September 7th, 2005

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On a fourm I frequent some women asked this question
"Please forgive me for being so explicit, but i just have to ask
this. is there anyone who really, honestly makes love anymore?"

It hurts to hear that. That somone doesn't know about making love. Not just being without it, but questioning if it ever happens anymore, if it ever exists anymore. They question making love.
I reply "I sure as hell hope there is. That is what we all should be having and looking for. It is what makes us be what we are, and feel what we feel. I could not imagine a world without making love, and or having love. For you to ask this question hurts my heart. It has to have you question not only the act, but the emotion in genral. I assure you there are people out there that are in fact making love, and in my case people that do make love. Sex is too personal for it to be a fling. I can deal with flings over all, but I make love to everyone I am with. I just do not have sex. That, is in fact, mutial masterbation. What is the point in that? I want to feel, and have the person feel. I wear my emotions out on my sleave, so I get hurt easily and all the time, but I will never be guilty of not feeling" I am a man. I am a real man. I am not god damn ashamed to admit anything at all.

My question, is the same as hers.. you you beleive that people still make love?

If you have somebody tonight ...Please let them know, turn of the LJ and make love to them tonight.
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Just out of curiosity...

Paydays are the 10th and 25th. This month, the 10th falls on a Saturday, which ordinarily would mean we'd get paid on Friday since Saturdays are not work days.

But this week we ARE working Saturday because of the heavy workload.

Does that mean we'll be getting our paychecks on the preceding Friday as usual, or on the Saturday since we just happen to be working that day?
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When/Why did ferrets get the rep as "ugly and icky" pets?

I've been looking into getting one, looking into their care, costs, etc and when I talk to people the majority reaction I get is "Ewwww, ferrets. Ugh, Ugly, disgusting, little vermin. Who'd want one of those?"

Personally I think they're really cute and can't see anything ugly or icky about them, so i'm wondering where all this ferret-hate came from.
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My male cat (5 months old) is throwing up again. He's having a much rougher time of it than he did before, he's thrown up at least 10 times since last night. There is no blood, unusual substances, or hair in his vomit-- just his food and stomach bile. He's drinking water no problem, his ears feel fine, and he's acting completely normal otherwise, so I have no reason to believe he's sick or poisoned. Is there anything I can do for him?
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please help me settle an argument!

okay, so i've been having a stupid, STUPID! disagreement with someone about which came first: juicy fruit pink or juicy fruit blue? i know, it's such a dumb thing to argue about but i must know who's right!

i know juicy fruit pink was all the rage and then i'm sure i saw a commercial advertising for the new juicy fruit blue after pink had been out for a while. it wouldn't be such a big deal if the person i was disagreeing with wouldn't keep shoving it in my face all the time that they are right and i am wrong, blah blah blah.

thanks in advance and pardon the stupidity of this post.
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Where did comic strips and webcomics and such get the idea that school starts the day after labor day?

I have never in my recollection- and I was a military kid and I moved around a lot- attended a school that started this late. We got the day off for labor day.... but it wasn't the last day of summer vacation.
I've been in class for 2 weeks already. I'm pretty sure the high school I went to has been in for three.

Edit: Fine. I went to schools run by a bunch of crazies.
new question. Is it possible to highlight multiple things in a text, like control + click can select multiple things in a drop down list? (and control + highlight doesn't work)

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Now, where are the places that 'adopt' soldiers overseas and send them letters and such? I'd like to talk to them...

Also, if anyone wants to write a letter to a friend of mine in Iraq, that would be wonderful. She's on her second tour so far. Anything else you'd like to know, ask.
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the weirdest things happen sometimes...

Yesterday I had something stuck on the side of my throat. Last night I looked and there was a whitish blob back there--it was likely popcorn. So I pushed at it and got it off that side. Now I think it's stuck at the back of my throat, because I can still feel something there, and my throat aches. I've tried drinking both hot and cold drinks to get it out, I've eaten, and I've tried coughing. Short of inducing vomiting, is there anything I can do to get it out?
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Precious Moments: Love

Movie Rentals

Do you have Netflix or Blockbuster Online?
What do you like and dislike about each one?
Do you prefer them or movie rental stores more?
Do you like Netflix or Blockbuster Online best?
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If I go to a salon, or beauty parlor, do you think I could trust them to shape my eyebrows for me and not make me look really dumb? I am so sick of my eyebrows, they are so thick and disgusting and I have no idea what to do with them. I don't wear make-up and I'm not a girly girly, so I need help in the dolled up department.

group therapy.

Does anyone have anything hopeful or beautiful to share? I'm up to my rope and close to a mental breakdown and would really love to hear just something nice and reassuring. Whether it's a song, lyrics, anecdote, quote, experience, etc.

Some TV questions

If you watch "Arrested Development," how did Buster lost his hand?

And for you "Freinds" watchers, did you ever notice that Chandler said "I love you" to Monica for the "first time" twice?

One time was when Monica put the turkey on her head and shimmied around to cheer Chandler up, and he accidentally blurted out that she's so great and he loves her.

And another time when Chandler and Phoebe were coming on to each other, competing to see who would crack first, and Chandler says he can't have sex with her because he loves Monica, and everyone goes, "WHAT?!?!" And they acted like THAT was the first time he said he loved her.

Remember that?
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Do you think there are more beggars around than there used to be? Where do you live?
What do you do when you're asked for money on the street by beggars?
do you ever not give them anything?
Any stories of extreme behaviour?

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1. If you are at work and currently not busy at the moment, what do you to kill time?

2. What is your biggest pet peeve concerning your co-workers?

3. How many bathroom or cigarette breaks do you take during the course of the day?

4. What did you eat for lunch?

5. What is your favorite snack?

6. What is the weirdest combination of foods you've ever eaten?

Children Today

The girls on MTV's My Super Sweet 16 are -so- disrespectful to their parents!
What's worse is that the parents cultivate & encourage their bad behavior & super warped sense of entitlement.
1) I do not understand. I do not understand. Do you?

2) What would your parents do to you if you acted that way?
If you don't watch the show, "that way" = Spoiled, disrespected & super entitled.
$300,000 for a Sweet 16 party??

3) What's the worse punishment you endured as a child?

4) Do you believe in spanking or other physical punishment? Why / why not?

5) What's worse? Screaming or silent treatment from your parents?
A winner is you!

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What's a good place to buy college textbooks online?

I'm planning a party with the theme of "Outer Space." What kind of music should I have? (And if you have any other ideas for this, I'd love to hear them.)

What are you having for dinner tonight?
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Tattoo Advice

I currently have a small lower back tattoo, an Adinkra symbol for love, faithfulness, and harmony.

I got it done pretty small, about the size of a quarter, because I was terribly afraid of needles at the time and wasn't sure what to expect.

I would now like to add onto it, but I'm not sure how to do it to make it look really pretty. I want something personal so a friend is drawing it for me, but I'd like to give him an example.

I really love this drawing but obviously wouldn't use it, since it doesn't belong to me. Would something in the same style be alright, with my tattoo in the lower part of it?

I'm not getting the tattoo for a few months, I want to get a design I really like and then think about it for a while before I get it drawn into my skin.

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I'm in high school and I'm and about to start a semester-long science/research project...the only problem is I have noooo idea what to do it on. Basically we just have to pick a topic and research and experiment.We are being discouraged from doing anything with people/animals because of the regulations and permission and everything involved, but we can if we want. I'm thinking I might like to do something with vision, but I'm not sure what; I'm just interested in the topic. Or maybe plants. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
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I'm going to be getting my third tattoo in a few weeks.. when I have the money.

My first tattoo, I got on the small of my back. The second, I go on the back of my neck, about a half an inch below the base of the head, where it meets the neck.... maybe a little lower.

I want to get my next tattoo on the underside of my left wrist, about .75 inches below where the hand and wrist come together. How painful is that of a place, comparititively speaking, or just in general?

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I'm looking for a painting.. I have no idea who the artist was. but there were 2 doves in it, and an apple? tree. has anyone seen one like that?


Do you know how to surf?

Has your heart ever stopped beating?

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This is basically a question for the guys. Would you be embarrassed if your significant other sent you flowers at work? Not girly pink carnation or something, but just an elegant wildflower arrangement for your birthday? I would be thrilled, but I'm wondering if that's a "girl thing", and if my husband would be mortified. For the record, he works in retail management, and it would be him and perhaps 2-3 other staff members present when they arrived.


I have what could seem like a really dumb question, but my coworker and I were discussing it today.

How do you know that you are pregnant, without taking a pregnancy test?

My coworker's mom got pregnant on the pill...twice. I met a girl while I was waiting for the elevator at the hospital who didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor. Apparently SHE was on the pill and was still having regular periods, no morning sickness, gained 10 lbs over the course of the pregnancy, and did not "show".

My sis-in-law said your breasts get tender and you just feel a heaviness in your body unlike anything you've ever felt...and she knew she was pregnant pretty much a WEEK after she got pregnant.

Anyone ever been through a pregnancy and know any sure-tell signs?

My coworker and I were talking about how much it would horrify us to find out while we were in labor that we were having a baby. Both of us drink heavily/regularly and smoke occasionally and would not do either of those things while pregnant, but what would happen if we were? (I'm not.)

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My friend was singing a song this morning, and I have no clue what it's called. Does anyone know the title and/or artist of a song that says something to the effect of 'when the world is sleeping i sit up and think of you'? It's been suggested that it might be the A-Teens or S Club or something like that...
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Praxis I

this is a bit of an obscure question but I thought it might be worth a try.

I'm getting ready to take Praxis I. I'm quite nervous about the Math potrtion of the exam, as I have not had any math courses in three or four years, and I have always been a dunce at math.

One of the schools I looked at was willing to let me skip the other two sections, beccause my act scores were high enough, but I was one stupid point shy of not having to take the math part.

So has anyone taken this test? How hard was it?


If your school let you opt out of taking portions of it were your standardized test scores significantly above the average in those subjects?

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Has anybody here had any experiences with Prozac?

Specifically, I'm looking for information on how it made you feel after you started the treatment, any side effects you experienced, and whether or not you felt it worked for you. I've already been to all the sites, I'm just interested to hear about personal experiences.
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Detail Oriented??

So what kind of jobs don't require you to be "detail-oriented"?

I am always having to say that I am detail oriented on my cover letters, but the fact is, I am not. I am too much of an internal thinker to notice the details.
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Sorry for two questions in a row.

A few days ago, I went in to Barnes and Noble to buy a textbook, and tried to pay with a check. When they asked for ID, I gave them my learner's permit. However, the lady wouldn't accept it because the LP was expired (back in March). I've used the ID many times before for checks and my debit card, even at B&N, and never had this problem before.

Is this something new? Why wouldn't they accept it? It's valid ID. (I hate Maryland.. we're -even adults- required to first get our LP, which costs $60, then go to Driver's Ed, and finally get our DL, another $60 or so. And of course this is the only kind of photo ID I have.)

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I know there's a website where you can type in old or deleted web addresses (like and they'll pop up the way they were before...I think that makes sense. Anyway, does anyone know the url? I'm googling it as soon as I post this, but there might be more than one.


Dammit. Nothing yet.
seems like i'm still waiting for the sun

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I've been reading this community for awhile now and I'm totally addicted... so I finally joined. :)

1. I've been wanting to go to a spa for a massage, and I think now, right before college, is a good time to go. How much would you pay for a massage? What's a good price and type (Swedish, deep tissue, I don't know what else is out there)? Any good or bad experiences to share?

2. What would you do if you had a friend whom you knew lied constantly? Would you try to get him/her to admit to their lies? Continue being their friend and pretend to believe their lies? Break off all contact with him or her?

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Why do you need permits for things like fences, new windows, new doors, etc if its all being done on your property that is completely bought and paid for?

What do you do if you've already done those things to your house and didn't know you needed a permit until afterwards?

We put a fenced dogrun up and replaced a bunch of windows, none of the contractors mentioned the word "permit" at all and we had no clue about them, but everyone in town recently got a letter stating the county has noticed a lot of work being done to houses and few permits being applied for, so they reminded us permits were needed and provided a website link to apply the permit. The problem being the permit is only applicable to things that have not been done yet.
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I've googled this, but the medical sites are hard to understand and I'm hoping someone can explain it in terms I can understand.

My stepdad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, and it has spread to his brain. The doctors said he will probably live for a year, and he is unlikely to live for two years. They said it would take a miracle for him to survive for 5 years.

I (kind of) understand how cancer forms, but I don't understand how or why it kills people. I'm wondering what will happen to his health while he is still with us. How much pain does it cause?

They found two tumors, one in his brain and one in his chest. They were able to remove the one in his brain on August 29th, 5 days after they discovered it. He went to the emergency room because he was having bad headaches and his doctor just gave him medicine and it didn't do anything. They did x-rays and found the tumors.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could say what I might be able to expect. I know it's different for everyone, but I'd like to try to prepare myself as best as possible. I know the chemotherapy will make him sick. How does chemo help? If it makes you sick, how can it make you get better, too?

I'd really appreciate anything anyone can offer.

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I'm pretty sure that I know the answer to this, but if I'm talking about the High Middle Ages (11th to 13th centuries) in an essay, it's a history rule that I can't relate something after it to it. For example, Locke's social contract to European civilization in the High Middle Ages.

I'm guessing no, right?

excerpt: In addition to trade, these commerce leagues went far more then just combating evil nobles, rather they led to a collaboration of folk situated in each individual town. As mentioned, leagues possessed great strength in numbers and townspeople agreed that a whole was greater than individual people. Common sense led citizens to rationale that joining together with societal liberties and packs would lead to a more stable life. For example, this concept would prevent one man from killing another man’s cow for societal consequences set and agreed to by the majority of the townspeople. Thus, the man would trust and abide by the “system” with the knowledge that another man in the exact position would stop and ponder at the situation. But the system wins, no man would want to risk killing another man’s cow for social repercussions, and thus, he himself and his cows would be safe and protected by a “greater force.” This “greater force” is further elaborated through Locke’s social contract which marks that mans’ moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon an agreement between a group of people, which ultimately defines a society. Thus in sense, European civilizations support the criteria from an unrefined group of people to advancing in the rule of law and “constitutional government.”

Oh, please don't bash my writing!


I wanna play some online Texas Hold'em... but not for money. I wanted to find something similar to the setup at places like or the yahoo games.... I dunno I don't think there are any but ANYway, does anybody know a GOOD website for free poker?? I tried looking but I suck so bad at searching for stuff.

I've just got this huuuuge urge to play it because I watch it on TV too much :(
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1. Do you spread your butt cheeks before sitting on the toilet? You know, for, um, cleaner disposal.

2. Where do you store the shoes that you don't wear very often?

3. I can't seem to find my nipple holes. Can you find yours?

4. Why does McDonald's usually have crispy fries in the small size and soft fries in the large? They come from the same cooker...

5. Do/would you drink from a cup of water that your pet had been drinking from?

6. Which embarrasses you more: silent stinky farts or loud odorless farts?
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1.) What's a good US anime site to go to for updates and new and the like?

2.) What animes are you favorites?

3.) Who's your favorite character?

Song name

Ok this is driving me crazy...theres a fairly new rap song on the radio.

It sounds like a remix of "For What it's Worth" which goes:
"We better stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down"
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  1. Do you prefer being the spooner or the spooned?  Question inspired by this post / my answers.
  2. Do you read at least 80% of the terms of service or terms of agreements (Like the ones you get with your credit cards / when you sign up for any kind of new account on the internet / etc.)?  How much of it do you read?  Have you ever gotten burned by the "fine print"?
  3. If you were on a reality TV show, what would you be pigeonholed as?  The bitch, the crybaby, the jerk, etc.