September 11th, 2005

she blinded me with science!

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Has anyone else been getting radio interference tonight?

I listen to 102.9 in Fort Wayne, IN. My reception is usually pretty good, but tonight I keep getting interference from another radio station. I'm subscribed to space weather news, and they've been saying stuff about solar activity and auroras lately. I'm thinking maybe I'm picking up a distant station that's bouncing off the ionosphere.
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Am I the only one who thinks kissing and the like is kind of gross?
Everyone seems to just think I am being childish, or just haven't found the right partner.

So.... what is so great about it?
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Relationships, blah.

Sorry for two posts in one night, but this one just came up.

My best friend (and by best I mean we spend every free, waking moment together) met this boy a few weeks ago and they really like each other. To make a long story short, this boy seems to be a little pissed off that I am always with my friend because he wants to just hang out with her and not me (which is fine and perfectly understandable--what's not is his getting angry at me). Why can't he make plans a day in advance to hang out with just her then?

My friend keeps asking me whether I like him or not (you know, does he pass the best friend test type of thing) and I don't know what to tell her because while I do think he's a neat person, I also think part of him is pretty asshole-ish. For instance, I was at my friend's last night and he called her and they talked for a couple of minutes, but then my friend said she had to go because I was over. He obviously didn't care because he kept her on the phone for another 30 minutes.

I know this doesn't sound so bad but I just don't like it. What do I tell her? I don't want to ruin anything she could have with this boy, because I know she likes him. But at the same time I don't want to lie to her because deep down I really don't like him so much. She even says he makes "stupid comments" about me and she doesn't really like it either. I just have this knawing intuition about him that isn't so positive. What do you think? Any comments on the situation? I hate relationship dilemmas.

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1. What words do you find yourself having trouble spelling? I'm well aware that this question could possibly lead to a response thread full of more spelling errors than ever before seen! ;)

2. As you read, do you a) look up words you're not familiar with, b) write them down or bookmark the page somehow to look them up later c) not look it up at all, or d) think "i'll look them up later" but don't record them in any way?
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What does it mean if you have that minty fresh feel if you haven't actually eaten any mints? Or am I just weird?
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My parents are leaving this morning for a small four-day trip, driving from CA to Oregon.. a few sight-seeing stops along the way.

I get really paranoid when they are gone, for some reason... and I keep thinking something is going to happen to them.

I'm very superstitious and I always think that "the last thing you can think of" is actually what happens to people, so I often drive myself insane trying to think of every possible scenario... like thinking of it eliminates it as a possibility.

Am I making sense?

So my question: what are all the things that you could think of that could possibly happen on a four-day, driving, sight seeing trip?

I've thought of car accident, falling off the mountain, carjacked, hotel catches fire.... abducted by aliens (never know!), sudden amnesia...
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I'm looking for a version of the Divinyl's "I touch myself", done by a Canadian band. If I remember correctly, the band was either punk or techno-ish, it's been a couple months since I heard it, but I remember loving this version much more than the original.

Any idea what I'm talking about?

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1. Biggest pet peeve when reading other people's journal?

2. Do you play any online games? (Such as Yahoo games? MSN games? etc?)

3. Do you read your friend's journals by directly clicking on their journal or just reading your friend's page?

4. Do you often remember your dreams? Are they in black & white or color?

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hey i am writing a paper, andd since none of my english major friends are awake yet, i turn to you. when is "whomever" appro[riate?

this is the sentence:

"Women should be allowed to be whomever they wanted"

is it whom? or who? sometimes i get confused as to what's appropriate.
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Is it normal for teeth to be a little loose?

and: one of my molars, sometimes it feels weird and I push it sideways with my tongue, and then there's a little snap/pop/click noise- like it just fell into place, or was pushed out of place, or something. What's going on there?

God my teeth suck. I'm going to go back in time and drill-sergeant myself into better care of them.

edit: new question, not related.
So, I might have a learning disorder.

I'm pretty sure my father would think a learning disorder just means you're stupid/lazy/just not paying attention.
My mother's a little bit dyslexic, just enough to make her a bad speller and sometimes sing the wrong words to hymns because she's reading too fast, but you probably wouldn't know unless she actually told you (I didn't). I'm kinda worried she might think it's some small annoyance that you just work around, get someone to check your work.

I'm in math 104 at my college- it's as close as you can get to remedial and still get credit(and i can't take remedial because I'm on a scholarship). I only have a vague idea of what we're doing, i think it involves lines... and where the lines cross is how many of each somethings you have. I made a 640 on the SATs in math. It's not that I suck. I just don't get it. I can't get someone to check my work if I just get frustrated and cry and not do it because I have noooo idea what we're doing because I keep getting fractional t-shirts and parts of knives.

Getting diagnosed will cost money, getting tutoring will cost money. I can maaaaybe cover both of those, at least one or the other, but whichever I can't cover- and possibly both just for protocol- will show up on my university bill. So I have to tell my parents. How do I tell them without getting shit for it then and shit for it whenever the bill comes out?
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whats the best car you've ever owned?

(good gas mileage,etc)


anyone know a mid 90s pop song that has the lyrics in the chorus "crazy..aabout yooou.."
crazy is echoed and then fades.
i worked at this restuarant(black eyed pea-suck so much.. or maybe it was the people and my mindset... anyways) a few years ago that played in on rotation and i've never been able to find it.


edit: thanks to everyone for all your help.
now, does anyone know of a site that compares cars and helps you buy the best one for you?

so many good references, how to choose?
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Along the lines of this post:

If you were/are a woman, and did not shave your armpits, would you wear a tank top?

I don't, and I am. Screw what other people think. My guy thinks it's hot, so that's all that counts.

Also, I went to the place I got my navel pierced, and the girl there told me it's got a six week heal time. Now is she on crack, or what, because everything I've seen says six months to a year. She even said "we used to say two weeks, now we say six to be safe." Um...WTF?
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Who's your crush?

For those who enjoyed the 80's, who were some of your celebrity crushes?

I best recall the latter half of the 80's (1985-1989), so some of mine would be Axl Rose (I thought I was SO cool owning a tape of Appetite for Destruction!), Kiefer Sutherland (Lost Boys was one of my fave movies), and James SPader (Still is! He made me so hot in Pretty in Pink. Rich and an asshole!)
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I just bought a 15" powerbook! eee!

Now I'm looking for a cute bag to stow it in, and I'm at a loss.

Do you have a laptop?
Do you carry it around a lot?
What to you use to carry it?

I want something that is on the small side (my laptop is quite thin), perhaps a messenger bag, so that I can tote it around my university and work.

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A friend and I are kinda drifting, and I know these things happen... but I dont really want to. But you can't really force someone into being your friend.
So do I just let things go and see what happens? What would you do?

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If you've worked in retail management of a chain store (or know the experiences of someone else who HAS been a store manager or at least asst. manager), let me know how it was. My husband's in the market for a new job, but he has no idea which companies suck to work for and which might be decent. No food service ones, but anything else.. bookstores, music, cafes, drugstores, etc. are fine. Thanks a lot.

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alright, a friend of mine just bought a new car. Since there are so many quiz/meme sites out there if there is one something of the sort to name you car using random names..

Know of any? Thanks in advance!

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I am looking for good music that just has drumming (perhaps with other instrumental). Anyone know of a good artist or album or anything that I could look at? (When I say drumming, think bongo or conga or djembe ...) I'd love being able to listen to clips of the music, but even just a name would help. I've found that searching for things like this is really difficult.

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Where did Lindsey Lohan's freckles go? All the ones on her face disappeared! As a very freckly girl, I would know that they just don't go away from when you're a pre-teen to five or six years later.

Does that first-snow-in-May thing really WORK?
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The Receptionist Classic

Vrooooom... *crash*

For those of you who drive:
1) What year/make/model do you drive?
2) What insurance company do you use?
3) What kind of coverage do you have? (If you know.)
4) About how much do you pay? (And is that monthly, twice a year, or each year?)
5) How old are you and how long have you been driving?
6) What state are you in?

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Much thanks to all!
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Is anyone familiar with good Icon communities on LJ--not just "Hey let me make you an icon of Ashton Kutcher's butt" but rather one which offers advice and info on programs to use and tips and tricks? I've been doing some experiementing and I'm having trouble with the 40kb limit while working with animations.

Unfortunately I keep having to sacrifice dimensions for animation. Most usually I only get 6 cells at 100 X 100 pix.

See my latest creation (attached)
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i just found out that my older brother is in the hospital and will be for the next few days. it isn't anything TOO serious, but i feel like he is probably lonely and i am unable to visit because i am in school and i live 7 hours away from him.

i was thinking about sending something to his hospital room, but i can't think of what to send.

he is 25, not interested in material posessions, i feel like flowers are too girly, and he isn't allowed to eat anything until he gets some test results back on tuesday.

any suggestions?
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I have many unrelated questions...please bear with me.

1) I saw somebody getting married today (sept 11th) now why would someone do that on the anneversary of such tradgedy?

2) What album is Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb on?

3) I have Jack Johnson's On and On and Brushfire Fairytales. what other albums of his do you suggest?

4) how old were you when you got your driving permit? i'll be 16 in oct. and i still haven't gotten it. is this normal? i just am to lazy to go to the DMV and then have to start paying for gas and such.

5) I recently aquired these shoes:
they currently have grey laces and i want some other colored ones. what color(s) should i get?
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ok, I need some help.

this is for my bio class and I can't figure it out.

The question is:

"Which of the following might be said by a valid scientist?"

1. Since all the accumulated body of data support it, a hypothesis is definately "true."

2. There is always a possibility a more advanced experiment might falsify any hypothesis.


ok-if you guys are up for more--

Regarding the scientific method, which statement is false?

1. A theory repeatedly supported is somtimes called a law.
2. Consistent observations about a hypothesis may lead to a theory.
3. theories formed in everyday life can carry the same validity as scientific theory.
4. only one experimental variable is used in an experiment.
there was a 5th option but i know it's true.
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What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said during a job interview? (Did you get the job?)

Edit: I can’t think of anything worth mentioning that I’ve done, but once while at work, I heard a guy being interviewed pipe up during a pause in the conversation: "Soooo...what do you guys do here, anyway?" He didn’t get the job. ;-)
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Any hope of getting red vomit out of my teal bathmat? By the time I have the chance to do laundry, it will have been setting for about 36 hours.

Should it come out with just detergent and Shout spray or do you think I'm gonna need any heavy-duty stain remover? Or would it be more economical to just buy another (or try to get the puker to buy me one) since they cost like $3?
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Song lyrics

There's this song that I've heard and whenever I hear it on the radio, they won't say the name of the song or who sings it. I've tried google, but the top links are Pink Floyd and I know it's not them.

It's not an incredibly fast paced song.

Some of the lyrics are:
Down down down
(a line right here saying something about how he can here her say)
Wish you were here

And then something about stone eyes...crying?

Sorry that's really all I can remember :)
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This is for anyone whose seen/read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil or even been to a gift shop in Savannah, Georgia :

Where online can I find a statue like that on the cover - Bird girl, I think it's called?
It's the girl with the scales, and I want to get it for my mom for christmas.
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Which songs hold a certain sentimental value for you?

For me, it's Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart" and the Dave Matthews Band's "Crash Into Me". I had my first two slow dances to those songs, and every time I hear those songs, I always think of that and the boy I danced with.
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  1. What's your look?
  2. Have you ever had a makeover? 
  3. What were you made over as?
  4. Did you keep the new look or go back to the old one?  Why?
  5. What prompted the makeover?
  6. I gave my friend a makeover for her birthday tomorrow -- Photos here -- What's your favorite & why?
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1. If you were out with a friend and they were doing something that embarrassed you, would you tell them?

2. If you were doing something that embarrassed your friend, would you expect them to tell you?

3. If they told you that you were embarssing them, would you stop what you were doing?

4. What would you think if you were shopping at a clothing store and you saw a stranger trying on clothes over their regular clothes, right there in the middle of the store?

5. Do/would you wear two different denims that were not made to match (like a jacket with pants)? If yes, are you more likely to wear a very dark dark with a light one, or two that are almost similar but not exactly?

6. Do you think it looks weird to wear a medium-blue colored shirt with medium-blue jeans?

7. All the letters have been worn off my keyboard from typing too much (well, with the exception of q, z, and x). Has this happened to any of you?! (it's an iBook G4 with the opaque keys. Do any of you have the same? Have your keys worn off? My friends with G3s, with the translucent keys, haven't had that happen.)