September 18th, 2005


Let's say...

1. Your best friend is being held hostage in a nuclear weapon base by a fanatical power nut. Just by pressing a switch he can set off enough bombs to blast the earth to bits. The base has a self-destruct option that you are in charge of.

Would you give the go-ahead to destroy the base, or risk the whole planet?

2. A spin on the classic question. Your boyfriend/girlfriend and mother both fell into a river. The current's strong - and suddenly they reach a fork in the water. Your mom is diverted to the left fork - your girl/boy the right. Now both of them can't swim, and the rapids are dangerous. Who would you go after?
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Attack of the rats!

Which movies have gruesome scenes whereby the rats invade a place or attack human beings? It can an entire movie with that theme or a few isolated scenes. The more grosquete, the merrier :)

I am looking at imdb now but I just thought I check here to see if anybody knows.

Edit: Does anybody know offhand if Indianna Jones trilogy has an attack of the rats scenes in any of the movies? I don't have access to those movies at the moment :P
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boring name questions.

1. What are your first and middle names?

2. What do you think of your first name? Love it? Hate it? Eh, a name is just a name?

3. What do you think of your middle name?

4a. Do any you go by any name other than your given name because you hate it so much?

-b. At what age did you decide to go by a different name?

-c. How did you choose the new name to go by?

-d. How did you make the transition and how did others respond to calling you by a different name?

-e. In what cases do you still have to use your given first name? (school roll call, credit cards, job applications..?) Does that bother you?

5. Do you think it's common for people to hate their name (I mean, even those who still only go by their given first name)? Why or why not?

6. Do you know anybody who goes by a name other than their given name? Can you answer the questions 4b-e for them?

7. Do you know many people who go by their middle names?
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(no subject)

A friend sent me a link to a list of 50 things girls wish guys knew.

Can anybody explain this one to me??

6. Just because you L the C doesn't mean we have to S the D.

EDIT: ok so I'm pretty sure I figured it out, but back me up if you really know
EDIT part 2: looks like I was right, thanks for the help
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Have you ever...?

Have you ever thought you might want to do something specific for a career, except there was something about the job itself that's holding you back?

For example, I always thought I wanted to be a professional chef, but there's a lot of food I just hate to eat, like fish. I would never know if my fish recipe was any good because A) I'd never eat it and B) if I did eat it, I probably wouldn't like it.

XREF customerssuck
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If you could pick 10 music videos to play on a tv show without any kind of censorship, what would they be?
I'm watching RAGE right now and they have a guest programmer on, and I just wondered what other people'd pick.
RAGE = Music show that runs on Friday and Saturday nights on free to air Australian tv that plays nonstop, back to back music videos with litte or no editing/censorship. Generally on the Sat. night they'll have a guest programmer, usually a musician or band, on to pick 40 clips to play.
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  1. Would you cut your own life short by 5 years to add 15 years to an orphan's life?
  2. Would you rather lose 10 pounds or increase your IQ by 10 points?
  3. What is your name?  Do you wish you had been given a different name?  Which name?  Why?
  4. What's your favorite comic strip?
  5. Do you exercise on a regular basis?  What kind of exercise?
  6. What do you think of being flirting with at the gym?  (I don't like it -- I'm not looking my best)
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(no subject)

How many people have you validated today?
Did it make you feel good knowing you made someone else feel better about themselves?
Were you sincere or just reactionary? (Ala, "my butt looks big!" "No, honey, your butt looks great! *avoids staring at the massive hindquarters*)

Do you take compliments well?
Any particular reason why or why not?

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going on a trip...

OK. first time poster. I'm going on a long trip with my dad. He's a trucker and the first stop is Chicago. I've never been past wyoming, Though ive lived in nearly every state west of montana. So this is a HUGE step for me. That and i've been married for about 13 months and this is my first night away from the husband. I bet he's thrilled;)

ON to the questions...

I have limited space, so i'm only bringing two books to read. I'm bringing "the red tent" by anita diamant. Should the second be...
A) "white oleander" by janet fitch
B)"The lovely bones" by alice sebold

What is your MUST HAVE to take on trips? cd player/ipod, books, latest knitting project etc.

IF one was going on a three week cross country trip with her dad, what should she pack?
When I get there theres only a few hours of unloading the semi and then its back on the road again, what MUST i see?

We probally will zigzag all across new england and the east coast in general for a few weeks then send me home on a grey hound. Whats your recommendations for my greyhound visit? im nervous.

Anyother tips will be greatly appreciated;)
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Games from Childhood?

I remember this game I used to play on my parents' friends' computers, way back before we had a computer of our own, that I enjoyed.

I can't remember the name of the game. This is what I need help with.

It was a quasi-educational game - involved math, spelling (I think) and suchlike. You played a person in snow gear running around a mountain, you collected snowballs, and occasionally hit elves with them (I think).

Anyone remember what game that was? I'd like to play it again for nostalgia's sake.
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(no subject)

I recently downloaded the new version of iTunes and I noticed something.

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Has this always been like that? Why have I never noticed this before? It seems a little odd.
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(no subject)

I need a bag for my books for school. Big enough to put a thick notebook and a textbook in, at least, and something that won't be terribly painful to carry around for 6 hours and lots of walking. But something cute as well.

I have about $30, but if it's absolutely perfect, I could spend more.

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(no subject)

What the heck is a podcast? I tried to Google it but I got kind of confused. Are they little radio shows that people make up on their own and then others download them? (That's what I gathered from Google.)

Do people download them onto their iPods? How long are they? Should I download one/some to listen to at work?

Can you recommend any good ones?

(I know there was a question about podcasts not too long ago - that's what actually piqued my curiosity.)

(no subject)

Every time I try to play mp3s on Windows Media or Winamp, it says "Bad DirectSound driver. Please install new drivers or select another devicein configuration. Error Code 88780078."

Ive tried going to the Windows website and whatever but I cant find a link to download DirectSound? I spent like, 30 minutes fuckin around on it and I cant find out what to do?
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(no subject)

I'm in a situation where I want to give a gift, but I'm not sure what to give. Any suggestions?

On Friday I totaled my car and a former coworker of my dad's happened to live really close by (and I was more than an hour from my parents so they couldn't really come and get me) so my dad called the guy and he picked me up. He let me chill at his house for about an hour and a half, two hours... so I didn't have to wait at the sheriff's office or on the side of I-66. The man had just moved into his house and is having a housewarming party within the next few weeks, so I think my dad and I are probably going to go to the party and give him a thank-you gift then.

But I'm not really sure what would be an appropriate gift for this sort of occasion, or for this sort of man actually! He's in his 40s or early 50s, and lives with his 80+ year old mother in a huge house overlooking the 6 fairway and green on a new golf course. He's building a music room in his house, he has a hole for putting practice in his basement, he's getting a pool table, he has two black labs, and he adores President Bush. And he's a retired police officer.

Any good gift ideas? Thanks!
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(no subject)

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only person in this community that doesn't like cats?

Why do I keep tuning in to watch that train-wreck of a show called "My Super Sweet Sixteen"? WHY?

And what the hell, speaking of Sweet 16 parties... What did you do for your 16th? (I babysat my cousins while my mom and three of my best friends TP'ed our house and threw me a little surprise slumber party. Great until we had to get up at 6 a.m. to clean up the TP!)

Ends justify the means?

A friend of mine was just arrested for DWI recently and he said the cops addmitingly pulled him over with out just cause. They were in an area where people generally drink and drive so they pulled him over and as luck would have it he was WAISTED!

Sooooo he is getting a lawyer to fight it, since they should not have pulled him over in the first place, he will get off as a parking ticket.

Do you think that is fair?!?!

Heres my take...

I think the cops should be punished for a non warranted pulling over.

BUT, my friend did the crime, now he should do the time. Just because the cops were not doing their job right does not excuse him of being drunk behind the wheel. He could have killed himself or his passenger, or any other innocent person. Maybe it was fate that he was pulled over? Maybe had they not stopped him, he would have had an accident?
I do not want to get too philosophical, but in short, everyone was guilty. Cops who falsly pursue crime should be punished and or fired. But a crime is a crime is a crime, I do not care how it is discovered..

What do you all think?
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  1. I am trying to explain to a friend that he is emotionally high-maintenance -- What are good websites (but not quizzes! He won't take quizzes.) that explain this?  I tried Googling, but no cigar.  He can only understand high maintenance in terms of money: Buy expensive gifts, get taken on vacation, etc.
  2. Which is better exercise?  You need to cover the distance of a mile -- walking or bicycling.  Assume that you take the same slopey path, & you're doing both at moderate speeds & exertion.
  3. Does love really mean never having to say you're sorry?  Am I the only person who doesn't -love- this movie?  I found the girl a bit annoying.
  4. Best beauty trick?
  5. How to nap without waking up all groggy, & therefore useless for the rest of the day?

Birthday Gift

Should I buy two tickets to the King Tut exhibit for my good friend's birthday gift (one ticket for her and one for me)? The tickets are $27/person and I've already been to the show, but she hasn't. She wants to go, but I don't know that I want to spend the total $54, even though half is for me. However, I also know that this exhibit is now or never (when else do you really get the chance to see all the things they have, right?).

She also has been dying to go horseback riding. I think it's about $20/person. Should I get two passes for that instead of the King Tut tickets?

Or should I get her an actual object type gift and forget about the tickets/passes?

(no subject)

I have to make a presentation on my favorite writer for my Executive Communication class in my MBA program. Who should I present? It can be any kind of writer, famous or not, and can be any type of medium (i.e. a lyricist). Who should it be any why should I present them?
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Questions inspired by my sweaty t-shirt

1. Do you sometimes go a day or two without bathing to give your skin a rest? I'm doing that today. I think that soap dries my skin out too much, and it's healthier if I let it be oily once in a while.

2. Have you ever noticed that if you stop wearing deodorant, your pits smell bad for a day or two, but then they don't anymore?

3. Has your deodorant ever permanently ruined a garment? I have a forest green polo shirt that turned bright orange in the armpits. I can tell it was from the deodorant because there are also orange marks on the inside of the shirt that look like they were applied when the cloth was bunched up – i.e., either when I pulled the shirt over my head or when I lifted it up to put on deodorant. (Hmmm... since it's already ruined, maybe I should run some tests on it.)

4. Do you have any other quirky behaviors or beliefs that are based more on your own experience than scientific evidence?
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(no subject)

So I downloaded the new iTunes 5.0 onto my PC. Now it's pissed me off because it didn't save my music library at all. I mean I still have all the mp3s and such on my computer, but I have to totally reload them into iTunes, figure out which I want and which I don't, it's erased all my playlists (some of which were actually pretty important), all my playcounts...

Did this happen to any of the rest of you?
Is there any way I can recover my old library instead of starting from scratch? It's an inconvenience more than anything, but I hate inconveniences. :-P
On my computer with the search function I was able to find some kind of mysterious file labelled "iTunes 4 music library" in my iTunes music folder. I told it to open with iTunes and it didn't do shit. What is this file, and can it do anything to help me?

Stupid iTunes 5.0. I don't even like how you look at all.
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nanotubes... har har

My birthday was on Friday and when my parents asked me what I want, I jokingly said "ipod nano!" They gave me $100 to use towards whatever I want, I debated spending the money on clothes, I decided that I really do want an ipod nano. I can get a 2gig one for $179 through my Dad's work and I've already debated getting the bigger one but... I really don't think I need it. My only hard decision is color.

Black - black is cool, black shows more fingerprints, what the heck do the nano tubes look like on the black (I spent the last 20 minutes googling with no luck)?

White - everyone has a white ipod, white shows more scratches, as far as I can tell all the pictures of the nano tubes are on white ipods...

So... what do the tubes look like on the black ipod nanos and based on that, which one should I get?

Oh, and I think I'm just going to have my first name engraved on it... unless someone can come up with something better...

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a certain icon for a friend, I told her about it and now she wants to see it. It's got Harry Potter and Remus Lupin in it, and Harry screams something about being "fucking serious," and Lupin replies "Yes." Does anyone know where I can find it?

And if that gets answered quickly, do you watch NHL hockey? And if so, which team do you follow?
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i want to download some television programs for an all night festivity. so here is the couldbemorethanslightlyillegal thing: is there any dling programs i could procure that wouldn't cost me a dollar a month or some sort of flat flee, or basically, no money at all? if so,
i want in.
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(no subject)

Is it true that if you shave/pluck your eyebrows too often they'll stop growing? (Though I have a typical inquiring mind I'm not about to try this myself as an experiment.) If it is true, what makes the hair stop growing? Could I get my armpits to stop growing in the same manner, hehe?
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(no subject)

1. Did your mom or dad (or both) ever sing songs to you when you were really little?
1a. If yes, do you sometimes all of a sudden get them stuck in your head for whatever reason? Does it make you feel nostalgic or sad or anything like that?

2. I've done some google-ing and searching at in regards to non-permanent hair color. I have dark blonde/light brown hair and I want to just TRY dying my hair black, but I don't want it to be permanent. I've heard both really bad and really good reviews of L'Oreal's Color Pulse dye. Has anyone had an experience with Color Pulse? Can anyone suggest a different type of dye that I might use?

3. What is your favorite spice (overall)?

(no subject)

1. How many journal entries do you have?
2. How many comments have you posted?
3. Comments received?

To find the info go to your user info, scroll down, and click 'more details...'.

My answers:
1. 404
2. 2,947
3. 1,890

(no subject)

I let my parents believe things that aren't exactly true. Should I tell them?

I live alone.
I have a cat.
I don't go to college.
I really AM sleeping with the person they thought that I was (although I wasn't at the time).

Also, how come there are no recruiters around this town (besides Army National Guard)? In the town that I came from (about the same size) there was a recruiter from every branch of the military, including guard and reserves.

Annoying coworker situation. How do I deal with it?
He attempts to make me feel stupid/insecure/the word that I can't think of by degrading me for not being bilingual, (KMA bitch. I speak 4 languages. I merely choose not to speak spanish at work because this is America. If they sincerely need help, then I will converse in spanish.) for being slightly slower than him with stocking some things (although I do everything else a LOT faster and better than he does.)
Can I just tell him to STFU and sit down?
(oh, they stuck him with me because he needed to be baby sat)

If you provide every bit of information about an old motorcycle (yours), do you think the dealership can make you a new key to fit it? Otherwise, how do I get a new key for this thing?

How come I am currently OBSESSED with both motorcycles and EOD?
What do you think of either topic?

How come my friends aren't happy with my wanting to become EOD? Can't they see that it is something that I would enjoy?
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

I've heard the 42 thing a million times now. Can someone please point me to what specifically it references? I think its a quote from the movie pi but can you explain the quote and what exactly is happening in the movie and how they got to that answer?

(no subject)

1. I don't have a lunch at school, so I bring small snacks to eat during class. But I need more protien in my diet. Any suggestions on something I can bring besides meat and cheese?

2. How much do you trust thequestionclub?

3. What do you think of dating? Do you agree that it ruins relationships withing groups of friends? Care to share an experence.

4. Does it bother you that I can't spell anything ever?

for all you computer types

Why does my wireless card seem to be conflicting with my monitor? Or video card or something...
Basically I had to take the wireless card out. When I put it back in, it refused to be recognized. I messed around with the drivers and whatnot and after restarting several times, I have internet but my "color quality" will allow me to choose nothing higher than 4 bit and resolution is messed up as well, so my screen looks like something out of the 80s. Taking out the wireless card remedies this problem. What is occurring????? How to fix it?

Thanks :-)

p.s. this same wireless card has worked fine before with no strange effects on the video
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(no subject)

I ordered a textbook on on August 23. The seller emailed me to say it had been shipped and would arrive during the first week of September.

By last Monday, it still wasn't here and the class was starting. I emailed the seller to find out if he had a tracking number or something. He didn't email me back. I emailed him again on Thursday and he still hasn't responded.

Should I consider it $88 lost and buy another copy? Or should I keep waiting? I need it for this class, so I'm kind of screwed.
by jjjean65

(no subject)

1. Do you trust your pharmacist more than your doctor when it comes to medication?

2. Are any of you unable to swallow pills?
(I am. I have to use a pill crusher and mix it in a drink.)

3. What is an odd association you have?
(I associate apples with "Jurassic Park" and vice versa because when I was really young I was eating an apple and started choking. That movie was on the television at the time.)

(no subject)

Do any of you have and good yellow cake recipes? I've only tried one, but it turned out very dry so I'm searching for some different ones to try.

I'm trying to put together a base of recipes for if/when I decide to maybe give opening a bakery sort of place in the future. What kinds of foods do you expect to see in a bakery/sweets shop? I'm not good at baking bread, so I'm looking for things along the lines of cookies and brownies.

Also, would you find it weird if a store like this didn't sell cakes or had cupcakes instead of full cakes?
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wedding gift

Is it incredibly tacky to give an old friend a card and some money at her wedding as a gift?

We used to be close friends but we've grown apart over the past couple of years. I knew about the wedding but just found out exactly when and where it is tonight (and it's this Saturday.) I don't know if they're registered but I'm assuming if they were, they've already had the shower/engagement party.

I want to give them something but I don't know what they need or want. So, is money a terrible idea?
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(no subject)

What do you think about girls looking to female celbrities as role models? Do you think these celebrities should take this into account in the way they present themselves?

My answer: I think they should. As someone in the limelight, they should take responsibility and use their position to be a positive role model.

For example, Lindsay Lohan. Anorexic. Parties. Dresses like a skank. I think that part of being famous is taking care of yourself and presenting yourself in a positive way. Eat dinner! Don't do drugs! Don't wear lingire in public!