September 30th, 2005

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1a. Have you ever written your own phone number on a bathroom wall or any other similar public place? Why'd you do it? Did you get any calls?

1b. Have you ever written anybody else's phone number on a bathroom wall? Why'd you do it? Did they find out it was you?

1c. Have you ever called a phone number that was written on a bathroom wall? Why'd you call? What happened once you called?

2. When a random stranger approaches you just to ask for your phone number, how do you respond?

3. Can you lick your own nipples? Easily or with effort?

4a. Do you have a "text message me" link on your userinfo page? Has anybody ever texted you? Did you know who it was?

4b. Have you ever texted anyone via their userinfo link? Was it someone you knew and did you make your identity known?

4c. If not, what stops you from texting anyone?
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1. My student loan interest rate is 6.7%. Is this high, low, or average?

2.Can you recommend a place to get a student loan when both you and the cosigner have minimal (but good) credit?

I got turned down at the banks last year because I pretty much have no credit and my cosigner only has a cell phone bill and her student loans that are both paid on time for credit. I had to resort to, which i'm not thrilled with but the only other places I see to get loans are the public companies like Sallie Mae, whom I heard sucks.

3. How much debt do you have from student loans?

4.My Antivir virus program seems to be outdated every single day. I go and I update, but the next date it tells me theres another new version. Is Antivir updating that quickly or is there something weird going on?

Recycle Bin on PC

Do you use the Recycle Bin in it's intended manner or as a temporary storage for files?

Do you delete items and then empty the bin or amass a collection of items to delete when you think of it later?
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So my bras have been dying off one by one but instead of replacing I've just been chucking and moving on. Well this morning I thought, hmm...where have all my bras gone? I'm down to like two bras. So I am now forced to go bra shopping (a loathsome task) and I plan on buying many many many bras so I don't have to go bra shopping again for a very very long time.

So ladies....what are your favorite kinds of bras? any must haves? who makes your favorite bras?

And I don't want to leave the guys out or anything, guys you can tell me what your favorite bras are too if you'd like.
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Any recommendations for ringtone sites? Preferably free, but they don't have to be.

I prefer odd ringtones like anime themes, tv shows, cartoons, video games, not some long annoying pop song ringtone.
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Age crisis? :)

I noticed that my friends and lj-users in general tend to remove year of birth from their details.

At first the most people do have full birthday date in their info but then many of them erase it or just delete year of birth. As my statistics shows for every 8 users who erase birthdate information there is only one who adds it.

What makes people conceal their age in LJ, especially after they have been here for a while?
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What is a really great not very well known or less covered jazz song?
I'm gonna sing it for my voice class recital type thing.


edit: what is a good jazz song along the likes of 'in the wee small hours?'
something deep and fun at the same time.
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Police checks?

Has anyone filled out one of those forms before to request a screening? I'm going to volunteer in a school so I have to fill one out but I have a few questions. It's a Vulnerable Sector Screening, not a full-out criminal record check, which the police website said is a different item, and is not for people like me who are seeking employment/volunteer opportunities with children.

#1 Where it says "current address", do I put my residence address (I'm living on-campus) or home address?

Also, would it be wise to put my residence address as my current one, because the address on my photo ID (my driver's license) will not be the same address? (My license has my home address on it.)

#2 And for home phone number, should I just put my residence number?

#3 LASTLY, from your experience, do these things take long to process? I'm hoping to get it "while-I-wait" but I just want to know if it's one of those things that take a month.

Haha, sorry for all the questions... take care! :) ^^
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My printer does not.... clear it's cache every time it prints - I have to turn it off and back on manualy to print anything.
Why? And how can I fix it?
(It's a Dell.... mod4el 720, or something like that)

Also, anyone know where I can get a free or cheap music editing software online? It doesn't even have to be very good.

mleh, random questions.

1. do you often think of great questions throughout the day to post here, but by the time you get to the computer, you can't remember them? i do this all the time.
2. what's a good recipe site that you can look up things by multiple ingredients? preferably one that doesn't have a zillion popups/blinking advertisements.
3. for the past few nights, i've been having WICKED nightmares. what causes us to have nightmares? how can i make it stop?
4. what gives you heartburn? i've never had it.
5. do you tag your entries? i don't.
6. i'm going to rent a movie tonight, but the rinky-dink place near me only has new releases. what's a good newer movie i could rent?
7. have you ever obliterated a small village? if no, would you like to? why?
8. what do people in communities do that pisses you off?


9. why are there 2342309482093 tags on every entry in this community? they were on this entry, i deleted them, and they are still there. what gives?
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Wedding Bands

For those who are (or were) married and wear wedding bands/engagement rings:

1) When do you NOT wear your wedding band?

2) Do you go to bed with it on?

3) Do you make love with it on?

4) Does your spouse wear his or her ring more or less frequently than you do, and does this bother you?

My Answers:

1,2,3) Considering that I'm recently married, I wear mine at all times except in the bathroom (regardless of what I'm doing) or in the kitchen when I'm doing dishes. Otherwise I wear it at ALL times.

4) My husband takes his off when he sleeps, and he likes to play with it a lot. I give him a lot of crap about it but I'm fine with it, really...
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Weird questions:

1)If my plane lands in Milan at 7:45 AM, and I have to be boarding my connecting flight by about 9:45, is that enough time for me to leave the airport and have breakfast, and get back to the airport?

2)If it is, in fact, feasible, does anybody know anyone in Milan who would like to meet a hapless American for breakfast on Wednesday morning?
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Do you ever feel bad when you "lie" to your LiveJournal? For example, when you tell a half-truth or not even the truth at all, because of what the people who read it might think?

Do you find that tremendously ironic?
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So what happens if I DO miss my connecting flight in Milan? Even if its not my fault ;-) Do I have to pay for another flight? Do they just put me on the next one? Etc, etc, and so on....

(no subject)

What do you think of including voter information in languages other than english? (for example, you go to the polls and have the choice of having the ballot/voting machine display everything in chinese/spanish/german, etc.)

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Has anyone ever done their fafsa, put the max number of colleges down and then needed to add another college?

Ive been trying to get ahold of someone to ask how I would do it, but I keep getting put on hold forever or I get the answering machine.
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College Applications and Admissions

How many colleges did you apply to (or are going to apply to)?

Which ones did you (or will you) apply to?

How many accepted you?

Where did you decide to go? Were you or are you happy with your decision?

Did you use the same essay for each college, or did you write several?
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1. Is there anyone here that has no piercings whatsoever? Not even earrings? Why not? If you're opposed to piercings for whatever reason, are you opposed to tattoos as well?
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2. If you say something funny in a certain kind of voice (funny/cutesy/annoying/deep/scratchy) for effect of the joke and the intended recipient(s) doesn't hear it clearly and asks you to repeat it -noncommitally or not- do you repeat what you said? Do you also repeat it in the same voice you used?
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I just moved into my first apartment and I'm a little lonely. At home, I had a dog, so I'm looking for a pet. I'm a student and will be working soon (hopefully) so I it can't be anything too high maintanance. Somewhere between fish and cats/dogs.

So what do you think is a good pet?

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Do any of you happen to know or have a list of the shows that are ending this week or next then coming back at the end of October or beginning November because of NLB playoffs?

I know of only Prison Break and The O.C. so far.


Does anyone have any remedies for headaches that don't involve ibuprophen? I get tension headaches, but I don't like to take ibuprophen or other pain meds because I have issues stomaching them. Mostly I think it's that I have a bad back, but that can't be helped too much. I can't fall asleep unless I'm on my stomach, so laying a different way won't help it. I have a great mattress that's not too soft or too firm and I have a good pillow...and still my back hates me. Anyway, does anyone have some suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.
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How do you figure out your GPA?

Like, I got my final marks for one unit...97% - what would my GPA be?

It would be nice to be able to figure it all out heh. We don't really use GPA in Canada, as far as I know. At least not in high school or anything, I've never seen it used. So excuse my ignorance.


.1. are hairless cats also hypoallergenic? i LOVEEEE kitties but i am also allergic, and it's bad enough that i wouldn't get one unless i was 100% unaffected by it.

.2. have you ever tried a boba drink (a.k.a. bubble tea)? did/do you enjoy them?

.3. i really want my hair past my shoulders again. is there ANY way to make it grow faster, other than some shady late-night infomercial something or other?

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In Microsoft Excel 03, I have a list of things, but we added numbers so now they're all mixed up. 1-3-8-7-2 etc etc. I know how to get column A in numerical order but how do I make it so the rest of the row stays with the number?
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Inspired by an earlier thread...

Would the word hegemony be at all etymologically related to the word "homogenous"? Even at all?

If not, what is the etymological root?

I know of no other word that is similar enough to it that I can even begin to tell.
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Law and Order

Did anyone catch the second half of the two-episode Law and Order that aired this week? One was on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday? I recorded it, but for some reason, it didn't end up working. It was on at 10 on Wednesday on NBC, I think. It had a plot similar to the movie "Heartbreakers" (well, at least as far as the mother/daughter scheming goes). If anyone saw it, could you tell me what happened?
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1. Your SO invites you to dinner with their parents who you've met a few times before. At the dinner table, would it make you more uncomfortable if they were excessively polite, making the conversation feel forced OR if they blatantly ignored you and talked to everybody but you, even when you tried to speak out?

2. If you felt awkward around your SO's parents or family, would you refuse to ever be around them or would you suck it up and accept that it comes with the territory?

3a. If your SO refused to be around your parents or family because they made them feel awkward, would you be OK with them completely avoiding them (including only coming over after they've gone to bed and leaving before they wake up) or would you expect them to suck it up?

3b. If the former, what if you were married or had kids together? Would you still be ok with them never coming to family events or holidays?

3c. If the latter, how would you encourage them to just deal with it?

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Let's say you are on page 5 of yoour LJ friends page. You comment on an entry. Now how do you get back to the spot you were at without starting from page one again and forwarding through?
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Is too much marmite bad for you?

I've kind of got addicted in the last week, and it says on the side of the jar that the recommended amount is 4g. I'm pretty certain I exceed that. It's rich in vitamin B too, apparently...

Can anyone shed any light on this?
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