October 9th, 2005

21st birthday

ITs my 21st birthday today and I'm just curious how you guys spent yours? anything special?

How about you non-drinkers, what did you do instead:)
OR if your not 21 yet, whats been your best birthday ever? Share details!
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This is probably a really far long shot, but...

Does anyone know of stores, preferably online, that sell bras with really big cup sizes?

Lane Bryant.com sells up to an H, and I need a bigger cup size, but only a 40 band size.

If you know of any, I will be eternally in your debt!

edit: Even if you know of any stores in your area that may not have a way to order online, can you give me their name and phone number? I might be able to special order over the phone. I'm desperate.
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vnv nation

(no subject)

oo1. are you fasting for ramadan?
oo2. how many different looks has frank the livejournal goat had since the start of livejournal ((pictures would be a plus!))?
oo3. in the movie run lola run, some of the scenarios show how the characters lola encounters will die. it happens so fast & it is hard to catch. do you know how the different characters die, for example the homeless bicycle man?
oo4. what artist(s) do you recommend in the same vein as m83, squarepusher, ladytron, boards of canada, sigur rós, and kraftwerk?
oo5. what is the newest state quarter for the united states ((california?)) & what does the picture on the back depict?
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having children

Someone back a week or so asked a question about abortion. After one of my comments, someone assumed that I thought having children was a privilage, not a right.

Do you think having children is a privilage or a right? Why?
A Gunrack?

What's Happened to my Computer?

I was pretty excited on Friday when I took my computer to the local Computer Shop to get a Gig of RAM installed to help my Sims 2 game run better. I have a GeForce 3 card so I figured the RAM would do more.

However, when I went to play the game, it crashed after a few minutes! And when I restarted it and tried to enter the house of my main family the bottom of the screen had some weird graphics problem and the house wouldn't load. The computer also kept turning off and was running at a really high temperature, so I took it back to the shop where they installed a new fan.

They suggested I do a complete reinstall of Windows XP to make my computer run faster, but I'm not to concerned with the speed.

But my Sims 2 game still crashes! I completely uninstalled then reinstalled it last night and it's still happening! Frankly I'm ready to take my computer back and get rid of the RAM, it seems to have caused nothing but trouble.

The question I have is: Do you think the RAM is really the problem? Should I back everything up, wipe the computer and reinstall? Is there anything else that could cause this that you know of?

It always says "This application has crashed." in the pop up window if that makes a difference.

My computer is an AMD Athon XP +1700 with 1.5GHz.

If you need more info on it, just comment.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Why is the US National Guard fighting in other countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan? Embassies aside, I thought they were supposed to be defending the US on US soil.
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Random Questions

ok I have two random questions:

1. How to you get algae off rocks that were in a fish tank??

2. Which U.S state do you think has more of a coastline..Hawaii or Alaska?? my my mom says Alaska while I'm thinking that it's Hawaii
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Love in an elevator

1. When waiting to get off an elevator, do you allow new passengers to board before you get off? I've always thought that people waiting to get on had to wait for the elevator to let passengers get off before new people get inside. But at school, everytime I wait to get off, people begin walking in immediately, and I find myself bumping into them or squeezing by them.

2. Does it hurt to skip iTunes updates? Will it ruin the program during a future update?
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2006: Honda Civic vs. Toyota Corolla?

Honda Civic: Coupe vs. Sedan?
(Coupe seems to have a lot more Standard features)

New 2006 car vs. Used 1998 Honda Accord coupe?

Opinions on the 2006 Scion xA?

Yes I'm thinking of buying a car. Help please?
I know the used car will be cheaper but I am considering safety and repairs as well.

(no subject)

I heard of a mental health/psycological phemonena which I want to research, but now i can't remember what it's called.

When someone who is rather functional (has something like depression, etc.) is put into the psych ward of a hospital, they tend to feel completely cured after release. While inside they compare themselves to all the truly insane people, and more or less "scare themselves straight." Feeling cured, though, is just illusory, and people usually relapse very quickly.

I can't remmeber the clinical term for this phenomena. Can any one help me? Does any one have any info about this?
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(no subject)

Can any of you give me examples of a teenage/young adult male character in a movie or TV show who wears glasses? Bonus points if he's more cute than horribly nerdy stereotyped looking, and not a huge celebrity. It doesn't have to be a recent or current TV show or movie.

(For example, I can come up with Ethan Hawke in Gattaca when he's playing his younger self.. and not a whole lot of others, which is why I'm here asking you!)
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any idea of how I could rip sound off a dvd? I have a program that does stills but so far I have no clue how to get snippets of sound from it.
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(no subject)

One more question:

About when does it start snowing in New York? I'm talking flurries even.

Is there somewhere I could find this stuff? I tried the weather channel's website but I could only find the week's forecast.
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(no subject)

1. Are there definite lines where the timezones change (like the International Date Line in Greenwhich)? What if your town or city straddles one?

2. Who else only thinks dirty thoughts when hearing/writing/speaking the word "straddle"?
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(no subject)

Sometimes when I'm watching a show or movie on TV, I'll leave the sound on but turn on the closed-captioning as well. I don't know why, I just like to see things in writing sometimes. Plus it's very handy if you can't tell what someone is saying in a music video, etc. Does anyone else ever do that? Is it weird?

EDIT: Does anyone have the lyrics for "Blueberry Boat" by the Fiery Furnaces?
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Babysitters Club

This is for those of you who actively read the "second generation" babysitters club series...

What happened to Mallory?

Can someone summarize her life after the original series ended (or even a bit before, I stopped reading at about book 100)?

We share the same name, you see, so I'm naturally a bit.. curious.

I can't let you do that, Dave.

What was the first computer you ever used?
When did you first use it?
How old were you at the time?

Personally, it was the good old Apple II. Getting to use the computer with the color monitor was exciting in our elementary school computer lab during the early 90's!
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What movie should I rent tonight? We want to see a good suspense/thriller. We only have a Blockbuster around here so please recommend something that would be there. If you WANT, you can suggest a movie from a different genre but I'm not in the mood for a comedy, epic battle movie, romantic type movie, or movie longer than 2.5 hours.

iPod question

I just got a new first-generation iPod mini to replace my old one that broke. I want to upload songs from iTunes, but in order to do that I have to install it to my computer, which requires a CD that comes with the iPod. This was a replacement iPod so it didn't come with a CD, and the CD is at my dad's house.

Does anyone know where I can download whatever program the CD has so I can start using my iPod tonight? It's the one where you basically connect the iPod to the computer, and then you put in name/E-mail address/serial # to register the iPod, and then iTunes will recognize that the iPod is connected. Does that make sense?

Oh, and I've got Windows XP if it matters.

(no subject)

So I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and my boy and I are wondering why these families are always up and dressed when the crew shows up.

How do they let them know to be ready without letting them know that they're getting the whole shabang? I mean, I assume that's basically what they do, right?
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(no subject)

I'm thinking about downloading something from this site: http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/

The problem is, I have to pay for it. I just got a debit card this year and I've never ordered something online before, so I'm a little anxious about it. Do you think it's risky? Could there be a scam? Is it a bad idea to order things with my debit card online? Can I use my debit card?
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A Dermatitis Dilemma

Hey there.

Do any of you suffer from sebhorric dermatitis? (I'm certain I missed a vowel somewhere in that first word).

For those of you who don't know what that is, or maybe don't recognize the term, it's essentially dandruff of the face and scalp. It goes a bit deeper than general dandruff, dealing with fungi and enzymes and all sorts of other things in the skin, but for those that have it, it's a b*tch. Itching, peeling, flaking, burning, irritation, and redness.

If you do have it, or closely know someone who does, with what method are you treating it? Have you had any luck with OTC products ala Nizoral? Do you go prescription, such as Klaron or Capex? Have any form of lotions worked, such as extremely dry skin replenishing lotions?


(no subject)

001. Do you watch movies and whatnot by downloading them? Do you think that it is wrong? What is your free downloads opinion?

002. I'm taking a year off university to travel, relax and work. I want a job that I can enjoy but that wont eat up ALL my time. Anyone have any good highschool/university job stories?

003. How many pieces of pizza can you eat?

004. How many DO you eat?

(no subject)

So you know the theory of relativity... "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute."

What is something that makes four months feel REALLY LONG?

What is something that makes four months feel REALLY SHORT?

Specifically waiting for an event four months away... like four months before your birthday, you still feel like it's too far away to even bother thinking about; whereas four months before high school graduation you feel like you only have four months left. Other examples?
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(no subject)

So, what's the deal with the Simpsons? It's not on right now, as sports have taken over Fox for the past few hours. Anyone actually get to watch it (and the rest of the Sunday night lineup) tonight? And does anyone else not feel that sports are the greatest thing in the entire world, and get really annoyed when their shows are cancelled so sports can take over a few more channels than they already do?
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Manga academia?

I just started my new job, which is a research assistantship to a Japanese professor who is studying the impact of manga, mostly on America but also in Japan. We're just starting into the research by getting together a bibliography, and while we already have a ton of books and articles, I'm wondering what we've missed out there.

So: have you read any articles on manga or manga fandom? I mean academic articles or news articles, not like, fan reviews or info websites. Particularly interesting ones are of course a bonus. :D And links or citations are appreciated so I can check them out myself!

Bonus question for TQC: What do you recommend for cleaning cushions and/or futons?


(no subject)

I'm really bored and want more stuff to read, so...

Can anyone recommend any funny/interesting users or communities for me to friend? I don't really care what it's about as long as it's interesting and can occupy me for a little while.

(no subject)

Im bored. I have no money. no friends. I have a computer... some markers.. paper...music...and animals.

what can I do?

What is the one or two songs that can make you cry your eyes out?

whats your favorite day of the week?

and whats your favorite time? (11am ect.)

(no subject)

Wouldn't it be great if everyone had a gun?

Now how come the army recruiter is bullshitting me, even after I called him on it?

What would you think of someone who actually wants to go over and serve in Iraq?

Do you think some of the questions that are asked here are rather idiotic?

Do people's stupidity amaze you at times?

Do you want to know something about me?
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Double Major = Double Degree?

Hypothetical for college students or recent grads:

I list myself as a double major, BA English and BA Theatre.

I graduate from college. What do I end up with?

A. A Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre (one degree)
or B. A Bachelor of Arts in English + Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (two degrees)

movie question

Okay, I've actually been looking this up on occasion for a few months now, with no luck. I just now thought of asking TQC.

There's a foreign film somewhere which is a lot like "Memento" - same concept, although played out a little differently (I don't recall how, but it wasn't in the same type of disordered segments). It's Russian or Eastern European, if I recall correctly.
Thing is, I can't remember much about the actual film, except that my friend compared it to Memento before we watched it, and I *really* enjoyed it after (moreso than Memento).

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anything helps, really. Sorry I don't have a lot to go on... this has been driving me batty. :(

EDIT: I'm on terrible terms with this person now, so I can't ask him. :/
nightflower, joy

Maybe I'll just wear them to bed.

ETA: Thank you!

1. If you have fairy wings - or something similarly awkward, or you can just imagine you have them, that would do - how do you store them? I had mine on top of my wardrobe, forgot, put a couple of boxes up there, and they got a bit squashed.

2. Do you have any suggestions for every-day ways to lead a more ethical (I'll leave defining that up to each of you) life? Ideally things like "buy fairtrade bananas", "energy saving light bulbs" or "put a brick in your toilet cistern" rather than "sell all your possessions, give the money to charity, and join a monastery".

3. For the first time ever, I have space dedicated to ornaments (and which hasn't been encroached on by a flood of books - yet!). However, I lack that sort of decorating skills. Do you have any tips for arranging miscellaneous stuff to look pretty? Or for making a room look a bit more homey generally? This one is twice the size of my old one, and looks a bit empty in the middle now I've actually tidied up, as for pracical (door/window/furniture size) reasons, every thing's round the edge. I'm trying to declutter though, and keep it tidy too, which I'm also not good at, so advice on any of that appreciated.

4. I was just reading The Good Body by Eve Ensler, and am curious about self-esteem and body image. Would you please fill out my poll? Thank you!
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