October 7th, 2005


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So my birthday is on Saturday, and I'm having a whole bunch of friends over for the weekend. My best friend is coming over with his girlfriend, who is also one of my close friends. My boyfriend is coming, along with a couple other friends. They are all staying in my (very small, studio) apartment for two days. I jokingly told my best friend's girlfriend, "There will be no sex in the apartment while we're all staying together!" And she replied, "Well, the way this week has gone, I can't make any promises."


Basically, in the conversation that ensued, we determined that while she and my best friend are both sleeping in my bed (since my boyfriend and I don't like sleeping together in a loft due to his incessant fidgeting while he sleeps), they won't have sex. But she says they probably will make out and grope and everything while they are staying in my apartment. And I'm like, dude, ok, not cool. It makes me uncomfortable not because it's my best friend, but because it's a sexual act happening in my presence. I don't mind hearing about it, and I really don't mind knowing that my best friend has sex with his girlfriend at all, but I don't want to have to see it or hear it happening in my bed, in my apartment, with a whole bunch of our friends there.

Am I being unreasonable to ask them not to make out/grope each other this weekend while they are at my place? Or is that a totally off request, and I should just deal with it?

teeth falling out dream

do you know what they say the symbolic meaning is of having a dream where your teeth fall out is? I seem to remember that that was one of the more common dreams and that it is supposed to have some sort of meaning, but I can't remember what it is.

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1. Do you ever wonder about death?

Like what exactly is going to happen after you taken your last breath. Whether you will still even be conscious of what is happening to your corpse. Whether there will be an afterlife, or whether when you take your last breath, everything will be over for you.

I do, and it makes me all confused and depressed and I stop thinking about it again.

2. What do you think our apocalypse will be? Asteroid, nuclear war, etc? Will we go out with a bang or with a whimper?

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Hey has anyone here read "The Iliad"?

DO you remember if Menelaus dies in it or not? And if he does, in what book does he die? I know he dies in Troy, so I'm a little confused

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Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't know how to answer this question in my Chem lab.

 -Calculate the % of H20 in the compound Na2S2O3 * 5H2O ?  Answer to four significant digits. -

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


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I love metal. I hate rap. I dig disco and one hit wonders from the 80’s. I am at work (law office) and live at allofmp3.com during the day. It being Friday and freaking BRRRRRRRR…..I need ideas of something to listen to. Something upbeat and lawyer safe.

What ALBUM do you suggest?


~ Pepper ~
Harley Quinn

Halloween Spirit

1. Are you dressing up your pet for Halloween?

2. Do you dress up your pet for other seasonal holidays?

3. Do you think your pet actually enjoys being dressed up?

4. Does your pet actually enjoy being dressed up?
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Shift work.

1. Does anyone here work evenings/nights?

2. If so, what do you do during the day?

I need ideas. I've done the groceries, cleaning, knitting, reading, internet-ing, and there's only so much Oprah a person can take.

3. What do you LIKE about working evenings/nights, as opposed to days?
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unprovoked annoyance

What celebrities bug you for no reason?

Specifically for no reason.

For instance, I can't STAND Kelly Ripa. Everytime she's anywhere visible/audible, I want to light her on fire. But I can't come up with any good reason for it. She just bugs the hell out of me. She's never even done anything specific that I hated. Same thing with Debra Messing. I want to toss her in a volcano.

Now there are people who I hate specifically looking at/hearing/watching, but I want to hear who you're annoyed with for no good reason. (even your local newscasters that I've probably never heard of count; but please explain them haha)
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What have you done recently that was "against your better judgement?"

[Unknown LJ tag]

I spent money that should have went towards my bills on a shopping spree
I tried to trim my own hair, with scissors I found in the junk drawer.
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keep on gettin' it on

forgive me, for i am experimenting with rich text mode for the first time. i've stolen this question from blueacademia but i thought it'd be fun to ask you guys. okay, what's some of the strangest or some of your proudest places that you've ever done the dirty deed? my answers: 1.at an old country graveyard. but it wasn't all that crazy b/c we were parked at it and got it on in the backseat. 2. i'm not particularly proud of this b/c it was kinda dangerous and gross, but hidden behind the peir, in the water, at night, at my parents lakehouse while they were inside with a whole bunch of family watching a Disney movie. 3. of course, like many other people, i've definitely gotten my freak on on a beach (totally not sexy or comfortable, the beach is hard and sand only feels good when it's under your feet) and in my parents pool (which is completely gross since we are not the only people who have done that in my family. ewww). does anyone else remember that old 70's clip from the Newlywed Game where the host asks the same sort of question and one of the wives blurts out "in the ass?!" ?
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What sequence are the numbers in?

1) For drivers: Are you legally allowed to pass on the right where you are? (If yes, where are you?)

1b) If you're not allowed to, do you know why? Does it ever bother you that you can't?

2) Does anyone know why an entomologist would need to pass physics to get a degree? What's the correlation?

3) Why do people make dichotomies out of things that aren't?

5) Do you see the world (figuratively) in black and white, or shades of grey?

8) Why do the French "listen" to tv, while the English "watch" it?

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what are your favourite song lyrics/poems/quotes/book excerpts whatever pertaining to a close friendship?

i'm making my best friend a scrapbook of this summer for christmas, and i need a little help in these areas.


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Does anybody besides me have "quest dreams"?

Almost every night I have either a gruesome nightmare or what I've come to call "quest dreams". In other words, a dream in which I'm on some kind of quest, usually to save somebody's life in some way...for example, I once dreamed that my friend Chad was in a permanent coma (he's not even a close friend, btw) and the gods brought me to a room filled with shelves, and the shelves were lined with shoeboxes, and I was instructed by the god acting as "referee" that I must find the gold coin the gods had hidden in a shoebox or my friend would die. I found the gold coin and instantly woke up out of breath.

Am I alone in my quests for the gods?
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"It's a Wonderful Life" Parody

I once read a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life", probably in the New Yorker. In it, an extremely self-satisfied man runs into an angel who shows him that he's actually made everyone's life worse by being alive. His business would be doing better, his wife would have married her true love instead of him, etc. And at the end, the angel hands the man a gun and walks away. Does anyone know the author of this story?
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i have a third generation ipod (the ones with the recall due to poor battery life.) i always uploaded music from my dad's computer, but i'm attempting to upload from my new computer since my dad is mia. i have over 600 songs in my itunes that i want on my ipod to add to the 500 that i already have on there from about three years ago.
apple's awesome and won't replace anything for me, but if i dish out money or if i wait however many months for the ipod settlement to go through, then they'll consider fixing it.

well here is my problem currently. i dled the software on to this computer and all.
when i open my itunes "ipod" appears in the source, but nothing can be transferred. i can listen to music off my ipod but not add anything to it. also when i plug it into my computer it doesn't charge--i have to charge BEFORE i plug it into the usb port. awesome i leave in three hours and want music that isn't as dated as 80 percent of the music on there. helppp.
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For anyone who has or knows someone with an IPOD:

Those I know with one have problems with transfering music from their IPOD to their computer and viceversa, as well as burning CDs and using ITunes, etc. One common problem I know of is if you have to reformat your computer for some reason, and you plug the IPOD back in to transfer music back to the machine after the format is complete, it WIPES the IPOD.

For anywhere between $100 - $400. I'd want the damn thing to work perfect!

Is it my imagination or are these things more trouble than their worth?
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firefox help

So I recently clicked on my Firefox icon and it said something about creating a user profile if there are multiple people using the internet on my computer.. so for some reason I did, and it reset EVERYTHING. How do I switch back to my "default profile" with all my bookmarks & settings? I couldn't find it under Help topics or in Mozilla's Program Files.
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A friend says she'll be at your place by 5:30-6, and she'll call you on her cell if something's up.

How long after 6 do you start worrying? or do you even wait till 6?

Also: my two front bottom teeth appear to be cracked. little lines going from the top to near where it meets the gumline. I can't feel these lines... are they cracks? from what, chewing on shit? will they go away (like with fluoride and stuff)? if not, then what?
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given the chance, should I stay and work 4 hours of OT tonight, or should i try to work the 4 hours tomorrow?
granted if i don't work tonight, i most likely will go out and get drunk.. and that might prevent me from being able to ork tomorrow.
(I don't NEED the money, I want the money.. and my motivation is lacking today)

Later edit ... thanks for the support.. I'm gonna stay and work.. i can get drunk another day.. and i willfeel better about the whole thing when i get my paycheck.
thanks for the popular vote of staying!

I'm looking for this game I played ages ago online

It was a game that simulated your life from beginning to end. You clicked on a link and the game popped up in a black box. You had to make decisions about lots of things (like being a good baby or throwing your rattle at someone or something like that). It was pretty popular, I remember. I'm being rather vague, I know, but can anyone help me?

Edit: OH, and I should add, it was a text-based game. And to move on you had to click on an icon of your choice to make decisions about it (The options were things like Love, Intelligence, Health..)
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If one was unable to go to college (both for financial and situational reasons), how acceptable would it be to include things like:

Continuing Education
* Medical Anthropology, MIT OpenCourseWare
* Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues, MIT OpenCourseWare
* Quantitative Physiology: Organ Transport Systems, MIT OpenCourseWare

etc on your resume (or whatever courses you've completed through OCW that are applicable for the position you're applying for)? I do eventually intend to return to school, but at the moment I'm not in a position to, but do like to keep educating myself as much as possible. It'd be made very clear that these courses were not taken at MIT, are not credit-bearing courses, etc, they're just furthering of personal knowledge.

(For those of you not familiar with MIT OpenCourseWare, it's an extensive project to make knowledge available more freely to anyone who wants it, by providing the course materials, exams, etc. that MIT offers its matriculated students to anyone with an internet connection. They've over 1,000 courses available so far, many (if not most) graduate-level.)

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Argh. I can barely get US History to process in my brain. :(
So, what ways do you suggest for studying?
How do you study?
Is there any easy way for collecting large ammounts of information in your brain?
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Credit Card Questions

If you feel comfortable answering money questions....

1. Do you own any credit cards? How many?
2. When you pay the bill, do you pay the minimum balance? More than the min. balance? Do you pay it off in full?
3. Does your credit card offer you anything in return (air miles, points, some type of rewards)?
4. Do you own any store-specific credit cards (Victoria's Secret, Filene's, Sear's, etc)
5. What do you think is TOO HIGH for an APR? Have you ever called a credit card company and negotiated your interest rate or anything else with them?

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So, my malefriend and I have this compromise:
He's teaching me about football and I'm teaching him about musical theater. Unfortunately for him, I'm getting into it more than he is. So, right now I'm working on a mix CD to aid his education.
If you're into that sort of thing, what would you put on it?
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Is there such a thing as like, a Netflix meets Library? Like, I can check out books online, they mail it to me, then I mail it back?

It's such a chore to go down to the public library; and when I buy books online, I have to...you know...store them somewhere.. (I live as a minimalist and I don't do storage).

If it doesn't exist, how can we get it into existence? haha.

Would you use it if it did exist?

Do you prefer to buy books for keepsies or do you prefer to go to the library?

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.1. can anyone please share some basic html tricks with me? for example, i know that makes the text inside italic, and will make it bold.... any others? the rich text bar doesn't always work, or if i'm not using LJ, i'd like to be able to add effects.

.2. i realllly like this guy. he's amazing, supportive, hilarioussss as anything. we have tons of fun and when i'm around him, i just get that urge to touch him, hug him, etc etc. i know if i made a move he could be all mine. we even have trips planned together and we've been friends since 7th grade (i just graduated hs). the thing is... he's shorter than me. i just cannot get over it. not by a ridiculous amount, but he's just one of those little guys. what should i do??? why does it bother me so freaking much???
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