September 8th, 2005


Ever since that google post... I keep seeing people say 'I googled it but....'

So, what now? Some people seem to be all 'betta say I googled it so theyz dont git mad at me!'

I seem to remember that most people thought it was fine to ask whatever you wanted in the comments to that post....

Anyway, do you feel like you need to validate your questions here now by saying that you already googled them? Or did nothing change?

For me nothing had changed UNTIL I started seeing some people say they googled their answers...and then I was all 'aw man what if everyone gets mad at me for not saying it too?!?' *Cowers*

-- Oh and I'm not trying to diss anyone who has said this in their posts.
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(no subject)

Ok.. say a man is married and has a couple kids. They get divorced and he moves out of state. He sees the kids twice a year at most.

Is he a "single father"? I mean, he's single.. and he's a father...

Or does "single father" imply that he's raising kids on his own; which the guy in this situation is not?

When you think of thequestionclub which icons do you think of? I think of jennana's swedish fish, junebug's 'rock on' states, tiki's flower...

small pyschoanalysis of sorts :P.

1. Do you ever wonder what people think of you? To what extent?

2. Are you often nostalgic? If so, what do you miss/think about the most, the good or the bad?

3. Do you ever feel.. I don't know.. "creepy"? Or that the people around you think you're odd/weird/strange/whatever? If you DO, um. explain. I'm interested.
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(no subject)

My muscles have been aching non-stop ever since I started my most recent job, which is really not all that physically strenuous that often. (It's at an ice cream store, and it's been nearly a month.) It's an ache reminiscent of overworking muscles, or the feel you get after exercising when you're not really used to it. For all I know, it may not even be job related.

Has this ever happened to any of you? Why is it happening?
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A few random questions

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, or staying asleep once you fall asleep? If so, what do you do to make it easier to fall asleep/stay asleep? How well does it work?

Do you have one or two co-workers that you really like? Any that you strongly dislike? Why?

Do you eat breakfast in the mornings? Every day, weekdays only, weekends only? What is your favorite breakfast food or foods and do you usually have that for breakfast? If not, what do you normally eat for breakfast?
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Do I Match?

Okay, the rules about color matching in clothes:

Black and brown is bad, except if the brown is light khaki?

What about the shoes? If you're wearing khaki pants with a black shirt, do you wear brown or black shoes?

Furthermore, what's the rule about other colors with khaki pants? I'm wearing a polo with wide horizontal bands in black-teal blue-spruce-white-(repeat) circulation, khaki pants, and brown shoes. Am I totally off?

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Photo Sharing

Which photo sharing website do you use, or what's your favorite? Does it let you order prints? Do people you know actually ever need to order prints?

After much procrastinating I'm finally beginning to start the process of getting a family photo site up, so now I'm looking around at different services and whatnot.
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(no subject)

Inspired by a previous question...

Are you attractive, or unattractive?

If you answered unattractive, why do you believe you're unattractive?

What makes someone physically unattractive?

How much of your personality or self esteem is based on your perception of your attractiveness?

TV and disposable cell phones

What's the name of the TV show where someone travels to another country and really gets immersed in their culture? I think the word "tribal" is in the name.

Do you watch "so you think you can dance"?

Do you know anything about disposable cell phones in Hong Kong? My partner is going there and some guy told us to get those instead of using personal cell phones.
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(no subject)

1. For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your family or friends again?

2. Do you believe in ghosts or evil spirits? Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a remote house that is supposely haunted?

3. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? What haven't you told them yet?
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(no subject)

Why do i always forget what's in my fridge? I could have had leftover chinese for lunch, but i actually made something.

Why do wisdom teeth hurt?
(both my bottom ones are in, no problem. my top ones are mostly there, and today one of them started hurting. I can't tell why, they both seem to be at the same angle and everything.)
found it. there was a blister/sore type thing back there. popped it. tooth feels fine.

question about wisdom teeth stands, and:

What the hell are those thigns, anyway? they're like... whiteheads in the back of my mouth, except with a clear fluid... maybe the size of O.
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Crosstown Traffic

For drivers:

1) Has anyone noticed that I usually use a song title to denote what my questions are about? Know who this one is by?

2) Do you drive the posted speed limit or do you go over it? If you do go over, by how much?

3) Do you have a minimum speed limit posted where you live? If so, where do you live?

4) Do you believe there should be speed limits?

5) Does anyone know where I could find an MP3 of Vanilla Ice's "Driving in my 5.0"?

6) Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? How many km/miles/hour were you going over?

(no subject)

How does one "lighten up"?

How do you ask your boss for a letter of recommendation to a new potential employer?

What are your favorite ways of occupying your time? I need to lose focus on some things in my life. I've faced them. They haven't changed. Instead of dwelling and analyzing, I'd like to move forward into a new arena of thought.
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(no subject)

alrighty, i need a bit of help finding a t-shirt online. i got my inca kola t-shirt when i was in peru, and now it's starting to get a bit hole-y, so i want to buy another one, and since i'm not going to peru soon, i decided to look online, but couldn't find it!
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(no subject)

(to the girls, I guess)

How often do you shave your legs?
How many leg-shavings do you do before you change razorblades? (Well, if you have that kind of razor, I guess.)
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I have taken math all the way through pre-calculus when I was in high school. I've taken statistics and finance since then, but no standard math courses.

I have to take a proficency test and I have to score in a range that would put me at the beginning of pre-calculus, or proficent in college algebra, geometry and maybe trig.

Can anyone suggest any review sites or tutoring sites to refresh me and get me up to snuff? I would prefer them to be free, and if not free, not very expensive. Or software that isn't for little kids?

Or any other general tips on cramming for something you haven't done in years are welcomed too.


(no subject)

my friend told me that you shouldn't drink alcohol the day before or night you donate blood. i can't find a website to verify this except a few that say don't drink for a few hours after. i am giving blood on saturday afternoon and am attending a going away party friday night for a friend. i'd like to drink but it's obviously not the end of the world if i shouldn't. does anyone have any information on this?
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(no subject)

I took a walk today.. Does anyone know of a website where you could make points on a map which will calculate the distance, so I wont have to drive this to see how many miles it was?

Thanks to those who answered. The kind of website I was looking for was like - not mapquest. I already knew of that site.. and it's useless for what I wanted to do - unless I cared to mark addresses down for every single damn turn I made.. then plug it into that site.

Mostly Food

  1. What are controversial topics (please be specific) that you would not bring up in conversation with strangers (or friends even)?  Race, class, etc.
  2. When you eat Chinese food, do you insist on using chopsticks?  I don't insist (even when I'm eating out) & I'm Chinese!
  3. Can you eat just one frozen M&M?  I cannot!
  4. Are there foods that everyone loves, but you hate?  I don't like fresh coconut.
  5. Do you have food allergies?
  6. How do you eat your Oreos?
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(no subject)

I am about to register for the MTTC basic skills test, so I can enter the methods phase of my teacher's education process. There is a fee for the test, and it says that you can pay using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard), but that debit cards cannot be used. I have a Visa instant cash & check card. Will this not be accepted? I use it for everything else that I pay for online, and I guess I just don't understand why I couldn't use it for this test. I don't have a credit card, and I need to sign up for this by tomorrow, so sending them money isn't an option. What do you think? Will I have to suck it up and hope my parents will let me use their credit card to pay for it (and give them the money for it, of course), or will my Visa cash & check card work? Thanks!

Feeling all nostalgic and stuff

What are some good ways to find someone you haven't been in touch with in a long time? I've already tried, and google (just typing in the name). I've found some people, but not all the ones I am looking for.

Anyone have any stories about finding someone after a long time and getting back in touch?

Just to clarify, I am happily married, not looking to rekindle old flames or start any trouble. I just live on the other side of the world from my hometown and just think about back home a lot. Plus, I am planning a trip home for the holidays and if I could organize reunions, it would be so great :)
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help me decide

I am giving Nextel the boot and going to T-Mobile

1. Should I get the Sidekick 2 or [the new] Samsung e365?
2. What type of cellular service do you have?
3. What kind of phone do you have?
4. How is your reception?
5. My cell phone provider ______ [fill in the blank]

One for the GIRLS

Just killing some curiousity of mine.

I don't want to know your size, but I'm wondering:

Do you take a bigger size on the top or bottom, or are both the same?
(Eg: size 12 jumpers, size 10 trousers)

Don't ask me why, but I just wanna know, lol!
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(no subject)

1. So how can I get my hands on the new Harry Potter iPod without buying the audio books bundle? Okay, so it says The Harry Potter Collector’s edition iPod is not available for individual purchase. It must be purchased from the Apple Store online at the same time as the Harry Potter audiobook box set (Box Set) during the same order transaction. But nevermind that, come on, put your minds to it, I'm sure we can think up something!

2. Also, why does that URL for the Harry Potter iPod end with "snape=y"?

3. I don't know much about Latin America except that I want to study somewhere there for study abroad next year to work on my Spanish. Which country would you go to? Right now I'm randomly thinking Chile or Argentina, if that helps... (Don't worry, I'm not going to make my decision based on a couple TQC answers, I'll be doing a lot more looking into this myself, but I just wanted random thoughts, stories, suggestions.)

Car Accident

Yesterday I was in the parking garage at my school and I was rear-ended. My car was idle (I was waiting for the person in front of me to get his spot and couldn't pass him), and the car behind me hit me because the girl behind his car ran into him. I just got out of the car and looked to see the damage (which, at the time, was only about 4 indents shaped like circles from the screws in his license plate). I then got back into my car and pulled to the right so other cars could eventually pass because I was too shakey to drive from an already stressful morning. The guy and girl who were behind me got out of their cars and looked at the damage, then got back into their cars and drove off.

Now for my questions:
1. Is this a hit and run? The kid who hit me (even though it technically wasn't his fault, but he still hit me) NEVER approached me to see if I was ok or to see the damage he did to my car. He only talked to the girl who hit him.

2. I never wrote down his plates because he drove off too quickly. Today I discovered that my trunk does not close (it doesn't click shut). This must be a result of the accident--something must have shifted out of place. So now--I plan on looking for his car and writing down the plates. What would I do with that information though?

3. Should I report this to my college? I go to a community college. Should I have his plates or would they still want to know if I didn't have them? Or do they not care at all?
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(no subject)

What are some recommendable mixed drinks that don't have lemon, lime, or orange in them? I'm allergic to citrus fruits, so I have a hard time finding mixed drinks that I can have (other than the chocolate ones, which I do love, but it'd be nice to have a larger selection). I can have berries, apple, banana, tomatoes, and even pineapple, but lemon, lime, and orange are completely out of the picture.

Also, do most places make strawberry or banana margaritas with lime, or would I be okay with them?
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(no subject)

Does playing a sport (specifically tennis- just for the factor of the level of stress...) make you hungry after you've played intensely. Because it seems to fit for most people, but I honestly lose my appetite after a match or "intense physical output??"... whereas my other teammates are hungry for a 20lb New York steak.

/edit: Like today, I didn't eat breakfast, barely touched my lunch, and after playing challenge matches against someone really good, and playing from 2:30 until 6... and coming home with my mom cooking dinner, I ate like 2 bits and was like "blah" towards it.

Oh yeah, I'm not anorexic or whatever.

Puppy obedience

How do you get a puppy to stop nipping? My dog's about 5 months old and gets VERY hyper. For about an hour each day, he flips out and runs wild around the house at lightning speed. He'll do drive-by-nippings...Run to you, bite, run away, run to you, bite, run away. I'm covered in tiny tooth-shaped scabs. He also nips a lot when we try to pet or play with him.

I've looked all over the internet...Tried water guns (he likes the water), tried yelling, tried whimpering like a hurt puppy (yes, one site recommended this), tried holding him down until he calms himself...Nothing works. He's getting bigger and bigger and it's going to be horrible if he's still like this when he reaches 50+ lbs.

attention Rennies! ;-)

I'm camping at the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, of course, and I'm starting on my dress. (Yes, late, I know, shush.) I have the basic color scheme picked out (purple with white/off white) and the basic pattern (here and here), but I'm struggling with the details of the garb. My google skillz have failed me, and I can't find any websites with a lot of pictures of people in their garb. Does anyone know of any good sites? I'm just looking for some ideas as well.

Also, is anyone here camping at/going to TRF?

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(no subject)

Is there an equivalent to sparknotes for other languages? Particularly Spanish? I just read a story that made absolutely no sense to me and rereading it several times isn't helping. It's called "Las medias rojas" if, perhaps, anyone knows anything about it. I have a reading quiz tomorrow and the fact that I don't understand it is hurting my soul.

Thank you!

(no subject)

In less than 50 words, which do you find more upsetting:

  1. Seeing a child of 18-36 months throwing a temper tantrum, expressing his fatigue, or generally being 2 in a place in which you're trying to read a book, have a meal, enjoy a cup of coffee, etc.
  2. Seeing a child of 18-36 months nestled at her mother's breast, being silent, content, and generally all but not there.
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    (no subject)

    So I have an odd but serious question. For a while now I will get shooting pains in my fingers and plam area. Sometimes it will be three or four fingers that are in pain other times it will just be two in pain. For example right now, I have a shooting pain in both pinkies and then pain in my right ring finger. Also, with this pain usually one of my thumb swells up and gets really tight and uncomfortable.

    My fiance thinks it may be a blood clot, but I'm not sure. I will be making a doctor's appointment for this soon before my insurance is up on the 21st. Oh, I sometimes get headaches with this hand pain, and sometimes numbness.

    so my question, Has anyone experienced this and did you ever find out what it was/is?
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    (no subject)


    i think i might have broken my tv. if someone can help me i'd be grateful. i am not finding info on a solution.

    1) i was in the process of watching a movie and decided it was not loud enough. so i reached to turn it up and instead hit the channel button which caused static.

    2) in order to correct this, i attempted figuring out how to autoprogram so i could go back to the channel where the movie was playing. in the process i might have fried a circuit by pushing one button too much.

    because now the tv is flashing. the screen reads the current channel, 03, below it alm and the time (which is wrong). it is keeping time but i am finding i cannot touch any button. i've been waiting about an hour for it to settle but it has not. i can't even turn off the tv. unplugging it won't do anything. i have an rca xl100. no manual is available online. it's an older tv. please respond if you know what the problem is and/or help me to make it stop flashing. :(

    (no subject)


    1. Do you get those little hairs on your toes? If so, what do you do about them?

    2. Do you use conditioner on your hair? What kind, and how often?

    3. How long can you go without washing your hair before it gets greasy?

    (no subject)

    I was just typing a paper on microsoft word 2003. I was completely finished and I was deleting a couple of unnecessary lines in the paper. I wanted to 'undo' one of my deletes. Im using the touch pad on my laptop, and somehow i accidently clicked undo all and all of my text disappeared. I can't click undo anymore. Someone please help me!

    Flirting 101

    Inspired by an interesting article that is also long, but I excerpted the important parts for you.

    1. Are you a flirt?  Does your relationship status affect this?
    2. Do you follow-through your flirting?  Or is it harmless fun only?
    3. What are your best techniques?  (Come on, SHARE!)
    4. Has your flirting ever gotten you in trouble?  (Come on, SHARE!)
    5. What works best on you?
    6. Did you discover anything new in the article linked above?


    in ur blank, brains, grunny

    Bad browser! Bad!

    Ok, for a few days I've been having this problem. Every time I try to download something, Mozilla crashes. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a zip, an exe, a picture, whatever. It asks me where I want to save it and as soon as I hit 'save' it crashes.
    It loads pictures just fine, as well as applets and such.
    Installing the latest version doesn't seemed to have helped - I installed it over, I didn't uninstall and reinstall.
    Any ideas for a fix, or am I going to have to try uninstalling/reinstalling?
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    For members w/ boyfriends or husbands

    If your boyfriend/husband gave you a ring (just a nice ring to wear) but you don't particularly like the way it looks, what would you do? Simply not wear it? Or, overlook the fact that you don't care for it and wear it just because he gave it to you?

    Would you tell him you don't like it?

    More specific details are available if you think it'll help you make a decision.
    Kitty Lick
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    Japanese Horror Movie

    Months ago, the Scifi Channel showed a Top 100 scariest movies of all time. #1 was Jaws. One of the top 30ish was a Japanese Horror film about a girl who was applying for a job. This girl was a pyscho sadist type, who cut off a guy's toe and tortured him to death. Does anyone know what the name of this movie was? (It was something like "The Applicant", if memory serves.)

    I've googled, but I haven't been able to find the list, I guess cause it's been so long.


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    The Search for a Script

    Hello there. I am relying on you, the slueths of the LiveJournal frontier, to help me find something I've been searching for these past five years. (Religious disclaimer: This question involves a religious drama script, but I'm not asking or concerning myself with your religion, just whether or not you have seen or can find the script.)

    Five years ago, at a Centrifuge Summer Camp in Gulfport, MS, I saw a short (ala 10 minutes) scene performed by the staffers of the camp. The concept was this: four hikers seek shelter in an abandoned chapel during a thunderstorm. In the chapel is a large {portrait / statue / stained glass window} of Jesus. After some dialogue, they all go to sleep. Each one, in turn, dreams about who Jesus is to them. To one, he's a Santa Claus or Sugar Daddy figure, giving everything they want. To another (I think), he's a Rambo figure, fighting all the battles. I can't remember the third, but to the last, he's a judge, condemning the guy and casting him into hell. The script ends with them all leaving one by one, the last staying, breaking down, and receiving salvation at the end.

    The camp staff followed it up with a creative movement routine involving masks to a song whose title I also can't remember. Have any of you ever heard of or seen this scene, have the script, know where to get the script, know who wrote the scene, anything? (I reluctantly figure the camp staff probably wrote it and it wouldn't be available anywhere else, but here's hoping, eh?)

    Thanks in advance! (x-posted every which way)
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    (no subject)

    1. If you use a universal remote, do you hit the TV button before hitting "power" to turn it on, even though you KNOW the last time you used it, it was to hit TV power off?

    2. Do you put your dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher (assuming you have a sink AND a dishwasher...)?

    3. My top right wisdom tooth just gew in this year (the only one that has grown so far)... The tooth itself hasn't hurt at all but it does press into my back lower gums. It's very painful and even keeps me awake at night and sometimes makes eating difficult. I could consider getting it (and the other not-yet-grown ones) pulled but being pregnant, I won't be able to take any pain killers other than Tylenol. Do you think I should:

    (a) suffer with the tooth digging into my gums for the next 5 months or so, not knowing how soon I'll even be up for dental surgery... or

    (b) get them removed now without being able to take painkillers, which would presumably be more painful at the time, but wouldn't last as long as five months?

    4. If someone had an outie belly button, could they get the belly button itself pierced? Have you ever known anyone who has? (I don't know why anyone would either, It just popped into my head, haha)
    bob the monkey

    pleasures of the flesh

    Ex-vegetarians: What, if anything, was the food that made you take up meat again?
    Vegetarians: If you've been a regular meat-eater in the past, which meaty foodstuff (if any) do you miss the most?
    Meat-eaters: If you had to give up meat, which meaty foodstuff would you miss the most?


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    Precious Moments: Love

    (no subject)

    I'm making a scrapbook for my mother as a christmas gift, and starting on it now since it will take a little while. I'm including pictures of me and my two brothers, and some Mother type poems. I can't think of anything else to include and I know just that won't feel it up.

    Question #1:
    What else do you think I should include, any ideas?
    Does anyone have or know a site that has Mom poems or stories, etc?

    Question #2: What are some christmas recipes and craft sites?