October 3rd, 2005

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I just got WONDERFUL news. At work today, I found out that we get to dress up for halloween at work. Then I found out that the only part of our uniform we have to include is the nametag. SWEET. So I get to be whatever I want to be for Halloween at work!


...what do I want to be? It has to be work appropriate, and can't really interfere with my ability to do my job (so no Bubbleboy). Any ideas will definitely be appreciated. (And I know how good you guys are with ideas!)

Also, what are you going to be for Halloween, if anything? Why?
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Sleep question...

What are the short-term and long-term effects of getting 4 hours of sleep for one night?

What are the short-term and long-term effects of getting no sleep for one night?

If I had to choose between getting 4 hours of sleep or no sleep at all for one night, which would be better?

I ask only because I am truly confused right now, but I highly doubt anyone will respond in time for this to actually be helpful for me, but it might be good for future reference.

I understand that sleep is always good, but it seems like getting 4 hours of sleep makes me more tired than if I just stay up all night, but maybe it has some damaging long-term effects if I stay up all night enough (this will be my 2nd time of staying up all night if I do...) I think I will probably just go to sleep, but please tell me if there are or aren't any effects that are significantly worse with no sleep vs. 4 hours of sleep, because I would prefer to keep those 4 hours to do something...

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(no subject)

What are some of the best, must-see movies that you've seen but not too many have..but you think the whole world should see?

You know the kind that I'm talking about..

Some of the best foriegn films?


(no subject)

At my work, they are having a weight loss challenge. I have signed up to be on a team and we need a name. What is a good, fun name for a team of people who are trying to lose weight? I have no ideas at all.
Please don't post mean responses.

i miss these :-(

does anyone else remember those koala cookies? they were little things filled with cream... i liked strawberry. does anyone even know what i'm talking about, and do they still exist?

i hate when companies scale waaaay back or discontinue good products, like makeup, etc. are there any things you guys miss from an earlier day?
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Do you like birthdays? Why?

Which do you like better, yours or other people's? Why?

Personally, I hate my birthday because I hate being the centre of attention. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Unfortunately my 21st is coming up and my mum wants to make a big deal out of it and there is no way for me to convince her not to. :(
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Are there any other bands that play music that's similar to Say Hi to Your Mom or The Postal Service — stuff that's lo-fi indie pop-ish, but backed with electronic instruments?
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

Party Predicament

I'm going to have a Halloween party this year. The past parties I've had, including the Halloween one I had last year, I had at my grandparents' house (they live next door). This year my parents asked me if I wanted to have it at our house instead. I usually have the party in my grandparents' basement, where they have a pool table and a pinball machine. The drawbacks are that I have to bring up everything- decorations, food, a tv & videogames, etc.- to their house, and because they have a fully stocked bar my parents have to stay downstairs and supervise us since we're minors.

If I have it at my house, then we could still watch movies and play videogames, and my parents wouldn't have to be downstairs with us the whole time, and I don't have to transport everything- but there's no pool table or pinball machine.

Where would you rather have the party?

Do you know of any good Halloween games for teenagers to play? If I have it at my house I'll probably play games to give people extra things to do...
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little treadmill thingie

I'm looking for something like a treadmill, but it's not motorized. It's only about 3 feet long, and has no hand rails or anything. I think it's on a slight incline so it just works by the motion of your feet. I know I've seen one somewhere, but I can't remember where, and I haven't been able to find it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or where I could get one?


Ok, i used to get annoyed when I saw those really long personal stories that people were asking advice on. But now, i totally get the need for it since it involves a good friend of mine, and its hard to ask people cause we're all mutual friends. YAY for advice from strangers! haha

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college/ online courses

1. i feel stupid for not knowing this. when i was in high school, i didn't want to go to college, so i never really looked into these things. now, i want to go back to school, but when i'm looking to request information, i keep seeing things like "AAS", "AA", "AS", a baccaleureate degree, bachelors degree, associates, etc. and i'm really confused about it. i looked up all of the abbreviations, but i'm not sure what the difference is between "associate in applied science" and "associate in science", or similar.

what are the degrees one can obtain in college/university? what order do you get them in? what do the different titles mean, exactly?

2. what's a good school that offers online courses? i've looked into a couple, but i've never heard of them before. i'm not exactly rich so if i'm going to be broke, i would at least like to be spending all of my money at the best possible college i can find. any suggestions? i want to go for business administration or business management.

3. have you ever taken courses onlline? what were your experiences? is it a good idea?
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five random questions.

1. Say you generally carry a $0 balance on your credit card but you charged something for ~$50 because you hadn't gotten paid yet. Would you pay that off with your savings with intentions to put it back, even though you know dipping into your savings is a bad habit to start; or would you wait for payday, then have to wait for the check to clear, then have to wait for the payment to go through... just for $50?

2. Have you ever gone to marital counseling or pre-marital counseling? Care to share your experience? (If you have, and don't mind sharing, I might have some more specific questions.)

3. Would you rather work from 9am-7pm (10 hours) 4 days a week OR from 11am-7pm (8 hours) 5 days a week? On the one hand you get to sleep in a couple extra hours a day but on the other hand you'd get an extra day off.

4. What do you think of the name Toby for a girl?

5. If you take your lunch to work/school, what are some of the things you take? (I'm running out of ideas and TV dinners or burritos get boring. heh)
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How long does it take coffee to mold?
There's a cup of it in the corner of this classroom. it was moldy on wednesday. It's still there. I'm trying to get a time frame for long it had to have been there that it was moldy on wednesday.

I'm doing a paper about the student health facilities here (reliability/accuracy of service). I need to go in and ask 1, how many people they see in a year, and 2, about their records for screwups.

now, i know the records on reviews and inspections and stuff will be public record... exactly what question do i need to ask to get them to hand it over? because if I ask for the wrong thing, i doubt they'll volunteer it, and it would make this paper very difficult.

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I don't know if anyone here would have the answer to this...

On my work computer (which is really my main computer), it's started hanging at the "Applying your personal settings..." screen during startup, after I put in my username and password and all that. I've googled this problem extensively, but only found answers that either a) require contacting Microsoft and providing a credit card number before they'll give me a "fix", which is supposed to not even work most of the time, or b) are too technical for people like me who don't have extensive knowledge of networking, firewalls, and all that stuff. :\

Right now, I can only get the computer to start up by booting to the Safe Mode screen and selecting the option to start up with the last functional set-up, but now none of the network drives will connect so I can't do about 90% of my work, nor visit a lot of sites on the internet that I normally could.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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stripped laptops

My mom went to a state sale today and got two laptops. They've been stipped of their OS, down to the C: prompt, and the man selling them to her said to install either Win 98 or 2000 on them. Okay, that gives you an idea of their performance...it will work for her, but I'm unsure.

Anyway. Except for eBay, which seems a bit high, where do I FIND either of these two operating systems? I guess if I have to buy from eBay, but the sooner the better, I would think.

And here is a REALLY random question--does anyone have the version of Len's "Steal My Sunshine" WITHOUT the talking between verses? I've asked in music communities, but no one seems to have it.
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(no subject)

My girlfriend just a got a puppy and is having a hard time figuring out the sucessful training guides.

Any recommendations for quality puppy training sites/ books?

How sucessful/easy to use was the media you're recommending?

I did a google search, but many of the sites included physical discipline, and my g/f has no interest in any of that.


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What's your favorite pair of underwear and why? You're allowed two or three if you can't limit yourself. (e.g. sexiest, most comfortable, best sentimental value, lol...)

How many pairs of underwear do you have?
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(no subject)

1. since when did this become an advice community?

2. what did you do this weekend?

3. who else is suffering from seasonal allergies? if so, what are you taking?

4. what is your favorite song right now? favorite album of this year?

web acronyms

Do you say U R L (you are el) or earl or yourl for the acronym URL?

Do you say F A Q (eff Ay Que) or fack for FAQ?

Where are you from?
Do you work in an internet/technology industry (at an ISP, for a dot com, whatever)?
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(no subject)


I recently updated my computer to the latest version of iTunes. Since then I haven't been able to access the music store. Instead I get the following warning:
iTunes could not connect to the Music Store.
Make sure your network connection is active and try again.

Question is, what do I do? My computer is on my college's network, and I was wondering if maybe some weird firewall had been put up or whatever. Anyway, how do I fix this?? Let me know, and thanks so much in advance.

Oh, and if it helps, I have the Dell Inspiron 700m with Windows XP
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how do i ask for a raise?

Right now I'm working in food service. It's a good job- decent pay for what it is, all the employees get along with each other- it's a really friendly environment.

We're supposed to get reviews every six months, then get (or not get) raises based on our reviews. I've been working there since January, and we haven't gotten a review since I've been there, and that is mostly because of the laziness of our store manager. All of us employees tolerate him but we all think that our assistant manager is way better at managing than he is.

So here's the lowdown- I work hard, I don't slack off, I'm always available to work, I never call in, and I rarely request for days off. I've been employee of the month two times. The assistant manager praises me for my good work on a weekly basis, yet I haven't gotten a raise. I want to ask management for a raise, but I'm not sure how to do it or what to say. I want at least a 50 cent raise, because I think I deserve it and because I honestly do need the money. However when reviews come around, the most anyone usually gets is 25 cents. But I work twice as hard as anyone else there.

Another note- they want to teach me how to bake (it's a bagel/pastry shop), but I'm pretty sure I won't get a wage increase for it. Our bakers get paid more than the cashiers/food prep people (which I am). I want to show them that I can do anything there, and that I can handle the responsibility, but I don't want to take on all these extra responsibilities without a pay raise. I really don't want to tell them, "No, I don't want to learn how to bake if you're not going to pay me for it." but I don't want to lose favor with management.

How do I go about doing this? Do I tell them that I think I deserve it or that I need it? How can I avoid a falling out with them?

(sorry for the novel.) :-)
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what book or mini series I'm talking about?

They showed it as a mini series about 7 or 8 years ago and it was based on a book by Stephen King. It was on a plane and about 8 people fell asleep. When these 8 people woke up everyone else was gone. Some how they managed to land the plane at an airport and then they were stuck there for some reason. The airport was also completely deserted. One of the people who was on the plane was a little blind girl called Dana or Dinah or something like that and she could hear this noise in the distance which scared. No one else could hear this but slowly this noise got louder and louder because whatever was making it was getting closer. I seem to remember that they had to get away before this thing got too close but I don't remember anymore what exactly happened. I think the blind girl died and then at the end the others were standing inside the airport and they started hearing noises or people talking and walking past and one of them realised they had to go out of the way or the people would walk in to them so they all stood in the line against the wall as the people became more visible. Then this littte boy (or girl) said something like "look, new people" and that was the end.
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(no subject)

1. I know you're supposed to eat breakfast, because it jumpstarts your metabolism and all that, but what about water? Does your body still "wake up" and realize it's digesting, even if it doesn't have calories?

2. Any tips on the art of catnapping? I still wake up three hours later, slightly energized but all lethargic and blah. At least I don't get that awful taste in my mouth anymore.
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(no subject)

What are some reality TV music competitions?

The ones I can think of are: Making the Band, Popstars, American Idol, Canadian Idol (well, all the Idols), Nashville Star, and Rock Star INXS...

Any more out there?
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(no subject)

My caserole needs to cook for 35-40 minutes at 425.

My frozen cheesey potatoes need to cook for 30-35 minutes at 350.

I want them both done at the same time.

What should I do?

Can I cook the potatoes at 425 for less time? How much time?

Do I really need to wait until the casserole is done and then lower the temp and then wait another half hour just for potatoes?

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I know when you lose alot of weight, your bust size gets smaller. If you were to exercise and work out, would your bust size still get smaller?

Also, Im very petite but my stomach isn't flat like most girls who are small. I only weigh about 105 pounds, and I just don't understand why I have a 'pot belly'

Does anyone else have that problem?
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever think about blinking, resulting in an inability to blink correctly?
This happens to me far too often. I end up trying to be discrete about watching and copying someone else's blinking.
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Will you click on this link and let me know if it's working or not? I haven't been able to access Squidge from at least three computers for about a week. I was able to get to the welcome/warning page once, but I can't access the stories. Is the site down or is it just me?

www.squidge.org's Housefic

Do you have any idea what the song for the latest milk commercials are? You know - Always grow. Grow all ways.

The lyrics are something like You may wonder why the... sun in your eyes... never tell you a lie... you feel like a rush through your veins you gotta stay on top when you're playing the game.
Meta - Berries

Hello there long-lost friend

How do you go about calling someone that you haven't talked to in at least...oh, two years?

I know at least 2 people I'd like to talk to again. I just think of them sometime...

Do you just call them up and go hello...how've you been, do you still remember me?

These people were all friends, and it's not like we had a fight and never talked again. *grin*

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So, my computer has grown pretty incapable of doing anything. I asked recently about winamp and wmp being unkind, but it seems to run deeper than that. I can't go anywhere that requires flash (window freezes and turns "not responding"-y), I tried downloading flash again and found out I can't download anything (same deal), tried scanning with Norton and it gets stuck at 99 files (the 99th file being HD.BAT, which, as far as google can tell, isn't evil), there's no suspicious processes going, I can't uninstall programs, I just tried scanning with Ad-Aware and it's either taking an inordinate amount of time to finish or simply can't do so, and if it could talk I bet big words would confuse it.
Things I've done/have happened recently:
Norton Anti-Virus subscription expired.
Installed and ran XCleaner.
Mmm, that's all I can think of, of interest. My mother did use my computer a few times without asking, which is only of concern because if she did something, I'll never know what.
Help maybe?

(no subject)

So this guy I like heard that I wanted to go to Buca di Beppo because I love Italian food, so he made surprise reservations for us for this Friday! Since I've never been there, I'm wondering what I should wear. Casual? Classy black-dress type style?

crime and punishment DUE Tomorrow!

Has anyone read "crime and punishment", and listened to this weekends LDS general conference? (and if You have not heard the latter, discuss in general to the following topics!). I have a paper due tomorrow!

And ok. so you dont like lds. fine. Please discuss these four topics in the book:
OR Compare the two in regards to:
1.crime and punishment
2.fall and redemption

Discuss:)(its due tomorrow! please:)

(no subject)

Which songs are the ones you just have to turn the volume WAYYYY up to when they come on the radio?

Mine: Mr. Brightside - The Killers, Something Like That - Tim McGraw, She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5