September 19th, 2005


Which way does your wang hang?

Obviously, only answer the poll if you have a penis. I'm not sure if anyone can really be 'ambicoxterous' or 'other', but I put them in for good measure. Choose the way you hang most of the time.

I think that the left side is probably the most common, as it is with me personally.

Also, does anyone know of physiological reasons for this? I mean, it's not like mens' penises tend to be crooked to the left or the right or something, so I'm not sure I understand why there's a left/right bias, you'd think it would be random. Maybe it's purely neurological and has something to do with being right or left handed?

I'd be interested to know of any scientific research on this, as this is clearly of the utmost importance.

EDIT: I can't modify the poll, so I'll just ask in comments, how many of you hang in the same direction of your dominant hand (e.g. you're right handed and hang right)? And how many of you hang to the same side of the hand that you wank with?

Which way does your wang hang?


If other, please specify:

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Have any of you taken Pepcid AC tablets for heartburn?

I took one tonight and now my esophogus feels sore (different than burned) but almost like there's a giant chip stuck in there or something... but it comes and goes. And I'm a little bit nauseous, but not terribly.

Is this normal? Is that how Pepcid is supposed to feel?
Summer puppy by ninneve

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite kind of syrup to put on pancakes/waffles?

2. Do you censor yourself in your LJ so you don't upset people on your friends list? Like, not posting how much you hate the president, because you know some of your friends like him.

3. Is there a place online that can tell you what makeup colors would look decent with your skin/hair/eye color? It occurred to me I probably should wear at least a little bit for job interviews, except I have absolutely zero experience and have horrible color judgement. All I can find are cutesy sites with "quizzes" that don't do anything but push their brand at me.
30th Century Fox

Almost famous...

1) What kind of celebrity would you prefer to be (e.g., a TV star, a movie star, a theater star, a music star, a sports star, some other type of celebrity?) Why or why not?

2) If you were a celebrity how would you live? Would you seek out the paparazzi or hide from them? Would you buy a fancy house in Beverly Hills or would you live somewhere more modest?

3) Would you keep plugging away at your famousness until even ribbon cutting ceremony opportunities at places like the Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart dry up, or would you get your 15 minutes of fame over and done with and move on to the next thing?


Today I was pleased to discover that a beloved childhood cartoon (Cities of Gold) actually did exist, despite the fact that nobody I talk to remembers hearing of it. Did no one else watch pre-Rugrats Nickelodeon? I'm getting old. *sigh*

What are your favorite cartoon theme songs?


1. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get myself to go to bed earlier? I stay up til 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning and I wake up at 8 for work. Needless to say, I'm always tired at work.

I just get lazy thinking about my bedtime routine (bathroom stuff, laundry, lunch...) that I procrastinate to do them and I end up staying up until way too late.

I think I need an "association" thing to make me think, ok NOW it's time to do some laundry. NOW it's time to make my lunch. NOW it's time to start my bathroom routine...

I thought about setting my alarm for 9 PM to trigger the thought to do laundry for example, but I only have one alarm setting and I might forget to reset it again everynight for the next morning. I could get a secondary alarm for that purpose, but idealy I'd like to have a few different time sets for each bedtime chore...

I rarely watch live TV because I just watch my DVR so starting laundry after Dr. Phil is out.

Just telling myself to do it is out because it obviously hasn't worked yet.

Have any of you ever been in a similar situation? How did you start getting yourself to do something that you regularly procrastinate?

Any ideas?

Please don't comment just to be snarky. I don't want to hear "Just do it. It's not that hard." heh. =)

2. What things do you commonly procrastinate? What makes you procrastinate it?

Edit: Whoa, when did we start logging IPs?

emily rose

so, i just went to see the exorcism of emily rose which is supposedly based on a true story. why then does it say at the end of the credits that all people and events portrayed in the film were fictitious?

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1. I want to get a star named after a friend for her birthday, but I have no idea how. I know I could google it, but something makes me think that star naming would be a pretty easy thing to scam someone on. Is there an official way to do it or something? Has anyone ever done it before?

2. Have you ever found a food you're addicted o, eat it for a solid week, and then you can't stand it anymore? I fell into the Campbell's Soup at Hand Blended Vegetable Medley for days on end, and now, it's making me gag. What about you?

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I feel so retarded asking this because I blatantly admitted a few posts down that I procrastinate going to bed until really late anyway, but I now have a half hour to make a decision....

Have you ever called in sick to work because you didn't get any sleep that night?

I was hoping to get a few hours in before work but I ended up tossing and turning. Next thing I know it's 7:30 in the morning and I haven't slept a wink, yet my body is exhausted and my eyes are already bright red...

I work ten hour days in front of a computer, which even on a good day can be hard to stay awake.

Should I suck it up and go to work even though I won't be able to have more than one cup of caffeine to keep me awake and I most likely will be completely useless since it's hard to focus and concentrate when you're tired and sleep deprived on top of pregnancy-brain which is comparable to Temporary ADD. er.....

Or should I call in sick, making a bad impression, but offer to go in on my next day off?

Should I go in or call in?

Suck it up, it's just sleep.
Call in sick and go in on your day off.
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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What's with this whole goddess movement? "Release your inner goddess" by using a certain razor blade to shave your legs and all that matter.

I think it would be pretty ridiculous if there were commercials directed at men, "release your inner god!".

(no subject)

1. Is mental health usually covered by insurance? or does it really vary depending on the plan?

2. Do you think it would be out of line to set someone else up to see a psychologist?

- Would that answer change if you knew they had a verifiable disorder? not that they were just having a bad week or something?

- Would it depend on what disorder they had? (ie if it were physically damaging, like anorexia yes but if it were simply a mental issue, like anxiety that would probably not cause them physical harm then no?)

- Would your answer change based on their relationship to you? (acquaintance/friend/relative/close family member)

- Would your answer change based on their age? (basically minor/adult or maybe younger/peer/older?)

sorry if that was kind of long..


ETA: If you wouldn't set something up would you facilitate the person in helping themselves? Like giving them information on where they could go if they chose to?

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Do you own any of the Chicken Soup books? If so, which ones? What do you think of them?

I got the Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul once for my birthday. I think I was 11 or 12. Its kind of corny, but cute too.
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i recently got 2 tattoos and a lip piercing in the same day. someone told me if i get sick during the healing process/time, that id be f*cked.

have you ever gotten sick during the healing time with tattoos/piercings? if so do you have any suggestions?

(i have a pretty bad cold. runny nose, sneezing, etc.)
My eyes burn

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Has anyone ever signed up for that LA Weight Loss? How was it?

Or for that matter, has anyone lost a significant (20+lbs) amount of weight in the past year?

I went on the South Beach diet late July was on it for three weeks and was exercising every other day for two weeks and of course saw improvements but situations arose and I felt low and therefore lost my drive to continue.

But I'm feeling better now and wanting to get back into losing weight.

Edit: Also, for anyone has stayed on a diet/exercise plan for an extended period of time, what do you tell yourself to keep going regardless of the improvements you've seen? I know after like a month of intent focus on this, I kind of want to take a day off from exercising and then my drive to keep working out decreases.

It's after that first month is when I begin to have problems.


Your boyfriend's name is Bob Smith. You and your boyfriend are getting married. He has been married before but is now, obviously, divorced from his ex-wife. She took his last name when they married, so she was known as Mrs. Smith.

When you and Bob marry, will you want to be known as Mrs. Smith? Why or why not?

(Anyone can answer, not just straight females, I don't want to exclude anyone, so if the question doesn't fit because of the genders I used, then just twist the question so you can answer. :-) )

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I've heard it said that when you get out of a relationship, it will take you approximately half the time you were in the relationship to really get over it and honestly move on with your life.

What do you think about this theory? Total bullshit, or have you found it to be true?

Edit: After reading through various responses, I have to say that it's really interesting to me that almost everyone either says it took practically no time at all, or that it took much longer than the relationship actually lasted. Not too much middle ground. So to add to my question, what made the difference? Was it the circumstances of the actual break-up? Was it because of shared experiences? Or just an indescribable bond that held you to that person (or lack of such a bond)?

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I feel like a lot of my fears and anguishes completely paralyze me from getting anything useful done in my life.

How do you go about getting through your day despite having crazy shit go down around you?

Do you ever feel as if as you get older, more and more crazy shit seems to happen, whether directly or indirectly, to you?


  1. Do you actually like the taste of beer, or do you drink it because it's convenient / cheap?
  2. Have you ever ordered soda or something non-alcoholic when out with friends at a bar?
  3. How do inter-religious couples deal with having different faiths?  & when they have children?
  4. Tomorrow you will be master of the universe -- What is your first order of business?
  5. Funniest movie?  Funniest line from that movie?
  6. Really good emo/tragic poetry suggestions?
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dos preguntas...

1. Why do girls on my campus insist on wearing sweatshirts/sweaters/jackets when it has been in the upper 80s for the past 2 weeks?

2. Whenever I have 2 or more classes in a row and my bookbag is chock full of those lovely heavy textbooks I get really bad cramps in my calf muscles justs walking around with my bookbag. Is there any way other than not carrying so many books to stop this from happening? Any ideas why it is?

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1) Do you have your LJ user bio info filled out in any detail (granted I could just look at your info screen, but the follow up questions are what I'm more curious about?)

2) Did you note fill out your bio info because of privacy reasons or because of laziness?

3) Do you ever assume anything about another LJ user based on their icon?

My answers:

1) My info is there for all to see. I have nothing to hide, except my candy. ;)

2) I wish more people would share more detailed bio info, personally.

3) I keep thinking that people with men in their icons are males and those with women in their icons are female... By that logic, there are some very literate dragons and kittens on this board, so... shame on me for assuming.

(no subject)

1. If you had to put this music under one genre, which genre would you put it? The Band. Please be nice :D

2. Do "scary" movies just seem to be getting crappier to you? Or is that just me?

3. Do you think Courtney killed Kurt?

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1. Have you had a root canal? Please tell me about it - focus on pain or lack thereof afterwards. ;)

2. If you've read Daniel Quinn's book Ishmael, do you have any recommendations for similar books? Similar in the way of.. making one think about how they negatively impact the world and trying to suggest how to be better.. or something....?

dancing and the syringe!

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home remedy for not-neccessarily-bee stings, that will exist somewhere in a college dormitory? no-one in the house has baking soda.

little fucker. I felt something crawling between my fingers, and kinda squeezed, right in time to register that what nathaniel said was "Hey, you have a bee or something on your hand." I haven't been stung since, like, 3rd grade.
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How do I say it?

I've lived here my entire life and I'm just now starting to hear people say the names of two big streets in San Francisco waaaaaaay different than I've ever heard them said before. (Yay for long sentences.)

The streets are: Geary and Kearny.

I've always said them as Gear-ee and Kern-ee. Now I'm hearing them said as Gary and Keer-nee.

Does anyone know which way is correct? I wouldn't be at all surprised if I'd been saying them wrong for the past 26 years.

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Writers often get inspiration from people around them. If they are, for instance, in a coffee shop they may see an interesting individual and write about their actions, or find something the person says 'writable'. Does the same go when it comes to the internet? If in a community, a chat room, a personal journal entry, wherever, there is something that inspires you, how far can you go without it being plagiarism or crossing some boundary? (I know you can't write in the same exact words, and I didn't express what I meant well, I'm sure.. but I hope you know what I'm talking about.)

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So is there a website that has a list of all the colleges in the US that offer graduate degrees in Neuroscience? I've tried googling, and the US News report only lists the top 10 schools. I have no idea what school or even what part of the country I want to go to, I just want to know which schools have programs.

Any help?
Quinn Twin

Fade Cream

Has anyone here ever tried fade cream? Can you recommend one for me, preferably that I can find in a regular drug store/Wal-Mart/Target? Also preferably one that is $10 or less? I have a motled spot on my forehead that didn't used to be there. It could be from my PCOS or it could be from when I went to the beach last year and possibly missed a spot with sunscreen. I don't really care where it came from, I just want to get rid of it! It's driving me crazy - most people say they wouldn't even know it's there if I hadn't pointed it out but once the dr asked me if my husband hits me because of the 'bruise' on my forehead. So obviously some people do notice it! Thanks guys!
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Why do parents tell their kids to stop staring? What's inherently wrong with staring, if that's how we gain visual information? I know the whole "it's impolite" thing, but you see PLENTY of people these days staring without any qualms. Thoughts?

Happy Music..

I'm really depressed and I want to feel better.

I think I listen to depressing/angry stuffs to much.

I'll appreciate, if guys can name artists who makes you feel better, warm, happy, smile, and all that.

you can also name a song too.
like coldplay is mostly depressing, but "hardest part" is a happy song.

please.. be serious and help me out here..
leave your turntable on

fonts fonts all kind of fonts.

Is there anywhere where I can get the font Wendy Medium (what I used for "Carolina" in my icon) free? I used to have it, but my computer crashed. I thought it would still be on a scrapbooking site that I originally saw it at, but they've removed it. And on the same note, where can I find the fonts Scribble (as seen here) and Basque (the other parts in the icon I'm currently using)?

What's your favorite "fancy" font? I like Texas Hero and Porcelain.
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What would you do in this situation?

You live in an apartment. It's actually a house with three floors, and each floor is a separate apartment. You know the people on the first floor well, you live on the third floor, and you don't ever talk to the people on the second floor. You have a dog, and are required to pick up its poop every time it goes in the yard. You do this every single time, no matter what. However, someone walks their dog and lets them poop in your yard, yet doesn't clean it up. What do you do?

Keep in mind, you don't know who the perpetrator is. And you don't want anyone, especially the people on the second floor, thinking it's your dog's mess and complaining to the landlord.

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There may actually be no answer, but it's worth a shot......I'm a big fan of sleep, huge really, but I'm very easily swayed out of my schedule.

I have to wake up in the mornings at 6:20 (I know, I know, it could be so much worse) and then I'm in school until 3:06, home by about 4:15. The problem is, I'm EXHAUSTED when I get home, and after homework and dinner, I usually fall asleep around 7pm. Since I fall asleep early, I wake up early around 3:45am, and I'm wired by 8, until I crash at noon. I'm so tired and gross and it's making weekends impossible to enjoy because all I want to do is nap. People tell me that when I get home, I should A) take a nap or B) get up and do something, but if I nap, then I can not wake up, and I actually don't have enough energy to do anything.

How the hell can I control my sleep habits?!?!!?

What should I do?

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if i should go to college for film or find a mini film school.
I really haven't shot anything,perse.
I sort of shot a short film in a film workshop once, but everything turned out horrible and that was mainly due to an unresponsive cast and ignorance and laziness by me. The workshop wasn't really a class perse as was more like a film perspective class. The teacher just showed us a doc about Ingmar Bergman once and asked us to bring in our fav movie scenes and sometimes discussed film techniques. It was really bad.
However, I attended a session with a famous cinematographer and when he was discussing a certain film technique, I was able to finish what he was saying.
and I pretty much knew what he was talking about alot of the time.
so what do you guys think?

random//my dumb face

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Suddenly my lips are REALLY dry and I was hoping you guys could recommend me something. Normally I use Burt's Bees but it seems that Burt's legion of bee friends are doing me no good. :( I've actually been drinking more water lately too which to me just makes this kind of weird.
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(no subject)

In my papers, I get told that I write really "awkwardly" or that I phrase things weirdly, anyway, I'm writing a paper right now for my AP Euro class, and I'd really appreciate if someone who is good at grammar etc, could read what I have, and make any passive whatever improvements. :)

btw, please don't laugh at my writing.
I'm stupid.
Simba turns

Honk honk

1. How often do other motorists honk at you? (Friends saying "Hi" doesn't count).

2. Describe the traffic situation where you drive. (Downtown in a large city in SoCal, some small town in the midwest, the boondocks, etc.)

3. What is your scariest Road Rage tale?

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Poll #573728 Fears

Which of the following are you afraid of?

Being criticized
Failing a test
Going to the doctor or dentist
Ghosts or spooky things
Dark rooms or closets
Getting a shot
Being Alone
The sight of blood
Rats or mice.
Fire/getting burned
Being hit by a car or truck
Falling from high places

I hope this is easy to follow...

If you're not close to your mom, feel free to replace "mom" with someone that you're family-close to, just so all your answers aren't "No, I don't talk to my mom." ha.

1a. If you got a job interview, would you tell you mom about it before you got to the interview or would you wait until afterwards? Why or why not?

1b. If you didn't get the job, would you tell your mom that you had a job interview and didn't get it? Why or why not?

1c. If you did get the job, would you tell your mom that you had an interview and got the job? Why or why not?

2a. If you were planning a big vacation that wouldn't take place for another 6-12 months, would you tell your mom about it as soon as you started planning it? Why or why not?

2b. If your vacation was approaching, but you never told your mom you were planning it, and you suddenly had to cancel it, would you tell her that you were planning one and it got cancelled? Why or why not?

2c. If you still hadn't told your mom as the days were fast approaching, would you tell her that you were soon going on vacation? Why or why not?

3a. If you were/are a female and you got pregnant (as an adult), would you tell your mom as soon as you found out? Why or why not?

3b. If you were pregnant and decided to have an abortion before telling her about the pregnancy, would you tell her that you were pregnant but had an abortion? Why or why not?

3c. If you were pregnant but had a miscarriage before telling her about the pregnancy, would you still tell her that you were pregnant but miscarried? Why or why not?

4a. If you were/are a male and your girlfriend/wife got pregnant, would you tell your mom as soon as you found out? Why or why not?

4b. If she had a miscarriage or an abortion, would you tell your mom that she was pregnant but had a miscarriage/abortion? Why or why not?

4b. If she was still pregnant but you declined all parental rights, would you still tell your mom that she was pregnant but you are declinig all parental rights? Why or why not?

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(no subject)

1. If you knew someone you cared about had a problem with substance abuse, would you tell them how you felt and encourage them to seek help even if you knew they would refuse to get help and would be upset with you?
2. How would you tell them?
Flaming Sikozu

A few questions, some related, others not so much...

Do you ever feel guilty for having to leave work early because you're sick?
I do, I know I shouldn't but I still fell awful all day. Like I'm letting a lot of people down.
Is there any way I can get over this?
What kind of jobs are there that aren't in offices?
Are there any really good websites that tell you how to put make up on? Whenever I try to I end up looking like a clown crossed with a panda.

Hockey Question

I need some reassurance that I'm making the right decision.

I have 3 goalies, one I'm taking for sure, I'm having problems deciding who to release.

Goalie 1 improved a lot over the summer, but has a lazy attitude. She has a great attitude during tryouts, but by November rolls back to the same routine. I've worked with her for the last 2 years.

Goalie 2 has never played hockey before (she played competitive Ringette), has improved a lot since the spring, and has a very coachable attitude. However, she's not as good as goalie #1.

What would you do?

A rather pathetic dilemma

I really want to get some sort of extra piercing(both ears pierced already, but that's common). I have a baby face and I'm sick of it (I'm eighteen, but nobody would believe it to look at me). I like the look of the monroes, and those tiny nose studs. I don't care for flashy piercings on me, but those two look fun -and- classy.

The problem--I am scared to death of needles, pain, and the fact that it could get infected. (I tried piercing my belly button and the top of my ear; I am allegeric to all metals except high quality gold and silver and I didn't know that at the time. Very nasty infections on both accounts.)

Anybody have a suggestion that would look cool, but not too flashy? Also any tips on preventing infections from piercings would be greatly appreciated.
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My bf's Mom went into the hospital early yesterday because of stomach pains. They did some tests on her, and the doctors say that she has a perforated intestine. She's currently on some drugs and such, and might need surgery later.

So my first question: Have you known anyone with a similar condition? How did that go?

And two: Should I buy her something? What should I get? - I'm not really close with her and we're not exactly on the best of terms, but I think it would be a nice gesture. The last thing I got her was some bath & body stuff for Christmas.


For anyone who uses Netflix, would you recommend it? ANY complaints?
Also, the '3 dvds at a time, no monthly limit plan' is 17.99 a month PLUS applicable tax. How much is this tax? About how much is charged to your credit card per month?