September 23rd, 2005

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I have some questions for all you neopets users out there!
1) Are you Premium?
2) Do you have a gallery? What do you collect? Is it complete?
3) Do you colllect avatars? What's your favorite?
4) Are you following the Lost Desert Plot?
5) Do you visit any fan sites?
6) What neopet communities are you apart of on LJ?

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Sprint Treo

What is your take on the Sprint Treo???

It meets my cell phone needs (and then some) but comes with a $400.00 price tag. Is it worth it? well, given that net access is pretty damn important to me and I work 2 full time jobs (the second; which I don't have net access) I think it is. PLus its only $10.00 a month for UNLIMITED upload/download speed. Which means I can even do IM!!!
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(no subject)

1. If someone tells you they're on a diet (and are trying to lose weight for a specific date that has yet to come) and you see them munching away on donuts or chips at night, is it rude to say "I thought you were on a diet...?"

2.a In your journal, do you write more for yourself, or more for an audience?
b Are the majority of your entries public, private, or friends-only?

3. If you're all friends-only, did something happen to cause that?
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Book publishing

When people write books that are then published, do they have to contact all of their source material authors and ask if it's okay to cite their works, or is it acceptable just to cite the sources for the publication without contacting their creators?

Any Googling (maybe I'm using the wrong keywords) just talks about citing in academic papers and whatnot, I'm looking specifically for books to be published for the general market.

EDIT: In the past two/three weeks or so, has anyone else had a problem with Miss Vickie's Chips? That is, the chips are fine and everything, but the flavour that was supposed to be in the bag isn't? This has happened to me both times I bought those chips in the past few weeks, and it happened to my boyfriend too.

If you have had this same problem, also let me know where you live (generally), I want to see if this is a regional thing. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any credit card companies that will let you sign up for a beginner's credit card (example: 250-300 dollar limit), if you have never had a credit card before, but you have a debit card, checking, and savings account? And any companies that let you do this on-line?

I'm 19, and I already have a $1,000 dollar loan, but I still can't get any higher than that, and I need a $5,000 dollar loan quite soon.

The reason I ask this is because I need a credit card so I can build my credit and get a loan for an upcoming surgery.

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I've been having some trouble with finding a writer for my Am Lit class. It has to be an American writer between the 1500's to the 1800s. I came up with Cotton Mathers, Edger Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, & Mark Twain. When I asked my professor if anyone was doing those she said yes. So I'm stuck at whom I should do. I keep thinking of early 20th century writers or foreign ones. It can be any writer that has done enough work to write about in a 1500 word paper. Does anyone have any ideas?
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(no subject)

I was watching Will and Grace. It's a long story but it comes down to the line "I think I'd be breaking one of the commandments. Yeah, do not covet thy gay best friends brother". That got me thinking, is there anything like that you follow? Doesn't have to be big but it has to be something you abide by.

I'll go first..
Thou shall always wear sunscreen
Thou shalt not compromise on feminine hygine products no matter how poor you are.
Thou shall always wear an iPod whilst out and about solo
Wednsday is House, takeaway and Pimp My Ride
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Massage Etiquette

I will be going to get a massage here in a little while, and I wanted to ask about the etiquette involved. Not about things like tipping, but about the actual behaviour during the massage. I have only ever had one before and the therapist would NOT stop talking to me. I like a little chit chat and can understand it like before and after the procedure, but honestly, I never felt fully relaxed. I just wanted to lay there and let someone rub all my troubles away, even if only for an hour! Also, I wasn't sure about what to leave on and the therapist then just said it was up to me. I don't want to hinder my relaxation potential, but I don't want them to feel I'm trying to be a nudist hippie or anything, either! :D Please help me out by giving me the low down! Thanks!

Lyrics question

These have been bugging me forever. What are they and why are they called that?

What is a "chernoa"? (my my my my mmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cherona!)
What, exactly, is a "funky cold medina?"
What is a "casbah" and why doesn't that chick like it when you rock it? ("Cherie don't like it - ROCK the cashbah, ROCK the casbah...")

(no subject)

Wouldn't earth be a lot cooler (not temp) if it had several moons?? If you could change the amount of moons circling earth how many would you change it to?

On a side note- how do you think mult moons would effect the tides on earth?

A bug question

So we just moved into a new house. Yesterday, I went into the kitchen and found these weird little bugs in the sink. They came in lines like ants do, and they were clustered around a spot of some sort of food like ants would be, but they were only 1/3 to 1/2 the size of normal ants. I've lived many places and seen many a line of ants in my time, but never any that looked like this. They just looked like tiny brown dots. Are these just a different species of ants that I've just never seen? Or could they be something else? I'm trying to figure out how we're going to go about getting rid of them.

And sorry that I've had so many questions. Today is an awfully slow day. And you people know all.

(no subject)

When you are in the grocery or market, and you go through the express lane that only allows 10 items or less, and the person infront of you has 12; do you say something or just think it is no big deal?
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Just looking for more opinions

I wanted to get a more balanced sample size for opinions.

If you would please indulge me.

If you go to and view the video they have on the front page (Under the heading My NHL) and view the ad titled: TV ad you will see the first in what will be a series of new NHL ads to promote the leagues return to play.

The question, do you find the ad offensive or in anyway degrading against women?

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Why don't they sell soda variety packs? Like instead of 12 cans of Sprite or 12 cans of Coca-Cola, why can't I get a variety pack? Sometimes I want Sprite, sometimes I want Dr. Pepper and other times I want a Diet Coke - why do I have to buy 3 different packs of 6, 12 or 24 to have my craving met? And why would someone say "can't you just buy a can of soda"? Yeah, I can buy one can of soda BUT what happens when I'm home, I'm tired, I don't have .70 cents for the can of soda from my local convenience store? See, I can't win. If I could just walk into a grocery store and buy a cube of 24 cans of soda in a variety, I'd never have to worry about it again.

Also, can your feet/face lose weight? I've lost about 10 pounds over the past 2-3 weeks and my face/feet seem to be so much slimmer; my shoes fit way too loose. Is it just my imagination?
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I googled this in all kinds of varieties, but couldn't find anything...

I just got a Zire 31 that came with a mini-USB HotSync cable.  This cable also seems to fit my Creative MuVo.  My question is about the "HotSync" part.  Is that a brand type thing?  Or is it a special type of USB cable?  I don' want to mess up either device by using a USB that they are not suppose to be used with.  But if they are all the same thing it shouldn't matter.  Most of the people that I have talked to seem to think (as I do) that there is no difference between a USB cable and a HotSync USB cable besides the name and all that matters is that it has the right pin configuration.  But I wanted some other opinions on this.

What do you get when you multiply six by nine?

Do magnets lose their magnetism if they are heated?

What do you think about leapard print? Just in general.

Would you be able to survive on what you have in your house for a week? (Refridgerator only counts for the first day or two.)

Do you know what you would do, and where you would go if you had to leave your home? What if you had to leave on foot?

Why are people getting all up in my fries lately?

Give Peace A Chance

Converting to .PDF

Does anyone have the ability to convert a .doc or .ppt to a .pdf? I need to be able to do this for work. We downloaded a trial version of a converter program with 30 conversions available, but it didn't like any font beyond Arial, not even Tahoma. We went ahead and made our .pdf's, but they're boring - not good for posters or fliers. Our documents include the fonts Tahoma, Girls Are Weird, Jester, and Manhattan.

Can anyone please help me out? Thanks!
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What seperates a little crush from a big crush? (inspired by this question)
At what point would you consider dating someone seriously/ not seriously?
What's the diffrence between seriously ane non serious?

Why does everyone at college seem to make out with anyone they can get their hands on?
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(no subject)

Am I the only person in the world who would rather their SO not buy them expensive things?

The boyfriend made reference to an ipod he was bidding on on ebay, about 170 dollars. I asked him to please nto spend that much money on me- because I know he was going to get me a used 10gig from a coworker for my birthday, but it turned out to be non-compatible. Turns out that that one he was trying to get for himself, but then we had a conversation on what would be too much. The ipod he had been trying to get for me would have been 75, i said that was probably around the cap. I think he is kindof... not weirded out, but puzzled by this.

(I'm currently not employed, but if i get the job I'm working on getting, I'll be making 9-10.5 dollars an hour. He makes 10.5, but as soon as he's done training for the promotion he got, he'll be getting 16. We're both in college, I'm on scholarship.)

Anyone else like this?
Anyone able to explain why?

And... suggestions for one year anniversary celebration? it's coming up, and I've never gotten to a year with anyone before.
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Um.. okay, I'm going to admit my stupidity here and just say "HELP MEEeee...!"

Here's a little diagram of my TV,VCR,DVD-R and Satellite box.

Now I want to hook my DVD-R up to my VCR so that I can record tapes onto discs.
But I'm all confused because there's alot of dusty wires AND my DVD-R says that it needs to be directly connected to my TV.

I only have one spare black (coaxial cable?) along with the ones already hooked up, plus the Red, White and Yellow wire things already in use (red on the diagram).

So how do I connect my boxes so everything works right?

Image hosted by

P.S. If they should already work please tell me... eek

(no subject)

I've had AIM for years and had NEVER had a random person (or thing, or whatever it is) IM me porn links. So why has it happened like EIGHT times in the past five days? Some person will IM me and it will say something like, "I saw your profile, come look at my sexy page at *insert url here*". It's not like I did anything to draw their attention, cuz I don't even look at porn. *confuzalated*

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For those vegans/vegetarians/people who know stuff:

1. Are there any other ingredients in hard/chewy candies that contain animal products besides gelatin and calcium searate?

2. Do you know of any candies that have absolutely no animal products?

3. Have you ever been in a restaurant, and recieved an order that contained meat or fish by accident? What did you do?
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(no subject)

my friend's birthday party is tomorrow. she is rich and has everything i could ever buy her.
so what should i give her? straight cash is an option, but not an appealing one.
she is crazy and fun and loves tennis and music.
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What was the strangest question a random person walking down the street ever asked you?

My answer is actually what inspired this. Earlier, I was walking down the street and some girl actually stopped me and asked if I thought she looked fat. Complete and total stranger. (I said no, of course. Not that she looked fat anyway.)
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Ride boards, etc

There are a few sites that cater to would-be-hitchhiker types, where you can post your itinerary for a road trip and other people who are going that way can offer to ride with you and pay for gas, or vice versa... post looking for rides for longish trips. I forgot what they were called. Do you know of any? The problem is some of the sites are very general and have a lot of different types of people looking for and offering rides, and some of the sites are specific to this kind of "hitching culture", with mostly young hippie/anarchist/whatever type people. I am hoping to find one or more of the latter.
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(no subject)

I'm up for something different, the power is out at my house and won't be back on untill monday evening. I have a car and a few hundred dollars, what should I do?

Quick question about tonight.

My friend has a gig tonight at 9 PM in Los Angeles and I told her I'd go. However, the girl I was going to go with can't go anymore because she's sick. I don't really want to go alone because to be honest, I'm scared to go by myself. Everyone else seems to be busy so if I went it would be just me.

So do I go or not?
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...did you start getting into a serious relationship, if you've been/are in one? Age-wise, not the date. ;) I'm 18 years old, and am wondering if I'm that behind. :|
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(no subject)

Also, is there a site that will give me maps and driving directions where I can specify whether I want the shortest route or avoid highways and stuff like that? Mapquest used to be able to do it but not to the level of accuracy I prefer, and Google maps has no such option. Both those places have me taking a huge across Kentucky because that's where the interstate is... but I'd like to take a straighter route across Kentucky instead of going into Charleston, West Virginia and it looks like going a different way would save a good amount of time and gas, even if it means taking country back roads (more scenic anyway right?) and I will screw up trying to connect by myself all the little towns and highways that go between Lexington, KY and Greensboro, NC (which is where I want to end up).
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(no subject)

1.Anyone know where I can find that old quiz that tells you who comments the most in your LJ? Google was not helpful.

2. If you put a fish tank near the microwave (not in, just on top or next to), can the fish die from radiation?

An old friend of mine swore they would, so she put her fish tank on a high shelf far from the microwave. Consequently, she dropped the tank one day and killed the fish, but I'm curious to see if she was correct to keep them that far from the microwave.
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(no subject)

Whenever my mom folds clothes, they end up nice, neat and all in all pretty. When i fold clothes they end up wrinkled and all in all ugly.

Is there some secret trick for folding clothes? Have i missed the fold-your-clothes-neatly class?

(no subject)

Which do you like better, Livejournal or Myspace?

Do you maintain accounts on both sites? If so, which one do you use more?

Why do you think someone should move to Myspace? Or, why should someone stay with Livejournal?
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(no subject)

1. a) There was an artist a while back who did amazing CGs in a rough, sketchy, painterly style. I know a lot of them were speed paintings, and a lot were of junked-out cities, but he/she/the monkey occasionally got commissioned for very precise, quasi-technical drawings of spacecraft and motorcycles. I know that's not too specific, except she/he did CG using Open Canvas and posted some tutorials. I'm trying to find those tutorials as really enjoy seeing how other people paint. Who was this artist?

b) Any other 'tutorials' (read: 'this is how I paint') you can suggest? I'm not looking for 'how to draw hair' stuff. I'm stuck in a rut and I'm trying to find new ways of looking at the whole painting experience.

2. What's one musical artist that you adore but no one seems to know about? Mine would be Sufjan Stevens. He's absolutely the most poetic artist I know of.

3. What are things you want to see before you die? Personally, I really want to see a Vermeer, a Rothko and a Pollock in real life, as well as tour South America and Asia.

4. You have a choice. You can either create perfect pieces of art, music or writing. Which skill do you choose?
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(no subject)

Two totally unrelated questions.

1. Does anyone know how to shrink pure denim?
[It was one of those love at first sight things destined to end badly, because it turns out I can't grow another half-size.. But they were cheap and pretty, dammnit! any tips of making them smaller round the waist especially welcome.]

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(no subject)

Is there any way to get deodorant stains out of armpits of t-shirts?

I've got a few favorite t-shirts (navy and black), but my white deodorant has permeated the armpits SO MUCH...there's just big white spots there. And that makes me sad, because they're totally my favorite shirts.

Can I do anything to save them, or are they best suited for DIY at this point?