October 8th, 2005

Reward system.

Because I'm such a nerd, I'm thinking of giving myself a "gold star checklist" type thing for my daily tasks and chores that I often procrastinate or even omit from complete laziness (cleaning my room, flossing, bedtime, etc...) and at the end of the week, if I got a recommended number of gold stars, I'd give myself a reward!

The problem: I can't think of a reward to give myself! The first things to pop into my mind all things that I limit myself on because they have some sort of guilt association (lemons, brownies, any form of spending money...) so that kind of negates the *reward* factor if I'm going to be feeling guilty for it afterward.

1. Any REWARD suggestions? You know, this system really works so much better with a second party involved, haha...

2. If you were to give YOURSELF a reward (for anything), what would it be?

3. Do you give yourself rewards for anything? (staying on a diet, exercising, doing well in school....?) What is your reward and what do you get it for doing?

4. Does anybody else, like a parent or partner, give you a reward for anything? What is your reward and what do you get it for doing?

5. Do you believe that a reward system works? Why or why not?

6. Would you use a reward system for a child if you were a parent?


Has anyone here ever used Nioxin reconstructive hair thinning/loss products on their hair?

My hair is extremely thin and fine, and I've heard their products increase hair growth, and improve the texture of your hair. Sounds amazing if you ask me, but most products never really do what they say they do...and Nioxin products are pretty pricey to just "try out."

If you've ever used Nioxin on your hair and saw a difference, please do inform! It would be very much so appreciated.
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(no subject)

In a couple of months, I'm going to be moving back to my hometown and looking for a job. I have excellent references from when I lived there, but from the two years I lived here...well, it was hard to find a decent job here.

Is there anyone here who's in the business of tinkering with résumés and who would be willing to look at mine? I'll email it to you and explain my work history. And I'll...I don't know, buy you a cookie or something. At least love you forever. Constructive criticism is my very good friend.

Thanks! :)
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Horror movie with Frère Jacques in it

Movie. horoor. the movie has something to do with being in france, since alot if it either is in french or translated.

The movie is about a young girl, and she is upset people are in the house. There seems to be a tresure in the house somewhere, and at the end of the movie the girl ghost has a china doll, and its head fall off, and is full of dimonds, as it rolls down the red carpet, and spills out.

Through out the movie the girl sings Frère Jacques. I beleive she sings it as she fades away.

Is this movie anyone knows the title of? Did I just make movie story up?

anywho... thanks for any help

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(no subject)

Legal question:

I got a citation for unsafe lane change. Other than beating myself up, what do I have to do? How much is the fine and can I do this without letting anyone know? Do I have to appear in court, because I really really don't want to.

EDIT: I live in California, and I'm 18. With a License. So yeah. Argh.
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Americans, I need your help.

A friend of mine from Scotland is flying to Nashville in December and wants to come up here (Toronto, Canada) for a bit. I've heard that it's cheaper to get flights within the U.S.A. so I've suggested he fly from Nashville to Buffalo, New York (since it's so close to Toronto).

Problem is, neither of us know any domestic American airlines. So what are the airlines that fly internally within the States? And which airlines are known to be the cheapest?

(no subject)

I used to collect the Holiday Barbies and have about 13 of them, I think. And I wanted to sell them but I did not want to do it on the internet. Do you know of any other place that will buy them from me, like a pawn shop or something along those lines that I could find in my local area? Thank you.

not really a big deal, i know

Okay, so I'm a senior swim captain on my high school team, and we usually abstain from shaving our legs until the first week of November, when we have our big end of season meet. However...tonight is the Homecoming dance, and I have never gone before. And I don't know if I'm so cool on having hairy legs for a dance. SO if you were me, would you shave your legs or not?

[edit] I shaved my ankles instead.

sorry i have another question

my friend just used a relaxer on his hair and he says it is burning and his hair is falling out...and when he washes his hair it burns even more...he has rinsed it alot. I called the 1-800 # the company provdes but it is closed...The relaxer is made for black people and he is white, if that makes a difference. any tips on what to do???
yes, he is dumb for doing this, but he needs help
thank you!!!

Housekeeping Woes

1. I have tons of bags - backpacks, handbags, sling bags, those evening-style smallish bags - and I'm running out of room to store them. But putting them in the open makes my room look as if it had been hit by a storm. Any suggestions? How do you store your bags?

2. How do you store your earrings and other sparkly silver jewellery? For me, no matter where I put them, they tend to get dull and darkened. Natural, or is there some way to prevent them from darkening?

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emergency birthday gift

My father's birthday is tomorrow and I didn't have a chance to get him anything. Now I'm panicking, but can't think of anything.
What could one get on such short notice, around $50 maybe.
He's not into sports really, no particular interests.
so something generic, but that shows i care at least a little.
any suggestions would be awesome.

There's no hugging.. there's no hugging in BASEBALL

Ok, I'm all for cute men huggin each other. All for homosexually in general.

But I think there is entirely tooooo much hugging in baseball. What is up with all the ass slapping and shit. Turns me on.... heheheh

But seriously... kinda guy guys... no more hugging. this isnt full house.

PS. I love my Red Sox.... next year guys... all my luv!!

EDIT: WHY are men in baseball, more importantly my team the Red Sox, always huggin each other after every play. And I do believe Manny was feeding Papi pudding at one point... lol.
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I just got an ipod nano and I'm looking for songs.

So...what are your favorite songs? Name me as many as you want. I have a lot of memory to fill!

MP3s and home audio

I've tired of scouring the web and I haven't yet found an answer to the following question: Collapse )
Or should I just give up and get some new computer speakers? What kind do you recommend (average quality, preferably inexpensive)?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can find a list of questions so I can make "who wants to be a millionaire " for the kids, or something similar.

The children are 11, 9, 8, and 4 years old, so a wide variety of questions would be good :o)

Any ideas or websites??

abby genius


1. Do people trick-or-treat in apartment buildings? If so, how do you tell which apartments are offering candy and which ones aren't, since in houses people would normally just turn off the front lights of their house if they weren't offering candy.

2. Which door would people come to in my situation here? I live in a townhouse, where we have two doors - the door that opens to the outside patio, which faces onto a grassy courtyard which is bordered by townhouses (there's about 20 total) on three sides, and a parking lot on the fourth; and the door that opens into an interior apartment-style hallway (buzzcode and everything to get in) that is only one floor, since this is a set of townhouses, and only has ten units. Would trick-or-treaters come here at all? This neighbourhood does have a lot of kids, I've lived here for two years previous but in a townhouse without the interior hallway (just two outside-facing doors), so I'm not sure if people would bother coming to the houses with the interior hallways (there's hundreds of townhouses in this neighbourhood, just 40 of them have the interior hallway).

3. Those of you who speak languages other than English - is the verb "to be" regular or irregular in whatever language(s) you speak?

4. Related to 3., could you provide the conjugations in past, present and future (active indicative, if you need those specifications)? I have French, Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek, English and Latvian, so any other languages welcome.

5. Have you tried the Limited Edition Reese's Pieces with Nuts? They're like Peanut M&Ms, only Reese's Pieces instead of M&Ms. What did you think of them? Are they readily available where you are? Here they're only available in specialty candy stores, but I think they're amazing.
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What's would the payrate be in your area for a sitter for a one 10 year old boy? NOT a nanny or a professional job -- very little responsibilities are required - heating up dinner, occasional help with homework and letting the dogs out once. I do this one night a week for extra money but I was just curious as to what "standard" pay would be.
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Pet Care Question

I have a 12 year old yorkshire terrier and she's lost almost all her teeth. She doesn't like eating the canned dog food because it gives her diarrea and makes her throw up. I don't know what else to give her since the dry food is too hard for her to eat. Any ideas on what I can give her as a substitute?
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Flaming Sikozu

Two questions, completely unrelated.

1. What is the point of mucous? I have a horrible 'fluey type thing and have to blow my nose every 3 minutes or so, so I'm kinda curious about the role this gunk dribbling out of me plays.

2. Does anybody know of a good site where I can download or get a pattern for a simple toy bunny? I can't afford to buy anything right now and need to make a toy bunny for next weekend.

(no subject)

I have a Sony VCR that is about 6 years old (I think) and a videotape got stuck in it. Whenever I try to eject it, it starts to come out, but right before it pokes out of the opening, it sucks itself back in. I really want to get it out but I can't think of anything to do other than like unscrew the whole thing and pry it out that way, but I would probably break something and not be able to fix it.

Anyway... does anyone know of any way that I might be able to get the thing out?

p.s. I know DVDs are better and I have a DVD player also but when I'm bored and I've seen all my DVDs I sometimes want to watch old tapes of tv shows.

(no subject)

so the place my boyfriend was working for closed down like 2-3 months ago, he figured he would he would take a break from working and school for awhile and jsut focus on school. But now he wants to go back to work.

The problem is, for his CV... the area where you should put some references, he doesnt have any and isnt sure what to put.

The first place he ever worked other then for his parents was " The Outback" and its closed down. He was a great worker there but there is no number to call, seeing as how it doesnt exist anymore.

What should he do? Or put?

Any help would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

I am really curious about IPods. I know NOTHING about them, forgive my ignorance. I have heard a lot of things and I would really like to hear everyone's views. Do you have to pay to use ITuns? What file format does it use? Do they break easy? What size would you suggest getting? (I am not planning on getting one but I am still curious)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a program that creates maps for roleplaying game purposes? I'm not talking a dungeon crawl-type map--I want something where I can lay down streets, place buildings that have names, etc.

What does the "33" on the back of the Rolling Rock bottle mean?
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(no subject)

Lots of music questions here lately, so please forgive this one:
I have thirty dollars at iTunes. Could you recommend an album/artist I should check out?
For reference, I normally describe my music taste as indie pop, even though my favorite artists aren't really indie (Rufus Wainwright, Keane, etc.). It's just to differentiate from pop-pop, if you know what I mean. I like male voices that are smooth and pleasant, I like good lyrics, I'm a fan of piano. Can anyone help me out?
ETA: There's gotta be costume geeks in this community. What kind of hat would an antebellum Southern man wear?

(no subject)

So I'm not asking if you think anyone should or should not feel this way. I'm just asking if you do or do not feel this way.

If your significant other was playing with a sex toy with a member of the opposite sex (who is a friend of the SO), would you be bothered and/or annoyed? What if he/she didn't tell you about it, but you heard from a mutual friend who was there when it happened? Would it matter what kind of sex toy? What if the playing involved your SO controlling an object that was inserted/directly touching the friend's genitals?

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(no subject)

1. Is anyone a computer whiz who not only knows stuff, but can explain it to a computer spaz? My LimeWire, which I've had for months, problem-free, is giving me this message:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com,
But clearly, I'm online because I'm on msn, using the net, email, livejournal, etc.... Soo, who knows what I'm supposed to do?

2. If you are a computer whiz, do your freinds come to you and beg for help all the time?

(no subject)

(Yes I was inspired by comments to one of the last few questions)

Do you write out songs

title - artist


artist - title

Only in the last few months have I EVER seen people write title - artist. It totally weirds me out.
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Winterizing. . .

When I lived in a house, the way we would try to save money during the winter is to put the plastic on the windows, that seemed to keep some drafts out. Can I do this in an apartment? My fiance, son and I will be getting our own apartment at the end of November, and since we'll be paying the gas bill, I want to save as much as I can.

Some ideas I have are: putting the plastic on the windows, wearing layers, trying to move around more to keep warm. . and not sure what else.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Does the color on the walls affect the way the heat is taken in? like if you wear a black shirt during the summer you'll be hotter then if you were wearing a white shirt.


(no subject)

Didja miss me?

Come on, that's a question!

Haha, ok, for real...

1)Why is "Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen" by Anberlin, such a goooood song?
2)If all JetBlue Airways flights are non smoking, why are there ashtrays in the bathrooms? Is it just because they know people are going to break the rules?

(no subject)

This isn't meant to start a debate about WHY it does or does not bother some people so I figured I'd ask it as a poll. Before you suggest that this question would be better recommended for a baby/breastfeeding community, I think those opinions would be widely biased and I just wanted to see some unbiased numbers =)



Does it make you uncomfortable to see a woman breastfeeding in public?

Not if she is fully covered with a blanket.
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(no subject)

I'm sure I recall reading a post similar to this a few weeks ago, but after a thorough search of the community, I can't find it.

Anyway! I remember hearing of a company that sold really odd perfume - it smelt like rain, or freshly mown grass or cake. There were other scents, but I can't remember them.

Does anyone have a link to the website of the company/their perfume line?

Any help is much appreciated, thankyou.