September 22nd, 2005


Hey TCQ.I have a hairstyle problem.It's summer here (hell yes!) and it gets really hot.As I am a long haired person,and too lazy to keep it decent,as in not turning it into some dreads unwillingly,I thought I'll cut it short,like dude haircut,for the summer.I had it like that when I was little and i liked it,but my family and friends tell me not to cut it (or they'll torture me,lol).It's hard and expensive to maintain,and it will make my brain fry :(. I need advice form someone who doesn't know me,so I'll ask you:Shall I cut it or not?

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for good

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How do you get a clingy friend to back off without hurting their feelings too badly?

For example, she'll just appear and invite herself over. Or call me multiple times a day to go to meals with her (I'm an R.A. in a university residence), because she'd rather not eat than eat a meal by herself. She used to work in the building I'm living in this year, but wasn't hired as a floor R.A, and therefore is constantly either trying to tell me how to do my job or just do it for me. I'm normally a fairly independent, solitary person, and while I can handle anyone in certain doses, I'm honestly just getting to the point where I can't take it anymore. But she really is a good person, and I have to work with her in at least one campus group this year, so I do really still want to be friends. So how do I get such a clingy person to back off before I snap and offend her?
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Are you watching The Apprentice with Martha Stewart this season?

Are you watching The Apprentice with Donald Trump this season?

If you're watching one and not the other, is there any reason why?

I almost didn't watch Martha today, and then I realized it was simply because she was a *woman* that I thought it would suck. So I watched it. No opinion yet. Maybe I'll get more into it as the season progresses.

Which shows are you excited for to be starting up?

Me: Oprah, the whole Thursday NBC line-up, My Name is Earl, 7th Heaven...

From the creepy mind of a teenager

I have a hypothetical question for you.So,we have a 234 years old female vampire that looks like she's 15 (vampire because I don't know any human who could live that long or look 15 when they're over 27),and a 25 years old male human.If they have a relationship,is it considered pedophilia from any point of view?What do you think?(any similarities with Twilight are unintentional)

DC/DK:What do you think about the TV show "Supernatural"?If you could be a color or a flower,what would you be?Have you ever written a book?
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I'm going to be starting classes in the spring at community college, here's my problem. The school requires the entire bill to be paid in full a week before classes start. They send the bill out three weeks before classes start, giving me two weeks to come up with the money. My fin aid got messed up, so i'm taking out the entire amount in a personal loan, the problem is my loan company takes over a month to process and hand out money.

Should I estimate the amount of money and take the loan out before the bill arrives, giving it plenty of time to me paid beforehand?
Should I wait til it arrives, take the loan out then, and hope they let me start classes as long as I show them the loan agreement so they know its coming? Would a community college do this? My other school did, but it was a 4 year college and was a lot more lenient about money.

Also, it is better to take out an entire year of school loans (two semesters) at once, or get a new loan each semester? I was just getting a new one each semester, but a few friends said its easier to take out one large sum and set it aside for the following semester.


What are some ways of being a more thoughtful and consistent person? I've been called fickle more times than I'd like and have actually destroyed a really important relationship because my feelings/actions weren't "sincere or relieble; not too be trusted and too unpredictable".

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Does anyone know of any good recipes for yummy hors d'oeuvres that aren't too, um, foofy? Like nothing involving caviar or any expensive cheeses, something that is fairly cheap and simple to prepare.

Even if you don't have the exact recipe available, I can google it. I'm just looking for some ideas for stuff to make for an upcoming party. :)

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First of all, much love and *hugs* to everyone who answered my fibromyalgia question. It feels good not to be alone. I've never met anyone else with it, so it's nice to hear I'm not the only one. Pain's a bitch and to have a disease that causes constant pain but isn't bad enough to be considered crippling or be put on disability is really a bitch. Everybody thinks it's all in my head, guys are awesome.

Which brings me to my question:

What's wrong with you?...Seriously, I'm interested in what different medical conditions this community is made up of. Tell me all the things medically wrong with you.

Me - fibromyalgia, IBS, depression, possibly Borderline personality disorder, poor eyesight, poor hearing, fibro-something-or-other (this benign condition that makes my breasts all lumpy, but has the positive aspect of making them firm and not likely to start sagging)

Edit: All your responses reminded me of a couple other things wrong with me. It's getting hard to keep up! I have a ganglion in my left wrist, chronic UTI's, GAD, eczema, rosacea, and extreme allergies (oh, and I'm allergic to pseudoephedrine and ephedrine, which means I can't take most of the allergy medicines on the market!)
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Does anyone know how long it takes, on average, to get a package from Austrailia to the US by sea mail? I probably should've splurged for the faster shipping, but I'm a cheapass.

Edit: Thanks for the info. I do wish I had paid for faster shipping, but at least I know about when to expect it.
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Eastern Religions

What is the best book on eastern religions in general (not specific to just ONE religion, but one that covers most of the big ones accurately)? If you don't have an answer, but know a book about just one, please recommend that, too. Thanks.
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King Richard's Faire

Sunday I will be going to King Richard's Faire for the first time (those in New England probably know what I'm talking about), has anyone gone before? Anyone want to share experiences or must do's or see's?
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1) What are your current spiritual beliefs? (without writing me a whole novel, please)

2) Were you raised with these beliefs?

3) Are they the same as they were when you were, say 10 years old?

4) Did you explore other beliefs to see if they were a good fit?

5) Did you go through any special initiation or conversion rituals? What were they?

6) Would you convert to another religion in order to marry someone?

7) Is there a religion you would *never* ever want to convert to? Why?
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Changing icon

I've noticed this A LOT in this community. Most people have an icon that I recognize but when they're posting a question (myself included), they often change it from their default. Why is this? Do you think it's because our answers depend on who is asking (as far as how snarky we'll be, how nice or informative we'll be, etc)? It's funny because this is the only community I do it with (unless I have a community specific icon for another community). And I'm not talking about the syringe icons.

modified people come together!

For those of you that are modified (tattooed, pierced, etc..) in a highly visible place (face, neck, arms..):

1. WHERE DO YOU WORK!? (I ask because I need a job BADLY, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding places that will hire a modded 17 year old besides the usual hot topic or other goth-y type mall stores.)

2. How old were you when you got your first tattoo or piercing?

3. What's the most negative/inappropriate/STUPID comment or question you've gotten about your mod(s)?

&For those of you that AREN'T needle'd up in any way:

4. What is your honest opinion of people who do these things?
Do you think of them or treat them differently?
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Does anyone here use the VOIP Lingo? I was thinking of getting Vonage, but then the second most advertised one is Lingo, so I thought I would ask about that. I am familiar with VOIP, as I currently have it. But I have it with Broadline and they are terrible! The phone hardly ever works and the customer support is a joke. I would like to explore all my options before deciding. I am wary of Lingo though because the reason I am stuck with Broadline now is because Vonage wasn't availible in my area when we first moved here and now that they are, it's like $60 in set up fees. I don't have that right now, but I figure the sooner I research, the better.

Also, if anyone has any stories about other VOIP companies they'd like to share, please feel free! Thanks in advance, everybody!
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I suck.

I checked the mail today and there was this scratch card promo that was sent to us. It didn't say what organization it was from but I scratched it and apparently I won. I looked on the back and winners can win one of five prizes. All of the prizes are seemingly good, $5000, an X-Box, flat-screen tv, a set of cooking pans and some sort of travel voucher or something for $100. I phoned the number on the back and it rang through to like, this carpet cleaning company who come show you some stupid vacuum thing and then you can get your prize. I didn't know that there was a catch but I asked the lady if for sure I was eligable for a prize on the back, she said yes. So I figure, what the hell, right?

So my boyfriend comes home and I tell him about it, laughing. But he thinks it was stupid of me and is convinced it's all some sort of scam.

Have any of you ever had something similar?

And, am I just a sucker?

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Does anyone know how I can get a full list of theaters that a movie which opens next week is playing in? Moviefone (edit and Fandango) don't have anything.

specifically, does anyone have the full list of theaters that Serenity is opening in?

edit I know about all the Moviefone-like sites out there. None of them seem to have anything yet, so I'm wondering if there's some information that's been released somewhere that the moviefone services just don't have up yet. I know there are some people who already know a particular theater is going to be showing it...

Random questions

1. What do you do when someone makes you extremely angry or upset?

2. Do you drink tap water? Bottled water? How much water do you drink per day, on average?

3. How many languages can you speak fluently or partially?

4. If you had to choose between the loss of a hand or a foot, which would you be able to live best without?

5. Do you use Swiffer? Do you think it works well?

6. Do you prefer blinds on your windows, or curtains? Both? Neither?
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high heels

How do you break in new, slippery high heels? I'm wearing them to my homecoming on Saturday night and am terrified that I'll slip and fall and hurt myself at some point! They're brand new and the soles are very slick. Thanks...
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Calling all geeks!

So in yet one more attempt to remove the spyware/adware/malware that are making themselves comfy on my computer, I am trying to run Ad-Aware again.

It tends to want to delete small stuff, but it gets frozen on big stuff.

One stubborn bugger in particular is something that comes up as "VX2" on the Ad-Aware log, gives me this info when I click for more info, and is apparently installed in my system folder under the name "ufulyesn", which won't uninstall or delete or anything.

Any advice?

I reallyreallyreallyreally don't want to have to reinstall my hard drive, but I will if I absolutely must.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Is there a movie that generally recieved really poor reviews from movie critics yet you still really like it?

My answer: The Day After Tomorrow

Cliche, campy, sensationalist...and awesome. I think all of the cliches and innuendos are fun. So sue me. (Please don't.)

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I'm having some trouble finding an article for my economics class. I have to find an article about a specific market in which there has been a price change. The challenge? Cannot be about hurricanes or gas prices. I've been looking for a while now with no luck.

A few questions

1.I didn't know the answer, so I figured I would ask all of you smart folks :)

What is greater than God, More evil than the devil, The poor have it, The rich need it, And if you eat it, you'll die?

2. Are there any sites online, other than, where you can get paid to model...but not nude?

3. Are there any site on-line that offer printable calendar pages? I need one for the end of September, then ones for October, November, and December :)
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bad thoughts >.> <.< x.x

Say someone has a long haired cat... Say they, oh, I dunno, get the urge to shave all of it's tail but the very end off... Would this be bad for the cat in any way? He's an indoor cat, if that matters. And no, I am certainly *not* going to attach little clay wings to a harness and strap that onto the cat afterwards and wish he were white so he would better resemble a moogle. Ya know, in case that's what you thought...

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ETA: the 'after' shots!

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Hope you guys aren't sending peta to beat down my door! :D
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Sorta on the subject of another post in this community...

1. What are some good cover songs you've heard? Especially in comparison to the original.

2. What are some of the worst cover songs you've ever heard? Just because they suck and they've completely ruined the song.

My answers:

1. Can't Take My Eyes Off You covered by Muse, Feeling Good covered by Muse, I Will Survive (Yes, the old disco song) covered by Cake.

2. No Woman No Cry covered by Rancid or NOFX or one of those many punk bands that sound alike. Holy shiite, that cover was horrible.
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totally METAL

so a previous question reminded me...

I may have to quit/get fired from my job tomorrow because i refuse to take out my labret piercing (ball stud below lip). I'd say the chance is a strong 75-99%.
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I figure i have three main options.

1)Instant resignation, the big 'fuck you'.
They tell me the clear retainer is not acceptable, i tell them i won't work for such an unprogressive company, and walk out the door right after. It's sure to make a statement, and also leave the store without a ready replacement. I bake ALL the products, and start work alone at 4:30 in the morning. They can't just call people in to fill that shift. They could be screwed for weeks.

2)2 weeks notice- tell them i'll just quit rather than take the thing out, but can i please have 2 weeks to find another job first? (Is there any chance they'll go for this?)

3)Play the religion card- a classic. They can't do anything about it if i'm pierced for religious reasons, and if they're going to fuck me over, i might as well fuck them back. I've got nothing to loose at this point, and a bureaucratic mess might be fun. I've already called the Ministry of Human Rights about this option, and while the obvious choice is the Church of Body Modification (, that's not currently recognized as a valid religion, at least as far as Canadian laws are concerned. But i'm pretty sure Collapse )

So, here is a poll.

what's a Witchbaby to do?

1) short, sweet, curt- instant resignation
2) draw it out for as long as i can, beg for 2 weeks notice
3) play the religion card

Feel free to comment with other suggestions, sympathy, general mockery, demands for your long overdue syringe icon requests (i have a lot on my mind right now with this crap, i'm sorry!), etc.
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(no subject)

My AIM all of a sudden does not contain any buddies. It's not like my whole account is somehow missing because the categories in my buddy list are still there the way I named them and my profile is still the same. It's just that I have no buddies anymore.

Why/How would this happen?
Has this ever happened to you?
Is there anyway to find my buddy list?


(no subject)

Guys: Are you cut or uncut? Happy with this or not?

Is your SO, if male, cut or uncut? Happy with it or not?

Are you for or against male circumcision?
If you had a son, would you choose to circumcise him?

Please explain "why" for all questions too.
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Please tell me I'm not the only one very much offended by UPN's Everybody Hates Chris show created by Chris Rock. Funny at times, yes, but when they mention the n-word twice on a show running at the eight o'clock hour (at the same time they won't even run shows like CSI because they're too graphic), it's a bit too repulsive to me.

On top of this, reviews on and are calling this a black version of The Wonder Years. Wtf, mate? Am I the only one that feels this way? (by the way, I'm a white female)
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Which would hurt more? (hypotheticals!)

1. Two people are on the phone (casual boring conversation) A says she'll call B right back but doesn't. Next time she sees her she says "sorry I didn't call you back.." and B responds "That's ok, that's just how you are." Do you think it hurts more to be blown off and not called back by a friend or for a friend to blatantly address a character flaw?

2. Person A thinks person B stole from her. Do you think it hurts more to not know if your friend stole from you, or to be the friend accused of stealing? (regardless of whether it happened.)

3. Do you think it hurts more to find out one day your partner of five years had been cheating on you constantly for your entire relationship, or to be with somebody who made you feel everyday like you weren't good enough for them?

4. Do you think it hurts more to find out that your mom hates you or that your daughter hates you?

Government pays you a dividend of 400 dollars....

well my government is anyways, and with this magical cheque i am thinking about finally investing in an Ipod.... i need some advice from some You guys.... lets see...

1. What model do you/do you not advocate, and Why?
2. What operating system do you use with it?
2b.If your answer is Windows... did you find the transition to using a Mac type program easy?
3. Is it safe to use a regular p2p like Kazaa (as safe as kazaa is to begin with...) for your Ipod? or can you only use Itunes downloading thingy?
4. Because they made a specific model called Ipod shuffle... does that mean all models previous did not have the shuffle mode?

Thanks for any and All feedback you might have

(no subject)

1. What are some good punk remakes of oldies?

2. Do you consider yourself a bad livejournal friend?

3. What the hell is the name of that song where the guy is singing really fast during the chorus "Hey little mama let me light your fire cuzza mama Imma sure to..." That's basically all I know.

4. Name some great classic rock songs for me to download. I love classic rock. like Led Zeppelin, that type of classic rock.

5. Give me some good oldies to download.
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friendship questions

Lets say you have two friends. You haven't seen either in 6+ months, they don't return calls or IMs, and on the offhand chance they pick up when you call, the conversation is short and they claim they are so busy and can't hang out. But in their LJ they write long entries about how they've been hanging out with each other 2-3 times a week and how much free time they have.

1.Do you consider this a blowoff?
2.Are you more angry or hurt? Or does this not bother you?
3.Do you confront them?


4. What's the worst thing a friend has ever said/done to you?

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Am I the only one who has no clue what Benny's doing?

If you can actually figure it out, what is Benny doing?

EDIT: DAMN you guys are fast, I got 3 replies and the post was barely up for 30 seconds! Anyway, the consensus thus far is that he's skateboarding... which is what I thought too, but if so then that is one screwed up skateboard.

EDIT2: Stop saying it looks like a penis! This is a KID'S Menu!!! LoL.

Also, does anyone else see what's wrong with the dots? Bonus points if you do.

EDIT: I'm screening the comments of those who say the correct answer, so as not to spoil the surprise for the others who still wish to figure it out.