October 1st, 2005

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1. A wet tea bag broke and now I have tea grounds on my living room carpet. Vacuuming isn't helping and paper towel just mushes them further into the carpet. Any ideas on how to get the carpet cleaned?

2. I forgot to give my dog his heartworm pill on Monday, would it be better to give it to him late or just skip this month?
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I may be asking a stupid question or two here, but you guys are knowledgeable.

My computer is from australia, and it operates on windows 2000; however, i now live in france. my questions are these:

1) I want to buy a new keyboard - do I have to buy an "english" keyboard, or would a french one work? i've worked on french keyboards and know how different they are, but does it make them incompatible?

2) I also want to get a new monitor, is there any reason that it wouldn't work?

Cheers you guys!

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iPod question!

So last time I didn't correctly "shut down" my iPod from the computer, and now my iPod is plugged in and everything, but the computer isn't registering there is an iPod. it charges, I just can't update it. help?

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How do 800 numbers manage to field the volume of calls that they do?

How come I KNOW my mother gets the faxes that I send her, but she denies it?

Out of curiosity, are there any communities for stress relief?

What do you do for fun?

If you forget to pay your speeding ticket until after the 30 days are up, can you still pay without having them arrest you?
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Working for the man.

Hey, could somebody explain to me in layman's terms, what "The Man" really means? I have a basic understanding of using it as "working for The Man"

But I was watching an episode of That 70s Show with a friend, when Hyde found out his dad was black, and Hyde goes "Well that explains my hate for 'The Man'" (something along those lines)

And the friend laughs like it was HILARIOUS so I asked him to ecplain it to me and he said it was a penis joke. Um, no it wasn't. I knew that much. But he goes "I'm a guy, I GET penis jokes"

IT WASN'T A PENIS JOKE DAMMIT. But I didn't know how to explain what "The Man" really means so I just let it go.

Can someone help me put it in simple words? =)

While we're at it, can someone explain "Big Brother" to me? haha. "The government?"
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food related question

i have found out in the past few months that at least half of my female friends have had eating disorders, or very high anxiety related to eating on a perpetual basis. i was wondering, for the ladies in this group, how many of you also undergo this, or have undergone it? how many of you never worry about what you eat?

also, men can take a stab at this too. how many of you have eating disorders or are constantly worried about what you eat?


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How do you make egg salad? I'm pretty sure hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise (I don't need any of those green things, ew) but I don't know how much etc.

And...how do you hard boil an egg?
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1. It's October, so I can officially start talking about xmas. Have you started your list yet?

2. Are you offended when people write 'xmas' instead of the real thing?

My answers:

1. I want a few magazine subscriptions, passes to the movies, and gift certificates to clothing stores.

2. Nope. Way back in the day, the name Christ was often abbreviated as as X - technically xmas is correct, too.

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OK... so I've been living in this apartment for 2 and a half months and the only thing I hear from upstairs is the man snoring from time to time... Now, for the second time this week, I've had to listen to them having "relations". And she's a screamer/heavy moaner :S (sorry if that's TMI) I couldn't get to sleep till after 1 on Wednesday because of it (when I had to work at 8 am). Now it happened again last night.
Should I somehow let them know how thin the floor/ceiling are (they're on the top floor so they probably don't realize what I can hear down here) or should I just invest in a good set of ear plugs tomorrow? I should also add that they're a couple in their 40's. If they were my age, I'd probably feel more comfortable approaching them...

Cross posted to my journal...

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inspired by a previous post.

I have an iPod mini. its a 6gb, that we bought in June for $250 (I think) my roommate just bought the 20 gig for $300. Im jealous....should I look into selling my mini for like $200 and getting the 20, should I wait a little longer? Could I sell my 6gb for that? and where could I sell it, except ebay

mp3 players

What are the different manufacturers of larger capacity (4 gig or more) MP3 players?

These are the ones I can think of: iPod (obviously), iRiver, Creative.

I'm thinking of getting an mp3 player for my nephew for christmas, but I have personal issues with iPods. I really don't like them. Although, I don't want him to feel "cheated" because he got something that he may assume is a generic rip off. So should I get him an iPod or should I consider an alternative?

Why don't I like iPods? I HATE iTUNES! That is the most stupid concept ever. I don't want to keep all my music in my PC!

to circ or not to circ

Males in the club: concerning circumsision, Do you think its because you were or were not that you feel the way you do?
have women expressed distaste at your lack of foreskin or did they prefer you that way. Any women get "confused" at the sight of your uncirced penis, or how to handle it?

Women: Do you prefer your sexual partners to be circumcised?
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1. In which year were a large chunk of former Soviet documents declassified? I've googled, to no avail.

2. What book/movie/record do you always forget to buy or watch? For me, it's Fight Club.
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How much do your medical expenses need to be before you can deduct them (or whatever - I don't know the correct terminology) from your taxes? Is it a set amount? Or is it a percentage of your yearly income?
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Do you have high standards for your acheivement? If so, are they higher than everyone else's standards for you?
I ask because I definitely do. I'm writing college essays right now and I've come to realize that even if I get in with a crappy essay, I will be upset with myself because I didn't do my best. The essay could be good enough for admissions officers but not for me, you know?
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1. Is it inappropriate or disrespectful for a woman to wear pants (dressy) to a wedding for an ultra-traditional couple and family? What about to a wedding reception if she didn't attend the actual wedding?

2. Is it possible to get an aged a yellowed wedding dress back to a bright white? Have you ever done it or know anyone who has?

3. Do you consider it weird to dress a baby girl in blue clothes? Would you care (as a hypothetical parent) if strangers said something like "What a cute little boy!" because she was dressed in blue?

4. Do you consider it weird to decorate a baby girl's room in boy-themed or blue bedding and accessories?

ADD & Sex

For those of you who know you have ADD or ADHD, does it take you a long time to orgasm, either alone or with some one?

Also, do you become more focused after an orgasm?

Just trying to figure out some personal experience...
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please don't flame me for this...

I know this is a bit judgemental, but sometimes I'm just so taken aback and digusted when I see someone on LJ who's having sex at like, 16 years old or under. I remember how ready I thought I was when I was that age, when I really wasn't at all. High school is so horrible as it is, add a sex life, and...I just don't think that they're ready to deal with that.

So my question is, do you ever have these same thoughts when you see someone who wasn't even alive to see the 80s, openly talking about having sex? Is it really that judgemental to think that they're just not prepared for everything that goes along with it?
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How would you handle having a boyfriend whose mother you could not stand? What if you could not stand her, but your boyfriend thought she was the closest thing ever made to perfection?
I don't HATE my bf's mom, but I certainly don't love her like he wishes I did. She's a religious fanatic who lives in another reality. She has no personality other than being a servant of God. She's actually pretty scary. My bf knows she's a little (a lot!) wacko, but he excuses it because she "doesn't know better" and "lives in another world". She cheated on her husband and suffered no consequences for it because she's just "crazy Julie". She thinks if God allows her to do something it's not wrong because God would not allow her, his own right hand, to sin. It's so crazy!
I'll never love the woman, I'll never even like her probably. How do I keep my bf happy without having to pretend I think his mommy is heaven sent?

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who knows of a green earthy leafy fresh scented lotion?

i recently bought a body wash from target called "olive leaf" that smells devine. i would love a lotion or body spray that smells like that.

i looked at bath and body today and found nothing i liked or that compared.

any ideas?
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1. Have you ever gone shopping for pants and not been able to find any that were small enough to fit you? I wear size 30-32. Out of four giant racks of convertible nylon pants, I found only two pairs of 32s, and they were both way too short for me. It says something about America when someone who's physically fit has trouble finding a pair of pants.

2. What use does someone with a 50-inch waistline have for high-performance sportswear? Seems a bit ironic, doesn't it? (Or maybe they don't have a use for them, which is why there were like 200 pairs of them just sitting there.)
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public opinion

I'm thinking of getting this camera. I tend to take a lot of random pictures, and my old HP 2 megapixel camera isn't cutting it anymore. I was wondering what any of you thought, and then the question remains, Target, or Best Buy?

I am looking in the $200-$300 range, if you want to suggest a better camera, too. Preferably one from either Target or BB, thanks!
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At work, all I have to do is say hi to customers and wander around the shop neatening things. it's fine, but it does get boring. I do talk to people, but sometimes I know I'm getting annoying.
any suggestions for games/ hypotheticals / etc. that you can play in your mind to waste long amounts of time? I can't just sit down and read because my boss is always like "keep. neatening."

when I played cricket one day as an out-fielder I learnt the alphabet backwards. and making up conversations/ situations can of course be good too. these kinds of things???? please, please I'd love to know some good ways!