September 5th, 2005

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I've been trying to get good photos of my boyfriend's band ever since they started playing shows. (over a year and a half now) The only photos I got where you could clearly make out the whole picture was with my digital camera. However, I own an old Canon T50 that I use. On the roll I recently used for their last show, all of my pictures came out with great quality except for the ones I took of them. Instead, those came out like this...
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I did use a detatchable flash, set for i believe 25 feet. (whatever the lowest range was) I was right up front, so obviously i was closer than 25 feet. Does the flash have anything to do with the lack of contrast? Does anyone have any reccomendations for things such as shutter speed, flash settings, etc.? I appreciate any help! thanks.

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When I got my contacts (about a year ago) my eye doctor told me not to sleep with them in, and if I did fall asleep to take them out as soon as I woke up/realized that I still had them in. However, sometimes I'm too lazy to take them out and I sleep with them in anyway. It makes my eyes slightly dry sometimes, but is that the only reason I'm not supposed to sleep with them in? Or is there some other reason that I should be aware of? Could I be harming my eyes?
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1. Why do people commonly put their hands up on roller coasters? Do you? Why or why not?

2. What "series recordings" do you have on your Tivo/DVR? Or your top favorite ones if you have too many to list?

3. Why is "Quahog" pronounced "ko-hog" rather than "kway-hog"?

4. Do you think people who have a severe mental retardation know that they do?

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I'm not in university yet, so I'm no expert... What should I send in a super-duper care package to some of my friends who have moved a bazillion miles away for school? I want some funny stuff and some really useful stuff too.
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First Time Posting

So my mom was cleaning out things around the house, and low and behold she found an old paycheck of mine from the beginning of January. My question is, do paychecks expire?? I dont know if this is a stupid question, but my friend was like they do after 90 days.. If thats the case I am now screwed out of alot of money...

Does anyone else have an idea??
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My jeans always manage to get holes in the crotch region from wearing them too much. They are not cheap jeans and I'd hate for them to go to waste. Is there any way to fix/prevent this? Does anyone else have this problem?

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So.... at what point does "you need to get a filling here" transform into "you're gonna need a root canal"?
Because this cavity is actually hurting me now. I can't eat sugary stuff on that side.

whiiiich means I need to call my mom and see if she can schedule me for a dentist appointment over thanksgiving break, because there are no dentists up here that take my insurance, and I'd rather not wait till winter break to get this fixed.


Do you prefer to see a male or a female doctor?

Does it depend on what you're seeing them for?

Is it weird that I'm going to see a male doctor about a "girl problem"? I feel more comfortable seeing my regular doctor who happens to be male, but maybe it's better to see a female doctor as male doctors won't know as much? What do you think?
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"Surely one cannot expect to always feel the passion felt when seeing the object of your desires for the first time after many years."

How can I rephrase that sentance to be more eloquent?

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I got my nose pierced 5 weeks ago and now have to take it out because of school. Problem is, it won't come out. I've cleaned it and twisted it and done everything I can think of and still it will only come out half way. It's really important that I get it out but it hurts like mad when I try. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting it out? It'd be really appreciated :)
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where can i find nike mens acg jackets?

i saw one at ross last year and ive been trying to find it ever since.
its black and it has handwarmers in the pockets and a thick inner layer that you can wear seperately.

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Okay, I'm planning on buying a watch for my brother, who's a freshmen in college. Now, I don't know what brand to get him? I want it to be something grown up and adult-ish. My price range is under a thousand.

I know there's like Rolex and what not. But yeah, guys, what watches do you have?
edit/ I've already talked to him, he hates Fossil.'

Problem solved! Thank you. Citizen is the winner.
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Love me tender....

1. Would you stay with a person whose affections for you weren't as strong as yours for them?
ie. you love someone, but they've admitted to you that while they care for you, they don't love you back.

1b. What would make you stay?

2. Would you stay in a situation like #1 if the roles were reversed?

3. Has someone ever said "I love you" to you and you just didn't know what to say or weren't ready to say it back? How did it make you feel?

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A question for the techy people on here. I want, well, need would be a better word, to buy myself a TFT monitor. I have had a look on Kelkoo to get an idea of prices, and it looks like I can get a 15" for £110-£140 or a 17" for £140 upwards. My question, what should I be looking for spec wise, as none of it means anything to me. Is it better to get one of the more expensive 15" or a cheaper 17"? I want to use the monitor to watch DVDs, to use basic Office software, to use the internet etc, and to play occasional games. I do spend quite a lot of time on the computer.

So, what should I look out for? Any particularly good brands, or brands to avoid? Any suggestions for specific models? I don't really want to spend any more than £150.

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I know there have been tons of questions on Firefox lately, but I just have one more after reading them all:

- Is it going to be difficult for me to adjust to FF if I've only had experience with IE? Does it make a difference which version of Windows you have? I have Windows 2000 if it makes a difference.

Completely unrelated question:

- What's your technique when you're washing your face? It seems to me like I always get stuff in my eyes regardless. If I'm washing my face over the sink, splashing water on my face just doesn't do the trick to wash everything off, and personally feels pretty awkward. If I'm washing my face in the shower, I can't seem to avoid the facewash from getting into my eyes. I've even tried covering my eyes with my fingers, and stings. Is there something I'm missing?
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Hmm. It's been a while since I've asked questions.

1. How do you keep mosquito bites from itching so much? Soap doesn't seem to work for me (it does for my family), and I have bites on two of my toes. Toes! I hate touching my feet.

2. Has anyone ever eaten quinoa before? Is it good?

3. Do you prefer rainy, overcast, cool weather or bright, sunny, pleasantly warm weather?


3. I prefer rainy, overcast, cool weather. My family lives where it's nice and sunny all the time (very, very little rain or clouds), so I really appreciate overcast days. Or even partly cloudy days, like today.
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I heard that Loews was matching donations to hurricane katrina. i couldnt find anything on the website though. Does anyone know if this is true? if it is, can you give me a link to donate online or do i need to find a loews store and go donate there?

Ivy League

This post is inspired by one of my previous questions regarding "good schools" -- A few people replied that they went to good schools, & followed up with the specification that the school was not an Ivy League.

  1. What is your impression of Ivy League schools?  Are they really the better than the rest?
  2. Do you know what the Ivies were founded on?  Does this change your opinion?
  3. Do you find that graduates of Ivy Leagues are more arrogant than most people?
  4. Do you find that graduates of Ivy Leagues are actually smarter than most people?
  5. If you were accepted to an Ivy & you could afford it, would you go?  Which school would your first choice be & why?

Bonus: What would you add to this list?


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What is the difference between 37 cent stamps and 'First Class' stamps?
I found some old "Heroes USA" stamps (of the firefighters from September 11th) and I'm not sure if I can use them as normal postage or exactly what classifies as 'First Class' when it comes to the mail. Any idea?

(edit: ohh noo i'm using thequestionclub as a replacement for google!)
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What's with all the firefox questions recently?? I've been seeing the word firefox everywhere, not just in the community but on random people's journals too.

..... I don't even know what firefox is. *Drools*

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Charity Worldwide and Mass Transit

1. Is there anywhere online where I can get statistics as to how much people donate to charities annually? I've managed to find figures for Canada, the US and Great Britain, but I want more than that. And Googling "charitable donations worldwide" or something along those lines just gets me statistics on how much of a country's GDP is for development aid, which isn't what I'm looking for. Information that you can provide me for any country would be great.

2. Are there any cities in the world that have multiple mass transit systems? By multiple, I mean several mass transit systems, all owned and operated by different people/groups. Competing transit systems you could say.

3. What would be appropriate clothing to wear for a first day on the job as a after-school program counselor?
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I'm looking into colleges, and so far NYU is what I'd say I have picked as my favorite. But then someone said to me, "NYU is not as awesome as you think it might be." And I'm just wondering, other than personal preference, do you know why she would say that? Is there some terrible secret about NYU I should know about? I am looking into other colleges too, NYU is just my first choice.
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[ADMIN] Updated rules and new joining process

Okay we've updated the rules. Check them out. Let us know if you think anything should be added. We're trying not to be rule-mongers but lately we've been left with no choice. That being said there's been another change.

Due to the latest series of trolls/spammers and people who get banned and join over and over again under different journal names, you now have to request permission to join the community. You go through the same process you would to join any open community but this way we have to approve or deny requests to join the community. This will remain in effect until further notice.

As far as the new rules go, if you're just causing trouble, you will be banned. We reserve the right to ban anyone that is causing problems with or without a warning. Usually we will warn you ahead of time but if it's just constant vulgarity, flaming people for no reason, and/or disgusting/inappropriate questions, you will be banned. No warning. We're tired of the constant complaints b/c of trolls (not saying don't complain if you see a troll before we do) and are trying to prevent it from happening.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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because i've given up

does anyone know where i can find some Stella icons? i'm also looking for the red and black add that they use to go to commercial breaks. i can't seem to find any of these things. and yes... i've googled... but maybe my google skills suck.

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My roommate has an assignmnet to find an ugly/awful website and explain why it's ugly/awful.

what's the address of that creepy "hello my future girlfriend.... this is what i sound like" website?
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Written Portfolio for College

So I've decided to apply to Pratt and I have to submit a written portfolio. I am applying to the Writing for Publication, Performance and Media. So I am starting to collect a few of my written pieces but considering I have no idea how I am supposed to arrange this, enlighten me. :) Do I have to bind it or send it with all the loose sheets of paper? Do I have to doll it up/decorate it or leave it plain-looking? any ideas or reccomendations or suggestions are more than welcome! thank you :)

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My homecoming is in just under a month, and I just got a dress today. It fits me well, but it would fit me just that much better if my tummy was just a tiny bit flatter.
Does anybody have any tried and true exercises to tone up the tummy a little bit? Something besides sit ups maybe?

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Has anyone read that letter that Moore wrote to Bush concerning the whole Hurricane Katrina thing?

If so, do you think Moore pointed fingers too quickly (there are people helping out there)?

And do you think it was a good idea for Moore to pull "the Race Card?"

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Are there any free programs one might get to modify pictures with? As in the lighting in pictures. Photoshop costs too much and I don't need that many features, I usually just do Auto Contrast and Auto Levels anyways.

Any suggestions?
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question time!

Excuse me if this is worded strangely- I don't want to 'enlighten' any kids who may happen upon this.

When did you find out "the truth" about Santa? And the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, etc. How did you find out? How did you react when you found out?

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movie previews

1. Do commercials during previews in the theatre/home movies bother you?
2. After the commericals and movie previews are over and the movie is about to begin, do you forget what movie it is you're there to see?

1. Yes. Not just that, but how it seems to be the same commiercals in every movie preview.
2. Sadly, yes. The previews are now so long i forget i'm there to actually see a movie.