September 28th, 2005

liquid crack

.1. energy drinks- what's your favorite? how do they affect you? crazy stories?

.2. why does my dishwasher not DRY the dishes fully????? this is sooooo annoying when it's my turn to unload!

.3. best product to keep heels of feet really soft and smooth?

just two.

Do you think there are differences between dating a classmate and dating a coworker? Explain.

Have you ever reconciled a relationship with someone you'd broken up with? How long had it been since the breakup and how did you know it was a good idea to try again?

Which do you think is more attractive on a female: Big boobs with a big stomach or small boobs with a small stomach?

Being at home sick

Gee, this is a great community. I'm happy that bridgelene told me about this.

I'm at home sick with tonsillitis, so I'll probably spend a lot of time either in bed or online.

I figured sick related questions would be appropriate at the time. =P

1. What is the absolute WORST you thing you ever caught?

2. What do you like to eat when you are sick?

3. When do you call in sick? Are you a trooper who goes in even though you're at death's door or do you call in for every sniffle?

4. What TV shows do you like to watch when you're battling the bugs?

5. Do you like to be babied or left the hell alone?

6. Are you crabby when you don't feel well?

7. How do you balance taking care of kids?

8. If somebody barfs near you, do you end up having the urge to barf along with them?

9. Does your pet stick by your side and try to make you feel better?

10. What hottie would you like to have nurse you back to health?
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Happy Eternal Moon


Does anyone know where I can hear the song Eminem's Mom did that dissed him?? I have always been curious and when I hear "Cleanin' Out My Closet" I want to know what she said.

Thanks!! *smile*
Me--State Fair


Okay, like a lot of people online, I caught a Trojan...AVG got it yesterday, and deleted it. I had followed some directions I had found online, and it said to turn off system restore when deleting viruses, etc. I didn't, and now, naturally, the virus has popped up in a system scan, in a system restore file.

(yes, I'm thinking of getting a Mac when I get a laptop...!)

Anyway. Now that it's been caught on the system restore, AVG will delete it...but before it does, should I shut off system restore? Should I do anything? I've been dealing with this since Saturday, so I've about had it. Thoughts?

morning time;

you are reading a newspaper, holding it up in front of your face (old man in the movies style). if someone talks to you that provokes a response requiring you to answer while making eye contact, which corner do you fold down? and do you fold it towards you, or away from you?

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misc - cemetery

(no subject)

What sort of music do you listen to in the morning, when you're getting ready for and on your way to school or work? Do you have any particular songs you like to listen to to get you pumped up and awake?
birthday girl!

Getting my nosebone OUT of my nose

Ok. Got my nose pierced, put my cute little nosebone in. It's been in there for 5 happy months. Well now I want to change it to ANOTHER nosebone and well crap I can't get it out. Anyone have any suggestions???? The only thing I can think of is lubing it up real good with some neosporin, biting down on a facecloth and just taking it like a man.
why?!??! me

(no subject)

Okay ummm, Amazon question. I pre-ordered something (We Love Katamari, if you must know) which was released on 9/20 but that I haven't yet received. I looked it up and it said this:

Order Placed: September 15, 2005

Shipment #1: Not Yet Shipped

Shipping estimate: September 20, 2005
Delivery estimate: September 26, 2005

So um. WTF?? Anyone have any idea why this hasn't shipped yet?

I'd appreciate some computer help

I have some malware type crap on both my work and home computers. The home comp is worse off. Persistant pop ups. I've run both comps through Ad-Aware and Spybot and it didn't really do much, so I'm guessing it's a virus. What are the best ways you people have found in dealing with viruses (besides reformatting).

Also, as of today, my speakers are no longer producing sound. They were yesterday and they're fairly new. Can a virus affect sound? What do you suppose that's all about? Can it be fixed?

At home, I have some kind of program that acts as a safeguard against nefarious activity on my computer. Lately, it's been saying that there's a trojan on my computer. I know there's numerous trojan removers I can download, but I can't be sure which ones are any good. Have any of you had a trojan and successfully removed it by a downloaded program?
Cadbury Creme Egg

(no subject)

Hey, what's with all the icons of people with a syringe and red eyes?

Kidding. Seriously now. I'm having a wee bit of computer trouble and was I hoping there would be a few kind people willing to help me out.

Due to various reasons, I have to uninstall everything on my computer and put it back the way it was when I first got it. I have to re-install Windows, basically, so I'll be starting again with a blank slate. Of course, there are some files I need and don't want to lose in the move. I originally thought I'd just get a few of these, but it turns out I have over 15 gig of files - I'd have to buy quite a few of those - that I really cannot lose (a lot of it is for school). I also can't use CDs, because one of the reasons I need to reset everything is because of a corrupt CD driver. I can't afford to spend to much on this - $150 would be my maximum amount.

Thus I pose my question to you, kind reader: is there anyway I can move about 15 gig of files from one computer to the other without paying an exorbitant amount of money or using CDs? I was thinking about something along the lines of wiring the two computers together and trying to transfer everything that way, but I'm not sure how to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou all so much.
call me vera

Fun homework?

What's the coolest essay you ever wrote? It doesn't have to be the best one, but which one did you have the most fun with?

Or if it wasn't an essay, what's the most fun assignment you've done?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

Can you ten-key?

Without looking at a register or calculator, can you count back the correct change?

Edit: Ten-key is the ability to accurately and rapidly enter data using a numeric keypad. If you have a standard keyboard (and in a really warped way, on a laptop) look to the right. The numbers there on the right side? Looking like an upside-down phone pad...? Ten-key is when you use that (or a calculator with that set-up) to quickly enter in numeric data. I ten-key UPC labels and tracking numbers, things like that.
birthday girl!

Non milk?

For those who are lactose intolerant or simply enjoy the flavor of non milk products, can one recommend to me a yummy milk alternative for someone who LOVES LOVES LOVES drinking milk but is tired of crapping her brains out??

Thank you MUCH.


Is there a good budgeting program that I can download for free? My computer came with Microsoft Money 2002 but I have never used it until last night and I can't seem to get it to work. It wants to update itself but it also expects my internet connection to be dial up. It also wants to connect to my bank but it wants me to provide a PIN and I can't seem to pick the right one. Anyway, I have given up on it.

How do you even make a budget other than list you income and then your expenses? Are there other things that you factor in too?

Any tips for sticking to a budget? I'm terrible at it but would like to get better.

My husband and I have a joint checking account. Do you and your significant other have a joint account or do you keep seperate ones? Why?

What's a good percentage of my income to be saving every month? I'd like to have money directly deposited to a savings account and and then an additional amount to go in a bank acount for my daughter. She's just a baby so I guess it would be for college.
death of rats

(no subject)

Have you ever had someone on the phone with you just have a complete brain misfire? I answered the phone at work today, and a lady asked for an employee who's first name is Horace. She pronounced it "Or-ah-say", like it was a Hispanic name. (And his last name is not a hispanic name at all).
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(no subject)

so you have a friend, this friend knows when your birthday is but doesnt even bother to call and wish you happy birthday. Do you get upset or let it go?

**Edit: this persons birthday is a few days before mine so i dont think its a case of forgetting

Network Adapter?

I just bought a cable modem and while installing it last night it said that I needed a network adapter. Can anyone tell me what kind I should buy? I dont want to get taken for a ride by some sales person because I have no clue what I am dealing with here. (I was thinking of going to best buy) I have a E Machines T3256, 3200+ AMD Athion XP Prosseser, 160 GB if that helps.

Summer puppy by ninneve

(no subject)

1. How many tv's do you have in your home/apartment?
2. Do you pay the cable bill for each one or splice wires/cables?
3. How much time do you spend watching tv every night?

My answers
1. 4
2. We splice, only one is paid for.
3. 2-4 hours, depending on whats on that night.
chicken legs

(no subject)

What kind of dishtowels are best to buy? (The ones I have seem to have some sort of Scotchgard on them that won't go away and makes doing anything with them ineffective and clunky.)

Do you have many of them? A separate laundry basket for them?

What do you use to clean your countertops? Just hot water and towels?
Me--State Fair

hello, idiot

I was fixing myself supper before night class, and I cut my thumb cutting a tomato. OUCH!

What's the dumbest thing you've done today?

ETA: then when I went out to eat with the guy, I caught my belly ring on my belt. OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(no subject)

I hate ants. Saw a program the other night about ants in other parts of the world that made me adore mine, though. There are ants as long as a finger in Africa. They eat mammals. They kill them by "invasion of the lungs." They even kill elephants by "invasion of the trunk." These things make my little ants look like innocent specks. There's ants in Tasmania that have a killer sting, people die in about 4 or 5 minutes if they're allergic, and 1 in 1,000 people are allergic. They can't move, completely paralized. These ants are huge and when they sting someone you can see this needle-like stinger slide into the person's skin. They aren't scared of people, as a matter of fact when they see a person they run over and see what's going on and usually bite the person. It's really, really scary.

What are the ants in your area like? What do they look like, eat, do they bite, etc?

Mine are tiny little brown ants. They don't have stingers. Instead their butts get really big and golden as they suck up water, juice, or whatever. They eat meat, too, they carry chunks away in their jaws. I've only been bitten twice, and it's a true bite where they sink their jaws into my skin. They don't sting. Every once in a while we see a giant ant. I always assume they're the drones. (Males, I think that's the name for it.) Once in a while there's a huge swarm of these giant ants, and with wings. I assume those are new queens. Nothing stops our ants from coming into the house. Raid kills them, but they always come back. They used to live out in our rock beds, but we made the mistake of trying to flood them out. Since our ants can't live under water like many ants can, they had to leave. There was this huge exodus of ants, they marched right up the wall of our house. They've been residing inside the house, and under the house, ever since. It's creepy to know that millions of little things are living right alongside us. Scary, even.

So, please tell me about your ants. I hate them but am fascinated by them.

(no subject)

What kind of things do you like to do when kissing/making out with someone? What do guys like, and what do girls like?

I've only really kissed two guys in my life, but both of them just loved it when I lick their ears. Is this a common thing?

I was never crazy about the ear-licking; sometimes it worked for me, sometimes not. I'm partial to neck-kisses though.

Personality in a pie chart

If you had to take your interests and lump them together into main categories, and make like a pie chart out of them, what would you come up with? Just think of all your interests and kind of lump them together.

Example: I am 30% ARTISTIC, 35% SPIRITUAL, and 35% GEEKY.

What categories compose your personality, MUSICAL? ATHLETIC? PARTY ANIMAL? COOKING?

Now I know we have many many many interests, but if you picked the ones that most define YOU, what are they?

(no subject)

How do you feel about animals being used for testing? ex. hair products, make up, and the such.

How do you feel about animal fur and skin for cloths/fashion?

(no subject)

1a. Who do you currently live with and how long have you lived with them?
1b. What do you like about living with them?
1c. What do you dislike about living with them?

2. When you close a door, do you turn the knob or do you just push it?

3. When aimlessly looking for food, do you open the fridge and freezer doors simulatneously or do you close one before opening the other?

4. Do you usually eat ice cream from a bowl, cup, cone, carton, etc...?

5. When you want fast food from "down the street," do you walk or drive (or have someone else drive you)?
It's All Good

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

User tagging has been temporarily disabled because we have better things to do than clean up after some dope who discovered that Ctrl+A selects all the items in a list box. I'll probably re-enable them after I get back from work tomorrow.

But enough about that. We've all had enough lulz for the night.

Has anyone added you to their friends list completely "out of the blue?" (i.e. no common communities/friends, few or no common interests) Did you add them to your friends list, or are your friends-only posts too "sooper-sekrit" to share with a random stranger? Have you ever had a random person add you, never comment to your journal, then remove you a few months later?

Do you treat your "friends list" as a list of "friends," or is it more of a subscription of journals that you find interesting to read?

(no subject)

What would you do if you were in a sitation to get a promotion that would keep you working the same (or less) hours, pay 50% more but...

-You would have to work with two people you can't bloody well stand
-You would have to be ultra secrative about your love life, even out of work

(no subject)

I feel stupid for not knowing this, but what exactly is the role of a cosigner on an apartment lease?

EDIT: OK, so I have more stupid questions related to this.

1)Does the Cosigner have to be present to actually SIGN it? (I assume so, since they are a coSIGNer)
2)I'm moving to FL. My parents live in CT. Does this mean they can't be cosigners?

This is all coming up because I was talking to a rep from an apartment searching place today, and she had suggested it when I mentioned that my gross monthly income was (currently) less than what is probably necessary to rent an apartment (some places have requirements about this, but my main concern is being able to afford it period!) so she asked if a cosigner was an option. So anyway, yeah, forgive me for being a naïve college graduate...
in ur blank, brains, grunny

Silly, silly question.

Would it be possible to implant a watch mechanism in your wrist so you've got a built-in watch? I don't know if I explained that right, but hopefully you understand what I mean.
I mean, with the actual mechanism under the skin and the hands out, not like a watch face implanted.
Although, thinking about that, how would you change the battery?

(no subject)

How many times a day do you eat?

I've been slowly losing weight since February. My tummy has gotten to where I can only eat once a day otherwise I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving dinner. I eat normal portions for the one meal too, so it isn't like I'm stuffing myself silly. Being that I've been fat my entire life I'm not sure if this is normal or not. It's kind of annoying because I have to plan my day around eating. I spend most of it hungry because I can only eat one meal and I usually need/want to wait for dinner.

(no subject)

I'm using Windows XP and I would really like to get rid of MSN Messenger but I don't see how. Could someone help me out? I'm sorry it's late, the answer is probably obvious but any help would be great.
at seven

(no subject)

I bought a (plain white) comforter last year and used it all winter without a duvet cover. (I keep my thin quilt over it.) Should I get a cover this year? How much would you pay for a duvet cover? Can I squish my full-size comforter into a twin-sized cover and save myself $20?

Edit: Thanks all you crafty people, but I'd rather buy a cover than make one. I just want to know how necessary they are, and what the price range usually is. :)

Chess Question

Alright, I'm not sure, but I think I've heard "Checkmate in White/Black" before in chess, and I was wondering whether the color in the phrase refers to the piece that is BEING checkmated or the one that is DOING the checkmating. Anyone know?
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My dorm is trying to run a haunted house for a fund-raiser this year, and we're looking for some cool ideas for it that would actually scare college kids. (Or, also, something funny. The idea of having a real estate agent trying to sell the haunted apartment with it's creepy inhabitants and scary rooms came up.) Anybody have any, or a haunted house story they'd like to tell?