September 25th, 2005


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1. If you saw someone (on the street or whatever) who lacked eyebrows, would you find that odd or ugly, or would you notice it at all?

2. I know this was asked a while ago, but I can't find the answer so please forgive me. Is there a website where I can look up a phone number to see who the wrong number that called me belongs to?

3. Do you get paranoid when wrong numbers call you? If you have caller ID, do you answer unfamiliar numbers?

4. It's probably a long shot, but has anyone seen a film called "Backstage"?
It was screened as a part of the Toronto Film Festival, if that helps, and I'm just wondering what you thought of it, if you have seen it..
(It's on IMDB here:, and the on the TIFF website here:

5. My fingernails are really dry and brittle, and it's starting to annoy me. What can I do about it?

6. Do you believe that a university education is necessary if you're going to "make something" of yourself?
(I know that "making something of yourself" is entirely subjective, but in your opinion..)

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Im a freshman in college right now, Southern Utah University. Right now I plan on going for my assoc. (Art or Science I dont know yet) Im doing assoc. because I was told it would make transferring to a CA school in two years much easier. Great, that takes care of that, except I dont have the money. So, Loans? and does anyone know any good ones or any way to go about them without completely putting myself in debt for the duration of my life? Or how about scholarship suggestions? It was a miracle I got out of HS alone, I wasnt the most active in school because I was trying to hold my life together. so, as far as the obvious scholarships Im kinda out of luck. Any suggestions?

Also, I am interested in pursuing a psych degree but I dont really want to go for my, anyone know how far can I go before reaching that degree, and what jobs can I get in that field?
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Do you rely heavily on icons to identify people when they post, or do you recognize usernames first? Does it throw you off when somebody on your flist or in a community changes their icon?

For me? I definitely think about the icon before the username... and yes it does throw me off. haha.
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CDs -> MP3 player

I'm told that it's perfectly legal to transfer your CDs over to your MP3 player to listen to, but for the life of me I can't get it to work. I've got Nero, but it keeps telling me all my CDs are corrupt, even though they all play fine.

Is there a special way to transfer them? I've got a Dell Jukebox 15GB if that matters.

EDIT: yay! thanks to greenwavedave I got it to work :)
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A Question About Estrogen

I do not regularly have a period. I have never been very regular, but in the past year, I haven't had a period at all without some sort of medication causing one. I can't be pregnant, and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with me physically, so my doctor thinks that my body just isn't creating enough estrogen.

Both sides of my family have had a long list of breast cancer and other estrogen related cancers, many in their forties and some even younger. On my mother's side, often there is a first cancer, usually estrogen related, and if the person survives it, a second cancer, in some cases there is even a third (brain tumor-cause of death-w/bladder on top of that), is the killer.

I'm only eighteen, but, because of this family history, I would prefer not to take anything that would increase my chances, however slim, because other doctors have already said I am highly at risk for cancer.

Do I really need to have a period, especially if I don't plan on having children, or would be more than happy to adopt if I did want a child? I don't any other health problems (well, hayfever and skin allergies, but I'm not sure that applies). Does anyone else know why I need estrogen so badly? I tried searching Google, but most of what I pull up is related to menopause, and -that- I don't have.

Cheer up!

What things constantly get you annoyed or upset?

How do you deal with it?

What is the best way to cheer you up?

Do you consider yourself a generally cheerful person?
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1. What do you think of "re-gifting" (someone reclieves a gift that they aren't going to use, so they wrap it and give it to someone else as a gift)?

Is it ok in some situations and not others?

2. Have you ever "re-gifted"? What was it, who was it to, and what was your reason for re-gifting?

3. Have you ever been "re-gifted" to? How did you KNOW it was a re-gift and how did it make you feel?

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Halloween Costumes

I've become "famous" for my Halloween Costumes (Pink Floyd: The Wall, Penguin, Zinnia/flower [which I won $100/first prize for], Star Trek), which I make myself. My sweetie becgueule and I went together last year, which was really fun :-)

We're stumped as to this year's costume. You can't tell it from that picture, but he looks a little like John Cusack... so we're considering doing Lloyd & Diane from "Say Anything" - he'd do a trench-coat with mannequin arms holding up a boom-box. We also hang out with friends and do Dinner & ER every week, so we're thinking about being Mark Greene (complete with head tumor and surgery scar) and Lizzie Corday.

They're both good ideas for him, but pretty blah for me. Any atypical ideas for couples' costumes? We don't want to do anything like Anthony/Cleopatra, Laurel/Hardy, "normal" stuff... ideas, please?
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Consumer whore?

I need any suggestions you all have on products that will to the following:

A) Something I can put in the laundry that will reduce lint (the lint trap in the dryer and the lint rollers I use on my clothes do nothing for cat hair and shredded towel bits)

B) Something I can put against the heels of my new combat boots so that the leather seam doesn't rip off the skin on the back of my foot. Like a heel-shaped insole?

C) Something above and beyond normal dish soap, to soak dishes in (with water) that will dissolve or loosen up cheese and baked-on noodles. We have a problem with our lasagna dishes in this manner.
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Our cable's been out for an hour, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES IS ON IN THIRTY MINUTES. Mom's about to flip a shit.

Is there any way to watch this online?
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What the crap

What is up with electronics companies trying to make already small products even smaller? And when they make them smaller, they don't add anything new to the product other than a much higher price. Examples of this include the iPod Nano, and the Gameboy Micro.

Red Cross

How do I get the American Red Cross to stop calling me for donating blood?

I donated once last January and after I did I found out I am not able to and never should have. I have told them a million times that I can't donate blood and asked them if they could take me off their list or whatever. Each time they say ok, and then a week later I get another call. They called last Friday and they called today again. This time my mom picked up the phone and shouted at them about the fortune in hospital bills she had to pay when I last donated blood. If that doesn't stop them, I don't know what will. They're getting on my nerves.
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I was thinking about my cat that died a few years ago (I have moving on issues) and was wondering why, if cats have nine lives, did I only see it die once. The only possible explanation is that it must have died eight times in its sleep and I just hadn't noticed. And I know for sure that it isn't just my cat that seemed to die just once, cats everywhere must be dying in their sleep but we don't notice until the day they get run over and we think "shit, eight times and I didn't notice..."

So my question is, would this information justify giving a cat coffee?
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Those of you on the birth control patch - how often does it fall off?

I guess that's my only issue with the idea of using a band-aid type thing to deliver my birth control. Does it fall off all the time? Do you have to be extra careful in the shower and stuff?
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1. Have you ever called up an ex (whom you've cut contact with since the break-up) for a "booty-call"? Was there any awkwardness? Was it mutually understood that it was just a one-time thing and you didn't expect to keep talking to them after?

2. If you were in need for some sexual attention, would you feel more comfortable calling up someone you've already had a sexual relationship with or having a one-night stand with someone you know nothing about sexually? Why?

3. Do you ever post questions here and after the first few responses, you just don't care anymore? Do you still read all the responses?

4. Do you think that you way you phrase a question directly affects the way it is answered in this community? Even if it's just a slight variation? Why or why not?

5. What are you most recently developed addictions? How did you become addicted and how did you KNOW you were addicted? I recently discovered that I've become addicted to caffeine...I started drinking it everyday to help me stay awake at work, then for the last few days, I've noticed my body feels uncomfortable until I've had my caffeine. Now I'm sad. I'm going to try to wean off of it. Oh yeah, and faux-porn (max after dark). haha.


1. How would you clean your ears if you ran out of q-tips?

2. If you don't use q-tips, what do you use?

3. Is there a good over the counter ear cleaning solution? I feel like i'm going deaf, but i dont' think my ears are that "waxy".

gold shoes!

Hey folks, i was hoping for some fashion-finding help.
I just got this great homecoming dress, and i really want gold sandals/flip flops to go with it. I went to tons of places and cant find anything. Anyone know of any places? Im looking for a metallic gold hopefully. Thanks!

EDIT- Heres the dress:

It looks good with gold, i swear. I have gold earrings and bracelets, and the sequin part has some gold you cant see in it. Also, im pretty tall and dont like to wear heels, so im hoping for flats or really low heels. I'd also like some really cheap ones, hopefully under like $25.

EDIT EDIT: Those Old Navy ones are like perfect! Thanks soooo much!

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I have 3 kittens, found in a parking lot, apparently a litter than somebody didn't want and dropped off, that are pretty much newborns. I've read the articles on how to take care of orphaned kittens, but do any of you have any tips/ideas that you've gained from personal experience?