September 4th, 2005

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drinks, anyone?

Does anyone have a good recipe for a Mojito? (what i mean is, if a bunch of people each have a slightly different one that's perfect) I know the basic idea is mint leaves, lime, light rum and sugar- and Bacardi even has a separate page for the drink but i've been tinkering with it and can't seem to find the "tried and true" proportions. Preferably with more than the recommended 1 oz. of rum :-)

p.s. if anyone wants to suggest another relatively uncommon (alcoholic) drink and supply me with the recipe..i'm asking around for those too. Thanks!
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(no subject)

1. How often do you swear and which words/phrases are most frequent?

2. Did you swear as a kid, or at what age do you remember starting? Did it seem like a big deal, like you were breaking a rule?

3. Did your parents, or other adults in your life, swear around you when you were a kid (let's say, under 10)?

4. Do you swear around kids?

5. Do you think it has an influence if a parent doesn't swear in front of their child, or do you think they will be influenced by friends and media regardless of their parents not swearing?

6. How much time do you spend with your pets (even if they are just sleeping on your lap)?

7. Do you get jealous when your pets show affection to others and seemingly ignore you?

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You Say He's Just a Friend

  1. How often do you refresh your flist?  I'm simply amazed at how quickly I get responses to posts sometimes!
  2. How many people do you have on your flist? 
  3. How LJ friends did you find randomly (or not so randomly), & how many were already friends in real life?
  4. How many new friends did you make via LJ?
  5. How many people on your flist [who weren't already real life friends] have you met in person? Are you still friends?

Unrelated: I'm currently reading I Hate You, Don't Leave Me : Understanding the Borderline Personality.

What are the differences between narcissistic personality v. histronic personality?

(no subject)

So seriously...


I have been bored for too long.

Just wondering what are some of your hobbies/ things that keeps you busy ?
[I have really none, why I am asking]
What do you do with your computer?
[mostly a bit torrent file downloader]
What websites do you vist?
[lj, and email sites, bittorrent sites]

So, just wondering what I could really do with this computer, I never knew, and just got around to asking! Any good LJ's you have read lately and think I should add? It seems my lists has something bad towards comments...leaving them, and responding to them...
bob the monkey


Are moths scary?

EDIT: I only mention this because there is a bloody huge one about 2 feet away from me and I am teetering between admiring its smooth brown furriness and being frightened of its insecty six-leggedness.
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(no subject)

If you threw up in a cab, what would you do?
(You're alone, you didn't have a bag or something to throw up in or it just happened too quickly, and the driver didn't even notice that you threw up. Yeah, there are those barriers between you two and he just didn't notice.)

a. Do nothing. Pay and get out of there.
b. Tell him what happened and apologize profusely, pay and get out of there (letting him take care of the mess or whoever else when he gets back to his base).
c. Apologize etc and at least offer to clean it up. (Perhaps as a cabbie they expect these things to happen and keep towels somewhere)
d. Other - Maybe I'm not imaginative enough, can't think of other options now, but if you have one, by all means.. ;)

(no subject)

I know you can make wine with dandelions. Can you make wine with other sorts of plants too? For instance, Jeff Buckley's song, "Lilac Wine," I always kind of wondered if thats actually doable. Anyone made their own wine before?
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(no subject)

Are you..?

Freshman in High School
Sophomore in HS
Junior in HS
Senior in HS
in College
getting Masters, Doctorate, etc (anything after BA)
College graduate, working.
Graduated HS, not in College.
other (explain in comments)

Are you working

not employed (why? explain)



Why and when did you decide any major decisions about your schooling or career? Ex: I knew I wanted to go to such-and-such college because... or I wanted to be a vet because...

If you have a career (salary pay, or something you see yourself doing for 10 or so years minimum.), what do you do?

EDIT: If you're career doesn't match up with your degree, why not? Are you disapointed it doesn't? (As in, majored in Enviornmental Science, but manager of a store.)
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(no subject)

Does vinyl siding add value to a house? i think the answer is yes, but i'm not 100% sure ... and i understand that it obviously lasts longer and is more durable than other things, but it's UGLY in my opinion.


So, I'm walking home from work last night, it's about 10:05 PM, and I see some guy walking down on the opposite side of the street, up ahead of me. He's walking his dog, and his free arm is flailing freely back and fourth. Kinda funny cuz y'know.. that aint normal haha. Anyhoo, We get a bit closer and I heard 'WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN AT??'

'???' *Looks straight ahead and says nothing*

Bit of a pause.

'I still don't believe you're a girl. That pony tail doesn't mean anything!'

'???' *hahahhaa In my head, but still look forward and SURE won't say anything now cuz this guys crazy and might keel me*

He then says some other things, I don't remember what.. All the while I'm walking on the other side of the road, and thank GOD I did cross the road, and he's stopped at the store across from me with his dog and eventually I'm not facing him so he stops saying things.

So - on drugs, or just a crazy person? My bet is he was on drugs.
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Airport Security

Has anyone had any experience with going through airport secuirty in a brace or cast or something that you can't take off? How do they handle it?

I was recently in an accident and broke my back. I'm in a torso brace that I can't walk with out. Do I need a note from my doctor or anything? They can't make me take the brace off and walk can they?
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(no subject)

I'm going to ask this again...

Where are people getting avatars like _secondbest and fuzzyila's default icons? I know it's some German site... but I lost the link.

I'm hoping that people will actually look at their profiles and icons, because I don't want to direct-link.
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Is this in bad taste?

I was asked to bring over some liquors to mix drinks for a Labor Day BBQ. I have vodka, grenadine, rum, Triple Sec, etc. Ingredients for a Hurricane. BUT after everything that's gone down in New Orleans this week, I'm VERY reluctant to make this drink. (Does anyone else find it painfully ironic that the Hurricane was a popular drink in N.O.?)

Would it be in bad taste for me to make Hurricanes? As far as I'm concerend, the guests coming are people ranging from western states (Cali, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona). But what if these people have friends or family in trouble from the recent disaster? I don't want to upset or offend anyone, but at the same time, I don't want to hold back on drink possibilities (I know one lady really loves this drink who's going to be at the BBQ). So should I hold back or just serve this drink?
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web cams?


My boyfriend just moved away to college, so we won't get to see each other very much (I'm sure some of you can understand). So, I was thinking of getting a couple of webcams so that we can talk and see each other at the same time (for those of you who didn't know what I meant by "webcam").

So -- my question for the club: Is this a worthy investment? what webcams have you found that work well but wont completely kill me monetarily?

thanks for all the help!

Kitty Lick
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I'm a 20 year old female college student at the moment. I was an only child, from a middle-class family. I am an athiest, white, and lean towards more alternate lifestyles than the mainstream white fence.

I am about 85-90% sure that I never want to have children.

How likely do you think it is that I will change my mind when I'm older, and at around what age do you think it would happen?

(Feel free to ask questions if you need more info to come up with an estimate.)
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(no subject)

I hate online shopping, esp on sites like ebay, but after browsing a couple of handbags, I realized what is with the authentic pieces that are worth hundreds, but only have a $15.99 bid? Do the sellers actually agree to that low of a price... because they obviously are losing.
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(no subject)

I posted this earlier but some may not have seen it.

what's better-
transition 3 lens or crizal?

i got crizal but they are giving me a headache and now im thinking i should have just gotten the scratch resistant coating.
I'm considering transition 3 lenses but I'm not sure if it really does work well and look good.

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What are these?

I have two "What are these?" pictures behind the cut.

The first is from my back garden. We have a tree loaded with gorgeous black-colored berries, but I have no idea what they are or if they are edible. I don't plan to taste it to find out unless I know for certain they won't kill me, but I'm very curious. I live in North England, if that helps.

The second is a turia, a type of gourd I picked up at the market yesterday. It looks more to me like a bitter gourd/melon, but I haven't cut it open yet to see. In either case, is there anything to do with it other than stirfry? And if it *is* a bitter melon, is there anything I can do to take the edge off the flavor?


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DVD-A related question.

I know that Fantasia 2000 has a 5.1 mix of "Rhapsody in Blue" and although I do like that version I prefer the one from "The Essential" George Gershwin album (it's more lively, YaY!) and was wondering if their was a DVD-A out there with a good/great 5.1 mix of that version and where I could get it?

Heh, this is like the third or so "Rhapsody in Blue" related question I've asked here. Oh boy. Thanks in advance. :)
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Obsess joke

After massively ridiculing the show The O.C. and all who watch it for two years...last week i got so bored i sat down with my sister's boxed set of both seasons. And became totally addicted.

I'm now ashamed to admit that:
- I've seen both seasons
- I was actually angry at that jerk exgirfriend of Sandy's when she kept hitting on him
- I feel bad for Luke now that he's just a flimsy stock character only used when someone needs a place to flee to
- I wonder when Marissa and Ryan will sleep together(finally!)
- I am furious that Trey(as seen in season three ads) is alive. After what he did?

Has this happened to anyone else? (With the O.C. or any other show)
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Excel question

How do you input the formula for a quadratic equation? Every time I try to enter it, it says that there's an error with the formula. Do I have to click on anything differently when trying to designate the cells? Please help!
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(no subject)

What's with the sudden surge of George W. Bush hate?

My friends list is full of metaquotes and questions and angry statements about him, and I'm wondering - did he do something within the past day to prompt a reaction like this? Or is this just general hate that comes after an incident like Katrina?

I'm not trying to cause a big fight, I'm genuinely curious.

(no subject)

If you were to go out right now to purchase a car, what dealership would be your very first stop? Why? (Yes, I'm buying a car, and I'm not rich!)

*Edit: I am not looking for advice on where to get a good price or anything.. I'm more wondering where other people would immediately think "Oh! We have to go to a ____ dealer first, of course!", like, what company sticks out in their mind as a quality car they'd like to own, etc. Thanks. :)

Before I Head Off to a BBQ

  1. Do people think you're smarter/dumber than you feel about yourself?  Do you purposely try to give them the wrong impression?  If so, how?
  2. How do you feel about females who purposely "dumb down" themselves because they think it makes them more attractive?
  3. Did you go to a "good school"?  Does it automatically impress/intimidate others when they find out, especially dates?

Bonus: Do you have a passport?  Why / why not?  Which countries have you visited?

I recently heard on the Jon Stewart show that only 14% of Americans hold passports.  I was shocked.

I've been to China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Switzerland & Germany.

black and white

I need some suggestions...

So I have this awful tickle, scratchy thing happening in my throat from this cold, allergies, etc... not sure what it is...

Anyway, No matter what I drink or take it's still there... got any suggestions to ease this annoyance?
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(no subject)

I heard a story yesterday about the SAS living in people's attics as an exercise in sneakiness and how one guy found out because they wrote him an apology for breaking something. Anyone know where this story came from and whether it has any foundation in truth at all?
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(no subject)

Those of you who know who William Rehnquist was, do you know what his political views were? His stances on the various controversial/not-so-controversial issues?

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Would you consider him to be more conservative or centrist?
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(no subject)

1. Do you have stretched ears? What size are they?

2. I need new plugs for my ears. I can't decide what is going to look the best together and far as colors of jewelry/gems. What do you think? think

3. Now that there are two vacancies on the Supreme Court - what happens if a case comes before them? Do they have to wait until the positions are filled? Do they just need the majority of who is left?
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computer question

So I'm getting a new computer and I'm going to give [more like sell] my old one to my sister, but I want to reset the whole system.

In the past I've had CDs that came with my computers that allowed me to reset the system to what it was like when it came from the factory, however this one doesn't give me that option [it's a Dell computer].

I see CDs to reinstall Windows XP and drivers, am I supposed to use those CDs or is there something I'm missing? I looked through all my CDs so I'm pretty sure it never came with a system reset one... help?
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(no subject)

Is there a way to get a "rescued" pet fish, like you get a dog from an animal shelter?

I practically got yelled at by a pet store employee today for trying to buy some tetras, she insisted it was better to "rescue" fish. I'm just wondering if she's stupid or if i'm uninformed.
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car accidents

a while ago i posted how i was going to get my license test on wednesday but today this guy ran a red light and I ran right into the side of his car. (I was going five he was going fifty) He kind of stopped in the middle of the intersection after I hit him, gave me a dirty look, and then sped off.

the tow truck guy convinced me that this is somewhat rare but i don't know how much i trust the tow truck guy, he had a mustache.

so my questions are as follows:
a. have you ever been involved in an automobile accident?
b. how bad was the damage? (to yourself/passengers and the car)
c. was it your fault?
d. and how often is one involved in a hit and run?
e. do you think the police will actually catch this guy?

all i was able to give them was the phone number of another witness, the color of the car, the general look of the car (a pick up truck), and what he sort of looked like. you'd think someone would see this guys car with a huge mini van dent in the side of his truck, right?

oh! and the other witness guy chased him down the street but lost him. i have his phone number and from the police i could probably get his address. so i guess:

f. what should i do for this guy to say thank you for chasing somebody down the street for me?
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