September 9th, 2005

abby genius


Okay, my housemate just left for England this evening and will be gone for two and a half weeks, so I have to take care of her hamster.

Just tonight - it hasn't done this before - it's gnawing furiously on its cage bars. I know this isn't healthy. I'm going to get him some chew sticks tomorrow, but right now she didn't leave any for him, and the sound of it is driving me up the wall.

Anything I can do with "home remedies" to make him stop it for tonight until I can get him some chew sticks tomorrow? Any website I've Googled just says "get chew sticks".
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1) What's the funniest name on LJ you've ever seen?

2) Where do you live?

3) When you've taped a show and are fast forwarding through the commercials, do you rewind the tape if you accidentally fast forward through even a couple SECONDS of tape?

4) If someone posts questions that are numbered, do you reply with your numbers the same way they posted it? (Example: Post = 4) Reply = 4), Post = 1. Reply = 1.)

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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to a taping of a TV show? When you saw the finished product, was it anything like the taping?

2. If you could live in a TV show, what show would it be?

Two Parter

Read & answer Part I truthfully before reading Part II behind the cut & answering truthfully --

(Pick s/he depending on which gender you're attracted to.)

You're a mid-level manager at a company.  Your boss quit last week, & the company decided to replace him ASAP with someone you've never seen before.

You're sitting in your cubicle & the most unattractive person you can imagine walks over to you.

Although s/he doesn't have awful body odor, s/he is covered in a layer of glossy sweat & body hair.

His/her hair hasn't seen a hairbursh in a week.  His/her clothes are completely wrinkled & threadbare.

S/he slides a hand across your back & squeezes your shoulder gently.  S/he offers you a cup of coffee.

S/he says with professional tone & a friendly smile, "Hi!  I'm your new boss!  I think we should go to lunch to get to know each other better since we'll be having lots of long nights together."  You've been at your job for three years, & you've always had to work lots of overtime at least 4 days of the week, so s/he isn't saying anything untrue. 

Would you find this scenario creepy?

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(no subject)

I've been reading a few articles here and there about how Google is supposedly no longer as cool as it used to be, such as here and here. Amusingly enough, I came across these articles via my Google RSS feeds.

Now maybe it's just me, but I think Google is getting better than ever, with things like Google Maps, etc.

Is Google losing its coolness? Or is the media just trying to make a story where there is none?

(no subject)

This is going to sound really weird, but does anyone have any ideas what this could've been about? For some reason I can't get it out of my head.

I went to the hair salon and in the middle of getting my hair washed the washer just stopped all of a sudden and said "Uh oh" and proceeded to stare at me for about a minute. I'm looking at him (as well as one can look at someone upside down with their head in a sink) giving him a worried "WHAT?!" look. Yes, I'm very shy, I should've just asked him what the problem was. Then all of a sudden he continues washing my hair and all is normal after that. I have NO idea what that could've been about, any ideas? I thought he put bleach in my hair instead of shampoo or something at first, haha.
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Computer Noise

So, sometimes (alot lately) I get this fraky noise from my computer like it's having a seziure or something. I get a message saying my CHIP FAN (or something) is moving too slowly. So, I am guessing this is the fan, making those wild noises. My computer itself, isn't the most quiet....I have two questions...

A) How can I fix the CHIP FAN from freakin' out?

B) How can I make my computer more quiet?
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(no subject)

What is one question you've always wanted to ask here but are to afraid to ask? I'd say post it anon, but this community doesn't allow it. So I will screen all the comments and then make a post of all of them, but I promise I won't let anyone know the username that went with that question. Our maybe the mods can allow anon. commenting on this post?
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roll into my life

Sorry for so many questions today. . . .

Ok, I found a pill, it is light blue in color and it looks like x, to me, but I really don't know.

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That top picture is what was on the "front" and the bottom one is what was on the "back" of the pill. I would have taken a picture of it, but for some reason my digi won't focus on it. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what they think or know this is?????
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(no subject)

1. I need vocabulary help.

I'm trying to think of a word that I believe starts with "S" and means expedite or facilitate. I think there may be a "ph" in there somewhere and is at least a long a word as facilitate is, but I wouldn't trust that because I'm usually quite far off the mark with these things. I've already thesaures-ed expedite and faciliate at and none of the "S" words there are what I'm looking for.

Please help?

2. Is this a good brand for a router? Does brand name matter when it comes to router/cards? Are the specs for this specific router any good? This is only for my home personal use. I really need a wireless card and router and this one is on sale like woah. (Only $50CAN after rebate for both!)
urban canyon

Gift ideas?

What are good gifts at the three-month mark of a relationship? For a guy (from a guy, if it influences your recommendation).

Said guy is 24, educated, stylish in a casual way. Doesn't collect anything. Doesn't really wear jewelry. Isn't possessions-oriented. He's not American.

Price is not a primary consideration, but I think if it were too expensive it would embarass him more than flatter him. Neither of us are big gift-givers in general.

So far I'm leaning toward a stylish casual shirt because he has some cool shirts and I think he likes to wear cool shirts. The other idea was an iPod, but even though he's a musician I really don't know that he'd use it, and if I were going to spend over $100 I think it should be for something he'd actually use.

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And... do most other languages allow you to offer things just by how you pronounce them, or by adding a question mark? Or is English especially gifted in the lazy department? :)

Do any languages have lazier ways of offering stuff, like, say, pointing and asking "That?"
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(no subject)

I just got two phone calls in a row from the same number (on my cell phone!) and I didn't know it so I didn't pick up.
I used a reverse phone directory and found it was the Plymouth County District Attorney/Commonwealth of MA Trial Court.

I can't call them back at work and they didn't leave a message but what would they be calling for? To my knowledge, I'm not in any legal trouble.


  1. What kinds of situations have you been in where you behave a certain way that seemed perfectly normal at the time, but when you're out of the situation & reflect back on it, you want to scream, "What was I thinking???  How could I do that???  I must have been out of my mind!!!"  Did you go back & fix the situation?  How?  Did it work?
  2. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?  Did you try & do anything about it?  What?  Did it work?
  3. Do you give exact change, or do you throw all your change into a jar?  If the latter, what do you do when the jar is full?

(no subject)

I would like to have a "Livestrong" bracelet. Is it sold anywhere except Armstrong website?

EDIT: somewhere that doesn't require shipping. *shifty eyes*

BRIDE OF EDIT: in NYC. *headdesk*

Help! Painful Leg.

I twisted my left leg very awkwardly this morning, and now it's killing me..particularly in my groin area. I can't extend it more than half an inch without doubling over in pain. I have a feeling it's just one of those things that will go away on its own in a day or two, but I'm going out tonight and quite a bit of walking will be involved, and I don't want to be in agony for it...any ideas on what I could to ease the pain? Would a hot compress help? Any suggestions would be very gratefully received!!

Thanks in advance :)
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My boyfriend's going through a really tough time. He lost his maternal grandfather three weeks ago, and his paternal grandfather just died today. He lives far away and I work, so I can't drive to be with him right now. I've never lost a grandparent, much less two in one month, so I know I can't say "I know how you feel".

My question is - what can I do for him? I'm thinking about sending a card and a teddy bear to his apartment when he gets back to show that I do care and I'm there for him, even though I'm far away. He's not the type to appreciate flowers. We've only been together for 2.5 months. I don't want to do something totally corny and inappropriate, but I do want to make some kind of gesture. What do you all suggest?

To those of you who've lost people close to you - what kind of gestures from friends meant a lot to you, and what kinds of gestures were unwelcome?


I'm relatively new to this community and haven't asked a question yet. I need a little help with something and thought you'd guys be perfect to ask!

I'm doing a project for my social studies class about the country Lebanon. For the project I need to play Lebanon's national anthem and either play traditional music or music in the country's language.

Not only do I have no idea where I can find that stuff, but I'd have no idea how to download it.

Can anyone please help me out? =/

(no subject)

I've noticed that recently, whenever my mother and I are talking online, she is the one to use "net-speak." Does this lend any credibility to people saying that using the internet makes you stupid?

Are there any other songs that are simliar (with the same bass and beat) to Rihanna's Pon De Replay?

What are some other good songs that you would suggest?

Does it bother you that I don't have a user icon?

I am incredibly bored for some reason. What should I do?
I already cleaned my entire house, organized everything, exercised, watched a movie, made my bed and read a book. I need something else to do. PLEASE! :D
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(no subject)

I planning on taking a trip to Victoria to visit my best friend (who is at UVIC) and also I'm going to see this band while I'm there.

Two questions:

1. The show is being held at a bar and I am only 18. I have a few months to go before I am 19 and anyways, I don't even drink. I already emailed the girl who is organizing the show to see if she can help me out but I haven't gotten a reply. If I don't get a reply within a week, what should I do? Do you think they'd let me in with a handstamp or wristband or something? I really want to see this band and they are not coming to my city.

2. I'm planning on staying at the HI Victoria hostel while I'm there. Has anyone ever stayed there? Or in a hostel for that matter? I don't really know what I should expect and any tips would be great.

(no subject)

I work in a call center and the women that sits next to me is a wonderful person. I am 19 and she is older, like my moms age. And on slow nights we talk about everything I could never talk to my mom about. She has been so nice and helpful and I apperciate it so much. I just found out today that she is leaving in a week becuase the hours are not working for her. I wanted to get her something nice, what do you suggest? She loves her two dogs, she has two older daughters but they are all grown up and live on the other side of the world and she has her husband.

Thank you for your help.
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(no subject)

Besides water, what is a zero (or very low) calorie drink that tastes good and is fairly healthy? (Alcohol-free too, please.)

What can I use to flavor water?

Edit: Oh also, is there any type of drink I can make at home, similiar to KoolAid, but without all the sugar? (Besides tea... I can't drink a lot of that without getting a stomach ache.)
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My husband and I get mail everyday. Bills, junk mail, magazines - you name it. And we live in an apartment, so we have a tiny little mail box that our mail carrier crams it all into.

The last time we got mail was over a week ago - thursday the 1st.

I called the post office today, and asked if there was a problem, something wrong, etc. They told me to go in tomorrow morning and ask for "Carrier 41".

What the hell do I say to him/her?

(My suspicion is that since 3 people out of 7 moved out of our building on the 1st that they somehow stopped our mail instead of/in addition to their mail.)
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Sorry so long. =)

1. Say for whatever reason, you have no clean clothes that fit. So you do a small load just to have something to wear tomorrow. But you forget to put the clothes in the dryer. The next morning, you wake up and put the clothes to dry while you shower. You don't have much time to wait for them after your shower so they are still damp. do you (a) wear the damp clothes, (b) wear clean clothes that don't fit so your jeans will dig in your stomach and your fitted tees won't cover your fat rolls, or (c) wear somehting that fits and is dry, but has been crammed into the stinky hamper? (I did (a), by the way. They dried after about an hour ;P)

2. TMI: One time when I was like 14, some creep on AOL asked me the size of my areolas and asked me if they were the size of pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. So for 8 years I've felt like a freak for having huge areolas because they are more the size of silver dollars. Does anybody REALLY have areolas that small? How big are yours?

3. If you wear eyeliner, how do you wear it? Pencil or liquid? Top lid and bottom, or just top OR bottom? Inside lashes or outside lashes? I wear pencil, inside top and bottom lids. I've never known anyone else who wears it inside of the top lid though.

4. Does anybody else find it SO ANNOYING when you tell a friend that you think a guy at work/school is hot and they respond "so talk to him. ask him out." God, can't I just think he's hot without caring to talk to him? =\

5. Does anybody else LOVE paying bills? I get a rush from it. It makes me feel so...accomplished for the month.

6. Is there anything that you are obsessive or complusive about? I'm kind of obsessive about 90 degree angles. Like, if tiles are not perpendicular to the walls, I go INSANE. I also draw imaginary lines on the floor extending from door frames, table legs, trees, poles, parking lot lines... you name it. I draw a line and I have to step over every single imaginary line. I'll go insane if I accidentally step on, or too close to, one of the imaginary lines.
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(no subject)

if you suddenly saw someone from one of your classes in your other class, and then when you said "aren't you in my class?" and they said "took you long enough" -are they interested in you?

this happened like tuesday and i think i saw her yesterday but i wasnt sure, so i didnt talk to her.
so i saw her in my other class today and she barely talked to me.
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Christine Feehan Quote

Hi All. New member here. I was wondering if you might be able to help me identify which Christine Feehan book a particular quote came from. The quote is:

"She found herself smiling as she moved over to allow him to stretch out beside her. Why she trusted him so much, so much, so quickly, she couldn't fathom, but it didn't matter. She liked being beside him, felt comforted by his presence. He was solid and warm, his arm strong as he pulled her to him, fit her into the curve of his body. She shivered, more from his close proximity than the cool night air, but she liked the way he instantly drew a comforter over them even though she knew he wasn't cold."

Thank you! Any help is appreciated!
:) (:
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Hey heeeey.

Do any other states, besides Texas, study their state's history? I feel like I've wasted three years on the Alamo. Ick.

Does anyone know of any good online tutorials for Algebra II?
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You're more than late.

What do you do when you get stood up? How long do you wait, and then what do you do? Call? Leave? Wait more? :P

Does it matter who stood you up?

How about if someone you want to talk to said they'd call/MSN you at a certain time, and then doesn't?

How do you feel? Do you tell them? Is it a big deal for you?

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Somewhat of a continuation of sonotright's post...

Are there any words that you pronounce wrong but you just can't make yourself say them properly?

Mine would be that I say "expresso" instead of "espresso". I know it's not pronounced with an X, but I can't make myself say it the right way for some reason.

(no subject)

Anyone know the song "Rodeo Clowns" by either Jack Johnson or G. Love and The Special Sauce? I've heard both versions - Jack Johnson's is better, IMO - now I'm just wondering whose song it is originally?
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(no subject)

I come from a large family of kids (oldest of 6) and because of that my step-mom usualy starts shopping for christmas presents EARLY. like, end of september. So she wants a list by then.

I am generally not that materialistic, but ever since i moved out on my own, i really enjoy getting presents from them, especially since i have no money really for the little "extras" that make a house a home. Now, here is where you great people come in. When it comes down to writing lists, I ALWAYS forget what it is that i want, if it was a smaller thing. So I need suggestions of things you think i shouldn't be without.

Thanks people.