October 12th, 2005

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What is your most important possession?
To what extent is this item of great importance? Could you live without it?

How did you come to appreciate this object?
Is there something you own that is more valuable to you than your best friend's life? Is any object comparable to human life?
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this is for all Law and Order fans out there....

1) Do you like the show?? I've never seen it, but everyone and their mother seems to be obsessed with it....

2) my friend mentioned to me that there is an episode where a Columbia student gets murdered. Seeing as how I attend Columbia, I was just wondering if anyone knew either the title of the episode, or where I'd be able to find a copy.

okay, thanks!
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Hey Ladies

Got a question for the ladies...

You know that place, Curves? I'm thinking of going there because my current gym is filled with 60 year old pervy weight lifter guys that walk around in speedos leering at the women... ick. Anyways. I was looking on their website and I cannot for the life of me find out how much the place costs per month.

Anyone here go to Curves?
How much do you shell out per month?

Anything to get away from the "I want to PUMP *clap* you up" gym! (Swear to God, people, the gym owner actually does that in the TV ads. Scary.)
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Paint a Picture

What is the website that you can paint a picture, then mail the link of it to a friend. Then when they click on the link they get to watch how you moved the brush to create the picture?

**EDIT** Answered! Thanks!!!!
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How do you put a link into your LJ but have it be read something else on your page?

(For instance in the link all the words are squinched together but I want the words to be spread out on my page to look like its proper name.)

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First off, thanks witchbabywigg for the icon. :)

Now on to the question.
What really sets you off? Is there anything that, when you witness it, makes you grit your teeth in anger?

Second, by a show of hands, how many of you are sick right now, and with what? I'm still sick with a cold, and it's going on two weeks now. /cry
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domains and other such things.

So, for awhile now I've been thinking of getting my own domain, as I've had my sites hosted on free servers since 2000. I have two questions about that, though.

1. Where's a good place to register a domain? Yahoo offers fairly good deals for domains, but is there a better place that won't cost more than $50/year?

2. I don't know much about FTP. Is it possible for me to manage a domain without knowing it? If not, what's a good way to learn about how to use it?
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Photo Galleries

What are the main differences, if any, between Coppermine Photo Gallery (http://coppermine-gallery.net/index.php) and Gallery (http://gallery.menalto.com/) ?

Which do you use?

Have you tried both?

I currently use Gallery. I was using 1.4.1 until I started having issues with uploading. Gallery said it was their fault, and told me to upgrade to 1.5.1. Now I have the same issues, and my gallery doesn't work (all the file locations are wrong). After further investigation I discovered it was a change made by my host which disabled the upload option through gallery. Before I go through a whole bunch of trouble to download and install the Gallery 2.0 version, I want to see what other people use and prefer, and if they have any similar problems with either gallery, or suggestions for alternatives.
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Birth defects.

Do you think it's unfair of people with genetic birth defects to have biological children knowing full well that their children might have the same defects?

For example, if a family tree was full of people who were born without arms, or maybe the condition that the Elephant Man had (I know his specific case wasn't genetic but the trait itself can be to varying degrees), do you think that they should just stop passing that trait on? Or do you think that anybody has the right to live their life and make babies if they so choose, regardless of the affects it might have on the child?

What defects (if any) do you think are unfair to pass on to somebody?

My friend, my sister, and I always "blamed" our dads for our acne woes and I always thought I'd rather adopt than watch my child go through the same thing; but realistically, acne isn ot a valid reason to not have kids. But would it be different if I was passing on a gene to be born without arms or the Elephant Man disorder?
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without health insurance

Is there a website that lists the *average* out of pocket costs for certain health and medical procedures if you don't have health insurance? I know it varies quite a bit, but I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. Things in particular I'm interested in are - xrays, cat scans, mri's, a hospital room (one day or night).

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Somebody I know, who doesn't have a bank account, signed their paycheck over to me and I was going to deposit it and give them the cash. However, I lost the check somehow (dammit!) before I could get to the bank to sign and deposit it, but AFTER I got the cash out for him. So I had my friend call his boss and ask if they could cancel the paycheck and issue another one. He says his boss said he'd have to wait 24 hours before they would even do that and that they'd have to take the cost of the cancellation of the check out of the amount that the check is supposed to be for. His paycheck isn't a pre-printed company check, either, it's got the name of the business printed on it but it's written out to my friend in handwriting and the amount and signature were done by his boss. Then a couple of days later I called him to see if he'd gotten a new check yet and he says his boss said that he'd get the check in 2 weeks, along with his next paycheck.

So my questions:
a) is what my friend's boss says true?
b) is it legal?
c) am i fucked and never going to get my money?
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Is there a technical term for the idea that bad things are necessary for us to appreciate good things, or can it be originally attributed to anyone in particular?

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Dating again

Hey all, as usual I'm clueless about this kind of thing and need some opinions make a long story short

Date on Friday 10/7/05 date seemed to go well and we talked about getting together again. She went away for the weekend and as such I waited till Monday night after I got home from work to call her, about 6pm. No call back...

Should I try to call again or should I just consider myself dead in the water?

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Since a microwave works by exciting the water molecules in the food, thus drying the food out... how do I keep the food moist (namely rice)?

How come people are thinking that solar is the way to go, when producing solar panels makes enough pollution so that the panels have to work for 15 years before they start making a return on the pollution end of things?

Do you think that I should do what I've always wanted to do, without ANY support from my family and very little from my friends?
Just to clarify, I would be dropping out of college (I'm only a sophmore) and joining the military as an EOD tech.
(Apparently I am too patriotic for my own good though :P)

Is there anyone on LJ (namely TQC) that said something that struck you strongly?
Personally, I would just like to say thank you to gardenofevils for the comment you sent me. It was appreciated.

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001. I know there are specific communities for this, but you're all too awesome for me. Do you think you could help me out with a mixtape, themed: I know its going to amazing... but I can't believe you're going. Five months in Europe, and I'm staying back here in a boring old suburb. I'm going to miss you like mad. Any songs that you feel could be appropriate.

002. is it freezing where you live? I'm outside of Toronto, and I actually cried because it was so cold today. And to think, it's only going to get worse.
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I'm running iTunes version Is there anything that could happen to the music I have by upgrading to the new version 6?

(and OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG, I now know what I want in the seemingly endless digital camera/iPod debate. it's now an iPod!!!)

Baby announcements

What would be some cute/unique/silly ways to announce to family and freinds that you're expecting? (Not yet - but working on it, lol!)

What's the most memorable way you ever heard that someone was expecting (good or bad?)

Basically, our families and a large number of freinds live out of the state, and it would be our first, and the first grandkid born for both our familes (we're both eldest children). So I was thinking it would be fun to do some sort of cutesy note or package or stuipd pun or something that I could send, because both our mom's heads are totally going to explode, so I might as well take advantage of it. :P


I learned that you shouldn't buy the cheapest thing available to save money. I bought a VCR about a year ago and it's starting to die on me.

My choices are:
1. Buy another VCR.
2. Buy a DVD/VCR (which seems like a waste of money, since I have a stand alone DVD player. However, the combo VCRs seem to be better quality than stand alone VCRs).
3. Buy a DVD recorder with a harddrive. That way, I can tape my shows on the harddrive and not have to worry about VHS tapes.

What do you think I should do?

I really sort of want choice #3, but I don't think I can afford it. Good DVD recorders are expensive (I'm probably not using the right term, but you should know what I mean).

Anyone have a stand alone VCR that they love and that is still sold in stores? It's very hard to find them these days! I just need it to record/watch TV shows on, not to watch regular VHS movies.

Poetry Metaphor

"Poetry is _______"
Can you fill in the blank and then kind of give an explaination as to why you think that is a good metaphor for poetry?

Edit: Doesn't have to be just one word.

P.S.: Metaphor - one thing conceived as representing another; a symbol.
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Girl jeans

Where and when did the trend of guys wearing girl jeans start? Not like I'm complaining or anything since it tends to nicely frame their asses. But some of them need to trip their pubes if they're going to wear low rise.

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Mostly girls here.
Was discussing this with a guy friend, the fact that when guys ask advice about asking girls out, they're generally told to be straight-forward... that may be easiest on them, sure- "Do you want to go to a movie with me Saturday night?" can really only be answered with "Sure, what movie?" or "Uhm, no, speech about just friends and you not being my type." The most vague answer they can get is "oh, no, sorry, i have plans for that night," and you can kindof tell if they're not interested if they don't say something like "But what about Friday?"
What about girls, what do we think is easier for *being* asked out?

The examples that I gave:

Guy A has been flirting with you a little, calls you and says that he knows your birthday is soon/wants to celebrate your super hard class together being over/some sort of occasion, and would you like to go to Hickory Park* with him on Friday night?

Guy B has been flirting with you a little, you email him to ask about something he's offered to help you with, he emails you back like "Okay, I have to go to work at 4 on Sunday, but we can work on it noonish till then... And I'm free after 9 pm Saturday night if you want to do anything then :D"

*For those not familiar with Hickory park, read "college town 'family dining' that tends to get picked for college student dates because it's fairly nice and also fairly cheap"

Guy A is direct. Guy B has left you room to just pretend he never said that if you want to, so you don't have to give him the just friends/not my type speech.

Whom are you more likely to say yes to?

Edit: assume all else equal and that you can only date one of them :P

I know I just posted, but this would make it way long...

Do you like to toy with people you hate?

What's the most train-wreckish thing you've watched/read/been fascinated with lately? (times like when you run across a gall bladder surgery or something on TV and you want to change the channel but you can't stop watching)

With things like Telephone/TDD or telephone/IM relay, does the relayer generally, when typing, put in things like (sounds nice)(sounds friendly) or (talking to someone in background: "I don't even know who this is, it's probably B") ?

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Lyrics question!

I come to you, oh humble TQC members, on account of the sad and tragic fact that Google has failed me. *slaps Google*

There's a song that the only lyric I know is "Gravity can't deny the need to fly" (EDIT: And this IS the exact lyric!), but I don't know what it's called or who it's by! Can anyone help me out with that? I know it's on the Muzak CD that is played in my Cold Stone Creamery store. Other than that... no clue. HELP!!!
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how do i cite a book for a paper according to MLA format? i always forget the order.

[Edit]: thanks, i figured it out.

new question: have you ever been subject to some sort of racial or sexual discrimination?
Ahh! Babies!

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someone on ebay just asked me if i would accept concealed cash for payment for my item. Do you think this is some sort of weird scam or something? Should I accept concealed cash as payment?

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So, I've decided to learn to knit but I don't even know who to begin at all. I have some books on how to do basic patterns and such but I have to learn how to start the stitches first. I can't really find anything online that is beginner enough for me.

Does anyone here knit who can tell me, as someone who has never so much as held a knitting needle before, how to begin knitting? I'd be super grateful!
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what are good ways to get people to like you or get on their good side? (not romantically, i mean like a coworker for example) and what are good ways to leave a good first impression or just a good impression?

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Inspired by the recent cleaning question, I'm never quite sure how to make my bed. I have a mattress and a box spring. A flat sheet and a fitted sheet, plus some pillows and a comforted. How are you supposed to make a bed? Especially flat vs. fitted sheet.

New to this whole PSPX thing...

So I decided to download Paint Shop Pro X.
I have realized I want to grayscale everything, but leave something like my eyes the orignal color.
How do I go about doing this? It's very confusing...

And for you:

  1. Where were you born? Did you grow up there? Did you hate your hometown? Why?
  2. Honestly, did you get along with your parents growing up?
  3. What kind of shoes did you wear today? Was it raining, snowing, sunny out?
  4. If you could  have any sort of reality show what would it be?
  5. What kind of car do you drive, and how badly has the gas crisis affected you? Did you change your transportation set-up, or go about you everyday activities with no change?
  6. What kind of job did you have in your junior/senior year of highschool?


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Simba turns


I was reading an article in my school paper on cellhpones. An instructor was quoted as saying that he was from Los Angeles and that over there, "speaking on your phone in public is frowned upon."

I want to know...is this true? (I don't get out much, yet somehow I doubt this guy. Or maybe I've just seen too many tv shows with people on LA yapping on their phones.)
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I have an indoor cat, and he really wants outside. Hes escaped several times, and he still trys to get out.
Im not sure if hes curious, or just wants to eat the grass (thats what he seems to be interested in).

And suggestions on what I can do? Should I get him a leash? I dont really want to let him wander on his own, theres lots of dumb kids and traffic around here and hes not the smartest cat ever.
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1. Do you know your SO's Social Security Number? If yes, are you married or dating?

2. Do you think it's any of one's business to know the SSN of just a dating partner?

3. Does anybody else think better while laying down? Any idea why that might be?

2. My aunt says I need to know the SSN of my "ex/boyfriend" and was suprised that I didn't already know it. Why would I know it? Before I got pregnant he was just another boyfriend, I don't think it would have been any of my business back then.
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Would you feel confortable having sex with your best friend?
Given the fact that you're both virgins...

edit: I think I phrased this question wrong.
You know how people say that they could be the most confortable losing their virginity to their best friends at the same time...