October 10th, 2005

Me--State Fair

burning question...

Can you burn video files (avi, winamp media files, divx) to a CD-R, just to be played back on your computer?

I just want to get some things off my hard drive...
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Shea butter, or shea oil?

Which is better for (human) skin: shea butter or shea oil, in terms of moisturising?

Also, for those that use/buy it, any rec's for a good, quality lotion/cream/frosting/oil with shea, that moisturises well? Anything but LUSH, because I LUSH and I have issues. ;D
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(no subject)

My cell phone company is Alltel, and I have an Audiovox phone. It can take photos and send them to other people, etc. However I was wondering if there was a way to upload the pictures on the Internet? I went to the website, I looked around some but not everywhere...I'll probably go look again but I was wondering if anyone knew how to upload pics from a cell phone.

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2) I've had strawberry blonde hair my entire life, and tomorrow I'm getting my hair dyed chocolate brown. I'd like to buy myself a nice new outfit to go with the new hair, but I'm not sure what the "magic colors" are for dark brown hair (I have fair, freckled skin and blue eyes, if that helps). What colors should I look for to bring out my new look?

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For anyone that has watched ER pretty regularly, I'm a part-time watcher. I catch maybe one out of every three episodes, starting maybe four years ago. Can anyone tell me what happened to Luca's family? Thanks. ;) I think I kinda caught "they're all dead", but any specifics?

Edit: answered, thanks.
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Ok, Back Again....

I thought my Sims 2 was working again and I'm afraid it's not...it's stopped crashing with that window "This application has crashed" but now the Graphics are totally screwed up! :Oo I installed a new driver, so I thought that was the problem so I unistalled it, but the problems are still going on.

As I mentioned I recently brought new RAM, and all these problems have happened since then, but I don't understand what connection they could possibly have. Did the computer place blotch something? I ran dxdiag and all the tests worked, but the game graphics are completely stuffed up and this morning it wouldn't even start!

I have a GeForce 3 Ti 200, which isn't the best card in the world, but it's not the worst and is above the Minimium Requirements.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this problem?

Thanks again in advance.
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(no subject)

Where can you buy a security alarm decoy for a car? I need something to hold me over until I get a real security system. Do they sell them at places like Target or would I need to go to a hardware store?
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(no subject)

1. I have to sign on to a mac network for one of my classes. no settings I put down are ever there when I come back. I get other people's preferences, like a stupidly narrow window for firefox, and the default dock-being-on-the-side. Why can others set it and I can't? (I do log out when I'm done)

2. Fish that eat feeder fish... Like an oscar 7ish inches long... how often/how many feeder fish do they get?

3. are you more liekly to look at an entry/question if the persn has an interesting icon?
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(no subject)

1a. Do you iron? How often? What do you iron?
1b. Do you think it's weird to iron jeans and a cotton t-shirt every single day?

2. Say you had very minimal debt.. no credit card debts, no medical debts.. all you had was maybe school loans or car payments and even those payments took a very small portion of your paycheck. Your SO on the other hand can barely make ends meet. They have to put payments on hold in order to make other payments, they are living very small paycheck to very small paycheck... do you help them with their debts?

If yes, how much would you help them? 50/50? A small amount here and there? Paying for dinner so they don't have to?

If no, would that change if you were married?

3. Do you ever make "root beer floats" with ice cream that isn't vanilla or soda/pop that isn't root beer? What is your favorite combo?

4. If there was a topic that was a sore subject between you and your So (not directly related to your relationship like cheating or anything, but like a general difference of opinion like maybe politics or religion), do you try to talk it to death to try to see eye to eye and open up each others mindset to see both sides... or do you simply just not let it come up since you'll never agree anyway?
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I'm looking for the meme/tool that let's you see who's been reading your journal, or at least the top 5 people reading your journal.

Anyone remember this? and better yet, has the link? i've been looking for it for a while. considering the rounds that memes make, i'd be really surprised if no one remembers this one. i'm not in a situation where i want/need to be asking for help from admins, but i'd like to be monitering my lj a bit....

thanks in advance
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XM Radio on AOL...

I haven't logged into my AOL screenname for a few months and appearently in that time they brought XM Radio in with the AOL Radio, which is actually the only reason I have aol installed on my computer. Since the station names for XM aren't catagorized by genre like the AOL stations, and the only way to find out what type of music each station plays is to listen to it for a while, I was wondering if anyone could reccommend some good XM Radio stations for me to check out. For the most part the AOL radio station I listen to 90% of the time is 'Punk U' which as it's name suggests plays punk music. Green Day, Bad Religion, The Vandalls, New Found Glory, NOFX, Less Than Jake, etc... I also have in my presets 'Pop Rock' & 'Rock Sessions' for when I want to listen to something else. So yeah that's basically a clue into my tastes so any suggestions would be appericiated.
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Found Money

If you randomly found sixty bucks that you'd stashed somewhere years ago and forgotten about it until you found it today, what would you do with it?

This is a true story. I just found sixty bucks that I must've stashed away about five years ago. Not sure whether to spend it, or to leave it there. What if it has been a good luck charm to my good financial situations?
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My friend and I are singing at a karoake bar on Thursday. Last time we sang "Bye Bye Bye" by *NSync. What should we sing this time?

Ideally, we'd like something that's a boy band, or some kind of cheesy pop song. It's better if we can add easy, cheesy choreography to it.

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Someone posted this in a comment on my Xanga site.

This was posted by someone I don't know. WTF????

"Send ur money to the black victims of katrina. Whites abaondoned them because they are racist. It is unfortunate that half of katrina refugees in most cities have criminal records - due to white racism, so don't try ot let excuses like these get in the way of your donations, racism is prevelant in every white person just look at how they make fun of black peopole stealing tvs even though for years the white person had as many tvs as they wanted to black people had to steal them to be satisfied. You are probably racist yoruself, but if not giev all your money to african american men and women who have been abaondoned by the white hate system, sent to ghettos jsut because many refuse to work in a white racist system dominated by white racists."

Lenore question

Ok, so I need to make a plush cat for someone who is going to be Lenore for Halloween.

The thing is, I don't read Lenore.

I think I've gathered that she doesn't always have the same cat. She always has a different dead cat. Is that right?

Are there any similarities between the cats besides the X eyes? color? style? Do they all have long limbs?

Anyone have pictures? multiple is good so I can reference any consistencies.

tia :)
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What were the coolest vanity license plates you've ever seen? I once saw someone with "O FACE" while driving in Iowa. "Oh, oh, oh!"

And, if you got vanity plates, what would yours say? I think mine would be something dorky like VOTE DEM. I don't know what the character limit is on those things, though.
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(no subject)

*I hope this doesn't provoke any arguments. I trust you all to be civil.

Random questions inspired by a lecture in class today:

1a. Do you believe in creation, the big bang theory, or intelligent design?
1b. If you believe in creation or intelligent design, do you believe the seven days in which God created the earth were seven 24 hour days, millions of years, or do you believe there was a "gap" between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 in terms of the creation of the earth?

Just random questions:
2. With what political party do you align yourself (if any)?
3. What is your favorite animal?
4. If you go to thrift stores, what do you always make a point to buy?

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IP Address

Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way I can find out someone's IP address just by knowing their MSN e-mail address. If so, how? And where can I go to get information from that IP address?
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(no subject)

1. Would you rather live in a small house, but be able to go to the same school district as your friends, or would you rather live in a HUGE house, but have to go to a different school?

2. If you were going to marry someone, but then their mother became really sick, so in order to marry him/her, you'd have to live with that persons mother/take care of her. Would you still marry him/her?

children suck!

i got headlice from a friends little sister.

anyway they keep coming back every couple weeks. ive cleaned the house from top to bottom, treated my hair multiple times, the whole nine yards.

i am broke.
so what else will kill them. i bought bombs for my house and all that. will hair dye/bleach kill them? kerosene? will it kill the eggs?

help! i am not cutting my hair off so i need some poor people options.
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Random Encounters

Color me bored, and when I get bored, I get curious :) I'm just wondering if anyone has either been approached or done the approaching to some random stranger. Just to say hi and chat thing of thing, nothing sleazy. I'm just curious as to what others have experienced.

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Catcher In The Rye

I have an English debate soon so any replies are appreciated.

1. Have you ever read Catcher in the Rye and how old were you?
2. What did you think about it?
3. Do you think the overall message was positive or negative?
4. Do you think High School Juniors are mature enough to understand it?
5. What do you think of people who constantly cite it/ carry it around with them?

extra credit: In your opinion, what's the strangest book that's ever been banned?

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(no subject)

1. Have you ever had someone call you with the wrong number who preceded to argue with you when you told them it was the wrong number?
I worded that oddly. Today this man called me four times asking for someone named Joyce, I was polite the first three times and told him that it was the wrong number. The fourth time he called it was after ten(for all he knew I could have children that were asleep), I told him he had the wrong number and he started to argue with me as if I were unaware as to who I live with. He called me Ma'am at least 10 times which just annoys the fuck out of me.

2. Does it bother you when people call you Ma'am?
Obviously. I associate "Ma'am" with older people, not 18 year olds.