September 10th, 2005

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Movie pee

If for some reason taking a really long pee comes up in conversation which are you more likely to think of: A League of Their Own or Austin Powers?

I've always thought of A League of Their Own.
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Tiara Tattoo

I want to get a tattoo of a tiara, so I am trying to google for pictures of tiara's. Preferably pictures of tiara's that are already tattoos, but I am coming up with nothing. I think Nicole Richie has a tiara tattoo? If so, anyone have a decent pic? I don't have a "creative mind" to draw my own, so I need to see different tiara's so I can put bits and pieces of some to make one. Any suggestions are appericated. :)
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Is there an effective way of getting rid of those disgusting stains that appear on your fingers if you smoke?

(Yes, quit smoking, I know. I'm working on it. In the meantime?)

I hope this isn't a stupid question...

... but can I Febreze my dogs?

I've got a bottle of Meadows & Rain Febreze. It says it's IAMS certified for safe use around cats and dogs, but it doesn't say anything about use directly on a dog. I'm only asking this because I remember reading something about it on some LJ community, how it helps eliminate mild odor between baths.

If it matters, my dogs are female Rottweilers. One's around 6 and very large, the other's around 2 and about average size (for a Rottweiler, that is).

Obviously I wouldn't spray near their face or around their crotch where it would be licked.

Advice Needed for Friend

Here's the situation --

  • My friend is 27 years old, & living with her boyfriend of 7 years.
  • Even when they started dating, he never treated her with any kind of respect -- I thought she would have kicked him to the curb by the end of year 1, but we don't talk very often anymore & my own life has seen its own share of different turmoil so I haven't really been keeping track...  & now 7 years have gone by!!
  • She's afraid to leave him because she doesn't want to be alone.  I know she deserves better, but she has really low self-esteem even though she's attractive & men hit on her when she does go out.  Unfortunately, she doesn't go out very often...  1) Her parents didn't let her go out much when she lived at home, & she lived at home until she was 24 years old.  She's been so conditioned to being home most of her non-school/work hours that it's her comfort zone.  2) She doesn't want to expend the energy being social & she thinks she may suffer from social anxiety.  3) All of her other friends have gotten married, so she'd need to find new people to go out with, but that would require going out to find the new people -- Catch 22?  4) She can't go out with me because she doesn't live close enough for it to be feasible.

She just started therapy & doesn't know if it will help.

Also, she's not close to her family as a result of this relationship, so she can't turn to them for support.

What advice would you give her?  When I get enough responses here, I'm going to point her to this page.  Thanks!  :)

dirty lingo

alrighty. Im watching Vh1's top 40 awesomely bad songs ever, and the reference "dirty sanchez" came up. (Am i spelling it right? lol.) I have no clue what it is. Educate me!

Or explain a dirty phrase of your choice(with some delicacy if possible) ;)
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Good Game Cube Games...

I just got myself a Game Cube last week and I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some good games to buy for it. It came with Metroid & Zelda: The Wind Waker, but my birthday plus all the holidays are coming up so I'm trying to think what to put onto my wish list. Please if anyone could give me some recommendations that would be great.

I also brought with it the game boy game adaptor since I still have my original Game Boy & GBA SP so any suggestions for good games for those would also be appericiated. I have no problem searcing through used games stores or eBay, just I would like some idea of what would be a good buy and what really isn't worth it.

To give an idea of what I like, since that might help the suggestions here are some of the other Nintendo Games I have/have played and liked
- Zelda [I have the original NES one on my GBA, plus Minish Cap, A Link To The Past, and Wind Waker]
- Banjo Kazooie + Banjo Tooie [N64] + Banjo Kazooie: Gruntys Revenge [GBA]
- James Bond 007: Goldeneye [N64]
- Rush 2046 [N64]
- Mario Kart Racing [N4]
- Diddy Kong Racing [N64]
- Donkey Kong Country 3 [SNES]
- Super Mario All Stars [SNES]
- Super can't remember the rest of the name righ now but it for SNES...the first one with Yoshi

Basically I love the Zelda series and like the RP games, but also want some nice fun racing games that also allow you to goof off. I have like major ADD attacks sometimes and yeah hence why I'm posting this at 5:17am instead of doing something productive lol.

Thanks in advance and remember....growing old is mandantory, growing up is optinal :)
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(no subject)

In what grade do you think one should stop using things like construction paper and glitter glue for school essays/reports/etc? (You know, like they'll put the typed up assignment between two sheets of construction paper and on the cover decorate it with colored pencils and glitter glue to look all "pretty") Or do you think it's perfectly fine at any age given that there was no specified way instructed by the teacher?

(no subject)

college question:

1. have you ever dropped a class(s) because you didn't like the way the teacher taught?

i'm currently in a battle between dropping political science because of the teacher. it has nothing to do with the subject just the damn person itself.

i know this may sound like a silly question.

(no subject)

I was composing a text to my friend, and I ended up accidentally sending it to my house number...the contents of it were definitely something I wouldn't want anyone in my family to be seeing, so I was just wondering if there's any possible way that anyone would ever see a text sent to a home number. I'm thinking no, but just want to confirm it.

And, how often do you wash and/or change your sheets?
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Just call me....

1) I'm looking to buy a new cordless phone. I never seem to have much luck with them. Things fall off them after a year. (Really, I swear, we only use them to talk) So do you have a recommendation for a cordless phone that has lasted you more than a year and works well? What brand? How much did you pay for it (please specify if it's USD, CAD or some other currency)?

2) I'm thinking of changing one of the light fixtures in my bathroom to a heat lamp. Do any of you have one of those red lamps? Is the voltage the same as a regular light or will I have to change the internal wiring somehow?
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Guys plus drunkendom plus shaving.

So, a question. If you were an 18-year-old guy. And you went to a big party. And you passed out eventually.

And woke up in the morning to discover that someone had shaved your legs.

What's your state of wrath? Would you be alright with it? Would you forgive them eventually, if you found out who did it? BASICALLY, DO YOU THINK WE COULD DO THIS TO HIM AND GET AWAY WITH IT? 8D
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Unrelated Questions

1. Do you write reviews for what you've read/listened to/used on
2. What kind of sheets do you prefer? Cotton, jersey cotton, Egyptian cotton, flannel, silk, etc?
3. Would you rather have a nice house or a nice car?
4. What is something that doesn't cost much but you spend a significant amount on throughout the week? (e.g. cigarettes, coffee)
5. This only applies if you're of college-age or older: Did you go to college? Did you finish? What is your degree in? If you didn't finish, why? Do you regret not finishing? If you're still in college, what do you intend to get your degree in? Do you want to continue your education and get your Masters of Ph.D?

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(no subject)

This one is for a friend. One of the people she types for at work writes really illegibly, so she's always struggling to understand it. A co-worker of hers told her that she actually refuses to type anything for him because of this and told my friend that she should be stronger and refuse to type for him as well. The co-worker hasn't gotten fired though, apparently because she has connections. My friend has already tried talking to him about writing more legibly. He keeps trying to do this but always winds up going back to his old ways, especially when dealing with a lengthy document. How should she handle this? Should she do what her co-worker recommended or something else?
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Japanese Horror Recs

I've fallen in love with Japanese Horror movies. What else should I watch?

I've seen Tale of Two Sisters, and just yesterday The Audition. I'm gonna look for Ringu and the original The Grudge soon too. Anything else?
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Ten Grand Shopping Spree

You've been given $10,000 - tax free - and you have to spend it all within one week.
You cannot use the money to pay off bills and you cannot give it away to family/friends/charity. You cannot invest it, either. (Almost forgot that one.)

What do you do with that $10,000?
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Useless habits

Have you ever incorporated someone else's useless habit, smoking aside, into one of your own?

Example: When I was in fifth grade, the girl next to me would write French sevens (i.e., like the number seven with a line through the middle of the stem.) I liked the oddity of it so much, I picked it up myself and, 18 years later, I'm still doing it.
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(no subject)

1. At your high school what kind of cars do people drive, if you're not still in high school what kind of cars did people drive?
At my school most kids drive Volvos, Mercedes', Lexus', BMWs, there are also a few Land Rovers, and one Jaguar. Very few people have old cars. I'm unfortunate enough to have a 1999 Mercury Sable.

2. How would you make Mercedes, and Lexus plural?
I'm pretty sure I did it completely wrong.

EDIT: I know that I'm fortunate. I just meant that it sucks in comparison to the other cars at my school. Plus it's my dad's car that he still uses.
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Has anyone ever used the Name Your Own Price feature of I am looking for flights to Vancouver (from Boston), and I've gone on there and their normal price is about $500. I've tried naming reasonable prices like $110, and they say $150. That's awesome. Today I decided to name ridiculous prices, like $45. They said $93! Does that make sense? Is it a scam? I know people have used it before, but it sounds too good to be true. I know the time could be anywhere between 6am and 10pm and that, hypothetically speaking, I could arrive the next day and I don't pick my airline ... but still. $93 for a flight from Boston to Vancouver seems ... unbelievable? Tell me I'm not dreaming.

(no subject)

1. Do you think it's rude for someone to eat chicken with their fingers instead of a fork (besides at Medieval Times :P)?

2. When you drink soda/iced tea/whatever from a can do you usually drink straight from the can, use a straw, pour it into a cup, or drink it by hovering it over your mouth so your mouth doesn't actually touch it?

3. If you use(d) ebay, what's the worst problem you had there, if any?

4. Another book question today: What is a classic and/or popular book(s) that you've still never read (not even started)? Do you plan to ever read it?
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(no subject)

Do you use torrents? If so, what's your favorite torrent search site?

Do you have a Demonoid account? If so, is it really that great of a site as people make it out to be?
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Breakfast food and music.

1. Good breakfast food on the go? I don't have a lot of time in the morning and want something I can just grab on the way out. I don't like pop tarts or other foods that are mostly made of bread-like products and would prefer something at least mildly healthy.

2. Are there any movie scores you particularly like and want to recommend to me? I already own quite a bit from Danny Elfman but would not be opposed to owning more. I love, love, love instrumental music and now that I spend a good 2 hours of my day in the car I would love to have more to listen to.

(no subject)

1. When you add someone on LJ, what's your criteria for adding them? What if they are friends-only, what makes you add them?

2. What's your favorite commercial beverage? (example: pepsi, sprite, lipton iced tea, poland spring water, etc.)

3. What's your favorite type of chip?

4. What's your favorite fast food or chain resturant?

Scary Movies

What is your favorite horror movie? The scarrier the better. I love psychological thrillers but I'm not real keen on movies with things that jump out at you. I really liked The Ring, The Others and the Blair Witch Project but I didn't like the Grudge a lot. I'm looking for scary movies as opposed to cheesey ones.

Buying and selling

1. Do you ever buy things that seem like a good deal just for the purpose of reselling it?

2. If you do, where do you normally find these deals and where do you sell them for a higher price? If you want to give an example of a good deal you got and what you sold it for, that would be great too.
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(no subject)

1. Why do you remember some dreams and not others?

2. Have you ever tried any techniques that are supposed to help you remember your dreams? Did they work?

3. Are there any foods that you can no longer purchase because they are no longer sold near you, or because they are no longer made that you really miss?
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(no subject)

My friends so make fun of me for hating scary movies -- since I hate them because they scare me too much. So my question is, do you like scary movies? Why or why not? If you do like them, is it because you enjoy being scared? Does anyone else end up not being able to sleep (or being afraid to sleep) the night after watching a scary movie?

I am, of course, asking this because today I had been persuaded/peer-pressured into watching the newly-premiered Emily Rose film. And now I am freaked out, even if I wasn't even paying attention (on purpose) to most of the movie.
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Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

Is anyone else completely disappointed in the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? I swear it tastes just like regular (diet) Dr. Pepper and has no vanilla or cherry taste to it. Is it just me?

What other soft drink gimmicks/marketing schemes do you think are completely over-rated?

What should I do?

I have a friend, let's call her Steph (for Steph is her name and using initials is impossible to read). Lately, I feel like she's been copying everything I do.
For example, I say I like Fall Out Boy - by the next week, her school diary's covered in pictures of the band, and she won't shut up about how HAWTT the lead singer is (Yet, she can't say anything about the music). I dye my hair bright red, she dyes her hair the exact same colour a week later - despite the fact she'd always said that dying your hair was lame. I start saying a phrase or word, she starts using it. If I find someone hot, she finds that same person hot. Her favourite movies are ones she's only seen once, and are the same as mine. The list goes on.
My question is, what should I do? She's a good friend, but I'm getting REALLY frustrated and angry with her copying my every single move! Other people have noticed this, so I'm not just paranoid!
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(no subject)

Name three celebrities you'd love to have sexual contact with: one of whom is ten or more years older than you, one who's about your age and one of whom is ten of more years younger.

1) Don't go below 18 unless he/she is within 2 years of your age.
2) Sexual contact doesn't have to mean f*cking. Passionate kissing, mutual watching, or up to full blown sex. Your choice.

Me? I'd say Rene Russo, Alyson Hannigan and a red-headed Lindsay Lohan. Yeah... there may be a theme there. What's your excuse? :)

(no subject)

I went on a first date this weekend and at the end of it was spazzing out because I never know what to do when it's time for goodbye.

My Questions:
#1: Do you kiss on the first date?
#2: If you want to make it to a second date, what do you do? My boss (and friend) said that a hug and a kiss on the cheek ensures the second date by saying that you are interested but not slutty. What do you think?
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Emotionally Invested....

Ok, so here's a question for everyone. How emotionally invested do you get in video games? And I'm not talking just the typical "oh, I beat the game, that's so cool, I'm happy" and stuff. I'm talking about crying because of something that happened in a game - take Final Fantasy 9, for instance. I won't describe it in detail as to not spoil it for anyone who hasn't played it - but the final movie sequence makes me cry, it's just all a damn emotional rollercoaster between finding out what happened with the different characters and such.

And for books, as well - do you react strongly to things that happen in books? For instance, take what happened in the latest Harry Potter book or in the final book of Stephen King's Dark Tower series? There were a couple of things in Dark Tower 7 that made me cry in there too - again, people who have read it will know what I am referring to.

Also, when replying, for those of you who think im a total whackjob, please be nice. :)