September 16th, 2005

abby genius

Ick, bugs!

There's a bug in my room. I'm not sure what it is, though it could potentially be one of these. Though it's a bit "bumpier" around the edges.

I'm scared that it could potentially bite me, nor could I easily thwack it since it is currently sitting on a stuffed animal, where it has been for the last ten minutes, before previously buzzing around angrily. Google told me these bugs (the ones in the picture linked above) can sometimes have hypodermic-needle-style bitey bits that worry me.

Thereby, I do not want to sleep in a room with it. What should I do to make it go away?

Bug gone! Thanks to those who helped!
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Even the Bacos logo at the top of the page has red eyes & the syringe!

  1. Did you ever cut class? 
  2. Were there classes in particular that you would cut, or was it a general activity across the board?
  3. How did you "get away" with cutting class, or did no one ever notice?
  4. Have you ever stolen anything?  What was it, & why did you steal it?
  5. What are your childish delights?  Hello Kitty, etc. 

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If you were ever to go on Oprah's show.... (humour me):

1. What would the topic of your episode be?

2. What would be the story you would share?

3. Who, if anybody, would you bring on with you? What role do they play in the story?

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follow up to my earlier tattoo question.

Same tattoo, but you guys talked me out of lower back, now the question is, right shoulder blade or middle of the shoulder blades, a little higher up but not quite where your spinal cord meets your neck. Also, I know this is such a ridiculous question and all of you with tattoos hear it enough, but pain wise do you think those two locations would be that different. Yes, I expect there to be pain, I just want some idea of what it'll be like.
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I bought a Magnavox TV from Target almost four weeks ago now. For about the first week I didn't use it at all, then I unpacked it and set it up in my dorm room. Using a brand new cable, I hooked it up to the cable connection in my room. For about a day everything was working fine, and then the next day I turned on the TV and everything was fuzzy. Basically, I can't see any channels below 20 or about 40 at all and between 20 and 40, things are blurry (although watch-able, in a pinch).

So, my question is, will Target take my TV back? I just want to exchange it for the same model, and I have the receipt. Their return policy doesn't say anything about TVs specifically. I still have the box, but not the styrofoam packaging that came with it, and all the papers.
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TV Pic

So I got a large tv in the living room. At random times, the picture just blinks off. Sometimes hitting the side of the tv, on the upper left, gets it back going. Then five minutes or so later, off again. It's driving me batty and I have no idea what, if anything, I can do about it.

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So, are any of you taking part in NaNoWriMo? If so, do you have any ideas yet?

I'm going to participate, and have started brainstorming, but don't have anything solid yet. I'm going to spend the next month doing some creative writing, write some short stories, etc. just to get back into the writing mode. I'm excited, I've never done NaNoWriMo before. :)

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If you could have ONE thing right now that would make you considerably happier/more comfortable/more secure/etc., what would it be?

How 'bout if you could have a few things?

Do you think you'll ever get those things? When? What has to happen?

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is it here in my ear?

I keep feeling like something is tickling just inside my left ear but I never find anything. It doesn't hurt or anything, just tickles. I just had a routine check-up with a doctor a few weeks ago and they didn't notice anything... but the feeling happened after that. I've had this for about 2 weeks or so, off and on. Any ideas what this might be?

It's so annoying.

similar to last question:

Okay, you've found a genie - lucky you! You get three wishes, what do you wish for? And let's keep the Aladin rules: 1. no wishing for more wishes, 2. no killing anyone, 3. no making anyone fall in love, and my personal addition, no wishing for money or anything with monetary value. ;)

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Quinn Twin

Being Uncomfortable

Sometimes I get where I just can't get comfortable - I can't seem to fix my bra where it doesn't feel like it's not digging into my armpits, my pants seem to sit funny, my shirt feels like it's choking me (and yes, these are appropriatly sized clothes that a few minutes before felt fine) and that seems to be common. However, sometimes I feel like my toes are too close together, and a lot of people find that weird. The only other person I know who'd ever said they experianced it/understood is my mom.

So, have your toes ever felt too close together, even when not bound by socks/shoes?


Ah...  One of my favorite activities: Photography

  1. Do you keep photos in your wallet / office / displayed in your home? 
  2. Do the photos bring back good memories, or are they more for, "Check out my hot significant other / cool friends / awesome life!" bragging?
  3. How do you convince camera shy friends & family to let you take their photos?  Do you prefer posed or candids?
  4. Do you have more photos of friends or family or pets?  How many photos of yourself do you have on display?
  5. Do you like looking at photos of strangers?  Why?  Where do you go to look at photos of strangers?
  6. Have you ever played on Hot or Not?  Have you ever submitted your own photo to Hot or Not?  What happened?

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Wanted- Tips for quitting smoking.

Been doing it for eight years now, it's time to stop. The Other Half is being sweet and doing it with me.

Edit: We're both going to get on Zyban, so no need for suggestions of gum or patches. I'm looking for little tips and tricks and that sort of thing.

Satanic skiing

Is this the weirdest advertisement you've ever seen or what?

Does it make you want to buy a season pass? (It just makes me laugh personally)

Have you ever had your photo used for an advertisement?

Would you be happy if your photo was used like the one in this ad?

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What is the wackiest answer you've ever put down on a test?

Mine was in middle school, the question was "What order are the vertebrae arranged in" and I had no freakin idea so I said "Alphabetical order"... which I knew wasn't true but I couldn't think of anything else! LMAO, that cracks me up every time I think about it.

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I am bringing my guitar to school Monday to play a song about a character out of my book. I want to do a blues type thing with a Led Zeppelin twist. I can't really sing and it's going to seem retarded, but whatever, I don't feel like doing any other projects the last threw at me. ANYWAY, I have a question. If you were to sing, would you rather sing about a drunk father (in this perspective) or in a Son who has absolutely no hope left?

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Is anyone here taking Lexapro? I've been off it for more than a year, and I'm back on it now. Anywho, I was just wondering if anyone started to shake/tense up when they first started taking it. I remember this happened to me before, but I don't remember what I did to help it. I take my pill when I eat breakfast, but eating hasn't helped.



Why does it seem like my new kitten is mimicking what I do?

Also, why does she knead her front paws whenever she is purring?

Can you guess what I named her?

Someone once told me that it was a bad thing to look cats in the eyes. True or false?

If true, why?


At the end of a relationship, do you think it is better to be honest about how you feel to the person you were in the relationship with or sucking it up and moving on completely without expressing any feelings?

What do you do when you still feel like you haven't said all you wanted to say?

What do you do when you miss them like crazy and can't bear the thought of spending the rest of your life never touching, loving, kissing, feeling, holding, being near them again?

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Howdy. Long time lurker but now i have a question of sorts.

Okay here goes my little set up. I was sitting happily in the cafeteria with some folk and this one dude comes up who is first generation American but 100% Croatian. Now i am second gen. American 50% Croatian and 50% Ukranian second generation. I have to deal with two ethnicities as opposed to one. Okay you need to know that for the question. So i made the mistake of saying that i was 50% and he keeps on asking me things like "So why dont you go to Croatia? "You should go" "why dont you go to Croatian church?" He pretty much only talks about his ethnicity everytime i am around. Now i am all down with my ethnic background but this is starting to bother me. I mean he just acts so bloody nationalist about it and he keeps on asking me why i dont do Croatian things and tell me i should do this join that. He doesnt understand that i was born in American in American culture and not really in the ethnic community of Croatians or Ukranians. This is really bothering me and getting me upset when he starts to obsessively ask me these questions. And before i get the whole "well he just wants to be friendly and blah blah" i can tell you its not that. He talks about this stuff with everyone and he just emphasises it with me because we share the same ethnicity. I mean i am happy about my ethic backgrounds but i am not that obsessed with them and i have other interests. I just dont know how to deal with this because its getting to the point where i just want to throw my drink at him or slap him and tell him to stop being so damn nationalistic about a country he wasnt born in and stop trying to get me to be involved in it because i dont want it.

Any advice? What would you do?

Sorry about the long explaination but i dont know how else to word it and it just frustrates me.
Ahh! Babies!

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Can you think of a good acronym for these letters in this order?


2. I want to create a word document with clip art that I draw myself and scan into the computer. How can I do that? Also how do you format a document in word with clip art in it? It always messes up. I want words on one half of the page and the clip art directly across from it not a line up or a line down. Like on the same line. Also can i resize the drawing that I scan into the computer to fit correctly on the page? How can I do that? Thanks.

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What do you think my ethnicity is?
Edit: Alright. My mother is white. She is Italian, Polish, Norwegian, and Swedish! My father is black. He is of African origin and also a wee bit Native American (Narragansett)!
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My mother just had a hysterectomy last Thursday. Right now, she was complaining of an itchy sensastion on the incision. She looked at it and there's yellow pus mashed against the butterfly bandages on the incision. The skin is beginning to turn pink as well in that area. She called her doctor, but she's not being too helpful. (She just said, "what makes you think it's infected?" and arranged to send a prescription to Wlagreens.)

1. Is this an infection?

2. Is it safe to rub with alcohol? Or should my mom go to a doctor to get it cleaned?

EDIT-- I don't think it was an infection. She washed the pus off with warm water and I dabbed Hurt-Free anitiseptic on the incision. She has no fever or no foul smell in the area either. Thank you for your advice.

Fashion + Bonus

Do or dont?

  1. Chopsticks in hair?  Sometimes, but don't use them to eat with after they've been in your hair!  Ick!
  2. Message T-shirts?  I don't care what people say, I love them!
  3. Fake tans.  Don't.
  4. Tan boots with black tights? Tan boots with blue jeans? How should you wear tan boots?  (Dressy with thin heels)

Bonus: Have you ever supported a significant other during the difficult times only to have them leave you after you got over the hump as a couple?  For example, you put the person through medical school & s/he dumps you for a trophy spouse.

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Does it annoy you when people change their font, font color, font size, etc in the comments (not in entries where the livejournal background can be many different colors, just comments)? What about when they add a background (an example under the cut)? Yeah, the backgrounds are rarer but I just saw it in some community so I added it in.

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Napoleons, Marilyn Monroes, Alexander the Greats....

Are there still people around that powerful? (Granted Marilyn wasnt quite as powerful, hmm maybe Cleopatra..) what would you consider a modern version of power? And who's
the modern day equivalent?

Name some powerful women of present and past. I hope that Im wrong in thinking
that the modern day equivalent would be britney spears or the olsen twins or the like.

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if a girl that you think likes you, walks with her friend arm in arm and leans on his shoulder, are they more than friends?

also- if you get a girls phone number by default(i.e. you are all in a lab group and you exhange phone numbers)and you call-would you be breaking a rule?
like the rule that states only call if she personally gives you her number othwerise she will think you are trying too hard, even though she's been sending out signals she likes you?
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Is it weird that I'm a 19 year old college sophomore, and I don't like to party? I suppose I could be considered nerdy, I'm an Honors student, but I'm by no means a sterotypical nerd. I like to drink, just not party. My roommates are leaving right now to go to some frat party or other and I never go with them.

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Ok this is serious!

I had iTunes but this morning my computer crashed and now it's gone. All the songs are still on my iPod so if I plugged it in to my computer, would all the songs reappear on my computer or would my iPod be blank?! What do I dooo