ate, and immediately felt very dizzy and lightheaded, thought I was either going to faint or pass out, and had to take some deep breaths and eat a spearmint. I had kind of hustled to class to get there on time, but otherwise, I don't know what else I did differently.

Well then today, I had a combination of cheese/sausage/grapes for breakfast (not a good call) and walked a bit briskly to class across campus, and once again, got there and felt really lightheaded, nautious, ready to either barf or pass out. Deep breating and another spearmint helped.

I'm not sure what the deal is. I haven't been eating nor drinking that well I'll admit, but this seems a little odd. Any ideas what happened?
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I Love Lucy

(no subject)

Would you take a job you thought you might not like, if it meant significantly better pay and benefits than what you have now?

My Answer:

I'm not too fond of my current job. So long as I'm going to be unhappy at work I might as well get better pay and benefits. Besides, I'll be going back to school in January to begin a Masters in Teaching with middle-school certification, so I might as well do what I need to do to get by for the time being and keep moving toward the future.
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(no subject)

I'm looking to apply to some universities for a completely different degree than what I had already studied in school. I don't have a degree, just some credits in some very basic courses.

I'm wondering, since my grades are less than stellar, and not really reflective of my ability, is it possible to apply to schools as a freshman and not a transfer student if I don't want to transfer my credits? I think I'd have a much better chance at getting in without my college history (I did poorly for a whole bunch of reasons). But will they know that I have credits? Do I have to submit those transcripts? Even if the credits wouldn't transfer ayway??

Such a boring questions, I'm sorry.

okay so for fun, and additional question: What's the longest you've ever worn a single pair of disposable contacts? I'm going on over a month now on a pair of two weeks. They seem to be alright!
lead me

use only with a #2 pencil.

Some mechanical pencils say they have #2 lead. Some don't, or at least they don't say that they do. Are they #2? Is there some nifty pseudo-scientific way to find out or something?

Why is #2 so special? What happened to #1?

And what is it about scantron machines that they'll only pick up marks from #2 pencils? Have you ever done a scantron in mechanical pencil that wasn't #2 and it worked?

Judge Judy

1. How many of you are fans of the TV show Judge Judy?

2. If you are a fan, have you ever wondered why the HECK she hasn't run for president of the US yet? Because I do. I'm considering writing her a letter asking her to run for presidency, and I'm completely serious. She'd be a very very good president.

Oh, and if you haven't seen Judge Judy, I highly recommend watching an episode.
You learn alot about everyday legal stuff. It's real cases and real people.
Plus Judge Judy's real quick about being able to tell who's lying, or any funny business.
She's good to kids and pets, plus she's funny. :)

misc - cemetery

(no subject)

What color do you see when you shut your eyes?

I see black but at the same time I see everything else... it's kind of hard to explain. My sister says she sees orange, and a friend of mine said she sees purple.
:) (:
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(no subject)

Does coffee keep you awake? I love the taste, but it does nothing for me. I've tried a few energy drinks as well.. Nothing.

For those with the same dilemma: What do you do to keep yourself awake?
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(no subject)

Are there any spellings that irrationally irk you?

I'm Australian, so American English can get on my nerves [especially when doing an American crossword; damn your U-free spellings!] but the most annoying one I've found is fairly common online: yea.
And not like "yea, verily", but "yeah" without the "h". I physically have trouble reading anything that contains "yea".

Also "lolol". Are you laughing out loud over lemonade? Lying on luscious oil-coated lima-beans? Licking over long, oval lacerations?
Halloween 2008

(no subject)

What other songs are there that have that "dun dun dun da dun dun" riff (that was a horrible impression, I'm sorry) aside from Chris Isaak's "Baby did a bad bad thing" or ZZ Top's "La Grange"?

Any ideas?
Kitty Lick
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(no subject)

Have you, or would you lie for your child?

If yes, to what degree?

For example, would you lie to the police for your child to keep them out of jail? (I'm not asking if you would lie *to* the child.)

(no subject)

Does anybody know the name of this cartoon? Or where I could find more just like them?

This is the second one I've seen like this and they just crack me up. I'd love to see more.
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(no subject)

The back story:

I run a campus movie theater in Cleveland OH. We are a professional 3rd run community theater (35mm and 16mm capable) and we are listed as a theater in the clevelnad area.

In other words: we are not just a bunch of college students fooling around, we are a professional theater that runs off of some campus funds.

This week is "coming out week" a gay-themed week on campus. The gay group on campus, Spectrum, co-sponsored this fridays movie, "Eating- Out" with us. This means that they get to give a talk and q&a session before each showing of the movie.

The Problem: We publically advertise for our films everyehere on campus. We follow our schools very strict posting policy. (I go to Case Western Reserve University, if any one wants to know). This week, one of the dining halls decided that our movie was 'offensive' so they threw out all of our table tents. They didn't even contact us about it. Now, we have been advertising with table tents in the dining hall since I started working here (two years ago) and even before then (I know its been that way for at least 4 years). The only information for the movie that was on the flyers was the plot summary from the imdb page, shown here:
This dining hall has never thrown out our table tents before, this time they just decided that a gay themed movie was too offensive (and by 'they' i mean the people who serve the food in the dining hall). NOw, the dining hall does have the right to not allow student posting in the dining room. However, teh only thing theyve ever had a problem as of now are our gay-themed movies. So, because the woman who serves me spagheti doesnt like gay people, we arent allowed to advertise our movie to our college campus.
As you can imagine, the gay group on campus is up in arms, but as the leader of the film organization, what should I do? they did throw out OUR fliers, but I have no idea if we should make a seen ot\r not. What are your opinions on this manner, and what would you do if you were in a similar situation?

ps...sorry this is so long!

(no subject)

Can somebody shine a light on PSAT scoring for me?

I just took a practice PSAT in a review book I bought......

I scored my test and now I'm like.. Okay... Nice numbers. Can I have some clue as to what they mean because just the numbers with no idea of how they rate my performance is uber irritating?!

My scaled scores were 80 in Reading, 55 in Math & 65 in Writing, making my total scaled score 200.

No laughing if that's horrendous, please......

(no subject)

I often get incredibly painful stomach cramps when I am on my period. Today it was so bad that I could barely breathe, let alone talk. It's getting rather annoying to be in complete agony once a month.

So... anyone have any tips for easing the pain? I usually dpoe myself up on whatever painkillers come to hand, but they don't seem to be working very well and I hate taking pills anyway. Can you think of anything which might be helpful? Thanks :)
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bob by your side

(no subject)

I had this huge .doc file with poems. It was on a floppy disk. And then when i opened the file in my computer and tried to add a picture, the window crashed and i had to close the program. Now evey poem that came after the picture has completely vanished.

So i'm asking: Is there any way to get the rest of the file back? Any way?
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cartoon cat
  • katyism

Automobile brands

This is a general opinion question, feel free to rant in your comment but I'm looking for cold hard facts too.
This doesn't apply so much to newer cars as it does to used, pre-2000 cars (which is what I am in the market for)

So...everyone I know tells me Ford cars are pieces of shit. Most of them say that about any American-made car like Chevy, Dodge, etc.
These same people say that for a used car, a Honda, perhaps a Toyota, or something else Japanese is your best bet. And not to make the mistake of buying Hyundai or any other Korean car.

I guess what I want to ask is do you agree or disagree, and why? For used car shopping what specific makes do you highly recommend or dis-recommend? My family has always been like "OMG American cars are all we buy, we <3 Ford and will only buy Fords," but all their Fords have problems (including a 93 Tempo that they gave me last year, which is a complete clunker by now). I have also owned a 1996 Hyundai Accent and while I had no problems with it even after several long distance road trips, I didn't have the car a very long period of time.

But I always see people driving really old 80's Hondas and stuff and they swear that even though it's not a nice modern car, it is "reliable..." and thus the used Japanese cars typically have a higher resale value than the domestic ones. I dunno. Anyway basically the question is if I were to be shopping for a used car older than a 2000 model, (probably older than 1995 since I am ass broke), should I go for a Honda Accord or something first? Should I definitely avoid any domestic cars? Or are there particular models of domestic cars that surpass the reputation of the brand name in general (for instance, why do the police rely on the Crown Victorias so much)?
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(no subject)

How much would 3 kg 710 grams be in lbs and oz? I just had my baby and wanted to figure out how many lbs and oz's she is but my brain is too slow. Would it be 6 lbs 23 oz? That's what my little changer says. Yeah, sorry for the stupid question but I thought maybe someone smart could help me out. ;P
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(no subject)

So i have to write this sortof essay describing a sacrifice made by a person. i have to recall what the sacrifice was, the purpose, and the result of it. all i've come up with is writing about the Jews...ya know, holocaust, which is general and probably is a common topic. The only other idea i've had was about Al Green and how he gave up music to be a pastor, but then I remembered that he didn't actually give music up. DRAT. Any suggestions?
Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I've got an interview at Gap this Tuesday for a seasonal job. Aside from working at Starbucks for a few months, I've never worked retail. I've worked for nonprofits or small businesses.

What should I wear to the interview? (Should I wear Gap clothes?)
What kind of questions should I ask?
Any pros/cons about working for Gap (do you have any experiences)?
Anything else I should know/think about?

EDIT: While I'm at it, any suggestions for cute and comfortable classy looking shoes (if they have a heel, that's awesome) would be great.

And... what should I say when they ask why I want the job? I'm looking for a temp position to save moeny for moving out next spring and for tuition. I like working with people and helping people. But I don't know what would be the proper answer.
scanner darkly

(no subject)

I need a little bit of realtionship advice.

Me and my boyfriend of two and a half years broke up for good, about three weeks ago. I had the idea that we were going to take a break, not talk for a while, and see how it worked out. I'm still in love with him, but I doubt he is. I know it was wrong of me, but I read this one of his friends, girlfriends friends journals [ whom they're trying to get my ex and her to get together] ; talking about how much of an awesome time she had with my ex, and how she loved sitting under the stars and stuff with him, and it turns out he took her to places he would *only* take me, (yeah I sound obsessive) but, this totally made me upset, since he told me that he hasn't met anyone, and he hasn't been hanging out w/ anyone but his friends. (guy friends) I'm totally hurt by this. and I can't stop thinking about it =/

How can I help myself get over him?

(no subject)

Out of curiosity, can you get a copy of your contract (military) to take home BEFORE you sign it?

What do you think the best way to tell my parents that I want to go into the military is? (Knowing full well that they despise it.)

It is ). or .)?

Since no one commented on this question in my last one, I'll ask it again, but slightly altered.
Is there anyone on LJ that you'd like to thank for anything?

What would you do with 290 million dollars?


So illuminations has a 25% off their large candle jars sale, and im curious if anyone here has a favourite scent?
im looking at pumpkin pie and eggnog. Any good?

OR in general, Are you a candle fanatic?
Whats your favourite scent?
Do you think that candles set the mood? or are they just over priced decorations?

New computer!

I'm looking to get a new computer (desktop or laptop, doesn't matter to me), and looking to spend around or under 500 dollars (US).

Any suggestions on where to purchase? Either commercial companies (Gateway, Dell, etc) or personal computer builders?

* * *

Also, does anyone else here LOVE Pei-Wei as much as I do?
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(no subject)

my cream cheese, which i haven't even opened yet, is frozen.

Last time I tried microwaving it, but it doesn't work and smells really bad.

Is there a way to salvage it?

edit: typing is my friend.

(no subject)

Anyone ever heard of Upper Iowa University? Thought?

Also, what does it mean to be a "nationally accredited" school? Who do they have to be accredited by to be legit/considered good by employers?
MPD Psycho eye
  • kitsu

2 Birth questions

1. A woman in Little Rock just delivered her 16th child and is already thinking of more. Do you think this is socially and physically responsible? Even if they can financially support this many people is it possible to give each child the love and support they need?

2. For the men here. If there was a procedure that would let you breast fed your child would you go for it? The only side effect is your chest would grow bigger. About an A cup or less.
EDIT: If no to #2 then why not?
  • goop

(no subject)

1. If you had a dream about (a) your SO, (b) a close friend, (c) a cousin, (d) a sibling, (e) a coworker, (f) a-not-so-close friend... which of the following would you tell that you dreamed about them?

2. Which of the above listed might make you feel uncomfortable that they had a dream about you?

3. I think home-blown (as in home-blown glass) is the funniest word ever. It just sounds so funny. What do you think is the funniest word? (by sound, not definition)

4. Netflix users: which movies do you have out right now? What are the next three in your queue?

5. How often do you rearrange the furniture in your bedroom?

6. Which do you like better: peanut butter M&Ms or Reece's Pieces, and why?

7. How often do you moisturize your feet? What moisturizer do you use? How's it working for you?

8. Is there any show that bores you to death this season but you keep watching because you don't want to miss anything in case it gets better?

9. Which would be worse: to be an only child or to have siblings more than sevenish years older than you?



Does anyone here watch smallville? I only saw bits and pieces tonight and I want to know what Clarke had to promise his father to get his powers back. A summary of the whole episode would be cool too. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
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Detroit Rock City

(no subject)

Does anyone else feel that having to squish your feelings or experiences into 500 words or less is highly impersonal and, frankly, rather rude?

I know these people don't have a lot of time to read a billion essays, but I'm starting to feel less like a person and more like a pig at the county fair.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what the most watched television event was and a site to back it up? I had always thought it was the final episode of M*A*S*H, but I was reading a book that claimed different.


Smashbox cosmetics

I made an appointment to get my homecoming makeup done at Nordstrom's Smashbox counter. I wanted Clinique or MAC, but they were completely booked, so the guy recommended Lancome (they made my friend look like Drag Queen Barbie...so NO!) or Smashbox.

I've passed by their counter a few times but never used their makeup or talked to anyone who has. Should I be nervous? I don't want really heavy or dramatic makeup. Also, they ask that you purchase something, what should I buy for under $25 or so? I was thinking a lip gloss or eye shadow would be a good idea.
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(no subject)

cris629 and I are having a fondue party tomorrow. Chocolate fondue, that is. What should we dip?

We've got pretzels, strawberries, raspberries, marshmallows, and bananas. We're probably going to bake brownies. We're trying to get our hands on some cherries but so far have had no luck.

Is there anything else we should try, or do you think what we have will be good?
i like to live on the edge

(no subject)

Do you eat healthy?
Do you watch your weight (on a normal basis)?
Have you ever been on a diet?
What were your reasons for going on one?
How long did you last?
Did you cave?
If not, how successful were you?
If relates, what is the most that you lost?
Did you regain it back later? Or more?
What do you feel about dieting?
If you have experience, what recommendations would you give someone (me) who is considering dieting for the rest of her life. haha.

edit: What are the most popular dieting communities on LJ?
Gods thumbs
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(no subject)

I was going to post a question asking why every college campus has a Student Union building on it, despite the fact that I have yet to hear of a "Union for Students"

-Then I discovered Wikipedia has an article on it.

So then I was going to ask if Wikipedia has an article on everything.

-Actually they have seven.


What is the most obscure thing you've seen Wikipedia articles on?
What is something you've been surprised that Wikipedia does not have an article on?

They have extensive articles for Discworld and Dune characters and worlds.
I was also surprised that they didn't have any articles on them Moraccan Crisis. Ok so it turns out I'm just a moron.
Meta - Berries

Two questions regarding strange odours and laptops

(1) My laptop's space bar is getting a bit squeaky, is there anything I can do about it (that won't further damage)? I type a lot so it's getting a bit bothersome. Plus I have a roommate whom I'm sure is tired of the type-type-squeaks. :P

(2) In one of my classes we have to sit beside assigned people for our assigned teams. This one guy in the team really needs something called deodarant. Sometimes the smell is mixed with strong cologne, sometimes it's just b.o., but it gives me a headache everytime I inhale it. Now, this guy's pretty nice and he's also a team member so I don't want to insult him or anything...but it's really driving me crazy. What I can do, beside get nose plugs or live with it for another 2 months? I moved a seat over today (so there was an empty seat between us), under the pretense I wanted to talk to my friend behind me, but will he then think I don't want to sit with the other team members because I hate them?

- owner of a squeaky laptop and sensitive nose