September 24th, 2005

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If you sign a contract with the military, what happens if they break their end of the contract?

For the military memebers, or family memebers of such, what should I include in the contract? (Cross posted)

My coworker(s) might be getting fired. One I don't like at all, and the other dicked me over, but she used to be a friend. Is it right to feel this happy?
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I remember a while back a post asking for common stereotypes of various cultures, and another recent comment in a post reminded me of a thing... I was trying to think of common stereotypes non-Americans have of Americans, and I really couldn't come up with any that don't apply to me. Since we have a decent number of non-Americans in this community...

What are the most common stereotypes in your country about Americans? Or for the Americans, stereotypes about other places in the US? (Being from Nebraska, the funniest ones for me are people on the east coast thinking we still get Indian attacks and live in sod houses...)

All about Nerds

Are you a nerd? Or do you have "nerdy" interests?

And lastly, how would you describe someone who you feel is a nerd, or a geek, or a weirdo? Would you get romantically involved with someone like that? Any stories to share?

I consider myself a nerdy, geeky, weird, kind of guy because I do activities that "normal" people can find childish or, out there. It is sometimes hard for someone to understand me without entering my world.

A high interest in fantasy and games of the like.

Thoughts? Feelings? Experiences?
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If you work around food...have you ever deliberately sabotaged a customer's food? Or sabotaged (or inconvenienced) them in any way like unscrewed the lid of their honey bottle, purposely seated them in an unpleasant area, etc.?

I never have. No spitting for me. Though it's sorely tempting.
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I say po-tay-to...

What’s the most believable FAKED accent you’ve ever heard in a movie or a TV show? Catch: Must be an accent with which you have first-hand experience. (You’re from that country, you currently live there, have a parent or SO from there, etc.)

My vote goes to Naomi Watts in The Ring (I’ve actually only seen her in that, if she’s done American accents elsewhere -- besides the sequel, of course). I had no idea she was Australian until much later.
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first job

So I'm 17 and applying all over for my first job. Yesterday I put in applications for Target  and Chuck E Cheeses. Today I'm putting in applications for Shoppers, Dots, and Starbucks. What do you think? Once I put in the application, what do I do? Do I call the store and ask them the status regarding my application? Do I go to talk to the manager to ask him the status? Or do I just wait for them to call me?

bursary applications

So... It's my first time applying for a bursary, and I'm unsure about some numbers that I have to put in...

For example, what is the 'normal' amount one should spend on groceries per month? I mean, I know how much I spend, but if I told anyone they would laugh. Plus, I want to get as much money as I can, right? So basically I want to exaggerate, but the number has to stay within the limits.

I am living on my own, and I need to know the nubmers for basically everything - rent, food, utilities, clothing, health care... even stuff like school supplies.

Oh, and also I don't know how it can make a difference, but my education is paid for through the school scholarship, so I have to record that on my application. I guess it's clear why I'm trying to max out everything else :)

Thank you all in advance!
Personal experiences welcome :)

Movies vs Books

The age old question... What is better, the movie or the book it was based upon?

Do you read a book and get ticked that the movie does not follow it to the letter?

Would you rather watch a move and not care what the author wrote?

I personally get far more thrills out of watching a movie than the book. I have made some comparisons, and granted it can be frustrating if the movie alters an important aspect of the book. But I get far more of a rush when I see the action unfold in front of my eyes, as opposed to reading it.

Look at it this way, you see people leaving a theater all excited and pumped and energized. They clap and howl with delight..
That never happens in books... You just sit back and quietly read, it is such an internal experience. Occasionally you will chuckle, and cry if it is emotional at the end. But thats it...
In the movie when you SEE the monster swoop down and HEAR the music, your heart races and you are overcome.
In a book you just read the words and move on. You make a note of what the monster did and thats about it.

Now 99% of the people I ask this to always say, the books better.... BUT WHY? I do not get it?
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weird pain

For about the past year and a half, I usually get this sharp pain in my abdomen when I lie on my back and breathe in. It's always in the same spot (which is circled in the picture behind the cut).

It seriously feels like I'm being stabbed and I don't know what it could be. I'm worried it might be my ovary.

And before you say anything, I haven't gone to the doctor because I haven't had health insurance. I just got a thing in the mail saying that I have it again, so I plan to go asap. I just was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this before and what it could possibly be.

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Any clues/suggestions?
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you all seem smart, maybe you have some advice....

In March I decided to drop out of my current school and transfer to community college for fall. I added the community college onto the FAFSA, but it never showed up on any of the paperwork. When I called they said I had to be enrolled at the moment for it to show up and that I might end up having to go a year on personal student loans because its hard to get money when transfering. Then the program I wanted at community college was full, so I can't start until spring. Now I'm getting notices saying I have to start the Stafford loan repayment in November.

1.Will this change if I can prove i'll be in school in the spring?
2.How long can you defer these loans?

The major problem being that there's not much of a way I can pay them back right now, unless I take out another loan to cover them. I've been job hunting since May and haven't even gotten anywhere, probably because I have no experience or transportation.

3.Would taking out a student loan to cover the student loan stupid? I figure if I take it out when I'm in school, then I'm kinda of defering them until Graduation again.
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Math Problem

Since someone made a math-related post a while ago, I’ve decided to ask something math-related…

I’m horrible at math. That’s probably an understatement—I suck at math. I cannot comprehend it, no matter how hard I try. This has been going on my whole life, and ultimately, it’s what’s holding me back. They refuse to let me graduate until I pass a math portion of this one (final) test. I’ve aced everything except math, and I’m not sure what to do. I can barely multiply (not that good), and I still count on my fingers.

So, the question is, does anyone know of any good methods to learning the various kinds of math? I doubt anything will really help, but I figure I should keep trying. Any good books or programs, anything? I can’t recall, but I believe the Math portion of the final test was uh, Algebra? So, something on that, I think, would be higher priority than anything else. Any help is appreciated.

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I'm travelling somewhere with a friend, she's driving her SUV. it's a 2 1/2 hour drive (5 roundtrip), and we're splitting gas costs. she said in passing that it cost her $35 to fill up her tank 3/4 of the way last night, and told me to pay her $20 total for gas.

my brain is too fried to figure this out (I just spent three hours doing physics homework), and too many variables are missing for my comfort (how fast does she drive? what's the actual mileage? what mileage does her car get? how much is gas? how big is her tank? ETC.), but can someone make an educated guess (maybe someone that drives an SUV) as to whether, by asking me for $20, she's doing me a favor, screwing me over, or it's about fair? ha, thanks.
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How would you approach this problem?
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I don't have the slightest clue how to approach it, and neither does my friend. My tutorial is Monday afternoon, so if anyone could give any help to this, that'd be great. =]
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I've looked on google and amazon but I don't really know what to search for....

Do you guys know if there is such a thing as an "electronic reminder board" type thing?

Sort of like, you would be able to organize your days to remind you to do your daily tasks at the same time everyday... but something that would sound an alarm when it was time to start a new chore/activity.

I recently started using this feature on iCalendar for my personal reminders (thanks for whoever suggested it to me for my bedtime routine, it's been working great!) but I'd like something similar that my whole family can use, like to keep on the kitchen wall or something.

Ever seen anything similar or know where I could look? Thanks =)
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Does anyone know what the grounds are for annulment? I've looked it up and can't seem to make sense of the Catholic babble that's on all these websites ... It seems like it varies from state to state.

I'll tell you the situation. And I can't ask either party involved. My mother and father were married for ten years and had two children together. They got divorced. My father had the marriage annulled. I want to find out what the possible reasons could be. If it matters, my mother cheated on my father plenty of times, but I didn't think that was a reason to get a marriage annulled (since that happens quite often) ... other reasons I saw were that the marriage was unconsummated. I thought that if you had children, you COULDN'T get the marriage annulled, but I know for certain that this marriage was. Anything anyone knows would be helpful. Thanks.

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Another "What Is This Song" request, please?

"There's nothin' you can say,
nothin' you can do.
Nothin in between, you know the truth
Nothin' left to face,
There's nothin left to lose,
Nothing takes your lose."

....Anyone know?
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80s (I think?) song question:

Does anyone know the name of the song with a kinda chorus-y part with "Oh what a lonely world!" then the synth comes in some chords? (Ya I know, way too many "what song is this questions" but I really wanna know >_<)

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How many Livejournal posts do you have bookmarked/in Favorites?

What about in LJ Memories?

Is there any reason you have some in bookmarks and others in your LJ Memories?

I have 9 LJ entries in a folder called "Reference," which are all either questions from here that I've found to be extremely useful, or posts in school communities that I refer to constantly for information. :)

As for Memories, I only have one that isn't mine, and that's one that belongs to a friend of mine that's pretty much linked to mine.

Bookmarks are for impersonal posts, while memories are for personal ones, or at least ones I've written myself.

EDIT: And how did I hit the "?" twice at the end of one of my questions? I am so ashamed. :P

This is a question with a period at the end.

I know what I want to be for Halloween:
"God's Gift To Women".

My costume will be a suit made entirely out of leopard-print material, except the button-up shirt. That will be pink. I already have it, too.


(Alternatively, a skeleton wearing sunglasses. That would be hard to pull off, though, because I wear regular glasses.)

Do you have stairs in your house?

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OK, so a Napster question.

I used to be a "Napster Light" member. Once I realized I was spending more than the $9.95 monthly fee, I decided well I will just pay the stupid fee and become a member. So now I want to burn a CD. Why then, if I'm a member, do I now have to pay for each track just because I want to burn it onto a CD? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of me becoming a member? Does anyone else hate this?

EDIT: (So as not to make too many posts in a short period of time.) As a disclaimer, I am NOT planning on doing this. But when you rent a car and they say you can't take it out of the state... how do they know if you do? Is it just taking a chance that a cop might pull you over and be like OH HAY THIS IS TOTALLY NOT FROM HERE, or is there some way that they would find out?

CNA Training

I figure this is worth a shot in the dark.

Anyone know where I can get free CNA training in the Metro Detroit surrounding area? (CNA = certified nursing assistant)

I know the Red Cross does it, but it's like $700.

Thanks guys :)

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