October 6th, 2005

When the Pawn

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Wisdom is, and starts with, the humility to accept the fact that you don't have all the right answers, and the courage to learn to ask the right questions.

Does anyone know who said this?
Ahh! Babies!

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If you found out your fiance would never be able to have sex EVER, as in didn't have the all the equipment or something, would you still marry them?

What if you were already married to the person and they developed like penile cancer or something and had to have it chopped off and you could never have sex again, would you still stay married?

If you were casually dating someone whom you knew could NEVER have sex, would you consider a serious relationship with them?

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There is a teacher at my school who:

- makes his calculus students take their tests on Saturdays.
- wants only sophomores and juniors in his pre-cal class (freshmen aren’t advanced enough to take it) because the seniors are “non college-bound kids” and “too old”.
- will only let the students in his pre-cal class take his AP calculus class next year (there are more pre-cal teachers, but he’s the only calculus teacher).
- is calling the parents of everyone who is getting an F in his class for the 1st quarter, trying to get those students to drop his class.

Do you agree with him/think this is a good and reasonable idea?
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Quinn Twin

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep Now, John Murdock...

Why can't I ever sleep? It's 7:33 AM and I am still awake, despite being extremely tired all day. No matter what time I get up/go to bed, how long I consistantly get up/go to bed at the same time, or what - I can never sleep right. I've tried Valerian root (with and without Melanin) and to knock me out, even when I'm tired, I have to take *3* sleeping pills (the dosage is 1) and then I'm like retardedly groggy forever. It's not just when I am stressed/thinking about something either. I can be falling down tired/exhausted and I just can't fall asleep and it seems nothing helps.

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Precious Moments: Love

Fall Season

What is your favorite thing(s) about the Fall season?

Mine: Beautiful colored leaves, perfect weather, pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, cuddling up with the one I love, seeing my family alot more, halloween candy, thanksgiving, hot chocolate, shopping for others, baking, and taking nice long walks
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My niece just turned 11 yesterday. My sister gave her a cell phone for her birthday. Is it just me or is that a bit young? I mean, my daughter is 12 and I dont think she has the maturity to limit her phone calls given the fact that she doesnt do it on the home phone! I see kids nowadays as young as 10 talking on their cell phones at the mall and I find it quite rediculous.

So I ask, at what age would you give your child a cell phone of their own and why?


~ Pepper ~

Zit removal!

Anyone have any good tips for clearing up/healing the dry red little patches that you get after a zit is gone (ok, after you popped the zit and then nuked it with Clearasil to make it go away? :P). The breakouts are all cleared up but I still have marks where they were where it's healing, and I have a thing on Saturday I have to be at where I can't really wear a lot of makeup to cover it up.

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This is bound to cause a bit of controversy, but I would really like to know what you all think about this. If any of you listen to Mancow's Morning Madhouse, then you've probably already heard of this.

There is a fifth grade teacher who wants to take his class on a feild trip. Sounds innocent enough, right? Well, this particular feild trip is to a nudist colony. This is where the issue arises. Some parents don't want their children going to a nudist colony with their teacher. The teacher is saying that the people are being discriminatory and is trying to get the school board to approve the feild trip. How does everyone feel on this? Do you think the parents are being unfare? Or do you think they are well founded in being cautious? Or do you have a completely different opinion on the matter?

I tried to find a news link, I haven't found one yet, but I'll keep looking and edit the link in later if I find it.
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gloria steinem is giving me the finger

allright, i'll admit it, i know NOTHING about cars. so, to those of you who do...
to make a long story short, i know that my car is having problems with the fan clutch( or whatever it's called). it shorts out, which causes my check engine light to come on and the engine to overheat, and then it kicks back up again, check engine light goes off. i want to take it to an actual KIA dealership and get them to do a diagnostic test on it, but my question is, will anything show up if my check engine light is not on?

NOTE:just in case you needed to know, i bought it used so i DO NOT have the sweet, awesome, rad 10 year/100,000 mile warranty.
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pink shoes


It's currently 10:45 a.m.

I've been vomiting... and more... since 6:20 a.m.

I desperately need to know if there's a trick to keeping fluids down. Between the endless diarrhea (it's not even poo now, it's just water coming out my butt), the fever-sweats, and the fact that if I take a sip of water, my stomach instantly sends me into waves of puking, I'm very concerned about becoming too dehydrated.

I've also tried sipping 7-Up.

So... who has ideas about how to keep water IN my body? All advice welcome. There's got to be some old-fashioned home remedies out there.

Broke internets

1. Has anyone else been having trouble with the internet lately? I know people have been complaining about photobucket but google, gmail, journalfen and sometimes LJ haven't been working for me either.

2. My roommate was recently introduced to limewire and over the past couple days she's been downloading like crazy. I warned her of the danger but she just shrugged it off. My question is, does anyone know what the worst that can happen is if you're caught using a P2P program to illegally download songs when you're hooked up to a college campus network?
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Save Your Two Cents for Someone Who Cares

Am I the only one that gets reaaaaaaaaaaaaly tired of people who just have to put their worthless or inappropriate two cents in when you post something on LiveJournal? As if they couldn't possibly stand it if they didn't get to say at least *something* about your situation, no matter how absolutely pointless and invaluable what they have to say is. (EDIT) Mostly considering that whatever they say would be taken to be rude or inappropriate, making light of something serious, or giving their opinion when their opinion is nothing but negativity.

Do you feel that common courtesy is dying on the Internet?
(completely unrelated question) Do you ever wonder about how important even the smallest movements you make are? Like, say you were to have eaten one extra French fry at lunch ten years ago, would that have led to having a heart attack five years earlier than you may already have one? (Wow that question is convoluted.)

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How can I access sites (hotmail, etc) blocked by my school's computers? I've used a proxy connection before but it no longer works. Any suggestions?

(Keep in mind, this is merely a question out of curiousity. I don't intend to cause problems with this information should you supply it.)
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Can anyone else hear the static coming from the tv screen with the volume turned off?

After barely squeaking by for the past 2 months, I'm finally decently in the black. So... how come I am still stressed about my finances?

Is it bad that I am always looking for a different job than the one that I am currently in? No matter how much I like it or hate it, I still am looking for a different job.
Also, why am I doing that?

Anyone else here a soccer referee?

Does lasering your skin (think permanent hair removal) damage your skin severely? How about later on in life?

Does anyone have any experience with Holiday Inn Express as an employer?

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anyone else think it's a little stupid to discriminate against hiring someone because they have bad credit. Being very very poor for a chunk of your life doesn't make you a bad person, or dishonest.
I'm not talking about myself, but I know someone who is a HR person and they say how there are great interviews and qualified applicants but they have bad credit, so that disqualifys them.
I guess I just think that a persons experience, skills and abilities speak louder than a credit report.

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One more, sorry about not combining with the last...

Any cosmetologists here? Don't give me percent crap, give me dollar amount. Is a $4 tip good for a $15 dollar service that you got for $7.50?

Ok, this is what I mean. My sister in law is a cosmetolgist and gives me all her services at half price. So a $60 service costs me $30, etc. Do I tip her based on the actual cost of the service, the $60, or the price I'm charged, $30?

I gave her a $4 tip on a service I only had to pay $7.50 for. Is that good, too much, etc?

Tipping sucks....I don't want to be stingy but I don't want to be known as the big tipper and have it expected.

at seven

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Definitely not the smartest or most interesting question in TQC history, but...
It looks like my color ink cartridge has run out of blue ink. Am I supposed to just throw it away/recycle it and buy a new one, even though it's still going strong with the red and all? Or should I hang onto it and just... print things in red? Sigh.

Bonus question: Have you ever used the rasturbator? (SFW.) What did you rasterize? Post pictures if you have any.

(I discovered my cartridge wasn't working when I tried to print a rasturbated version of this image ETA GRRR I quit no matter what I link to it doesn't work!!! Anyway, it was a Little Mermaid poster... and it came out all red and creepy...)

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1. Do fillings withstand decay from sugary and acidic food better than natural teeth?

2. How many fillings do you have? How many unfilled cavities do you have?

3. How many wearings of new uncomfy shoes does it take to break them in and make them comfy?

4. Are you an early riser or a sleeper-inner? What about your SO? If you are opposites, does it ever cause conflicts?

5. If you and your SO were at the grocery store and you bumped into your ex, would you introduce them? Would you refer to him as "ex-boyfriend," "old friend," something else...?
reina tanaka


I've heard lots of reasons why one shouldn't become a teacher (lots of work, little pay, etc.). What are some reasons why one should?

If you went to college or university, or if you're going now, what was/is your major? Did/do you have a minor? How long did it take for you to decide what you were going to major in?

Sorry this may be off topic..but there is a question!!


Lots of people have been mentioning lately that they're having trouble viewing Photobucket pictures - at least 3 others that I've spoken to have said that they're on TIME WARNER (like myself) having this issue with not seeing anything but red x's.

So, the question is: could this photobucket/time warner thing be part of this network shutdown? If so, HOW CAN THEY DO THAT?


I've been fighting the urge to sleep all of the time for the past three to six weeks. I bought some prenatal vitamins to see if that helps. So far I'm still feeling tired, weak, and shaky and wanting to sleep.

I did have tonsillitis for two of those weeks, so maybe that's causing it. I'm not pregnant. I can't be because I haven't had sex for almost four years! =P I just bought a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies because my diet hasn't been the best.

Any suggestions on getting more energy and feeling more vital?

Added so I don't have to make another entry: Have any of you had tattoos removed? What method did you use? How painful was it? More important, how much did it cost you?
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Precious Moments: Love

Homemade Gifts

I need some nice homemade gift ideas and craft ideas for Christmas presents, because money is really tight this year.

Does anyone have any that they can share? Know of any site that has some?
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1. when making reservations at a hotel do you pay when you make the reservations or when you arrive.

2. I have two buttons in my car and I am not sure what they do and when I should use them : Track and Overdrive. Any ideas?
The Receptionist Classic

Lights and uh... other things.

Thanks to those who replied yesterday about the music lessons. I think I'd be getting ripped off by this woman - she wants $60 per 55 minute lesson, more if she has to "come to you". Geez. Anyways... on to today's:

There is this woman in our building that is driving me up the wall. We have these one stall bathrooms here at work - one for boys, one for girls. The bathrooms have these cool lights that are motion sensors. You open the door and the light comes on. When there is no movement in the room for two minutes, the light goes off. (I sat on the floor and timed it once. I was that bored.) Apparently this woman doesn't get the idea of this sensor system. Every damn time she leaves the bathroom, she hits the switch and turns off the sensor. Now, when you're used to the light popping on when you open the door, you don't think to reach down and hit the switch - when the door closes, you are plunged into pitch blackness. I've seen this woman exiting the bathroom. I know who she is. I just don't know what office she's in...

I can't put tape over the switch because then the sensor won't work, so I'm thinking of putting a little note above it, but I can't think of how to politely say "Keep your freakin' hands off the damn switch, you crazy woman! it goes off on it's own!!!" Any polite ideas?

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Ahh! Babies!

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1. People have said that you can't run a marriage on Love alone. Besides the obvious, love, trust, respect and understanding, all that stuff that people always think they have when getting married, what are some other things you think are essential for a marriage to work?

2. What is something that would cause you to get divorced? What do you think could happen in a marriage that would not be something you could work through?

3. What do you think causes irreconcilable differences between couples who so easily liked those differences early on in the marriage?

4. How long would you be willing to try and work through a problem in a marriage before you gave up? How much effort would you put into making it work?

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ok, so i have lost faith in this community since no one answered my music transferring question, but i'll try again... do you know some trick for multiplying a 2 dig number by a 2 dig number so that you can figure out the answer in like 10 seconds?

i need to know it for my math class, but my teacher didnt explain it... she said that there is a trick and that we're going to have to explain it next class, but i cant even see it!

edit- apparently the numbers are supposed to have the same first digit

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Email received today:

Hi Caitlyn. My name is Carol. I go to Cumberland and Pastor Pat gave me your email. I am looking forward to meeting you and hope that you can come to Sunday School this sunday at 9:30. The early service is at 8:30 in the Estes Center. It is great and the one I usually go to because I like the relaxed atmosphere. It is much less formal and the band plays at the early service. Pat said you are thinking about going to Baylor and I would love to hear about that since I am a Baylor Bear. Let me know if you need a ride or anything I can to for you.
Because Jesus cared, I care too.

Should I reply? If so, should I point out my name is not spelled like that, I've never even considered Baylor as a college choice, and I'm not a Christian? o_o...
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Paper topic

I have to have a research paper topic by tomorrow(4-5page paper).
The paper is for analytical chemistry.

Does anyone have any good scientific topics(the paper has to be about anything I can analyze)
for example:
-how much polution in pond water
-what how much acid rain polutes
stuff like that....Im just looking for something interesting
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1. What do you have to do for Unemployment money?

As in, what questions do they ask, what documents do you need, what do you need to have proof of, etc. If someone could just give me a general description of the process that'd be great. I'm finding that in order to qualify for all these low cost things, I have to be on Unemployment and I know nothing about.

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honestly, what was the coolest lj/ journal username. The ones that after you read it/ figured it out, you wish you came up with that name. What ones are / were you surprised nobody had, and you had to grab it?

Reading in dreams.

Has anyone ever felt that they could read in their dreams?

In all my scientific knowledge, I have heard studies that say it is imposable, because of left and right brain activity. Dreams are from one side, reading is from the other. So it should by all accounts be imposable.

I have heard a few people say they can read in their dreams, and I am skeptical. I am a lucid dreamer, I have the most vivid dreams imaginable. But for the life of me I can not read in them.
I believe that when someone says they read in their dreams, was that they had a dream that they read something, or a dream where they looked at a book and knew what it said.
But when you actually try and focus on the letters, it blurs.

Can any one give me some good points either way, do you feel we can or can not read in our dreams?
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i like to live on the edge

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1. What advice - either lighthearted or serious - would you share with a 10 year old. Why?
2. If you could break a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, which record would it be, and why?

- The ability to speak the most languages.

a coupla random questions

1. what would be considered a dry white wine? (for cooking purposes).

2. i have this recurring nightmare where i am a passenger in a car driving down GreenSprings highway (a street in the city that i live in) and there are a freakin' ton of tornadoes touching down and coming out of the clouds around me. we are , for some reason, continueing(sp) to drive towards the city where most of this is happening. i'm more amazed and fascinated than i am scared, and then the dream ends.
so, 2 questions w/in a question...
what does this mean?
what recurring nightmares/dreams do YOU have?
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if you were walking past a classroom and saw an old crush sitting in there and really wanted to talk to them, how would you go about doing it?

I was on campus to get some help with my homework on a day i don't normally go.
i know a guy in my class who is in her class as well.
do i make nice with him and see if he can put a good word in?

anniversary present

My boyfriend and I will have been together for a year sometime next week. He likes to smoke weed so I thought I'd give him something for our anniversary weed related that he'd enjoy. So for you weed smokers out there, what would you want? My bf already has a bong..I don't know, do smokers like to have multiple bongs? Or what kind of bongs are the best/nicest? I do know of some places that sell them.

Weird questions, I know..can you tell I'm not a smoker? :p
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Sorry to ask such a random question, but when are the words government and parliament capitalised? Are they always, or only when being used ina certain context?

College heeby jeebies!

What should I do when thinking about college and applying makes me feel kind of a bit physically ill?

(First semester of my senior year, this isn't a good time to come down with a phobia of higher education.)
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I've been trying every which way to word my search in google and I'm having trouble. I'm trying to find the directory of jail mug shots in Pinellas County, Fl. I know there must be a way to see them. Does anyone know how I would go about finding the directory? My logic in believing it can be done is solely (and sadly) on thesmokinggun.com and their mug shot page.

I've tried: pinellas jail mug shots, pinellas county jail, pinellas county jail mug shots, pinellas county mug shots, etc
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Since when have the Lucky Charms kids become teenagers?

I have to work at a halloween party for little kids at my gymnastics place. What is something creative I could come as that's not too constricting?
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What websites have a good program or method to career suggestions? I'm wondering if any sites have some way to point you in the direction of new ideas based on aptitudes, likes, etc..