September 29th, 2005

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What's the most embarrassing place you've ever thrown up?
This past July 4th I went to see the fireworks in Manhattan, and threw up excessively in a crosswalk on the way back to Penn Station. I threw up again when I got to the sidewalk, and a few more times before getting there.
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interview attire

After filling out a few applications, I got 2 call backs and an interview tomorrow for Chuck E Cheese's. The manager told me to "dress nice". I'm planning on wearing a brown nice casual top and a black knee-length skirt.

1. I found dressy black shoes that have 2 inch heels and are open in the back (slip ons). Is this appropriate to wear?
2. How should I do my hair? I usually just keep it down, naturally. Should I put it in a half ponytail? (My hair is normal now, not blue anymore)
3. I have on purple nail polish. Do you think that is unprofessional?
4. When an employer has asked you "Do you have any questions for me?" at the end of the interview, what are the questions you asked?
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1. How many times have you been called for jury duty?

2. Have you been picked to sit on a jury? What was the case you were hearing about?

3. Totally not-jury 2001, I took a trip to Atlantic City, and I was flipping through the channels and came across a music station like MTV. I can't remember the name of it, but I know it was just one letter, like "X" or "Q"..something like that. I have never seen this channel before or since. Does anyone know what channel I'm talking about? I wonder if it's just something in AC or the hotel (Tropicana).
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to college kids:

1- what year are you?

2- how old are you?

3- for those who didnt go to school at home, do you still feel like your parents house is your "home?"

4- if not, does that bother you? does it bother them? how do you deal?

dont read this if you dont know about biological stuff

the other night i suffered from the runs it was so horrible. so i want to know why we have the runs? like why was i peeing poo out of my ass and it wouldnt stop, i made so many trips to the bathroom.

also why when im poopin while having the runs to i get cold sweats and feel light headed? i felt like i was gonna pass out.

is it worthwhile getting a chlonic irrgiation so i dont have to have runs? the poo looked all watery and stuff, so nasty. i dont want to get that again, so how do i avoid it?

have you ever been suffering from runs while working? how did you handle that? what did you say to your boss?


Interview Questions

In about an hour I'm going to my 2nd interview for a Sr IT position at an accounting firm. I'm meeting with the main partner who is an accountant for lunch and then back to the office to talk about an offer.

On my first interview I didn't have good questions to ask him. What is a good question I can ask him?

What should I talk about at lunch?

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I am also looking into taking Jujitsu classes. That's a bit more complicated, since I am not even sure that that's what I want. To the females who are reading this:

Have you ever taken martial arts classes (as adults)? What art was it?

How did you find the place and register?

Are you still taking them? If not, why not?


These questions are about the first birthdays (yours and theirs) you and your SO celebrated together, as a couple.

1. What present did you give your SO for their b'day?

2. What present did you get for yours?

3. Do you think the first birthday is extra special, and requires an extra thoughtful gift?

(I had a lot of trouble wording this question so it makes sense and I still don't think it's perfect!!)

Old Wives Tales

Have you ever heard that you are not supposed to cut a baby's hair before it is a year old? I have heard it but I don't know the reasoning behind it.
Have you heard that tickling a baby will make him stutter?
How about that cats suck the breath out of babies?
Here, in the south, everyone is full of old wives tales. Is it like that where you live?
What are some ols wives tales that you have heard?

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If your professor says you can bring in any articles you may come across about *insert topic* to share with the class, should you just bring in the original/one print-out if it's online/1 copy or make enough for the class (if it's not a huge class of course)? Not sure what to do, and I don't know if it'll look dumb if I come into class with a stack of copies that who knows who is even really interested in it. I only have around 15 students in this particular class.
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food questions

1. is it okay to substitute soy milk for real milk when cooking?

2. how do you know when eggs have gone bad?

the milk and eggs won't be used together. i'm not baking or anything, but i was curious. thanks in advance.


Tomorrow I am driving an hour and a half to visit with friends for a fun night out dancing and drinking. I want to make a car CD so I ask you - What are some of your favourite bar songs? Or song that get you excited to go out and dance with friends?

two entirely unrelated questions

1. CAR-RELATED. Today, when I was getting an oil change, I hear the words, "I seem to have lost one of the bolts holding your air filter on.. but don't worry, there are three others and a clip still holding it on, so that's fine." Uh.. do I have to worry? Should I buy another bolt or does it really not matter?

a. I've been slacking with Desperate Housewives this season, because it interfered with Rome on HBO, which I love even more than DH - however, I realized Rome plays about 30x a week, so I can watch DH, yay! But now, I missed the first two episodes of the season, and online spoiler things aren't really doing it for me. What did I miss? Something about Bree at Rex's funeral, and some new characters, and some person in a basement? What?

b. I've watched Lost maybe a total of 3 times. What's the hype? Isn't it just a bunch of people stranded on an island, or is there more to it? Someone suggested something about monsters or aliens to me, but I'm confused. ;)

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what's the scariest scene in a movie you've ever seen?

mine: in "the ring" when rachel rushes over to noah's apartment and slams open the door and finds him turned around in the chair and when she walks up to the chair and turns it around. the look on her face and the way she screams is so scary because they don't show his face, you make it up in your own head what she's seeing based off of what the katie girls' face looked like in the beginning. the way there is no music or anything and the scene is so eerie because of the water on the floor and the snowy tv. gah. another question though, haha; how did he get in the chair if he died on the floor?

Exfoliator suggetions?

What works really good for major exfolaiton? I have tried scrubs/soap (doesn't seem to have any effect), loofas (doesn't get it all and makes my skin sore) and soaking in a bath and then trying a loofa, scrub, etc - and I can never seem to get all the dead skin from my arms, under my, um, chesty bits, my ankles/legs (even after shaving), shoulders etc.

I have trouble exfoliating my face fully, too.

The only thing that really seems to get it is a pumic stone, but that's way too harsh for my face/soft skin, esp. on a daily basis. Scrubbing the areas with a dry towel after I get out of the shower seems to work ok, but that gunks up me and the towel. :)

What do you use that works really well (chemical or physical)?

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this is kinda.. dumb.

But when you wanna write something over a picture, how do you do it without cutting out some of the picture with a white square?

Im not sure if anyone knows what im saying.

do you need certain softwear or can you use paint?

Probably been asked before, but..

Do you lead a "double life" on Livejournal? I know, I do. I have another user name mainly due to the fact that on that user name I am involved in some communities I'd frankly rather my friends (both real life and internet) and such not know I'm involved in. Yeah yeah, I'm a terrible person. Right.

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So any time between 1920-1990 was called the 20s..60s..90s and the time between 1900-1919 is often referred to the early 1900's..
So what do you guys think a good name would be for the time period we're currently living in?

Also, what is the most frequently asked question in this community?

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A. My car has gone 2300 miles since the oil was last changed, but it's been three months. Should I wait until it's been 3000 miles or get the oil changed now?

B. If you could have any kind of donut made for you, what would it be?

(Mine would be a boston creme donut with chocolate icing all over the outside and rolled in toasted coconut.)

C. Does the outside of your microwave get warm if you use it for a long period of time? I cooked something for 6 minutes yesterday and the outside metal part of the microwave was very very hot. I don't remember that happening before, but I don't use it all that much.

Society questions

I was reading an article in Vanity Fair about Paris Hilton and a tidbit caught my attention.

"We're in the most aggressively anti-intellectual, anti-literate, anti middle-class discourse. The American population is being literally hypnotized by affluence and hypnotized by consumer goods. She's like Muzak: 'It's all right. What's the big deal? Doesn't matter if people are killing people in your name. Just go to the mall."---Naomi Wolf.

These are some questions that brewed in my head for this community.

1) Is this something that was developed within the past decade or is this something that has been going on for a long time? Is this the same as the 1980's which were really materialistic under the Regan era?

2) Have you felt sucked in to all of this? Do you feel like you're striving more for bigger and better THINGS at the expense of other aspects of your life?

3) What do you think somebody like Paris Hilton represents to the American society?

4) For those of you who are not American, what do you think that Paris Hilton represents? Do you have a Paris Hilton type figure in your country? Who is she? What is the national opinion of her?

5) For those of you who aren't American, do you think that Naomi Wolf's quote could apply to your country's society?

6) A friend of mine said that we are living in the spiritual and psychological dark ages. Do you agree with this?

7) On a scale of 1-10, how materialistic do you think your country/society is? Please state where you are from.

8) How has this quest for material things affected you throughout your life? How did it affect you as a teenager, twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something etc? Did your need for status type things increase or decrease as you got older? Or were you never affected by these things?

That should keep you guys occupied for a bit.
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music lagging!

okay, i have a laptop and im using Windows XP. I have 800 Mhz.
I don' know what other info to give, but whenever I play music, on anything, winamp, WMP, it gets bumpy. It lags a lot in spots. Yesterday night it was working fine, and now it's back to being lame.

Any ideas how to fix this problem? Let me know if you need more info. Argh. It's very frustrating.

edit: when i unplugged the laptop and ran it on started not skipping. i don't understand! i got rid of spyware and everything. sigh.
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Just curious...

Anyone here watching the new show on Fox, "Reunion"?

If so, who do you think is the one who dies? Who do you think pulled the trigger? No fair answering if you already know the answer via spoiler sites.
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Help, Kiwis and Aussies

I’ve been meaning to post this for months, but I keep forgetting.

I was in NZ and Australia in January and watched a bit of TV there. I saw an adorable children’s show on Channel 9 (I think), sometime in the morning, but I never wrote down the name and I can’t find it online.

All I remember was there were lots of different puppets, in vibrant colors made of similar material as the Muppets. Some looked like they had full humans inside, and some appeared to be elaborate hand puppets. I believe one character was supposed to be a wombat, and there was also a bird character. I think all the mammals were marsupials.

The entire set was a similar color scheme as The Teletubbies.

Could you help me out, here? I just want to see some pictures and know the name of the show. :-) Thanks!

Edit: themezzanine wins!

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So, Bac-Os, as seen in our community icon. I didn't know what they were (thanks to the link in the user info I do now).

But yesterday I bought some delicious juice, and who happens to make it? Bacos do.

Have you ever seen Baco brand juice? I'm in Australia, it appears to be an Aussie brand.


Do you use drugs recreationally?

If yes, are they illegal, prescription only, or available OTC at pharmacies?
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1. Are you good at taking advice and constructive criticism or do you get defensive?

2. A. What are you most self-conscious/insecure about regarding your appearance?
B. What are you most self-conscious/insecure about regarding your personality?

3. A. What are you most confident about regarding your appearance?
B. What are you more confident about regarding your personality?
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DVD Burner Help

My once happy DVD-Writer/CD-Writer Combo (Lite-On DVD+RW SOHW-802S) burner no longer recognizes DVDs: I put a blank one in and it's as though nothing was put into the drive. When I try to burn files to a blank DVD, I get an error message saying that the disk is full and/or the computer is unable to copy the files to the disk.

It has no problems burning regular CDs, or reading CDs/DVD+Rs (including DVD+Rs made from the same spindle of disks that I'm having problems getting the burner to recognize now). The drivers and Windows are both up-to-date.

Help! I'm making some very expensive coasters here O_o


Wasn't there a community somewhere for moderators of communities? Like a place where mods come to talk about and give advice on moderating?

I tried searching LJ via interests, but there's way too many communities to wade through.

Thanks in advance.
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music: behind the scenes.

My (rather small) school is hosting a Christian music festival next weekend called ShoutFest. They're asking people to volunteer to work the show - merchandise, maintenance, load in/load out, hosting the games, and there's a position for someone to work with the production manager. I'd like to volunteer for that position if only for the experience with the behind the scenes part of the music industry (I'd like to get involved with the music industry on a music level but I'll take what I can get), so can anyone tell me what I might be doing other than dealing with setlist changes and shuttling back and forth between backstage and front of house (which is what I'm sort of expecting)? Has anybody here had any experience volunteering at ShoutFest?

For the record, I have no experience dealing with behind the scenes/technical/logistics of productions either theatrical or musical in nature. I just love the music and want to learn more about the industry and meet some people who do this for a living.

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okay, so My boyfriend has been really sad lately. theres alot of crap going on in his life. Can you guys think of any creative ways to cheer him up? I was thinking about making a collage or something. I don't have much money..

he likes animals (dolphins and pug dogs)
hes straightedge.
he likes movies
and scrabble
and tons of music.

anyone have any ideas? Ill take anything!

and im not sure if thats allowed or not... so I'll post another question.

What has been something you overheard someone say that has completely disguested you? like, you just couldn't believe that that just came out of their mouth?

thanks everyone.

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I need to figure out a topic for a research paper. This is going to be a pain, because this is the most difficult part for me. I have no idea what interests me. I like Psychology, but pfft. I tried to write a paper last term and it was horrible. It wasnt specific enough and it was too broad. I dont know I dont know I dont know. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Internet Time Out? I think so...

I have an issue with my internet. I don't know why but it doesn't allow me to access any site that I know is working. It tells me at first that the site has timed out (or is it the connection?) and then when I refresh it, I have to hit various times just so that the page can load. My messages from AIM won't get through inmediately. I'm confused. Why is it acting this way? do I have a virus? what's wrong with my computer?
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RP help

I need help with an RP I'm doing.

My character was training to fight with knives, and she wasn't bad but she could be better. She ended up wounded so there will be a few weeks where she can't train. However due to the fact that she was injured trying to help her best friend (and failing) she's going into "I must become the perfect fighter" angst mode. She can't train as I said so what could she be doing for a couple weeks to elaborate on this? Mental excercises, reading, I'm really open to suggestions here.
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