September 12th, 2005

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1. So, what's the stupidest thing you've done recently (i.e. the past week or two)?
2. What's the smartest thing you've done recently?
3. Have you or anyone you know majored in philosophy? answers:

1. I discovered (the hard way) why popcorn bags insist that you place the bag in the microwave THIS SIDE UP! Oops.
2. Ended up with a pretty awesome class schedule. I'm taking astronomy, philosophy, Qu'ranic Arabic, and creative writing. Oh, and band.
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I have hotmail, gmail, and yahoo e-mail accounts, not to mention my school e-mail.

Are there any programs I can use that I can set up so that all my mail goes to one place? I tried using Thunderbird, but I couldn't get it to work.
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I accidentally uninstalled the sound device on this computer and I have no idea how to get it back or where to go for a new one.
I'm also virtually computer illiterate, so if you can tell what to do word it like you're talking to a 6 year old.
What should I do?
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Random Questions

1. It's been four years since 9/11. In the days following 9/11, did you think that everything that has happened as a result (Homeland Security in the US, war on Iraq, bombings in Madrid and London, etc.) was something that would be likely to happen? What did you think would happen in the world?

2. Why do people pay lip service to tolerance, when they're really very intolerant people? Why can't people simply admit that they're not tolerant of certain things/viewpoints/people/etc.?

3. What's the easiest and fastest way to pack for a move, for someone who hates packing for moves?

4. Related to that: There is a LOT of furniture that needs moving (several beds, several huge dressers, bookcases, tables, etc.) but you're only moving a block or so away (let's say about.... 250 metres/275 yards). You have a bunch of friends who are willing to help in the move. Do you rent a moving van, when the van itself would probably only be covering 150 metres/165 yards of that distance, and the rest would need to be carried anyways?

5. Anybody know where I can find some good generic Slytherin-themed icons? Searched through Harry Potter icon communities, as well as the slytherinicon community, and can't turn up anything but character icons. I know I saw some a long time ago, but can't find them now when I want to use them. Grr.

6. I just recently read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson and I loved it - mostly the setting. Can anyone think of any other books with similar settings?

7. Due to the stupidity of my university's registration, I can't take first-year German this semester, but I can take second-year German next semester. So I'm doing that, but to get up to speed, I need to study German on my own. I was going to just get the course textbook, but being as it doesn't have a section in the bookstore, that means the professor is doing something else. Can anyone recommend some good study-on-your-own German resources? Ones that use CDs or interactive CD-ROMS preferred.
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calling all amateur dentists

As a person who rarely gets to go to the dentist, I don't know if my teeth are in as bad shape as I think they are.

When I was a kid I had this consultation with an orthodontist who insisted I needed braces. He was right, I have a terrible overbite as a result of thumbsucking when I was little. Anyway my mother couldn't afford braces or even headgear, and nor can I, so here I am as a young adult with severe overbite.

In addition to that I've noticed that the teeth in the back of my mouth seem like they're getting too close together. When I floss I usually break the floss when I get between those back teeth because they're so close together at one point on the sides about 1mm away from the gumline that I have to really sort of gently force the floss in there and if I am not careful the floss just breaks as it tries to get between the teeth. Whereas the teeth toward the front of my mouth don't touch each other at all. And now I'm noticing that those teeth hurt, as if they really are pushing on each other pretty hard. Stuff like chicken and celery, etc, gets caught between them all the time and after I try flossing it out I notice the pain more.

I don't know anything about wisdom teeth, never consulted a dentist about it... is this an indication that mine are growing in wrong? Or would they have already grown in and I never noticed (I am 24)? Or are my teeth just already so out of shape that as they settle into their adult life they're crowding each other?


  1. Are you a blunt person?
  2. Are you intentionally blunt or do you simply lacking in tact?
  3. Do you think this letter was too harsh?  What would you have said differently?
  4. How do you deal with your insecurities?
  5. What kinds of drama have you gotten yourself into by being "too honest" with friends?

if you have public transportation

A. How much does it cost for you to take public transportation to work/school?
B. How long would it take?

C. How much does it cost in gas for you to drive there?
D. How long does it take to drive?

E. Are there any factors that make you choose one over the other, besides cost?
F. Do you usually measure distance in terms of miles or the time it takes to get there?

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random//my dumb face


1. What netspeak/chatspeak/whatever abbreviations do you use regularly and what do they mean? I guess you don't have to say what they mean if someone already has...

2. What smileys do you use?
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would water vaporize on the moon or stay the same?

I say freeze.


edit: what effect would it have?

would temperatures rise or would it lower the temperature?
or would water absorb and hold heat and moderate the temperature extremes?
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I am looking for an image - I saw it as an Icon once but now I can't find it!

It's a picture of Palpatine slowly turning into the pope. Lightening shots out of his fingertips and the caption underneith reads:

"I find your lack of faith disturbing"

Anyone else see this icon and could point me in the right direction to it?
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An Organizational Program

Hey there, TQCers, here's one for ya:

Have any of you heard of a program that allows you to organize or view Windows folders in a sort of header format, instead of having to separate everything into folders?

Ala, on certain computers how when you go into My Computer, it has everything arranged under headers like "Hard drives" "removable media" something like that? (Mine doesn't anymore, but I know it used to.)
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1) A bit since, like a year or so ago, somebody posted a link to a play. I think it was in one of those grammar communities but I can't be sure. Anyway, I thought I had bookmarked that page but apparently I didn't. I saved a few lines of it because I use that now as an away message. I was wondering if anyone recognised the lines and knew what it was from. I'm 99% certain these lines are the last two lines. (I've tried google but I can't find anything).

The lines:
MAN: Life is futile. It ends in death. And the important thing is: Who do you want to be united with in death?

WOMAN: "Whom."

2) Do you watch Veronica Mars?
Me? Of course. :)
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I have a biology homework question:

which is not a correct association of organic molecules?

a. starch, glycogen, and cellulose are glucose polymers.
b. when a carbon chain has all the hydrogens it can hold, it is an unsaturated triglyceride.
c. a protein is a polymer of amino acids.
d. atp is used for energy storage rather than cell structure.
e. dna is a polymer of nucleotides that contains deoxyribose sugar.

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you guys seem to be enjoying these so here's some more:

Two glucose molecules can combine to form a disaccharide molecule and :

a. another glucose molecule
b. another dissachride molecule
c. a dipeptide molecule
d. a lipid molecule
e. a water molecule

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piercing question

Thanks to everyone for the advice on getting my computer's hard drive wiped clean!

Last Friday I got my ears pierced at Zebra's in Berkeley and I'm trying really hard to make sure they don't get infected.

Is it normal for them to start to itch? Obviously I'm afraid to touch them, and I also know I'm not supposed to over clean them because that can lead to an infection as well. They gave me solution and I got sea salt. I was told to use the solution twice a day and the sea salt only once at night for about 15 minutes. I'm making sure to tie my hair up and use clips to keep any stray hair away from my ears so the oils don't irritate them.

Also, for the record this is my third attempt at getting a second piercing, my last two ended up with infections [first time they got infected during the fourth week and the second time on the fourth day], so I'm really worried that this is going to lead to another infection.

Broken DVD player, PS2..

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How often do you REALLY have to buy a DVD player? It really doesn't seem to me like a once a year/once every two years kind of thing.

Anyone have ANY ideas on how to get this stuff working? I already unplugged the PS2, got all the dust off and such..

Am I cursed to have shitty luck with these sorts of gadgets or what!? It seems like madness... (Rhetorical, does it still count? heh.)

Most "under-rated" film, in your opinion?
Best band no one's ever heard of?
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Anyone here work in W H Smiths?

I bought the new Harry Potter book from WHSmith this morning. I got home and found out that my parents have already bought me it for Chistmas.

Me question is - can I take it back to the store? I threw the receipt away after I bought it (I know, stupid of me), but I wouldn't mind exchanging the book for something else worth the same. The book isn't damaged or dirty in any way. So would they accept it?
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ok, so for my history class (us hist) i have to do something extra for it to count as an honors course for me even tho its not for everyone else. this means i'll probably have to read and/or write something extra. i have no idea what. help me?

we're reading "two years before the mast" right now and we're going to read the autobio of jackie robinson later. we're covering pretty much everything that happens to the us since it's "discovery." can you suggest something for me to read that would apply? the prof was thinking about having us read the 9/11 book deal, but we're not going to.. and i would do that, but i think it's really long, isnt it? so any *good* history(ish) book that you can suggest? please?

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If you had the choice of having one (or more) of the following done with your deceased remains, which would you pick, and why?

1) Made into a life gem.

2) Mixed with pottery clay and made into a lovely vessel on
a descendent's book shelf (see paragraph 10.)

3) Made into a plastinate sculpture.


4) Cryogenically frozen and preserved until a cure and or new body becomes available.
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1. How old were you when you moved out of your parents house? What was the main reason you moved out when you did? If you still live at home, how old are you, and what is your main reason for still living at home?

2. What's your opinion of a 22-year-old still living at home and has never lived anywhere else?

3. What's your opinion of a 36-year-old who has moved out, but went back to their parents house, and has lived there for three years or more?

4. Is your signature legible as your name?

5. How long has it taken you in the past to stop *thinking* about an ex that you didn't still want to be with?

6. Relatedly, how can you break the habit of checking your cell phone to see if he texted you, when you really don't even WANT to hear from him? Edit: I know he's not going to text me because he hasn't in two months. I'm not trying to avoid him. I'm trying to break the habit of checking and wondering. =\

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So what do you think happens to you when you die?

**Question Club- Please dont make a debate out of it, I just want your opinion**

Cross-posted to my journal and TheQuestionClub.

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Do you ever wonder why there is basically nothing in the Pacific ocean (land wise)?

Would you consider the tides to be a massive wave?

When the mass extinction happened, 70% of land animals and 90% of sea animals died. Do these numbers seem a bit off to you, since we depend so heavily on water and marine species?

Can you take a guess at what the difference is between intelligence and brain size?

Do you think that it is odd that people grow large plants on purpose? Or thst a large portion of the world records occured at the Alaska State Fair?
The Receptionist Classic


Alright, it's time to expand my intellegence yet again. (oooh, I know, not too much or I'll explode.)

Have you studied/learned about any goddesses? Which one(s)?
Double Brownie badges if you can link me to an info page or suggest a book on her!
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The current trend among my friends is to skip college, live at home with your parents, work a decent temp job until it becomes a pretty good permanent job, save a ton of money, buy your dream car, save a ton more money, move out of your parents home at the age of 28 into a beautiful, newly-built town home.

I feel so duped, what with having gone to college including Grad School, driving an average car, working a crappy job, and living in an apartment?

I feel like I'm so far behind everyone else--of course, I also found the love of my life and I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks, whereas most of my other friends are still single.

I thought I did everything I was supposed to do...

Granted, I followed my parents model almost to the letter, except I don't have any kids yet, which I'm almost certain has everything to do with everything--and the fact that they would NEVER have let me live at home til I was 28.

Still, anyone else feel like they missed the boat?

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1. I feel the beginnings of a sore throat and my head feels slightly heavy/perhaps congested (but only a little). My mom swears by l-lysine and garlic pills and gargling with warm salt water. Anything else to ease the annoyingness and stop whatever other ailments are headed my way?

2. Where is my iPod?! I seem to have lost the stupid thing, I think. Along with the iTrip and those In-ear headphones I received as a birthday gift. The last time I used it was in my car (or stereo in my room?) to try out the iTrip. I wasn't a big fan so I think I brought it back into the house somewhere (well it's definitely not in my car). This was in July sometime. So it's been a long time. Now where did the damned thing go? There must be some place I'm missing. Maybe you know where?
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LA Power Outage

If you live in LA, you probably experienced the power outages today. All of LA was without power for about 2 hours or so.

I just happened to be at the mall today when it happened and as I was walking around I realized that most, if not all of the stores were completely locked down. I believe that some of the stores had locked customers inside, seeing as how there were so many people just sitting on the store floor waiting for power to be restored.

Can anyone tell me why this is done? Why would they forbid the customers from leaving the store just because the power is out?

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1) Are you any good in the kitchen?

2) What's one of your best, self-made dinners?

3) Do you usually make a big dinner consisting of all the food groups, (e.g., spaghetti dinner with metballs, garlic bread, caesar salad OR HOW ABOUT a medium-rare porterhouse w/ a loaded baked potato and corn on the cob.) or do you just make a big pot of spaghetti, or eat just a steak with A1 and call it a day?

4) Are you better at making one type of food, but not another (e.g, most guys are stereotyped at being good at barbecuing, but stink at baking.)

My Answers:

1) So I'm told, though mostly so my SO doesn't have to cook.

2) I make a heck of a home-made spaghetti sauce, but I'm really awesome with soups, stews, and stocks

3) I go all out, always, unless its Asian food which is usually has rice, veggies, and meat all in one place.

4) See number 2
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If you had the money for it or whatever, would you wear real fur, leather, or feathers in my case?
My mom's friend's daughter has this amazing dress that she wore to prom and it's made out of some exquisite bird's feathers sown(? past of sew) really closely together, and at the end.. fringing out.It's completely white and she wants to know if I'd like to have it because she's off to Wellesley college and has no use for it now. The dress is actually worth "thousands" or alteast 1, my mom didn't want to ask exactly how much. Anyway, I believe myself a fan of animal rights... but it is a pretty sweet dress....

Accept or no?

(no subject)

Can you install Windows XP over Windows 98? My moms computer needs some work, and we dont know where the disk with windows on it is to reinstall it, but I have my XP one. Will that work?

And whats a pocket protector?

(no subject)

I know nothing about paintball guns. I want to buy my boyfriend one but I don't even know where to start. What kind should I get? What's the average price for one? What brand is good? etc..
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I just signed up for PayPal and found I had $28 waiting for from one of those "Fill out surveys, get cash" deals I have been doing for fun. I'm really late coming into the PayPal craze and I have some questions...

1.Can I pay for things using PayPal without having my bank account attached to it? I do have an account balance, because of the money deposited from the survey company.

2.Paypal says it will "make two small deposits" into my bank when it verifies my bank info. How much do they send and can I really keep the money?

(no subject)

I created an acronym list at work and I need to think of a creative/easy title for it. It's basically just going to be used for training purposes. I need something that's more simple that "Acronym List" to be the title. Can anyone think of a better word for 'acronym' that would go well for a title? Or just something more creative?

What, What, What?

  1. What are your favorite gadgets?  I love my cell phone, PDA & camera.  Do laptops count as gadgets?
  2. What do you make sure to have when you leave the house?  I always bring: Blistex, wallet, keys, phone & MetroCard.
  3. What are the most effective techniques you use to study for exams?
  4. What is your favorite CSI?  New York, Miami or Las Vegas?  Or do you prefer the other crime shows?  Numb3rs, NCIS, etc.
  5. What did you buy this weekend?
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XM's The 90s

Does anyone subscribe to XM and listen to "The 90s" station? I remember last week or so they had announced that they were going to announce something big on a Friday (maybe it was more than a week ago.)

Any idea what that annoucement was?