September 6th, 2005

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Where can I find a really detailed map of New York City online? Yes, I searched for one, but I only found some maps that were not really "traditional", if that makes any sense. I really want a better understanding of how the city is laid out.

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Firefox, why you playin' like you don't know me??

Yeah, in all seriousness, suddenly my Firefox is acting like it's just been brand new installed, when I've had it for months and months. All my links, auto logins, bookmarks, extensions, everything, it's all suddenly disappeared. It's not a disaster of course, god knows I never look at my bookmarks after I save them pshh, but it is an inconvenience. Like, now I have to actually remember my passwords for things!

Is this a symptom of something terrible, or some harmless randomness? Any way to recover all that mess without doing it myself?

ETA: Nevermind, it was something to do with some program automatically opening Firefox for me and when I closed Firefox and reopened it all was hunkydory. I'm leaving this post up instead of deleting it though because other people had the same problem...
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I know everyone has different body chemistry and perfumes smell different on different people, blah blah. But My perfume just recently broke and it can't be fixed. It was OP Juice and it was fruity. I liked it but personally I think it smells a little 'young'. Can any of you ladies recommend a classy smelling perfume? I don't want something that'll make me smell like I rolled around in the flowers for hours or anything that makes me smell like a grandma or a french whore. So having said that, any recommendations?

Oh and men if you'd like to add your fav scents for females that'd be nice too. I'd get my bf to pick something out for me but he's lazy and would probably pick something french whorey so...yeah. Thanks all. :)

Oh and in case no one wants to read all that: I'm looking for recommendations for women's perfume :)


What is your favorite music video? 

  • If you could be in any video, which one & who would you be?

Would you rather be well traveled or well read? 

  • Can someone be smart without being interested in books?

How many sex partners do/did you expect to have by the time you're 30?

  • Is there a such thing as too many by 30, & does gender make a difference?

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CNN is running a series of clips that outlines the crisis in NOLA and how it unfolded. At one point they have an African-American gentleman with a young white male in the back of his pickup, and he's begging the reporter to get him to a hospital. Does anyone know what the story was with those two? Or what happened to the man in the back of pickup? Any links?

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What helps you fall asleep when you are having those nights of constant tossing and turning? I am trying to force myself to sleep but am having no success. Any advice or tips to falling asleep easily?
Me--State Fair

gross, but whatever.

I saw a Canadian goose on the side of the road this weekend. I think that is only equaled by the three turkeys that obviously fell off of a truck on the road...what's the strangest thing you've seen on the side of the road?

(and don't geese mate for life? in which case, poor goose...)

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A friend just confided in me two days ago that she's hooked on cocaine. And I was really the only person she could call to talk to about the issue. I've known this girl for almost 10 years, she was one of my best buds in high school.. and I'd do anything to help her.

She told me she's been doing it for the past 5 years, but it's been almost non stop for the past 5 months. She has a one year old kid, too. One reason she's given to me as to why it'll be so hard to stop... is because the dealer she gets this crap from lives just down the street. Right now, I am NOT at the point of turning my friend in. Right now I DON'T want to go telling her parents. She DOESN'T want to go for help. The only thing I can think of.. at this point.. is to figure out who is dealing it to her, and turn THEM in. I know.. I know.. if someone wants it bad enough, they'd find a way to get it. But, right now, I can't think of anything else.

For years.... yeeears, this girl has lied to be about things in her life. So, simply telling me she hasn't done anything wont be enough. And I'm not around her enough to make sure she's NOT getting anything.

It's gotten so bad that even her boyfriend (the baby's papa) called me to help her out. The only thing I can think of to tell her is that if she does this shit again, she's risking having her baby taken away. She told me at dinner yesterday that she has planned (note.. planned) to not do it anymore - starting today.

With that said, what the fuck can I do to help her out? Anyone been in this situation?
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Okay, everyone's probably sick of the Hurricane Katrina talk, but what organizations can you donate money to... BESIDES the Red Cross (since everyone says it's corrupt)? I'm VP of my student council and before school starts, I want to get a list of organizations that give 100% to the relief effort. My parents already donated to the Red Cross $1000. =\

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Okay, I googled this one a little.
My roommate's boyfriend claims to be allergic to alcohol.
The one other person I know who claims this is a pathological liar, and the roommmate's boyfriend kinda seems to be one too(I don't care about your past lives or supposed medical knowledge, stfu).

Now, googling has lead me to believe that it's possible to be allergic to the ingredients in alcohol- say yeast, the particular fruit or grain the drink is made with, sulfites... and the people who had written into the site all had more hay-fever-ish type allergic reactions. Being allergic to alcohol itself is much less common and the results aren't really referenced.

the roommate's boyfriend claims to have the "omg who slipped a peanut into my brownie throatswellupdie" kindof reaction.

Anyone here actually allergic to alcohol itself? would that be the reaction? would he then also be allergic to any other thing int he alcohol family, like rubbing alcohol?
Or is he just bullshitting? what might be something to prove he's BSing? (something like how most people wouldn't think jello isn't a vegetarian food, something that has alcohol in it that he wouldn't have thought of and proceeded to consume and not die)

EDIT: I do NOT mean that I want to poison him. jeesus. I mean like... something that he's already eaten in the past, that I've seen him eat, that would say "hey, you're full of shit". Like if I caught him using nyquil or eating tiramisu, but something less obvious that he, in his lying, wouldn't know that he couldn't eat.

On why i give a shit: because with the other pathological guy, the thing that made him stop/slow down was "look. there is no girlfriend in africa. none of us are that stupid. and I just kicked your ass with the practise swords, so you obviously are not trained with real ones." and with a girl at my middle school, it was "bull shit, the CIA does not look for missing civilian middle school girls. Or the FBI."
I'd like to deal a little less with his bullshit on a day to day basis.
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1. Do you think it's weird to brush your teeth in the shower? Do you brush your teeth in the shower?

2. If you buy something that is $4.99 and you pay with a five do you wait for the change?
I bought a bottle of water today and the change was only a penny so I didn't wait and the man was like aren't you going to wait for your change?!. But another time when I was in 4th grade I waited for the change and the woman gave me a nasty look. I just feel weird waiting for a penny.
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there used to be a show on MTV a few years back about a college dorm, and it basically revolved around all the characters hooking up. It only lasted for a season or two....does anyone remember the name of it?
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Okay this is really lame, but the people I ask dumb questions to are away.

I have a tennis preseason match at 2:30 today.. but I also have a Forensics (speech & debate) officer's meeting at 1. Should I go to my meeting dressed in my tennis outfit or go dressed in regular clothes and before 2:30, home and change? I live like 5-10 minutes away from the school.

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So there's this song, and I can't remember it at all. :o) It's about a girl who leaves a city because of an abusive situation and goes to other cities, but it's all the same. I think a female sings it. Can anybody help me??? It's on the tip of my brain...
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I've read in general, that you're not supposed to drop below 1200 calories per day even if you're trying to lose weight. Obviously, a guy who is 6'5" and weighs 280 will have a different number. I have a really hard time consuming 1200 calories but I'm also really tiny (4'11" and 105 lbs). Another problem I have is that I feel "bigger" or more bloated based on the amount and quantity of food I eat, not how many calories I eat. So for example, if I ate one 1/4 pounder w/ cheese all day, I'd feel less fat than if I ate yogurt w/ grapenuts for breakfast, banana for a snack, cottage cheese and applesauce for a snack, half a bagel with low-fat cream cheese, and then a typical dinner (a small serving of lean meat with a veggie). Obviously the second is healthier. How do I balance this out? I know sometimes if you don't consume ENOUGH calories, you really end up gaining weight. So how much should someone my size be eating? What KINDS of foods should I be eating? I've seen a nutrionist before and it never really helps because it seems like they have a cut and dry plan of what people should and shouldn't do, but I don't feel as if it works for me. Anyone have any experience in this or have the same problem? Or suggestions?

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I was having chicken earlier and it made me wonder...

Poll #565435 If you like chicken...

What do you prefer (chicken/turkey.. that sorta thing)?

white meat
dark meat
doesn't matter, I just like meat
I don't eat meat

And why? I'm just curious. :)
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I have Googled this as well as searched through, either what I am looking for does not exist, or I am barking up the wrong tree.

I have just finished re-watching all of the episodes of 'Tales of the Gold Monkey', several times the main character (Jake Cutter) makes references to the book written by 'Haywood Floyd' (spelling might be wrong).

I am not able to find an author by the name of Haywood Floyd. Does anybody know if there was an author by that name? The shows implies that he was an adventure writer.
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You go out and you run into someone. They recognize you, and they haven't seen you in years, or a long period of time -- but you don't remember them; it's like you've never seen them before in your life. Are you more likely to pretend that you remember them, or would you tell them that you honestly don't recognize them?

How would you react/feel if someone you recognize doesn't remember you?
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lets say-
first week of school- you meet someone in a once a week class and you really want to be friends with them.
you think then that you can only see them once a week.
then stroke of luck happens and you get to see them in a class earlier in the week.
but instead of walking out with them, you leave abruptly.
it's only later you realize what you have done.

now, im thinking no on this but- is there a short time limit that you have the option to start the friendship as soon as possible so that the next time they see you, they are thinking of a friendship?

or is it ok to wait till you see them later and now that you know what not to do, you can start the friendship then?

i know, i seem like larry david or jery seinfeld over here, but at least i'll know.


Totally Unrelated

  1. If your spouse & 2 children were starving, would you steal to feed them?
  2. After you break up with someone, how long does it take for you to "get over" it?  Equal time/Double time/Half time of relationship?
  3. Are you a giver or a taker?  What's the biggest sacrifice you've made for a significant other?


1. Who are your favorite authors?

2. What good books have you read lately?

3. What is your favorite book?

4. How do choose what to read?

Me, I like to read just about anything. Patricia Cornwell is a favorite. I like John Irving a lot. I like Harry Potter. The only think I can remember not likeing are the Stephanie Plum books. I hated those but I did read them.
I need some new reading material and I just don't know what's good out there. I have been reading the same authors for so long that I have lost touch with the rest of the world.

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A resume question, if anyone has a moment. First, when listing previous employers, I know you list them chronologically with current job first. What if you have three current jobs (They are all part time or seasonal)? Do you list the one you've been at the longest first, or the most recent one first? Also, should I leave off previous employment that isn't STRICTLY RELATED to the job at hand? I'm applying for a vet tech position, so should I only put on lab and tech jobs? Or everything involving animals? Or.. everything altogether? (Why is this such a difficult thing? I have no idea.)

And where the heck is the "justify" or "align right" option on Word? It used to be up top with "align left" and "center", but they're not. :/ Thank you.

Edit: One more thing - I've heard you should keep it to one page, if possible. Can i reduce to 10 font to achieve this?
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i have been summoned for jury duty.
how do i know if i am considered a resident of philadelphia?

i am originally from seattle and am here attending a university.
this is my 4th year here, my 3rd in an apartment not on campus.
i am a registered voter.


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I am currently living in London on a Working Holiday Visa. Since it will expire in less then a year, I would like to look into applying for a UK Ancestry visa but I am a bit unsure how to go about doing this. I have all the necessary documents but I do not have any idea where I am supposed to get an application or how much it costs to apply. And actually, I am not sure if I can do it here or I will have to go back to Canada to do so.
If anyone can give me some help/advise on the subject, I would be extremely grateful!

Cheers :)
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I'm talking to someone about applying to colleges.
She's saying that if you apply early decision, you can't apply to other colleges because otherwise they'll drop your application.
Obviously, you can only apply to one school early decision, but I'm convinced you can apply to others as regular admission.
Please tell me I'm right?
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1. Do you ever wear your headphones with the music off to pretend you're listening to music but you're really listening to other people's conversations?

2. In a public restroom that you enter regularly (work, school,...) do you go to the same stall time after time? What depicts which stall you choose?

3. Those of you who get along with either your mom or you dad, what do you think makes it easy to get along with them?

4. Those of you who get along with your siblings, what do you think makes it easy to get along with them?

5. What's your middle name?
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In less than two weeks I'm moving into my first apartment (away from my parents and not a dorm). Other than furniture, what are some things that I need?

I'm trying to make a list of necessities but I can't think of anything other than toilet paper and stuff like that.
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My work just switched from PCs to Macs, and nobody knows how to use them. What are some things that a PC user should know about Macs? Please be specific and not snarky. Thanks!
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1. Do you like croutons in your salads?

2. If you were given all of the money and materials it would take to explore/experience/travel in one continent during your lifetime, which contintent would you choose? Obviously it's pretty much impossible to travel and/or really, truly experience a whole continent in just one lifetime, but this is a theoretical question anyway.

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Or are you comfortably in the middle?

4. I just read Terry Pratchett's Reaper Man, which is part of his Discworld series. It's the only book in the Discworld series that I've read (it's also the only book written by him that I've read), and I can't decide whether I like it or not. One minute I do, the next minute I don't. Can someone suggest another Discworld title to read next, one that'll possibly get me more into the Discworld books?

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I'm not really sure how to word this. I'm making a mini zine for my english class on American Media and how it manipulates us. I was just wondering what are your opinions on how the media (celebrity, news, etc) is portrayed and how it affects us?
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I'm trying to find lyrics from the band Natalia y La Forquetina, however doesn't have them listed. Only Natalia Lafourcade. Which, while the same artist, does not write the same songs with La Forquetina. They are a new Mexican band, so they're lyrics are particularly difficult to find.
What is the best lyric search engine?
Also, what is the best way to quickly get rid of a sinus drip?
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surgery question

I have just been told I need surgery to remove a lump from my lower eyelid. It's a solid lump, it normally doesn't hurt, and it's very noticable. My doctor doesn't know what it is, and had referred me to a surgeon. I'm pretty sure I have this. I've had the lump since January, done the antibiotics thing and the hot compresses.

Apparently it's cosmetic surgery, and it won't be covered by OHIP. Can anyone explain why it would be cosmetic, when it's a lump that just grew in my face? It's not like I'm getting a nose job.

Also, anyone have a rough guess at how much it'll cost me?

Have you had surgery before? I technically have, I guess, to remove my wisdom teeth.
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*Am I the only one who doesn't think My Chemical Romance is the greatest thing on Earth? Honestly, they sound just the same as every other band out there now, there's nothing unique about them...WHY does everyone love them so much?

Another random spiel of questions compiled from...oh god, let's not go there:

*What did you do right after high school? Go to a large school, a community school, join the armed forces, go right into the workforce, take time off? Anything I haven't listed?
*What made you decide to do this?
*Are you happy in your current job?
*If you could, would you change what you did?

Relics from Past Relationships

I've kept photos, jewelry & other items...

Sometimes I still wear the jewelry or clothing.

My significant other knows.

  1. Have you kept items from your past relationships?
  2. What have you kept?
  3. Do you still use the items or are they packed in a secret/not-so-secret box?
  4. Does your current significant other know about the items?
  5. Would you throw the items out if asked?
  6. Would it bother you if your current significant kept items from their past relationships?
  7. Why do you feel the need to keep items from your past relationships?