September 26th, 2005

More comp problems

I bought an external CDRom drive because I have a laptop and replacing the internal drive on a 3-year-old machine seems pointless. I used it and Roxio to burn some pics onto a disc that already had a ton of pics on it, and now when the comp reads the disc it only reads it from where the new stuff begins, so all my old stuff is pretty much unaccessible the conventional way. Anyone know how to get this biotch to read the whole thing?

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I have to write a 3500 word paper for Sociology on Violence Against Women so that means i have to find a lot of variations and where it can happen. So far I have:

in women's prisons

I know there's more but i currently can't think of any. Do you know of where else violence against women happens?

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Maybe this is a silly question, but I need the answer ASAP (it's one in the morning and the proposal for this paper is due at 2:20 this afternoon).

I have to write a personal essay and in said essay use a life experience to address a problem in society. I'm considering using some personal experiences about self-harm to address the issue of self-esteem issues in young people.
My question is this: Can my university in any way release any of this information to my parents (or anyone for that matter)? Very few people know of my experiences with cutting, but I feel like this would fit the requirements of the essay well (this isn't some kind of self exploitation, I just feel it would make for good writing).
Again, maybe it sounds silly, but I need an answer and I'm not about to call and wake anyone who might know.

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I want to adapt a published story into a one-shot comic and use some of the dialogue in the adaptation, but I don't know where to start in terms of legal issues. Do I contact the publishing house or the author? The only material regarding copyright I found on the publisher's website deals with photocopying their books. Thanks.
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Hello everyone. I can't get to sleep. Here are some stupid/random questions for everyone to ponder:

1. For people who are middle children: are you generally more introverted or extroverted? (Question inspired by a recent post about only children.)
2. For those of you who knit or crochet: did someone teach you how to knit/crochet or did you learn on your own? Do you have any specific beginner's knitting/crocheting books that you highly reccommend?
3. Am I the only person on the face of the earth (or LJ, at the very least) who does NOT think Jennifer Aniston is hot/sexy/attractive?

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help with ipod?

I quite possibly could be the queen dummy, so bear with me. I've tried the help file in Itunes, and something's just not clicking in my brain today.

I bought a 4gb mini today (the metallic blue one). Loaded up itunes, got my songs into that, and now I'm sort of stumped on a few things. Collapse )
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My brain is flapping in the breeze...

I know that if you're taking birth control and you miss a dose you could possibly get pregnant. I also know that 2 doses of regular birth contol equal one day after abortion pill. So, if you did miss a dose and you did get pregnant, but only took your regular one dose a day, would you have an abortion? If not, would you have a distorted child?

Questions About Political Correctness

My husband and I were talking about Political Correctness this weekend and had some questions.

1.) In America, black people are African-Americans. What are they called in other countries? If they are black people born in Mexico, are they African-Mexicans? When I Googled that, I got people that were bi-racial. Are black people in Canada African-Canadians?

2.) Is America the only place where people place so much stress on Political Correctness? To me, it just seems like it's not so much of an issue in other countries. Maybe I just don't pay enough attention.

I'm not trying to be offensive so please don't take my questions that way. I am just really curious. I asked some ladies that I work with and even though they were African-American they didn't know. We tried to do some looking around on Google but came up with mostly information about bi-racial people and that's not really what I'm looking for.

I just thought it was an interesting question. I'm not really looking for sarcastic answers either, just serious ones.
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The Women Question

Does anyone know any articles or whatever that show a woman's perspective on the War on Iraq?
Either Iraqi or American women. The treatment of both. Etc.

Basically..women and Iraq. I know it's super broad but I am hoping people might have something.

Also, anyone know of any women soldiers in Iraq, besides England. Just normal soldiers.

Basically..a woman's perspective/involvement/treatment in this War.



If you're home alone, and somebody you don't know comes to the door, do you answer it? Why/why not?

Does it annoy you when people you don't know (ie, salespeople, charities, 'bible bashers', etc) come to the door?

(no subject)

What turns you on while having sex? I seem to get turned on by watch a guys butt muscle contract and relax while he is thrusting. I know that this seems kind of weird but it is what works for me.

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Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination.

Anyone remember the "I hate Barney" songs? They were usually sung to the tune of "This Old Man" and started with: I hate you, you hate me, let's get together and kill Barney, and then would come another verse. What version did you know?

The one I heard as a kid was: shoot him with a .44, no more purple dinosaur.
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(re-posted from my journal)

Perhaps some of you word-nerd types could help me with this. I'm trying to think of words that are dependent on certain other words. It's a little difficult to explain, but the words below are examples we've come up with. Like "boggle": you can't boggle anything other than your mind, right? You can't, you know, boggle your elbow. Well, I guess you could try. And "neap" and "ebb", they never describe anything other than a tide. And I'm sure you can figure out the rest. The only questionable one is "thwart". Because I guess you could probably find a way to thwart stuff other than plans. I'm hoping this makes sense.

purse (as a verb)

(The ones with question marks are up for debate.)

Can you think of any more?
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I need to get myself a personal cd player. My other one died after a year, and I need to listen to music. And no, I cannot afford an ipod.

Any suggestions? Or cheap mp3 players (under $100)?


random thoughts.

1. what language do deaf/dumb/blind people think in? how does one think without words?
2. am i the only person who isn't impressed with all the extra-tiny technology coming out these days? if i ever bought an iPod, i'd want it to be about the size of a paperback book, so it would be easier to use. also, i feel that i'd lose these things easier, or break them. if i'm paying so much money, i wouldn't want to have to keep buying things over and over.
3. every tattoo artist recommends a different thing for smearing on your fresh ink. what's your favourite, and why?
4. what's your favourite song of right now?

any history buffs out there?

i'm not asking for anyone to do my homework, but i desperately need some direction on a short paper due thursday for my "twentieth century europe" class. the teacher is very demanding, which doesn't help me out because i absolutely suck at history, but i am required to take 2 history courses. here is the assignment, and if anyone could help me brainstorm i would be so thankful!

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to comply with the rules of the community, my question is: will someone throw out an idea or two for this paper?

Advice please

I'm planning on going back to school after a 11 yr hiatus. So, in other words I'll be 28 yrs old when I do go back to school. I dropped out of high school when I was 17, not for academic reasons though. I was having a difficult family life and school was just too much.

I do have a GED, and 30 or so credits from a community college. I have never taken the SATs. I am by no means an idiot, and I can handle university level work. I've been in a "technical" nursing school for the past year and a half.

What do I have to do to get into a state level university? Like, ASU or something. Do they require HS diplomas? Or do I have to take the SATs? Maybe just go to a comm college and get the pre-reqs out of the way and then transfer?

Have any of you ever done something like this?

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My dishwasher didn't drain properly..there's still about half an inch's worth of water sitting at the bottom.

I've checked and I can't feel any kind of blockage around the plug area, and there wouldn't have been anything on my dishes that would have caused a blockage (no leftover chunks of food for example). I live in an apartment building and the landlord is always fiddling with the plumbing one way or another which often results in him turning off the water for several minutes at a time. I have no idea if that's related but figured I'd throw it in there anyway.

What would be the best thing to do now? I can't really afford to call the landlord to fix it because we smuggled cats into our apartment and he may kick us out if he discovers them. Is this going to drain on it's own eventually? Will it be safe to run the dishwasher again?
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i love toast

About toast...

.1. Do you only eat it for breakfast, or any time of day?

Me: I will eat toast for any meal of the day.

.2. What is your perfect bread?

Me: Thick slice of a just-baked baguette (the Albertson's near me actually churns out fabulous stuff fresh at 3 pm daily).

.3. How many slices at a time?

Me: Just one.

.4. Ideal topping?

Me: THIN smear of real butter, not that margarine crap, and a sprinkle of Splenda and cinnamon.

.5. Slightly crisped or nearly blackened?

Me: Pretty well-toasted, to a deep brown but not black (like some people eat their s'mores LOL).

.6. Any other oddities I might be amused by?

Me: Crumbs sticking to my lipgloss= major annoyance!!!


Also, what are you MOST looking forward to finding this year in your Halloween bag/stealing from your child's?

Me: Tootsie rolls, caramel apple pops.

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antibiotics question

A doctor at a walk-in clinic prescribed to me ciprofloxacin (sp? cipro for short) to cure a UTI. For some odd reason he gave me 5 days worth when usually they just give me 3. He didn't specify a specific reason for this.

Since I hate UTIs and I hate waiting 4 hours at a walk-in more I was wondering if I could just take the three day's worth and save the rest for if I get another one.

Someone told me that some antibiotics lose their potency over time. Does cipro lose its potency? How should I store it to ensure it stays good?



Thanks everyone! I feel sort of stupid because I really didn't start getting prescriptions until 2 years ago (no joke). I had NO clue about antibiotics but now I'm glad I asked. :) You guys rule.

Two iconic questions and two bowling questions

1) Would it be more effective if I had Picture Brian Picture Smash!!! or Brian Picture Smash!!! Picture?

2) How can I, or can someone else, add red eyes & a needle to my icon?

3) Am I a huge loser for going out and having my intermural (noncompetitive) bowling team buy matching team shirts? (They say "Grab your balls! We're going bowling!)

4) What is your highest score ever at bowling? I've got a 191 today, all-time best.
:) (:
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Are back tattoos (upper back. Not tramp stamps) too masculine? I don't really care either way, but a friend of mine believes they are.
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Should I work at Gallup or ShopKo?


Gallup is a telemarketing place, you are guaranteed $355 every two weeks for the first six weeks (so $1065 your first six weeks of working no matter how bad you are at telemarketing) but then your wages vary from minimum wage to however much you want to make, average is $8 an hour.

ShopKo is like Target or KMart, they sell a lot of stuff, I assume I'd make $6.50-$7 an hour and it would be fairly stable as long as I came to work and didn't completely screw around.

Hours as Gallup are a lot more flexible, but it's telemarketing so that just kind of scares me off.

Both called me today asking for an interview.

Which do I choose?

And why?
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random six.

1. Do you ever forget to brush your teeth before bed? How often? Do you feel regretful the next day or do you not really care?

2. Why does foam soap clean better than liquid soap? (like at the doctor's and like the new foam dish-soap)

3. If you've ever had a one-night stand, did you kiss them during sex? Why or why not?

4. Do you use chapstick regularly? What is your favorite flavor?

5. Does it bother you when an LJ friend deletes their journal with no forewarning nor any other contact information?

6. If you check your e-mail on your lunch break, but not any other time during the work day, do you check it while you are still on the clock or do you check it while officially on break?

Troubleshoot my VCR

I can watch from the VCR, but when I attempt to record it's just blank. The tv is hooked up to a vcr, dvd player and my computer, so maybe I have a wire crossed somewhere or just missing one completely. Any ideas? Thanks!
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My boyfriend bought some work jeans, but he doesn't like how dark the dye is. Is there anything I can do to lighten them?
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animal testing

If you found out your favourite product was tested on animals, would you stop using it?

When you shop, does animal testing affect what you do or do not buy?

My answers: yes, and yes.
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(no subject)

1. Which is more important to you: more money or peace of mind.

2. What if you were making the decision for somebody who was not yet able to make the decision for themselves? More money for them or their peace of mind?

3. What if it was more money for them versus peace of mind for you?

Sorry for the triple post tonight...

I am running for Vice President of National Honor Society at my school and I have to give a 2-3 minute speech on why people should vote for me, and all advice I have heard thus far has told me to talk about the 4 cornerstones of NHS: Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Character.

If you don't know what NHS is, it's a national group of really smart, motivated kids that do various work in the community and work hard in school and are generally good people, who want their resumes to look nicer.

These sound nice and all but I think that everyone is going to give a speech on those (two of my friends who are running for different offices already showed me their speeches and, sure enough, they talked about the 4 cornerstones of NHS.) I am really bored by that idea and I'm sure that the audience would be too after hearing 11 other speeches on it. Also the 4 cornerstones of NHS really aren't my strongpoints, like I am not a really serving person, and while I get good grades, I am not really concerned by my scholarship.

So my question is, should I give a speech on other traits that I possess that would be good for being VP, or should I stick with the generic speech that everyone else will give?

And if you think I should give a different kind of speech, do you have any ideas on what to include in it? Note that I am not asking anyone to write my speech for me cuz that would just be wrong & blatant plagiarism, but I am really stuck on how to make this an original speech that will show people I care yet not bore them to death.
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Salami and attendence

1. Is it safe to eat a salami sandwich that has been in my backpack overnight? It's 3 pieces of salami on Sara Lee multigrain bread with mustard and three pickles.

2. For those of you in college:
a) Do your instructors take attendance?
b) How many abscences are you allowed before you are dropped from the class, or punished in some way?
c) Could you describe your school? (You can give the name or just describe it---say you go to some small university in Ohio).
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some cleaning questions

My suitcase smells. I'm not sure what's making it smell. I obviously can't throw it in the washer, and I've already tried Febreze. What works, how do you wash a suitcase?

I have fake ceramic tiles for my bathroom floor. They're not plastic, but close to ceramic. I think some sort of chemical or medicine spilled onto it from the bathroom cabinet, and now there's this stain on the tile that WILL NOT COME OFF. I tried cleaning it with Clorox, soap, everything I had. How does one get rid of that?

What's your daily cleaning schedule (if you have your own place), if you have one? How much cleaning do you do every day?

(no subject)

for halloween i want to be a catholic school girl. not the naughty kind, actually a catholic school girl, knee socks and all.

what do I need? where could i find all these little bits of catholic school girl aparel?

printer question

my printer[epson 4600] print blank pages

ive done everything troubleshooting help has told me, cleaned the printer, changed the file type-and it simply 'prints' blank pages. i mean i can see and hear it make those typical printing noises but nothin comes  up on the page

por que?  :<

help! i need to print papers!

I got this e-mail from my aunt

was hoping someone would have some advice, because obviously while I can google I think this is a 'personal opionion' question as much as anything-thanks for any help you can give me!

Please can you advise me on txt sim cards.

Is O2 (Genie) the cheapest/best network/sim card for txts? Is this how they work.....

1. I buy (or am given, by someone at work) a sim card.
2. Then I put £10 on it and get 300 txts.
3. Is that £10 JUST for txts or have I been told correctly that the £10 is calling credit and the 300 txts are FREE??
4. If 3. is correct does the £10 carry over indefinitely if I don't make any calls.
5. Do I have to top every month?
6. If I don't top up again at the end of the first (or any other, later) month do I understand right that the accumulated credit remains as calling credit, but I just don't get any free txts until I top up again?

I'm finding it hard to get any info on it.

Also, if someone gives me card (i.e. a phone number) would I be able to port my Vodafone number to it?

Finally, is there a better deal - do V/F do anything similar (no prob porting my number to another provider if they do!!) - or maybe Orange, Virgin, Tesco etc.

I don't really need two V/F PAYT phones (but I want to keep my second V/F number)!!

Hope you can sort me out - I just wanna get cheaper txts than 12p a time.

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(no subject)

1. what's your favorite book turned movie?

2. which did you like better, the movie or the book?

3. if you could, which book would you turn into a movie? (then go check and see if it is being turned into a movie!)
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Okay, I'm on the pill (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo) right now, and I'd like to switch to the Nuva Ring, but I was told that the price difference goes from $5 for pills to $15 for the ring. I like the idea of the ring (not having to remember a pill every day) but is the extra cost worth it? Can guys really not feel it in there at all, or do you generally take it out for sex? Also, I think I read once that you have to store them in the fridge...true or not?

I am gonna go search vaginapagina here in a bit, just wondered what you all thought...
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(no subject)

1.) Are there any people whose LJ you read regularly, but you don't have on your friends list? i.e. Who on LJ do you stalk?

2.) Which LJ site scheme (XColibur, Dystopia, Lynx) do you use?

3.) Why do people completely fail at using the "lj culture" tag?

4.) What did you get on that politics test that's been going around lately? I think it would be interesting to aggregate everyone's data, and see just how far to the loony left thequestionclub is. Please just post the numbers if you choose to answer this question. Nobody cares about the stupid graph.

My answers behind the cut:
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something for everyone

1) If you dropped one of your antibiotic pills on the floor in a public place, would you pick it up and take it?

2) If you parked your car in a parking lot near a big bush and noticed the bush had some random nice clothes and a purse laying under it, would you take one of the items that you thought was nice?

3) Do you remember the 1st question you ever posted on the Question Club? What was it? Did you get the answer you were expecting?

4) If you're Canadian and have type A- blood, would you mind donating blood for me? I'm not allowed to, but I figure I may need some one day.

5) If you were a 60+ year old Francophone woman trying to learn English, what sort of activities do you think you'd enjoy?

6) Could you write something random for me in a language other than English? I want to try and guess the language and what it says.

7) Do you believe in "like father, like son" or "women turn into their mothers" or anything like that? Have you witnessed it?

8) If you're married or engaged but don't wear the ring, why not?