October 4th, 2005

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Accursed cd!

Today I decided to install FFXI on the fast PC. One problem: Apparently there's something wrong with Disc 3, because it keeps telling me that data3.dat is corrupt on one cd player and 44.dat is corrupt on the other. No scratches or anything except very minor ones, I even used the fancy cd buffer dealy and it still won't work.

So, does anyone know a good fix for this?

I have the game installed on the slow computer, which has the same OS as this one - is there a way to transfer everything to this computer, or am I simply out of luck?

And if I went and got the file the second cd player is whining about and put it in the appropriate folder, would it completely freak out or would it just skip that file and possibly allow me to install the rest of the game?

shipping alcohol

So a friend wanted a couple bottles of alcohol which are only distrubuted in other states. One of my friends lives in a state which is supposed to distribute this brand, but now the problem is "how do we get it here?"

USPS's website sounded kinda iffy. Basically saying maybe in small quantities, but maybe not. Call for specifics.
UPS said nope!
FedEx says that both the sender and the recipient to hold the following two licenses: 1) a basic permit for importer and/or wholesaler issued from the U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and 2) a wholesaler, dealer, distributor or manufacturer license issued from the State in which the recipient is located.

So that's out two, as neither parties have special licenses.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to ship it?
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Well, I managed to get the installation up to 100 percent by clicking the 'retry' button around a jillion times. Now it's at 100 percent and the error is still popping up - should I just keep clicking retry or am I insane?
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There were good ones and evil ones.

Does anyone here remember a set of toy cars called "Key Force?" They all transformed somehow. For instance, there was a van that, when you turned the key (or a paperclip, if you lost the key, lol), opened to reveal and let loose an angry looking helicopter with a working bomb. Or the police car whose sides flipped down to reveal a couple of missile launchers. Google and Ebay have yeilded NOTHING.

Am I going crazy? Please don't tell me my childhood didn't exist!
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During a job interview, whats the best way to answer the question Why do you want to work here?

Heres the situation;There's an elementary school a block from my house, they are offering a temp (6 month) position as a secretary. I have no previous jobs and i'm only 19, but I'm desperate for a job so I gotta try anyway. My only reasons I can think of for wanting to work there are I need money and its only a block away. Not ones that are gonna impress or spice up my already extremely bleak application.

Also, I do have experience working in a school office. In high school, I took several classes that allowed me to work in the main office and in the attendance office. Problem is, I don't know if they remember me or if that counts as experience. Should I include it on my resume/application, and if so, where/how should I list it?
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JtHM image

I need help from some Jhonen Vasquez fans.

I don't remember the EXACT quote but I need the image (or images) from Nny and Nail Bunny's exchange that goes something like:

Nny: Nail Bunny?
NB: Yes Nny?
Nny: I'm not happy.

I know I used to have it but I don't know if I do anymore and if so I can't find it.
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Does anyone else think the new Nickelback song "Photograph" sucks ass as much as I do?

It was just on the radio, and I had to turn it off. Ugh.
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A few months ago there was a pixel problem with my cell phone (Samsun A660) Sprint replaced it without any real problems. except the first replacement phone they sent wouldnt charge and was the wrong model. but they sent another and now, barely 3 weeks later theres something wrong with the screen again. Different, it looked like there was a shadow in the middle of it and now it kinda looks like...spilled oil. What is this caused from? I havent put my phone through anything the other one didnt go through, in fact even less, Ive been in class and it has spent most of the days lying on my bed. Should I take it to a sprint store? or call the replacement service? I really dont want to wait for another phone, and I remember there being something about getting a new one that day @ the store but I didnt qualify or something.....

(no subject)

1) My stupid friend wrote his name across the hood of my white car with one of those obnoxious neon green Sharpies. It's atrocious, and apparently immune to soap and water. What can I use to get rid of it?

2) I traded a few Vicodin pills for a couple of a friend's Strattera pills (she threw in an action figure of Scottie from Star Trek to make the deal even). She said Strattera would make me "go crazy" since normally I'm a fairly sedate person, but I thought Strattera was for adult ADD (which she certainly has). Will the pills help me concentrate better, or will they have a different affect on me since I'm not qutie as hyperactive as she?

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have you ever reapplied for a job you didn't get?

I didn't get the bus driver job. I know i have a clean driving record, i know i passed the 'customer service/safety' test... so logically then it's either my application (ie, not enough experience elsewhere) or the interview. I think I can buff up the interview some, but... what's protocol for re-applying for a job?

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I realise that this question is probably going to sound horribly callous and may offend some people, for which I am truly sorry, but I really can't think of any other way of phrasing it and I am genuinely looking for an explanation.

There is a news article on sky news today (here) saying that the victims of the July 7th London bombings are still waiting for even their initial compensation payments, and that those people who lost relatives also have not been paid any compensation yet. My question is, who should be paying them compensation and why? What happened was a truly horrific thing, committed by people who, whether they were inherently evil, or merely brainwashed, or a combinaiton of the two, took it upon themselves to murder and maim people who had done nothing to harm them. My heart went out to the people suffering and their families, but I still don't understand how money can change what happened or make anything better. The parent's who lsot their children on that day, is their suffering really going to be alleviated by a few thousand pounds (or whatever the final amount is)? How can they place a price on someone's life like that?

3 questions

.1. Any recommendations for colleges in California, Chicago, or NYC that are accepting applications for this winter/spring term? Very preferably they need to offer student housing. The main thing is I have every credit EXCEPT chemistry, which I never took due to medical interruption in my school year... so I have to be able to get in w/o that being a requirement. And yes, I have been doing a LOT of searching on my own, so I'm not being lazy asking here... it's just I don't want to miss something good!

.2. Anyone here work out? I really need to build some muscle (I'm not overweight, just weak LOL), and I have zip idea how to go about it. I know I need to start slowly... any scheduling, exercise, or diet tips for gaining muscle w/o just bulking up or gaining fat?

.3. Anyone know of some online sites that DON'T charge a ton for shipping? I was trying to order those koala yummies (you may recall my post haha), but the shipping was like 3x the price of the snack!!!
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(no subject)

Next month is my last appointment with my really awesome hair stylist before I move. I want to get her a gift, but I have no idea what. Suggestions? If you suggest money, how much? (I pay $35 to get my hair washed/cut/styled, if that helps.)

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In English class my friend and I had to come up with two words to describe Hester Prynne from the book The Scarlet Letter. We're only up to chapter 10 and we felt it was kind of hard to describe her in one word. We came up with different ideas but we kept disagreeing. It's kind of been bugging me since we never did come up with any words. I was just wondering, if you've read the book, what is one word you'd use to describe Hester? And why?

This isn't my homework it's just we never did figure a word out!
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(no subject)

1) I've been wearing glasses for over ten years. Lately I've noticed that there is a small indention behind each ear that the stem of my glasses fits perfectly into. I can't imagine this is a coincidence. Is it possible that my glasses have made an indention in my head? Does this happen to everyone who wears glasses?

2) Lately I've been getting headaches on a fairly regular basis. They usually start during the day while I'm at work, and I'm thinking it's caused by eyestrain since i'm at a computer all day at work. The thing is, when I get off work, the headache doesn't go away unless I take something. Last night, I still had it when I got ready to go to bed but I didn't take anything because I thought I could sleep it away. This morning when I woke up, my head still hurt. Wouldn't a headache caused by eyestrain go away after a night of sleep?

It isn't a pounding headache. I usually feel it most in my temples and on the back of my neck. Sometimes it feels like it's behind my left eye. Any idea what might be causing this?

I thought it might even be that my glassess are fitting to tight on my head, but again, wouldn't a night of sleep (aka not wearing my glasses) cause this to go away?
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(no subject)

Okay, my mom got two laptops at a state sale...she is keeping one, and I told her I wanted one, but I'd have to look at it first.

Okay, I got a look at it. It's a Compaq Armada 1750, 64 MB RAM and a 6.4 gig hard drive. It has floppy and CD-ROM drives, and anything else I can't really tell--it's been stripped of its OS. (I know I posted about this earlier, but I'm on her dial up and don't want to search forever)

Is it worth me buying it for $170? I'm not sure, considering that I want a new digital camera or an iPod. I'm not obligated to buy it, but is it decent? A good deal? I know not these things...

mitchy in the car

Seems like it would be SOOO easy...

I am American. Born in America to two American parents. Lived there my whole life, until 6 years ago when I moved to the Marshall Islands. I married an American man, and 2 years ago we adopted a Marshallese baby. In order to make him a US Citizen, he has to be in our custody for two years, which happens this Thursday (YAY!) and we have to fill out some paperwork and show proof of a bunch of stuff. One of the things I have to prove is that I lived in the US for at least 5 years, two of which were after the age of 14.

I moved 6 years ago, haven't saved anything receipt wise or mail wise from the states, don't own any property there...

Anyone have any ideas about how I could prove that?

Thanks so much! :)

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I'm not sure how to ask this question...

But, I guess I'm going to use Laguna Beach as an example.I'm not sure if any of you guys watch it, but most of those kids are underage and they're getting wasted at parties. Now, obviously this isn't legal. But why aren't they charged with whatever and whatever?
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I'm going to a concert at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium [in San Francisco, CA] this Thursday and there's a "No Camera" policy there. I really want to bring one, though, this being my first ever concert experience. What should I do? I hear some places are relaxed about it, some don't check thouroughly, and some confiscate your camera. I'd bring a desposable camera, but those don't take good photos, especially in a dark environment with lots of movement.

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone ever been to the Bill Graham?

Thanks in advance. :]

bridal shower

Im throwing a bridal shower for my friend and would like some game ideas. Yes ive googled it but i want some personal experiances/opinions.

1. When was the last time you attended a bridal shower?
2. What was the shower like? (decorations, games, food, etc)
3. What are the best shower games?
4. Whats one thing that every good bridal shower needs?
5. If you were the bride, what presents would you like to recieve?

Its this saturday, so please help!

Oh and list any websites you may know of that deals with this...

*edit* PS. The bride and groom are mormon/lds and very strictly virgins. The majority of the guests are prudish virgins as well. THey will not appreciate off-color humor, much to my chagrin;)

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I have a question for all of your question clubbers...

What is your beverage of choice? In the beating sun of a hot day, what drink do you hallucinate about?

I like Bawls personally. XD

((If this is a common thing, I'll delete this, just let me know. :) ))
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite kind of tea?
2. What is your favorite kind of coffee? How do you take it? (regular, espresso, etc.; milk, sugar, etc.)
3. Favorite movie soundtrack?
4. Is it tacky to put a line in your essay on your college application saying "This is why I want to go to college xyz" or something to that effect?
5. Do you like to carve pumpkins?
6. When you're at your computer, do you listen to music, watch tv, or do you sit in silence?

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Fortune Cookies

As you open them,

do you eat the cookie first then read what it says or

do you just read it and disregard cookies?

Personally, I eat half before I read it and then I finish other half after I read it.

do you believe them in anyway?

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Poll #583199 Drunk driving

Do you drink?


Do you drive?


Have you ever driven drunk?


How many times have you driven drunk?

Who knows???

Is it OK to drive drunk if you aren't going very far?


Have you ever:

gotten into a car accident while drunk
gotten a DUI
nothing; I've been lucky
nothing; I don't drive drunk

For those of you who do drive drunk regularly, why do you?

I made a mistake and forgot to put the option of zero in the "How many times have you driven drunk?" question...if your answer is zero, leave it blank :-)
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(no subject)

Do you ever refuse to buy a product you currently use and like because you hate their new ad campaign?

Example: I HATE Quizno's new "Baby Bob" campaign. I find digitally editing a baby's facial or mouth expressions, and replacing them with adult voiceovers, etc. to be absolutely ridiculous and even a bit upsetting. I refuse to eat there until they stop showing those damn commercials.

Example 2: I absolutely hate McDonald's rap-oriented commercials. I think its a desperate ploy to deepen the exploitation of black inner-city youth. Tap into a new market, my ass! Yeah, cause inner-city youth don't already eat at McDonald's. I'll never eat there, if I can help it.
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PS2 Stuff

The disk to one of my games has a scratch on it. It's not a major scratch, but it's very obvious. The game has been skipping and freezing, even after being cleaned, but when I turn the PS2 on its side or nearly upside down, the game works fine. It is the disk or the PS2? Is it both?

(no subject)

Okay, what do you get the first time when you add up the following in your head? Needless to say this isn't a homework question or anything, more of a "How many people will get it?" thing. Although, I don't know how many of you have seen this already.

Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?

Edit: Yeah, it seems most people get 5000 when they add it. I think it loses its effect when you see the numbers as text instead of hearing it though? Everyone I've asked offline gets 5000 instead of 4100. :)
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(no subject)

(Disclaimer: This entry concerns spoilers from an observational standpoint. Thus said, it will obviously contain such spoilers and you would be well-advised not to read the comments if you are spoilerphobic, but after reading the text of the entry, you might not be so horrifically offended as you would by other spoiler posts.)

It occured to me the other day, as I went to view Star Wars Episode III to be exact, that there are a lot of generally well-known spoilers out there; things that are almost more so common knowledge than "secrets" to be hidden away. Can you think of any of these? (I will post one as a reply just to give you an idea of what I mean).

For the sake of spoiler protection, please write the item in which your spoiler is found as the "subject" of your reply, so that people can skip past ones they don't want to read.


I'm working at a company now for the sole purpose of being promoted beyond my current position. They're a very small company and growing quickly, so there are good opportunities here. My question is this: How do you GET promoted in this situation? Does somebody come around to everybody and ask "Hey, can one of you do xxxxx?" Have you ever been promoted at your job? What was the promotion to/from? How did the advancement come about?
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(no subject)

What were your biggest childhood fears? (Like, ~10 and under... boogeyman, monsters under the bed, being picked on at school...?)

Are any of these fears still present today?

Are there any repercussions of the fear that are still prevalent to you in any way even if you're not afraid of it anymore? (i.e. I had a friend who used to be afraid of monsters in the closet so she still doesn't have doors on her closet even though she knows there are no monsters)

When opening a bag of chips, do you make sure to always open the top, always open the bottom, or just open it whichever way you grab it?

Why do you think some people always have to open it upside down? Attention thing, maybe?

When you make a minor typo in a post, do you go back to edit it or do you just shrug it off, figuring that people will know what you meant anyway?

(no subject)

I'm trying to knock up some cool invites for a 70s-themed hen weekend party. Can anyone point me to some good, free, graphics or images associated with the 70s? (Or even 60s)

I've tried Google but perhaps I haven't used the right search terms. I've used terms like disco, afro, funky, psychedelic. I haven't found anything quite right.
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What do you do or use to feel in control of your life?

I use exercise (I need those endorphins!) and ADD drugs (concerta and methylin). If I didn't have these in my life, I don't know how I'd manage to function. When I haven't exercised in a long time, or if I forget to take my medicine (although this never happens anymore), I feel pretty lousy - lethargic and ineffectual.
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a few, since i'd feel like a punk making three posts in a row

1) what's your homepage? mine is http://www.dieselsweeties.com

2) what is the coolest/most disgusting/most bizarre icon you've ever seen? use it as your icon when you reply- i'm using mine..and it freaks me out in ways i don't even understand(try not to repeat, i'd like to see as many as possible).

3) what's the deal with all the usericons with syringes? inside joke? community joke? i'm not a n00b but right now i feel like one

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Spray paint.

I have vertical blinds in my room (pictured here in the background).

As you can see, they are that grody off-white color that was popular in 1982 and probably haven't been cleaned since then.

I took a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to them and got them surprisingly clean. But I still don't like the color. I thought about spray painting them but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. They are slightly flexible, would spray paint crack if flexed? And I've never spray-painted anything, would it LOOK spray painted?

1. So can I spray paint them? Is there anything I need to know when picking out a spray paint (like certain sprays for certain materials, different finishes, perhaps?)

2. And I can't decide between white and gray. White might look nice if it comes out right, but having no spray painting experience, I think it might look cheesy. But gray might look too bland. Thoughts? (PS the walls are getting painted soon but I'm still not sure on what color.)
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(no subject)

what is your feeling about the verdict of the o.j. simpson?

I never really knew anything about it and when I heard the verdict, I just went along with everyone was happy but deep down I wanted to hear more.

I am watching this special on pbs that breaks the whole trial down,very interesting.
the prosectution wanted to bring o.j. down off his famous person pedestool by bringing up his domestic
violence past and basically showing him as a bad person, not a bad black man.
this did not have any effect on the jury. a dismissed juror talked to the media and said it wasn't a domestive violence case, it was a murder case. (of course, it was a domestic violence case. that criminal history does make a difference b/c it shows why he would want to kill her.)

later,A black speaker told the interviewer that this wasn't a superficial victory.
it was a 'f-you' to the white community who said that O.J. was different, was better than the average black person, and who turned out to be the one person who was brought down and was able to go home free.
someone also said it was more for johnny cochran who showed America a well educated black man who beat the 'white system.'

However,most people in the black community did feel that he was guilty by association or knew someone involved in the crime.
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A few random questions...

I've recently started selling on eBay, and currently have been making a killing on pretty nice clothes that are passed on to me by the zillion by a relative (i.e., nicer clothes than I ever wear). For those who sell clothes on eBay, what items do you sell a lot of? I'm planning to start selling the clothes I make, and I've been told by a local eBayer that plus size men's and women's both tend to be her best-sellers.

Hwaet! How do you pronounce the first word in Beowulf? Can anyone recommend any books about the history/culture/time period it came out of?
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(no subject)

Darn girls making me need a translator...

So I beat myself up and finally asked out this girl. I couldn't get her separated from the group, so I waited until it was just her and her one friend, and I had to ask with the friend there. Specifically, I asked if she would want to go out for coffee this weekend. She asked her friend something in Japanese that I couldn't understand, they both looked like they were thinking hard, then she said that she was too busy this weekend. I asked if she knew when the next time she would be free, and she seemed a bit confused, so I offered to give her a number or e-mail address to let me know, and she gave me her e-mail address instead. (So if it's not obvious at this point, I'm not fluent in Japanese, and she's not fluent in English. :) )

So if any girls (or in a rare case, a guy) can translate this to guy-thinking, does it seem like she's avoiding agreeing to a date, or actually busy? How long should I wait before I mail her anything? (My current plan is asking for next weekend before I leave for work Sunday morning.)

And for some "normal" questions...

Anyone had problems connecting a Kyocera KX9B to a PC using the USB cable and Mobile Phonetools and later gotten it to detect the phone and properly transfer ringtone files to the phone?

Anyone have any suggestions for a movie to catch on cable TV in the next week that isn't a mainstream movie?
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tv q

i never had a tv in my bedroom or anything, so the first time i slept over at my bfs house i was really freaked out by that grey glow-  does anyone know what makes a tv do that? is it some kind of illusion? i've found it still happens if the tv hasn't been on all day.


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Hairy hair

How much hair does a girl have to have to become sexually unappealing? My cousin told me that I should shave the hair off my arms, it's real light and you can barely see it, because guys hate hairy women. I think that's a bit extreme but I wanted to know what the guys thought.

For the ladies, how often do you shave your legs? Or do you just let them go and don't even touch them?
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(no subject)

How often do you catch up on your friends' posts?

More than once a day
Once a day
Every other day or so
A couple times a week

Which of the following do you use correctly?

I don't know
I don't care
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1) I get this piercing headache just above my right eye. It last between 5 minutes and a half hour and during that time it goes from bad to worse back to bad to gone. Is that a migraine?

2) What is better for your knees. Walking everywhere or riding a bike everywhere?
I've been walking everywhere but knees are killing me and I'm wondering if riding a bike would be better but I haven't ridden one in atleast 8 years.
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(no subject)

What do you do when you're alone and carrying something (valuable or not) and need to use a public washroom? Where do you put your stuff? Do you bring it into the stall with you and put it on the floor? Do you leave it there when you wash your hands or take it with you up to the faucet?

Seriously guys, help a mysophobe out.


I have to go to sleep by 11:00 pm (10:30 on a good day) because I have to get up early for work. This usually doesn't happen, because I mess around on the computer/read/whatever. Take right now, for instance. It's 11:48 and here I am asking for suggestions on how instead of turning off this computer and getting the sleep.) What can I do to force myself to get in bed at 11?


For supper tomorrow I'm going to make salad and add canned tuna. What can I add to the tuna (sauce or something or anything) to make it taste great(nothing high calorie please)?