September 21st, 2005

Ahh! Babies!

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If all mirrors, reflective surfaces and photographs did not exist and the only thing you had to rely on to know how you look is you trying to look at yourself and other people's descriptions of you, how do you think you would feel about your physical self image?
EDIT: and how is that different from how you feel now? Like, would you feel better or worse and why?
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For those of you who write, or for those of you who don't and are going to attempt NaNoWriMo, how do you come up with a plot for a story? I'm trying to think of one myself, but whenever I do, the ideas that pop up in my mind are basically from books that I have already read - and I don't want to "write" a story that already exists. Anyone have any advice? All is appreciated.

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Quite a few random

First section. If you're a student, please omit this section, unless you have a part-time job. This section is strictly for people who have paid employment of some kind.

1. What is your job?
2. On a scale of 1-10, how stressful would you say it is?
3. On a scale of 1-10, how much training/education would you say you need to work the job (not what you have, what you need for that job specifically)?
4. Do you think you get paid fairly? Why or why not? And if you don't mind disclosing, also how much you get paid.

Second section. For everybody.

5. Say you lived in a house with a bunch of people. There's six of you. Your lease is up at the end of this month, and four people (including yourself) have already moved out. You've barely been living there the past two months anyways, but you still have a bunch of stuff at the house. But for all intents and purposes, you live with your significant other a block away.

Do you come back to the house with your SO, cook a meal with food that you brought over, not throw the garbage away properly and leave the dishes for your former housemates to do (including a pot of rice that you burnt to a pot that one of them owns)? One of my former housemates just did this today, without even informing me that he was going to be coming here (I was at school/work all day, and came home to dishes that I hadn't recalled leaving there, and my remaining roommate is out of town today). What should I say to him, if anything? I knew it was him because I called his place and talked to his girlfriend, but he was sleeping. I consider it fairly rude, especially since he left the dirty dishes for me to do. If he'd come and gone without me noticing, that would be fine, but he burnt one of my pots!

6. For those of you who work/have worked with children: How do I get them to listen to me?? I've been working with kids for six years (since I was 15 and I'm 21 now), and still now, if they're the misbehaving sort, they won't listen to me no matter what I do. I do all the same things that others I work with do, but for some reason they'll eventually listen to them, but they won't ever eventually listen to me, even if I use the same techniques. It's especially relevant now, being as quite a few of the kids I currently work with at an after-school program are chronic misbehavers (if that's a word, if not, I'm sure you know what I mean). But the same problem persists. Argh.

odd questions of history.

In history, who was the queen who liked to have sex with horses?

I can't remember her name but my main question is this...
I read in some tattoo book somewhere that she had a tattoo and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was and/or where it was?
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Inspired by the project I'm currently working on:

What do you consider to be global brands? (Emphasis on Brand names, not just the generic product)

For Example:
Disney themeparks/characters

paper journals

1. Do you keep a paper journal?

2. How does your paper journal differ in content/writing style/etc. from your Livejournal?

3. Am I the only one who tends to amuse myself by giving my paper journals super pretentious names? (My current one is called 'Evening Decadence' because I'm a dork'

4. What sort of paper journal do you prefer? Do you write in plain notebooks books or something more fancy?

5. Are there times when a paper journal suits you better than an electronic one? What do you think some of the advantages and disadvantages of paper journals are?

6. How long have you been keeping a journal of any sort? Has having a Livejournal changed the way you approach writing in a paper journal?
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What do you do to celebrate Halloween?

What are you going to dress up as? Bonus points for pictures!

If you don't celebrate Halloween, why not?

My answers:

My husband and I are dressing the baby up for her first Halloween and we are taking her to visit various relatives. She's not old enough to eat candy but we still wanted to dress her up.

We will be "Mom and Dad." Lydia will be a poodle. See? Poodle Costume
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they read all the books, but they can't find the answers.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been one of those girls who seems to know the answers fairly often in quite a few of my classes. I've never been ashamed to state my opinion or give the answer and I've always thought the whole pretending to be dumb as to not make insecure guys uncomfortable things was a crock of bull. But I've always had some guys (and sometimes girls) come up to me and say things like, "You always know the answers!" or "Aren't you that girl who knows everything?" and so on.

Has that ever happened to you? How do you respond?

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So, girls have their breakup anthems such as Christina Aguilera's "Fighter", Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Mariah Carey's "Someday" and lots more but I'm curious....

Do guys have songs/anthems that make them feel better about leaving relationships? If so, what are they?
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Book Suggestions?

I have three audiobook download credits left and am out of ideas. I come to you, readers in the Question Club, for help. What do you suggest I 'read' next?

It has to be interesting. I usually listen to audiobooks while I'm stuck in traffic. Being bored to tears wouldn't be a good thing. Same goes for being put to sleep. Fiction is preferred, although if you know of a good, juicy non-fiction, I'm game for that, too. Humorous fiction is my favorite, but I can go serious, too.
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I was in a discussion yesterday about books.  One thing that was said was According to a book of essays ... 70% of American homes do not have books in them.   This came up in a discussion of TV shows that did not have books on the set and if that was meant to show a typical family.  So now you are thinking I am going to ask something deep.  Nope. Can you name shows that have books displayed in homes?  Collapse )

What can you add?

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The other day my friend was telling me that as a child she had a crush on Gordon from "Sesame Street". I used to watch a lot of Nick-at-Nite, so I had a crush on Maxwell Smart.

Did you have any funny childhood crushes?
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today is the career fair. I'm required to go by my sociology orientation class. Right now it'd be cool if i got an intership, but I don't really care about one.
AND that bee-sting that i was asking for remedies for on monday? It's infected. I'm on antibiotics, but that hand is swollen and pretty much worthless.
I'm dressing kindof business casual/'picture day'. It's basically practise for when I want to go for real. I'll bring resumes, but they'll be on regular paper.
How do i want to approach people? I don't really want to advertise that I'm there for an assignment, but I lso don't want them thinking that thisis me trying my hardest.

Also: Anyone wo knows who Melvin Mencher is (big important journalism guy), is there anything you want to ask him? he'll be coming into my class today- soon- to talk to us and answer questions.
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Ordering Food Online

My husband and I fell in love with the Betty Crocker Complete Meals - Ham & Au Gratin Potatoes.  They are still listed on the Betty Crocker Web Site  but I can't find them anywhere in the area that I live in (Upstate, NY).

Does anyone know of a food place that you can order from and it ships items to your house?  Thanks!

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I want to go see a movie either tonight or tomorrow. So, here's a list of my choices. Even though some are big no's, I just cut n pasted everything just in case. Hey, I may be wrong and Sharkboy actually is a cinematic masterpiece for the ages. I'm sort of leaning toward The Aristocrats.

Out of my available choices, which movie do you recommend?
Don't worry about what I like, what did you like? or hate?

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My brother refuses to leave Houston and I am trying to get a plan together for after the hurricane. I have his address, home phone number and told him that I would find him if I needed to. Can you think of anything else i can/should do to insure I will be able to locate him or is there something that I am missing?
Note: I realize this isn't going to be like Katrina but I would rather be over prepared than under.

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Is there a way to tell if a birth control pill is working at all?

Ever since I got on Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo, my period's been very irregular. I actually got two periods last month, about five days apart. :o( I'll get one during the second week of pills as well as during the "fake week". I can't afford to go back to my regular doctor right now, so I was just curious if any of you knowledgeable people knew of any tips or things to watch for that might indicate the birth control pill isn't working at all...I'd hate to rely on a BCP that wasn't working in the first place. ;o)

More About Mice

I am still having my mouse dilemma. I think it's a bigger problem than I can take care of myself. See, someone has cleared two big fields near our house and I think the mice have taken up residence in my residence.
I have caught 2 mice but I have a feeling that is only the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, it appears that I have 2 options:
I can use a service like Terminix. Basically, that is just pest control. They do things to kill the mice when they come into the house. It's $350 for a year contract and I'm not sure what kind of guarantee they have. I can't imagine it would be much though because they know they mice will still be there, they will just be killed if they come in.
My other option is a place called BioLab. They actually seal off your house from the inside and the outside. They run off the existing mice with an organic chemical spray. They ventilate your attic and systematically seal every crack in your house. They go under the house and seal there. They replace any wiring, boards and A/C ducts that the mice have damaged. They pack all the mouse holes with poison and concrete. They ventilate under the house. This will be a 3 day project with a 2 year guarantee. The total for this service is $3300.
Now, here is my problem. I am having a really hard time making a decision about this because we don't just have $3300 laying around. It seems to me that it would be better to do the more permanent solution for the peace of mind. Plus, when they ventilate the attic, that is supposed to help the A/C work better and keep the house cooler. Also, they repair the A/C ducts and that will help some too. They fix the wiring and that would be nice. I know there are some problems there. But it's $3300. We can scrape that up but it will be hard.
On the other hand, Terminix is $350. But there will still be mice there. They just won't be in the house.
What would you do?

EDIT: Please don't tell me that it's bad to kill the mice. I hate to do it but they can't live in the house with me.

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What religion are the people where the women wear long dresses and white caps over their hair, the men are always dressed nice, they have many kids, but they own a business, drive vehicles regularly and live with all the modern convienences? Is it Amish, or some sort of Amish? Mennonite?

Anyone know?
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1. Have you lived through any hurricanes? What category?

Houston has gone absolutely crazy, and I want to leeeave. Not so much for the actual hurricane, (it'll be only a category one in my area, so I don't exactly have to go anywhere) but for the aftermath.

2. Do you think those that don't really need to leave, should? I know everyone is nervous over Katrina, but the traffic is horrendous, and the Galvest.. onians who ACTUALLY NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE are screwed.
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I know it's kind of early for this, but I have a lot of time on my hands to think about this kind of thing, so here goes:

Do you know what you're going to dress up as for Halloween? What is it?

The reason I'm asking is b/c I have an idea (show girl/line dancer girl, complete with ruffle butt boy shorts and feather boa), but I'm not sure I'll actually go through with it, and I want a back up idea just in case I chicken out :)

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What's a good place in the UK to buy a prom dress?

Did you go to the prom at your school? (If yes..) Did you enjoy it? Was it worth it?

We're having our prom in May x_X I don't particularly want to go, but it'll be the last memory I have of school and my last chance to see most of the people in our year (it's on the last day of school). I look awful in dresses and prom dresses are awfully expensive for something I'm only going to wear once.
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My dad found this case of cds in a rental truck a long time ago, and I just pulled them out today. The contents include the following:

Eddie Money
Rod Stewart
Juice Newton
The Icicle Works

Do you know/like any songs by any of these artists? If so, which ones?
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1. what is the best way to not be stressed out?
i am always on the go at school. i have a weird schedule that leaves little time for homework and work, and im pissing my boss off with all the work im missing.

2. what flavor is superman ice cream?
it tastes awesome, but someone asked today and i didnt know what to say. i just shrugged and said, "i dont know. but doesnt it look like play-dough?" ha
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Is it true that if you eat cold stuff before/during you have your period, you will get major cramps during your next cycle? (My mom always yells at me when I eat ice cream or drink cold water before/during my period saying that my stomach will hurt the next time... and she's always right. She claims that it's true, but I think it might be some random Asian myth or is it just coincidence?) Anyway, is there any medical truth to it?

Also, how available is it to get birth control pills if you're underage? Like can you just go to some random clinic or do you need a family doctor/parent to "sign off."
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Situation: Your friend calls you to ask you a favor. The favor is that the foreign exchange student from Germany that's living with him doesn't have a date to homecoming and your friend would like to know if you would be his date because you don't have one either. You say sure.
Does this make you a good friend, a desperate friend, or a good but desperate friend?
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I just accidentally upgraded my iTunes to that new 5.0.1, or something like that, and I really didn't want to do that. Is there any way of uninstalling it without haveing to delete my entire library? Maybe some sort of trick to turn it all back? Ohh, wishful thinking.
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Since when did incest become cool?

I've noticed a growing trend in fanfiction, that if a person wants a pairing to happen they don't care if they're siblings or not. Is it wrong that this sickens me? Is it wrong that I really wonder what the hell is wrong with these otherwise sane people? I try not to judge anyone no matter how weird their fetishes are but this for some reason really hits a nerve with me.

Thoughts? And if you're into this kind of thing if you'd explain it... I won't flame you (and I'd ask the same in return) but honestly I want to know. Since when was this okay in these times?

[edit] And does anyone have that picture I've seen floating around of the guys who play the Weasley twins holding the "twins against twincest" sign?

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1) Do you think Conan O'Brien is funny?

2) What do you think of hairless cats?

3) How many glasses of water do you drink a day? Is it bottled, tap, filtered/purified tap?

4) What covers your bedroom window(s) (e.g., venetian blinds, curtains, etc)?

5) Around how many stuffed animals do you own? How many do you display in your room? Do you ever hide some/all of them if certain people come over?

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Those of you who have experience with on-line travel thingees, what works the best for you?

I'm trying to find round trip tickets to Las Vegas for Oct. 5 - 8th.

Have you had any success with that whole name your own price thing on priceline?
Who has the best deals?
Are flights cheaper at the last minute or should it happen sooner?

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Ohkay, my toothpaste makes my mouth taste sick and my breath smell bad? Honestly, it does. I dont know why though. My morning breath smells better, for real.
Can anyone reccomend a toothpaste (besides ANY Colgate and Crest)that you think are worthy of reccomendation? Im sick of walking around with smelly breath. Idk, man. Thanks.

Cell Phone Question

I have a motorola V551. I received a new voicemail tonight so my voicemail indicator icon appeared. I listened to the voicemail, deleted it, and diconnected the call. The icon still is on the screen indicating I have a new message when I don't. Anyone know how to clear or reset the icon?

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i have a 5-7 page paper due friday. like a dumbass, ive not started it.
my schedule for tomorrow is as follows:

8:00-10:00 - work
11:00 - ? - meeting with a small group for an english presentation (done in class on friday)
1:40-3:10 - world civilizations
7:00 - tattoo appointment
9:30 - college libertarians meeting

my question: should i skip my world civ class? ive only been in classes for a couple of weeks, but i really need to get this paper done (its a pretty hefty amount of points). our first three skips in world civ are automatically excused, no questions asked. plus the profs syllabus says its just a lecture/notes, and i have the class with my roommate so i could easily get a copy of the notes.
right now im leaning towards "skip class, do the paper".


edit: im pretty sure the night meeting was canceled, so that answers my question. ha thanks.
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Can anyone tell me the difference between cakes from bakeries and cakes from a box? Specifically texture wise. I've only had one cake from a bakery before and it wasn't that good. It tasted how my cakes turn out when I make them from scratch. Compared to box cakes, they're very dry and crumbly. So, I'm not sure if I'm just making sucky cakes and the bakery I got the cake from was awful or if scratch cakes are just like that because they aren't crammed with chemicals.

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1.) Does the "official" AOL-provided AIM (for Windows) client indicate whether or not a user is connected to AIM via a mobile device? Specifically, is there any indication whether a user is connected with a Hiptop/Sidekick?

2.) For those of you who have feelings of nostalgia for things (e.g. books, tv shows, movies, or videogames) from your childhood, have you ever read/watched/played these as an adult? Was it as "cool" as you remember it being, or were you disappointed because fond memories clouded your perception of a certain book/show/movie/game? i.e. Were you more "in love" with the memory than the actual item?

Sleepless in Seattle clip

I just watched Sleepless in Seattle again, and it triggered a memory that a clip of it at the end being in another movie. It has been bugging me what movie that was. Do any of you know what movie had a Sleepless in Seattle clip in it?