October 11th, 2005


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1. How can you tell the difference between being in love with someone, and being in love with the idea of being in love with someone?

2. How can you tell the difference between loving someone, and loving the idea of someone loving you?

3. Do you feel trapped in a relationship if you don't feel in control of it? I do.

4. Have you ever felt that someone waited too long to return your emotions, and your feelings wilted during the wait?

5. Have you ever liked the sex more than the person?

6. Have you ever lusted for someone you couldn't have? Married, gay, etc. Did it make you want them more? Did you get them?
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Help requested from British folks

I am trying to locate the corporate information for a store called "Card Warehouse". Since I am in the U.S., I'm not familiar with this chain. Are they independently owned? Can anyone point me in the proper direction to find a corporate or parent company?

Second, I am trying to find a replacement for a toy bear (also purchased in England). It is white and has the word "Fuzzi" embroidered on his left lower paw (foot). Have you seen this toy on the market or do you know of a retailer where I could purchase it?

All help is very much appreciated. Thank you!
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When is day light savings time over, or is that starting?
I don't know, maybe a better question is, When do I get an extra hour of sleep because I have to move the clock back?

I only ask because the clock in my bedroom says 10:30 and every other clock in the house says 9:30, So I am thinking either the someone bumped the clocks back and I didn't get the memo, or I or my boyfriend hit the "set hour" button when trying to shut off the alarm this morning. I don't think I have ever been more confused.
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Oh that crazy school!

Our Spring course catalog comes out next week which means I can finally start planning my semester. However, I still can't decide what to take. I really want to get at least one of the required courses done.

Here's what I need (core classes):
- a life science course (with lab, because apparently my previous lab class doesn't count, the bastards!)
- English (critical thinking -- ick ick ick)
- Math (I'm leaning towards the theory of math class they recommend for liberal arts)

Here's what I need (for the 'major'):
- Philosophy
- World religions
- World History (through the Dark Ages)

If you were going to take TWO classes, what would you take (of those listed)?
What if you could take THREE? (The only thing that keeps me from taking three is the money part. They raised tuition again. Tuition + books = OMG I'm going to be so broke.)
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Buttons Buttons Buttons

We recently bought a 91 Explorer for our second car so my husband and I don't have to waste gas for our competing schedules. It didn't come with an owners manual, so I am relying on you loverly folks to help me out. I was washing it for his birthay the other day and after applying the Rain X to the outside and the Fog X to the inside of the windows, I turned on the defrost setting because it's been my experiance that this somehow makes them work better. Then, I went about doing the same to the other windows. After Rain Xing the back windshield, I made a point to look and see if it had those defrost wires in it or not so I could decide whether to Fog X it, too. It has the wires running through the glass, but when I was Armour Alling the dash, I couldn't find the rear defrost button for the life of me. I looked everywhere. Then I thought maybe they just give everyone the same windshield regaurdless of option package. But then I thought that this would A) be a waste of money to give away the wired glass vs regular glass and B) seems ridiculous that even in 91 a rear defrost wouldn't be standard equipment. But I still couldn't find it, so I became more confused. So, if anyone here has one and can tell me where to locate it, or can find a picture of the instrament panel so I can see where it should be, I would be super duper thankful. So would my husband, since it's his car!

Thanks guys!

help again?

I found the answer, it's Sandford :P I deleted that question..

I need help finding a song. I have googled, I've looked on various websites and message forums for the Dominican and the resort that plays this song frequently, and no luck. I could have the lyrics wrong, but I think I have them pretty accurate. However, lots of alcohol was consumed during this week, so you never know.

I heard the song at the Bahia Principe San Juan, and it's always played as the 'warm up' for the aerobics. It's a slower song, and it has a sound like the group "Simple Plan". As far as I remember, the lyrics of the chorus are "I want you, I need you, I wanna talk to you. I wanna be with you", and it's said many times during the song.

thanks to tashasj, I have the song now. This is a prime example of why you shouldn't try to remember lyrics when you've been drinking for 5 days straight :/

Fine tuning your inner warning system.

In 2002, I was in a very abusive relationship. It was mostly psychological abuse. I've been terrified of dating ever since then and haven't had a serious relationship since then.

I worry that I may be hyper vigilant, seeing everything as a threat or a sign of potential abuse.

How can I tell the difference between potential abuse and a guy just being a person with the strengths and weaknesses of anyone else.

There's some that I know that is obvious--constant put downs, threats, etc.

But how do I know if something's just an honest mistake or due to a brain fart and what will actually become abuse?

I don't want to dismiss a good guy due to hyper vigilance.


I have to write a compare and contrast essay or a definition essay. I suppose this is somewhat homework help, but I'm not asking anyone to do it.. just ideas for topics.

Question: Does anyone have any ideas for topics to write about? Thanks!

three times three is nine, and three times two is six, and three times one is three, of course.

1. has anyone here ever taken courses through axia college/university of pheonix online? are they decent schools? can you tell me about your experience with them?
2. do you like pina coladas?
3. what's your favourite kind of melon?
4. how do you cope with happiness?
5. what dead musician do you wish could make albums from heaven?
6. do you prefer cannister or upright vacuums?
7. did you take language courses in school? can you still speak that language?
8. what is it that you don't understand about other people?
9. would you rather live in the city, suburbs, or country?

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1a. Do you eat an offial "breakfast" "lunch" and "dinner" or do you just munch throughout the day?
1b. If the former, at what times do you eat each and what kind of meals do you eat for each?
1c. If the latter, what types of foods do you munch on at certain times of the day?

2. I recently offered to help paying for groceries for my parents because they've never asked us to but I think we should (we = my sister and I)... my sister didn't like the idea because she's barely making ends meet so I'm not sure if she's going to. I asked my mom how much she spends per shopping trip (she and my dad alternate weeks) and she said about 130-140. So I thought I should put in 30-40 per week, but I'm not sure I can afford 120-160 a month.

Would it be tacky if I only put 20 per week since I OFFERED to chip in? Or should I be putting more (30-40) since it was my idea and because I don't think my sister is going to be pitching in...and because my parents are generous enough to have never asked us to help out before?

(Edit: I'm 22 and my sister is 23. And yes, we still live at home, haha)

3. Do you ever randomly forget your showering routine or showering details? I shower every single day, yet somedays I forget how long to rinse my hair for or whatever...little things like that. Does that ever happen to you?

4. Does anybody else have a coworker who wears putrid perfume/lotion? God I swear it smells like carpet cleaner. How do you handle it? Just ignore it? =\
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I'm trying to remember the name of a book in the 'Narnia' genre.
It had a boy and a girl, not related, but he was living next door to the people she'd been sent to stay with.
They lived in a row house [a row of houses that share an attic floor] in [i think] 1940/50's London.

They could jump between "worlds" through ponds, and there was quite an emphasis on nature.

I cannot remember what this was called. Does anyone recognise it, or have I made it up?

[crossposted to my personal journal.]

edit: It seems to be conclusively "The Magician's Nephew" [CS Lewis]. Thank you!
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Who you gonna call?

Were they calling Egon Iggy in the second Ghostbusters movie? I thought I heard that at least twice.

If so they do it in the first movie?

Whose your favorite Ghostbuster?

If they made a Ghostbusters 3 (it's rumored but doubtful) would you watch it?

Oh, and even if Hardold Ramis has gotten a bit on the tubby side damnit I still love Egon! and hell yeah I'd watch a third movie!
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I haven't bought new clothes in a loooong time, and my boobs got really big over the summer. And I'm short. (5'3" but most of my height is in my legs, and a 34C if it matters)

Most of my t-shirts are small or medium.

I'm about to order a t-shirt online and I checked the measurement charts... according to the shoulder-to-hem measurement I'm a small (22), but according to the chest measurement I'm between XL (35) and XXL (37). well damn. I shouldn't get anything that big because it's gonna be baggy, but if I go smaller then it's gonna end up being too short.


got a response to my e-mail about returns... it's $2 to exchange, or a full refund minus shipping if I just return. good enough for me!
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Random Oddness

1. I moved into this new townhouse a week and a half ago. Any paintwork that had been done was done a long time before I moved in - some varnish had been done, but those are two different smells. Then why does it smell like paint everytime I walk in either my front or my back door? Just as I come in, no other time and not anywhere else in the house. One entrance is from an interior corridor, the other entrance is from outside where no paintwork is being done.

2. I saw this guy on the bus today who seemed to be wearing some sort of device that I'm not sure what it was - maybe medical? The guy had a shaved head (shaved, not bald), so I could easily see. On one side of his head, about an inch back from the top of his ear, he had this one-inch diameter brown disc stuck to his head, with a cord similar to a headphone cord. He didn't have one on the other side. He also had a scar-like (but maybe simply a bald stretch) bit of L-shaped skin coming from just the top of his ear, and about three inches back from there. Only about a third of an inch wide. Would it be some sort of brain-monitoring device or what? I'm not sure how I could Google for it, since I have no idea what it could be called. Answered, thanks!
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Any ideas on either?
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For those of you who know computers:

Partly because my family is sick of me always being on the home computer and partly because it's so old and slow that it's always giving me problems, my dad wants to buy me a laptop. Probably something in the $800-$1500 price range, and he wants it to last me through high school. I'm a sophomore, and for half the day I take math/science/technology classes at the local community college. Oh, and I want a Dell.

So my question is, what would you recommend? Any specific model? Thanks in advance.
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im going to buy a new computer, but i cant decide wether i want a laptop or a desktop. They are both around the same price so thats not an issue..i just cant decide.
which do you prefer and why?

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Hi everybody.
Iv'e been having a bit of a problem. I have Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Iv'e been trying to download brushes for it, but none are compatible with it. Do any of you know where I can find brushes compatible with Elements?

Thanks a bunch

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Inspired by the question re: Hispanic.

Growing up, I recall the word Oriental to be acceptable and widely used to describe people of Asian descent. Over the last 5-10 years, I've noticed that it isn't usually used anymore and my boyfriend, who is half-Chinese, thinks the term is offensive. I could see it being outdated, but I'm unclear as to why it is offensive and he can't really explain it. However, I recently read that in the UK, Oriental is the preferred term -- is this true? And for Asian-Americans, do you find the word Oriental to be offensive? If so, why?

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i have this clock. i have always had digital alarm clocks before this one, but it was too cute to pass up and i like the light feature.

i just took a nap before class and at 2:30pm, i set the alarm for 3:30pm because i had class at 4pm. at 4:45pm, my phone rang and woke me up, i realized my alarm clock hadn't gone off and i missed my class. it works fine every single morning when i need to wake up, but i think the problem is am/pm.

when i set the alarm, there is no option to set it for am or pm, and i always presumed that it just rounds on the 12-hours, for a reasonable amount of pm to am sleep. now, i don't think this is true and i have looked at the instructions that came with it and all over the box, and it says nothing. how does the clock differentiate between am and pm, or does it presume that i would always be waking up in the morning? what if i want to take a nap in the afternoon, how do i tell the clock PM?
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OK... it drives me nuts when people say "Alls ya hafta do is...." or "Alls I'm saying is...."
(I would say "All ya hafta do" or "All I'm saying is")

Is it actually incorrect to say "Alls" instead of "All"? Is it slang? Is it just regional? I live in Massachusetts and I've heard maybe three people say it (all on a regular basis though). It just sounds so strange to me.

EDIT: hmm... I found this which says it's not grammatically correct but I still want to know where and how people start using it - I haven't heard enough people saying it to even call it "slang".

Oh and I mentioned in a comment that the three people that have said it do not know each other and the only common factor is that they all grew up extremely poor or in poor neighborhoods (one of them is my stepfather).

For the ladies..

I want my hair to look super straight and shiny all day long, but I'm getting mixed responses when it comes to how to do it. I've heard that blowdrying then straightening works well, yet others tell me to just buy an expensive straightener.

What products do I need to use? What iron/dryer do you recommend?

Any input is helpful and appreciated!
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I'm working on a piece of GCSe coursework right now, a 'Poetry Comparison' essay. I'm finding it incredibly difficult and I'd rather slit my own throat than ask my teacher for help, so... does anyone have any tips on doing it? It's supposed to be six pages long and I'm hard put writing two.

I'm supposed to be contrasting and comparing 'The Daffodils' (by Wordsworth) and 'Miracle on St. David's Day' (by Gillian Clarke). Any ideas or advice would be extremely appreciated!
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Cheeseless Pizza

Any suggestions for cheeseless/dairyless pizza?

Edit: My friends want to make pizza today. I can't have dairy. We have typical pizza toppings around and whatever else you find in a fairly stocked kitchen. What could I stick on the dough to eat while everyone else eats "pizza," that might come out half-decent?
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I could have sworn somebody asked this a few weeks ago, but I'll be damned if I can find the entry.

How do I change my computer's settings so that AOL doesn't automatically open?

Answered. Thank you!

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is anyone traveling soon?
How are you getting there?
What is your main reason for going?
Are you going with someone, or alone?

I'm going on two vacations, to DC at the end of the month and Oklahoma City for thanksgiving. I'm flying both times. I want to go to the clubs in DC, and visit my family for the holiday (my grandfather is loosing his memory). I'm going with my ex-boyfriend to DC (prolly a bad idea) and with my parents to okc..

See ID.

1. On your credit/debit card, do you have your signature or do you have "See ID"?

2. Why?

3. Have you ever seen anyone write C.I.D instead of "See ID"? I saw that for the first time today and I wondered if thety were trying to be clever or if they just misunderstood when someone told them to write "See ID"

4. If you have "See ID" how often do they actually ask for your ID? Nobody ever asks for mine and that annoys me. If I'm in a bad mood I'll call them on it just to watch them fluster.
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Mix cd

Another weird question!

I want to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle related mix cd and was looking for help. Can anyone suggest songs for it? For the love of God NOT songs on the soundtracks! And no Vanilla Ice!

I'd especially love songs relating to the characters, which really anyone can help out with even if they aren't familiar with the fandom.

Leo - uber serious leader guy (a total tool when he's angsting)
Donny - techno geek
Mikey - goof ball, wannabe surfer guy, video game junky
Raph - dark and brooding hot head

I have songs for Raph but I am having the WORST time with the other three!
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Anyone else think Ayn Rand and her philosophy is bullshit?
Well, as bullshitty as philosophy can be.
It struck me as excuses for her doing whatever she pleases.

And uh.. is the ob-gyn really as scary as I hear??
Papi da Puppy!

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Have you ever lost something really important to you?
Was it something you didn't realize was important until you lost it?

Did you ever find that item?
Did you learn anything from the experience?

I lost my journal.

Tell me your story.
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GTA in the GTA

The city of Toronto police are voting tonight on whether to take strike actions. But they can't go on strike, being cops, so they may cut their services. Namely- writing tickets. From midnight on they will stop handing out tickets for anything, and only respond to emergencies and arrests.

I think this will lead to a sort of mob rule as far as traffic is concerned. i can imagine guys dusting off their Corvettes and Porches at this very moment, waiting for the highways to become lawless so they can finally get that baby to 200 in daylight. Ah, the 5 minute commute.
And park wherever the hell you want!
My boyfriend suggests that the combined effect of everyone being afraid of lawless traffic will actually cause everyone to drive responsibly.

Of course this may or may not happen, but let's say it did, in this or any major city.
What do you think would happen?

what's to become of the GTA?

mob rule!
scared straight
comedy option- the inherit goodness of human kindness...lol


How many pairs of shoes do you own?
How many pairs of shoes do you wear regularly?

Are you male or female?

I own about 20-30 pairs, I wear at least 5 of them regularly, and I'm female.

Tragus Piercings

I'm asking this for a friend who got 2 tragus piercings.. almost 2 months ago on either side of his ear.

He pierced it with a titanium bar (like this sorta) and today by accident I guess, one of the balls fell off.

Right now we're trying to decide how to (if it's even possible) to put the ball back in.

The only idea I have for him is going to a piercer (I'm about 30 mins away from him, can't help him). But it's almost midnight.. so is there anything he can put at the end temporarily or something? Any tips for putting the end back in? (He's a first time piercer by the way.. so he's not really good at this sorta thing) - and no one's around to help him, his Mom told him flat out to deal with it himself.. so yeah. We're stuck for ideas.