September 20th, 2005


Great show

Does anyone remember a show that I do believe was called sin city? It was animated...
It used to be on teletoon late night for a short stint.
It was done in film noir style and the narrator/main character was Raven?
It was very dark, and in my opinion very good.
At least my opinion back then... With the movie sin city I havent been able to find out any info on it.
Also, im not really even sure if it was called that...

Anyone know what Im talking about?

Questions for mothers and fathers to be.

I have some questions for parents to be I was hoping you guys could help me out.

For both
1. How did you react to findin out you were (or your Lady is )pregnant?
2. Have your intial reactions to the pregnacy changed? How?
3. How has your daily life changed sice you found out you will soon have a baby?
4. What has been your major concern during the pregnancy? Do you have any specific fears or worries?
5. Havce you seen any chnges in your narital relationship due to pregnancy?
6. What type of birth do you plan to have: for example, natureal child birth with the father present, with anesthetic, or caesarean section?
7. How are you preparing for the baby's birth?

Specifically for the Mother
1. what was your recation whenyou first heard the baby's heartbeat?
2. When did you first feel movement?
3. What is your diet like? Has it changed?
4. What kind of exercise do you do?
5. Have you takne any drugs or medications?
6. Do you smoke?

Thank in advance for your help and insight
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  1. Do you ever make up conditions in your mind?  Like, if I reach the street corner at normal walking speed before the light turns green, then I'll see my crush at lunch today...  If I make this shot into the wastebasket, the my boss won't borrow another $20 from me this week...
  2. Are your parents openly affectionate?  Are you?  Mine are not, I am.
  3. How much money do you spend in a week?
  4. Do you believe in lying to children?  The tooth fairy will come tomorrow after the Easter Bunny brings you chocolate today.
  5. What are you planning to be for Halloween?  Collapse )
Self cleaning

Sleep Habits

Do you have a set routine you go through before you go to bed? If so, does it throw you off majorly if you skip something?

Do you more trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up in the morning?

Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone? (That someone doesn't have to be a romantic partner, it could be a friend). Why or why not?

If you prefer to sleep with someone, do you like to sleep close to them, cuddled up with them or do you prefer to have your own space?

Do you usually dream at night? Do you remember your dreams? What is the weirdest and/or scariest dream you remember? What about the best dream you remember?

And just to add a little randomness to the post.... What type of questions do you prefer to answer here at thequestionclub? Do you prefer questions asking your opinion, personal experiences, relationship advice, medical advice or anything else you can think of?

(no subject)

For those of you on myspace, what do you think of it?

I use myspace because I can find old friends that way, read my friends profiles, leave comments, etc. But in all actuality, I think it's a crappy site. Sometimes I have to log in a few times before it actually works. It says I have messages when I don't. I find the banner ads obnoxious and intrusive. I especially despise when people try to get too designy with their profiles and use horrible colors, broken CSS and HTML which crashes my browser. Same with when people have a bunch of videos on their profile. Drives me nuts. Not to mention these people with 4000 friends who try to add me (usually guys who think they're pimps or scantily clad 15 year old girls).

That said, I think it's an extremely poorly developed site with a lot of irksome people on it...yet I am totally addicted!!!!!

A question about a question

Whatever happened to the post where someone was collecting anonymous questions for everyone?

Did those questions get asked?

I guess I'll ask my question now, inspired by someone in this very club who told me to "FEEL GODS WRATH" - What does the wrath of God feel like?
I would be thrilled by any responses to this.

(no subject)

So, i'm going on a blind date possibly on Saturday. Any advice for me? what are some good ice breakers for the conversation??

a few weeks ago I saw an article on MSN about really good ice breakers or how to make your date laugh (advised by comics) but i can't find it now...anyone see it and happen to save it?

Anyone have a successful blind date story?
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(no subject)

In which society would you rather live?

Somewhere that provided all physical necessities (ie: a job, food, shelter, etc) comfortable, but where you have no civil rights
A society in which you have unimaginable freedom, but where your security (same examples as above) is not assured
Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I have an Epson CX5400 printer, and I replaced both ink cartidges about a month ago. I tried printing an essay today, and there are blank spaces crossing through the document. I cleaned the printer heads, and tried that print pattern thing on the troubleshooting, but all I get is color, for whatever reason, I can't get much black ink to print. And my cartidges are still half-full of ink.

How can I print in black?
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If you update your journal while you're listening to music, and by the time you finish several songs have played, which do you put in the "music" box? The first one that played? The last one that played? Your favorite of the bunch?
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(no subject)

so if you're in school right now, what classes are you taking? specify if its college or high school or whatever.

me, ethical reasoning, philosophy of worship, 1 corinthians, voice and piano lessons and i'm at a bible college
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(no subject)

every once in a while the little girl i babysit gets these tongue bubbles - little white bubbles on her the edges of her tongue. she bites at them and i tell her not to but of course she does lol.

never seen anything like it before - anybody have an idea as to what it could be?

(no subject)

i'm trying to remember this's red with the three girls with their backs facing us on the front. it's about these triplets who were seperated at birth and live in like manhattan, la, and london. they become really succesful in each of their careers...any idea what it's called?
Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I woke up this morning with a incredibly bad pang in my calf.. dad says it's a charlie horse from not getting enough potassium.. I used to get them all the time, and so I started eating bananas regularly, but why the heck is it back? It only lasts for a few minutes or so, but I can't move my leg or bend my knee or anything. And waking up like that isn't the best, either.

I googled charlie horse, but the reasons they gave me were from too much exercise. And I haven't exercised much more than I do usually. (I did alot of walking on Sunday, but nothing out of the ordinary. I work at a job where I'm constantly walking up and down stairs and all over the place.)

Is this what I'm getting? How do I stop them?
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(no subject)

Has anyone seen Cirque du Soleil's show Corteo? Is it comparable to all of their other shows or better or worse?

it is in my town right now and after reading they synopsis I feel like it doesn't sound as good as some of the other shows.
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who's who

does anyone have any info or experience with "who's who among high school students"? i received a letter from them in the mail, supposedly i qualified for some honor from them. is this credible? i found info supporting and against in on the internet.
chicken legs
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(no subject)

Do you find thequestionclub more interesting than your friends page? (Or the rest of your friends page.)

What are you having for dinner?

Read any good books lately?

Have you ever worried that reading too much would cause your mind to become too immersed and thus assimilated to the popular strains of knowledge and opinion, thus killing your creativity?

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:) (:
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(no subject)

I just got a letter from "People to People International" about my eligibility for an ambassador trip to Australia. Awesome, except... I have gotten so many offerings to SCAMS lately, that I'm extremely paranoid. (Who's Who in American High Schools, etc. How did I get stuck in this web of liiiees?)

Does anyone have any experience with this organization? Or, just any information that will help me decide whether or not I should stop trusting any mail I get ever again evereverever?


Which commercial do you miss most (last ten years or so. I'm a baby)? This morning, while eating lime jello, I started singing the old not-so-recent jingle, "J-E-L-L-O, IT'S ALIIIIVE" and giggled for about seven hours.
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(no subject)

It was asked here what happened to the "anonymous questions you were afraid to ask". It wasn't my post, but since it was never posted I promise to post the questions anyone here may have. I'll do it differently though, instead of screened here, you can post as anonymous in the entry I left here in my own journal. You will see that it won't screen IP addresses either, so you will be completely anonymous.

Also, here's a question for this thread. How many questions should I give it until I post them?


1. What are your feelings about hypnotherapy? Do you recognize it as a valid form of medicine or do you see it as more of a 'hobby'?

2. Have you ever been hypnotized? If yes, what for?

(no subject)

When writing something formal (well, not necessarily formal, but not as casual as when you're writing in your journal, or talking to someone through mail, etc, etc.)say, like an essay for school:

Do you like your style of writing? Do others? What do you wish you could change about it? If you want, you could share a snipit of a piece of your work.
(If anyone cares to ask, I'll show something, but I'll leave it out for now.)

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(no subject)

i currently have a (pretty old, USB 1, no firewire) dell desktop running windows xp, and i just ordered an ibook from apple. what would be the best, most efficient way to transfer all of my files to my new computer? specifically, all of my itunes mp3's. it seems there must be a better (cheaper, faster) way than burning cd's of everything. i have about 3500 songs and an ipod. i am not aware of a way of getting songs OFF of my ipod (without using podutil, which isn't available for mac).

please help! i am so excited to get a laptop and i want to be able to get rid of my dell ASAP!!
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icon missing?

Hmm, I'm stumped on this one.

I'm looking at my mom's computer--she still uses dial-up, and the icon for her connection that normally appears in the toolbar has disappeared. I tried doing properties and making it "always appear" but it still hasn't come back, even with resetting. She's been disconnecting her internet by going to the phone jack and physically disconnecting it. Any suggestions as to where this icon went, and how I can get it to come back for her? Granted, if she did something to make it disappear, I have NO idea...
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(no subject)

1. Do you like Vitamin Water? What's your favorite kind?
yes, Fruit Punch!

2. Do you think majoring in photography is a bad idea?
I hope not, I had planned on it until my guidance counselor told me that it was unrealistic.
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(no subject)

Last thing you did (or didn't do, or almost did) that pricked your conscience?

How picky are you about your sandwiches? Working in a deli, I often wonder if people care if the mustard is all the way to the edges or at a certain thickness, or if the cheese needs to be lined up just so, or do they really care? Because I like it that way, and I like to make it that way for other people, and I sometimes stress that I'm not putting on the exact amount of mayo or lettuce that the person would like, or that I didn't fluff the meat up high enough for them, etc.
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Ok. This is probably a dumb question, but I'm stumped.

I recently sold one of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab items via livejournal. The person who's buying just paid via PayPal.

Here's my question: Can you transfer money in the PayPal account back into the bank account that it's set up with?
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(no subject)

Can anyone suggest any online alternate news sources/reporting, less commonly known, but that try not to bias stuff too much? (Oh you know what I mean)..

Also, does anyone have any on-hand news articles, from somewhat close to such said resources, on the conditions of Iraq, but personal conditions, like on the ground?
Thank you.
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Firefox users...

Do you ever have problems with Firefox caching pages of your friends list? Have you found a solution, other than hitting refresh whenever you notice you're viewing a cached page?

Sometimes I'll be browsing along when I realize I'm reading entries from yesterday. I have to click refresh to bring up the current "?skip=60" page or whatever. I could just turn off my browser cache, but that would be lame. Is there a way to tell Firefox not to cache on a site-by-site basis? Or a way to put http meta tags in your friends page?


  1. Have / would you ever try accupuncture?    Did it work?
  2. If you could are like any sitcom character, who is it be & why?  (Past or present)
  3. If you could be any sitcom character, who would it be & why?  (Past or present)
  4. Do you enjoy anything that most people don't?
  5. Have you ever spread gossip?  About what?  Did it get back to you?  (Karma)

iPod Question

So after two straight weeks of looking, I can't find my iPod. I am this close to calling it permanently lost or stolen. I feel stupid, but life goes on. At the moment I am looking at prices of iPods and other mp3 players on

Is a 20 GB iPod for $170 by a private seller with a 4.8 rating legitimate? I am not exactly sure how Apple worked it out, but I know they are now selling iPods that are in color so I can see where an 'old' black and white screened one wouldn't be as popular anymore. I don't need color, but I would like to have the 20 GB.

Alternatively, do you have any other positive experiences with mp3 players that are cheaper than the iPod and have over 5 GB?

Survey Says!

My mom works at an adult day care and she wants to play Family Fued with them. I've been looking online and I have a few questions but any help you could give would be appreciated.

Do you know of any questions & answers along with the point value that we could use? The game starts tomorrow so anything would be great!
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For those of you in the food industry & wear hairnets (which i hope most do..)

Do you reuse your hairnets?

They're small & ridiculous and you can't but 500 of them at once like I thought you would be able to. So 3 per pack isn't cutting it.

How many do you purchase at a time?
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(no subject)

1. Do you know how to throw a punch?
2. What is the key to a good punch?
3. What does the line "I don't crack the door too far for anyone who's pushing too hard on me" mean to you?

No. 3 cross posted to dailyquotes
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(no subject)

My friend and I made a cake tonight, its shaped like a penis. well we had to cut it out so basically we have to frost the center of a cake...its all cake like....not solidish like the outside of a cake usually I making sense?

anyway, we're a little worried about frosting it, and the frosting pulling it apart...any tips? we are gonna frost it in the next 20 minutes.