October 2nd, 2005

To tell or not to tell? What & when?

1) You're friends with Person A. Person A's ex-girlfriend is manipulating him & generally not a nice person, but Person A is super fond of her. Do you tell him & what do you tell him?

2) Person C hurts your feelings every so often because he's a little too self-absorbed -- He doesn't do things out of maliciousness, just thoughtlessness. Do you confront Person C each time he hurts your feelings even though each individual time is minor (& you feel silly discussing your hurt feelings over trivial matters), or do you try to let things go each time until you're so fed up that you explode at him some time in the future?

please answer with any ideas

i am honestly [] this close to running away.
i'll be 18 this november, and my mom says i'm free to go anytime i want even before then.
our relationship sucks, just to make that clear.
so my question is:
what should i do and where should i go???
another country would be great.
are there any backpacking groups of young adults, jet-setters who would like a friend?
i have no job and not much $$...
should i just hitchhike and see where i land?
god i am so lost.
any ideas would be fabulous.
and yes i am dead serious.
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Silly question..

I came to the US about 3 years ago, and so I have strong accent and don't speak perfect english.

is that huge turn off to you?

I can't figure out why I can't have an intimate relationship otherwise.

oh and also..

if you saw someone random on a street, who was staring at you as he/she passed you.
would you think that person was strange/weird?
in ur blank, brains, grunny

A few random questions.

1. About the game Final Fantasy 7, why is it that everyone (in real life, not the game) goes gaga over Sephiroth, Vincent and Cloud? (I like Vincent okay but dislike Sephiroth and hate Cloud with much hate)

2. Would you consider the nickname Izzy to be a male or female nickname?

3. If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get? (Or what do you have, if you already have tattoo(s))

4. Do you play neopets, and would you admit it if you did?

5. Why is it that you can have a whole list of nice, sensible questions in your mind and then when you sit down to type them up they fly away and leave you with things like question 4 up there?

Edit: 6. How can I get my TV to display closed-captioning? It's a Mitsubishi of some sort. If I could get the satellite thing to show closed-captioning that would be just as good. That's a Dish Network satellite thing. (Yes, I know, I don't have a clue. I'll root around and see if I can find better info.) (Yes, they DO put memory-erasing stuff in our food! Isn't that just so... word. Word, thing, you know, that word?)
i can't eat peanuts
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relating the the staring question below...

that staring question got me thinking.

ok. sometimes i'll be walking along and make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. now, i start to feel a little creepy/stalkerish after awhile (on my end), so i always end up breaking the eye contact. whats with this? are you the first to break the eye contact, or do you keep pushing it? what do you think of the people who break the eye contact first? prolonged eye contact really freaks me out. i can't do it.

(no subject)

Have you ever visited England? Where is the best place you have been in England? I live in Bath, Somerset, have done all my life. Just interested in what people think of this country.

lots of questions

Have you ever purchased anything from seeing an informercial? What was it and would you reccomend it to someone else?

What do you use for your wrinkles? I noticed that I have this deep wrinkle between my eyebrow that I want to do something about. Its become quite noticeable.

Do you live by yourself? If not, who do you live with?

If you suddenly had a lot of free time, what kind of things could a person do (alone) to pass the time away?

Whats the definition of a "rebound"? (not sports, but relationship wise) Do people always have one?
Whats the difference between "seeing" someone and "dating" someone?
Does someone have to say something for a relationship to turn into bf/gf status?

Is it the right or left hand that the wedding ring goes on? What about engagement?
What does a "promise ring" signify?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to lower the quality of an MP3 that's already on my computer? I have some that are at 320 or 192, and I would like to make the files smaller so I can fit more things on my MP3 Player.

Lost cards

Have you ever left your card in an ATM? How many times? And why didn't you get your card back?

I work at a lost card reporting center, and probably better than 75% of our calls are from people who had their cards eaten by an ATM. Seems like a silly thing to do, but with that many people I'm probably missing something.

(no subject)

So what is with the mass amount of icons that have a picture of someone holding a needle in there mouth with blood shot eyes? Am I missing something here?

Edit: My deepest apologies that I don't check LJ every day. I get on it maybe once a week. So I miss many entries. But honestly, do you guys have to be such asses just becuase I'm not addicted to LJ?
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(no subject)

Where did the stereotype come from about hitchhiking being dangerous? Movies?

There is this girl at work who has been lying about what I do (says I've been sleeping on the job, stealing, and more stupid shit).
How do I take care of it? I know that the management doesn't like her, and that she has already been suspended once, so do I just wait it out till she gets fired?

What is your opinion on the military?

What is your opinion on people who are extremely anti-whatever?

Do you find people who are extremely religious funny or frustrating?
Especially when they do what the Bible (or whatever they use) says specifically not to?
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working with ex's new gf

Okay, so here's the situation.

I dated this guy for two years. He was...in someways...my first love. I lost my virginity to him. About seven months ago, we broke up because he wasn't in love with me anymore, and because I didn't like anime. I'm not kidding. He said that we didn't have enough in common. It was probably one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life, and it was very, very, very hard to get over it.
I don't talk to him much for about six months, and out of the blue he starts talking to me again because his rebound chick after our relationship broke up with him. We started talking as friends again, he came over a few times (I dyed his hair for an anime con, he installed a dvd drive to my computer).
When he went to the anime con, he ran into this girl that I work with (I'm a bookseller at B&N), that he went to like...middle school with. I already knew this, because we'd talked about her a few times when we were dating, and somehow I told him about a year ago that she would be a good match for him. I really don't remember ever saying that, but now he's throwing it in my face.
When he first started hinting that he wanted to call her/date her, I begged him not to, not because I don't want him to date anyone, but because I just really felt very uncomfortable with the whole situation, what with having to work with her. I'd be fine if I never had to see her, but I work with her. I have to be civil to her. I have to be comfortable in my workplace, and that just won't happen if I have to work with my first love's new girlfriend, the chick that he wanted to be with the whole time he was with me, the chick that is now better than me. He really couldn't understand why I would be upset, and actually said that he was expecting a more positive response for me. Arghh.
So last night, I'm talking to him, and he mentions that he went out last night. He went out on a date with her. Despite my misgivings and my feelings on the situation, he really just doesn't care. He doesn't care that my work situation is in jeopardy because he wants to be with her, of all people.
So now I'm left with a dilemma. I can't quit my job, because I need the money, and I get a really nice discount on books for school, etc. I can't transfer locations, because they're much further away from my house, and it took me a friggin long time to learn where every single section is in the store, and I don't want to start from scratch again. I can ask to only be scheduled at cash, where she rarely is, but that will significantly cut my hours, because that's only one place they could put me at. I can try it for a little bit, but I'm just worried that it will fuck with me both professionally and emotionally.

So...I have no idea what to do. What would you do in this situation? Was I in the wrong, asking him not to date her because it would complicate/jeopardise my job situation?
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(no subject)

My lips aren't chapped, but they feel as if they have stuff on them. Like glittery lipgloss or something that won't come off. And now they're getting rather itchy. What is it and what can I do about it? Oh and I'm not sexually active nor have any known allergies.
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1. Someone posted the other day about old wive's tales that relate to babies. What other ones do you know (not necessarily belive)? I know my mother has a million. The ones that come to mind right away are:
-Don't put new shoes on the table, they'll make your feet hurt.
-If you sing before breakfast, you'll cry before dinner.

2. My husband and I just got a ticket in the mail for our car. It's our first. It says the violation was from 09.08.05, but we never got a ticket on the car. Is that common? The ticket is for "Parking or standing on crosswalk" and the address given is our home address. The car wasn't parked anywhere different than we usually park it. We're going to contest it by mail and we need to send in 'evidence' - so we're going to take pictures of where the car is usually parked and show that it isn't blocking a walkway. Is that good enough? This is Chicago, if that matters.

3a. When eatting pizza - regular, thin crust pizza - and you get sausage on the pizza, do you like it:
-in bigger pieces, in random spots around the pizza
-in tiny little pieces, so that there is equal coverage all over the pizza
3b. Where are you from origanaly?

(no subject)

I'm using a Windows 98 with Internet Explorer. This is my mom's computer. I've deleted the history, temporary internet files, and cookies countless times & I've run programs like Spybot and MRU-Blaster, but it won't delete URLs from the address bar. For example, if I start to type in www.livejournal.com it'll bring up links from communities I've visited before and try to suggest them. How do I delete those??
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(no subject)

I really gotten into thrifting over the summer,
But, I'm trying to find other places (besides Goodwill&Salvation Army) to do so.
So for all you people who are in the NY/NJ region...
Where are the best places to thrift?

(no subject)

Hey guys!

I have a TV question. Cable or DISH? And why one over the other?

Thanks in advance!


Right now I have digital cable. I get all the HBO/Encore Channels along with the hallmark channel, foodnetwork, music channels etc. I don't get DVR. I pay $87.00 a month.

I called DISH net work and they said that I will get all that plus cinemax and dvr for 74.99. If I don't want Encore, I pay 67.99.
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Mind-blowingly awesome commercial

Today, I stumbled across a video of one of the coolest TV commercials that I ever saw. Remember that aggressive advertising campaign for the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999? They aired this incredibly action-packed commercial that was 90 SECONDS LONG! It had
thumping techno music, a motorcycle crash, a giant explosion, even a plane crash!


Now that I look at again, it has quite a few subliminal messages in it.

What was the kickassinest commercial YOU ever saw?


EVERY time I hit the rich text mode on the journal update thing, it takes me to livejournals front page! WHY?! The link even says it's going to the front page! Make it stop :(:(:(

Is this happening to anyone else too?
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(no subject)

Have you ever cried during or at the end of a movie that is not known for making someone cry?

Did someone ever go to you, "You cried at THAT movie?!?!?!"

If so what movie was it?

I will share mine... I cried a bit at the end of Edward Scissor-hands... Hey I thought it was an emotional ending, what can I say......
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we just got a letter, let's see who it's from!

1. Do you throw away unwanted mail into the garbage or do you pass it through the shredder?

2. What about, like, pre-approved credit card offers and stuff?

3. Do you OPEN all mail before scrapping it, even if it looks like junk or credit card offers? Have you ever missed a bill payment because you didn't open an envelope that you thought was junk?

4. What mail do you KEEP? Where do you keep it? How long do you keep it for?
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(no subject)

What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?

- Desperate Housewives, but I tell everyone I love it.
- Gilmore Girls
- Watching a few people I hate fail (at something, regardless). But, that's probably more bitch than guilty pleasure.
- SOME Kelly Clarkson songs
Paw pring

(no subject)

Ok this is more I need advice than an actual question:

I live with a guy that I am not dating... anymore. I have a crush on someone I work with. The guy that I work with knows that I am living with my whatever I should call him. He also knows that things aren't going well. He kind of asked me out generally last week as in "oh you're new in town, maybe if I go out to a party or something I'll give you a call. (2 minute pause) and you can bring your boyfriend or something" I really think he's cute. I feel like I am 13 and giggly, way to be an adult! Anyhow,I'll hopefully see him at work tomorrow. here are the questions:

Is it wrong of me to ask him out since we work together?
If not how should I go about it?
Would it be wrong for me to call him at work on a saturday night when I know he is working and I am off and ask him out?
Do you think I should ask him if he wants to go someplace and catch the football game tomorrow night, we're both huge football fans?

(no subject)

1. Can anyone recommend a good French CD that is purely instrumental?

2. Has anyone been affected directly by the wildfires in Southern California? Is anyone else also bothered by the news coverage they got/are getting? The majority of headlines I see read something like, "Wildfires force some celebrities to evacuate their homes" as if they are the only ones being affected. If I see one more I'm going to go nuts. edit: I only meant headlines referring to celebrities are making me nuts. I don't mind seeing the fires on the news, what bothers me is the bad coverage they are getting.
:) (:
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(no subject)

1. What song(s) makes you dance, regardless of your mood?

2. Am I the only person who, when alone (and not at home), just has to dance? I've been a member of the mile-high dance club for years.

3. That "who" up there. Should it have been whom? I swear I have learned it about five hundred million times, but it just refuses to stick.
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(no subject)

what is the best way to study?

I have a math test this week(we can take the test anytime starting Tuesday night after class) and the review is well done(it's wonderfully short and incredibly direct), but do I do the whole thing at once or do half now and half tomorrow?

I also got a bio quiz tomorrow and I think I just need to read the chapter and review the notes.


(no subject)

Does anyone know how to completely reset/delete the memory from a 4th gen. 20 gb iPod?

Edit: I'm wondering if there's a way to do it without hooking up to the computer. Just by pressing something on the iPod.
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hair help?

i have ridiculously straight and thick hair but i would like to experiment with curly hair. i used to try to use a curling iron and hairspray but that only worked for about an hour before the curls fell flat. even when i sleep with my hair braided/twisted it only stays wavy for a small part of the day. any tips on what kind of (inexpensive) products i could use, or techniques i might try for livelier curls? thanks in advance.

(no subject)

What do you do when you miss somebody really bad but you know you can't talk to them or see them? (example: a relationship that just ended) How do you handle it? Would you call them, even if you knew you shouldn't?

When you're upset/hurt do you try to get your mind off it right away, or think/talk about it a lot to get it all out?

When you lose someone you love, how do you get over them? About how long does it generally take you? Do you even want to get over them?

another lyrics request

I wanna walk up the side of the mountain
I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain
I wanna (something about swimming) I wanna lie in the sun
I wanna be nice to everyone

It's on some car commercial, with a young white couple just riding down the road. I've never heard the full song but I love what I hear of it on that ad. Anyone know what it is??
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Old Rabbit Ears

Does anybody know how to make and hook up one of those old-fashioned coat hanger antennas? (The so-called "rabbit ear" style.) I can't find any how-to sites on Google, and I got an old TV and a coathanger that are dying to mate.

(no subject)

(Sorry for all of the posts here recently, but I've had a lot on my mind)

What is the most important thing to you?

If you just realized that you weren't doing that, what would you do?

Ever have accidental sex with a friend? How did it turn out?

Do you think everyone should go, or attempt to go to college? (Regardless of the financial situation.)

When you lie, do you feel bad about it?

If you were to get a motorcycle, which would you get?

Or, if you don't know the exact one, sport or cruiser?
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(no subject)

Have any of you ever used Aerobed as a regular bed? Opinions?

What things have you ever bought off an infomercial? What did you think of it once you used it yourself?

(no subject)

So, I've heard from just about everyone that's seen it that Serenity is AMAZING. But, they all were Firefly fans, so I'm assuming they're biased.

To people who had never watched the show:

Is the movie any good?