September 3rd, 2005

bob the monkey

the kindness of strangers

If someone has offered out of the kindness of their heart to do something sweet for you (like, for instance, bake you a cake or knit you a sweater), but for whatever reason ends up not doing so, it is completely out of line to remind them in any way at all that they offered in the first place, isn't it?
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I want to buy this pair of jeans online....without trying them on, obviously.

I've never actually RETURNED a package through the mail.. In case I need to, is it self explanatory how to return it? Do I have to pay the return shipping? (it's from Do I just take it to the post office or...?

I'd hate to order something, have it not fit, and then let it go to waste because I was too retarded to figure out how to return it.
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Potential 2008 candidates

Some of these are terribly funny. Others just frighten me.

Dan Quayle, former vice president, candidate for the 2000 nomination, and former U.S. senator and representative from Indiana. *weeps*

Would you vote for anyone on this list? Who do you wish would run?
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What is the funniest phrase you can come up with by simply replacing one of the words in a popular lyric with the word 'monkey'? The best I can think of right now is the first line of Barry Manilow's Copacabana: "Her name was Lola / She was a monkey".

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I dropped my bottle of Burberry London Perfume, and now not only does the top thingy, the part you push in, not only is that jammed but I think the tube isnt connected anymore. its not coming out. its a brand new bottle, I cant just twist off the top because its on there tight. Any suggestions? Could I take a pair of pliers and try to get hte top off then back onl....or would that strip the cap?

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Is there a way to donate medication for the people stranded?
I mean, surely there are people who need their medicine and are not getting it.
Because I know I don't use my inhaler, and there are plenty of people who've died and aren't taking their heart pills. But, i'm thinking dropping it in the red cross box with a tied on note saying "there's not much, but I don't use it" wouldn't work so well.
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Problems with Picture Folders

For those scions of computer knowledge, I present this query:

I am an amateur photographer (although Wal-Mart has made me sign copyright release forms for some of my images, hehe) and as such, I have hundreds of pictures divied up amongt several organized folders. My problem is this. On occasion, when I access certain folders, an error message will pop-up and Explorer will shut down. This seems to happen as the thumbnails are loading (or, when thumbnail view is turned off, when the little Photoshop icon loads with each file). This even happens inside the file browser in Photoshop and when I'm just looking at file lists from the Start > My Pictures > etc. menus.

Granted, I don't think it's a tech spec problem. I'm running a P4 with over a gig of RAM, so I would hope my computer could handle it.

I get the error message: "Explorer.EXE - Application Error"
The instruction at "0x7c93426d" referenced memory at "0x742e3323". The memory could not be "read".

If I try and click CANCEL to debug, even the debugger freaks out. Any idea what is causing this and how I can fix it?

EDIT: Problem solved. I recently upgraded to Photoshop CS2 from Photoshop 7, but did not delete 7. Whence deleted, all the pictures reverted to opening in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Mysteriously, this solved the problem. I just have to "Open with..." and handle it that way for Photoshop. Thanks for the help!

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Do any of you ever have the problem of your zippers on your jeans not staying zipped up?

I have two new pair of jeans and they seem to do that. What can I do besides returning them and not wearing them?

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This morning I got a call from the Marines. I'm really bad at being forceful or rude to people I don't know, but I did tell them several times that I'm not interested. They said they'd call back. Any suggestions as to what I should say when they do?

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how would one go about being vaccinated against rabies?

Because we keep getting bats in my house, and the CA keeps yelling at me that I'm supposed to just call the hall desk, who'll call animal control, and they'll deal with it.
And that's stupid, because it'll take forever and they'll either do the same thing I do- trap it in a room, trap it in a garbage can, shake it out the window- or they'll come up with a tennis racket or something.

MAybe if i get vaccinated they'll ease up off the bureaucratic nonsense.

Unnnghghhghh hELpp meeee

BAH!!! I have ragweed allergies and it's just recently come into season..... and I'm DYING!! :(:(:( I feel like total shit, and pills don't help at all!!! I mean, they used to help a LITTLE and I could notice a change, but now it's as if I've taken nothing! And it's the same kind -- claritin for the 12 hour relief -- that I've been taking the year before. I've tried a few different ones, like reactine and 24hr claritin and yadda yadda in previous years, but I don't think switching pills will solve anything.

Or .. will it?! What brand of pills would you recommend the most for ragweed allergies?? Is there any kind of thing to take that is specific for ragweed - like if I went to a pharmacist and said 'hey nothings helping what else can I do specifically for ragweed allergies?' UnNGG I just want the insanity to stop!! I'm sick of waking up a million times in a night to blow my nose, which I can barely do cuz its too clogged to blow... to have an itchy throat or to sneeze my brains out or FEEL like I have to sneeze but it never happens.

Also - does anyone know WHY people get allergies? It's not some kind of genetic inheretence thing, right, because no one in my family has any kind of allergies. What is it about ME that made me get them?? I got them when I was 12 and am now 18...
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Now & Then

  • Do you (A) Cling to the past (B) Live in the present (C) Chase the future?
  • What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?
  • What is the best piece of advice you've ever (A) Given (B) Received?

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter — tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . And then one fine morning— So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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1) I want to start making gifts when its someones birthday/anniversary/etc...because I never seem to have enough money but I'm not particular crafty any idea what I could do?

2) How do hurricanes get named? Like why is it Katrina instead of say Kate or Kathy etc?
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IS there any way to get firefox to do clever things with cookies?

I'd love to be able to open up two tabs with different cookie information in each one, and only have the cookie data propogate on to daughter windows if that data is available in the parent.
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I'm shopping for a camera.

Which one should I get? The Sony DSC S60 (faster shutter time and least lag between pictures and compatible with PSP memory) or the Canon A95 (flip LCD that allows me to be in the pictures. Sweet!)

I still haven't figured out which is going to be more important to me. :/ I won't be taking successive action shots, but the lag on autofocus on the A95 is .6 seconds (including the autofocusing itself), as opposed to .2 on the S60. I've never actually tried prefocusing my shots, and I don't know if I'd lose time anyway.
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Friends: Unagi.
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How many of these bands do you know? (It's an excel file)
I know 33 34 35 59 60 61 62 63 73 74 75 76 77 78 83 84 85 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 119 121 122 123 124 133 134 136 137.
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Edit: Also, tell us which you get so I can edit it. Thankies. :)
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hair loss

why is my hair falling out?

my hair is coming out. i don't have bald spots or anything,but every time i touch my hair a strand or two comes out,and when i was it i get around 40 strands. i'm not stressed, and i eat lots of there any other reason for it to be coming out?

what can i do for it? i like my hair a lot.


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1. What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

2. Personal Liberty vs. Safety in the US -- Do you think that it is more important to sacrifice personal freedom/privacy for safety (with things like tapping into phone calls and extreme bag-checking at airports) after what happened on 9/11, or would you rather have more privacy and less safety? At what point would the government cross the line (meaning that they start invading people's lives)?
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1. I need a strawberry jam recipe that doesn't require a packet of that pectin stuff. I saw a recipe on a televison show called the Barefoot Contessa, and she didn't use any, but I didn't have time to write down the steps/ingredients. Anybody have any ideas?
House -- Is This Real Life?


So -- Rehnquist just died, leaving a second opening for Bush to fill on the Supreme Court.

How do you see the United States in 10 years, given the presumed new makeup of the Supreme Court?
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Do you sneeze sometimes if you walk outside into bright sunshine?

If you are talking to someone about eye injuries or eye surgery or anything, do your eyes water?

Do you have well water or city water? Do you drink it straight, have some sort of filter (like brita water filter) or do you drink bottled water?

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Friends vs Aquaintances

Please take this poll about friends vs acquaintances.

Other questions I didn't include...

Which do you value more, having a few close friends that you don't really get to see often or having multiple or many casual friends that you get to see often, but you don't feel completely comfortable sharing the intimate details of your life with?

In order for you to consider someone a "close friend", what needs to happen? Do you tell your close friends EVERY detail of your life? Is it just someone you see frequently that knows the basics of your life (who you're dating, your opinion on them, and your opinion on other casual topics)?

Do you have to be friends with someone for a certain amount of time before you consider them a close friend - or do you think a friend could be like a soul mate who you connect with immediately?

Do you have trouble trusting people? If so, does this carry over to your friendships and not just romantic relationships?

Hmm... any other comments on friendship?

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Knowing that this very well might start a flame war...

Don't you think that the residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas are at least partially responsible for the level of damage?
Do you think that the people living in the Superdome should be required to clean the place up?
Do you think that the reason that some of the people in the affected areas are being violent is because they were forced to be on their own, and they like it, so they want it to continue?
Do you think that the National Guard and other military units should be allowed to instill martial law in order to decrease the lawlessness occuring?
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Pilodinal cyst removal

Well, I'll probably be getting a pilodinal cyst removed soon. By end of year at the latest.

Now, the concern I have is my job involves lots of driving. While I've read that you can drive fairly soon after the surgery, like a day or two, I drive like 5-6 hours per day to multiple sites. This would be harder than sitting for several hours- not only will I have my weight pressing down on the area, the car will be vibrating from the engine and rough roads.

Obviously, I will discuss this with my doctor too, but what tips would you all have for 1) Enabling me to return to work as soon aa possible, and 2) Making the driving as comfortable as possible, ensuring that the car vibrations do not irritate things enough to cause complications?

I'm not sure what the relevant sick leave laws and company regulations are, but even if I could take the full recovery time off, I wouldn't want to- I need the money. I wouldn't really be willing to take more than a week at most off.

Relationship Questions

1. I am 18 (recently turned) and in my freshman year of college. It is weird to like a guy who is 17 (but will be 18 in a few months) and only in his senior year of high school? Do you think it would be strange if two people of this status started dating?

2. My best friend met this boy a couple of weeks ago and they really like each other. I am always with my friend so when she sees him (which has only been a few times) I am there because he always calls her while she is with me. They've hung out once without me. The other night my friend and I saw him, and after we left he text messaged her something to the extent of that he wished I wasn't there when they hung out. I can understand him wanting that, but why wouldn't he then just ask her to hang out? Why can't he just call a day or two in advance and make plans for just the two of them to hang out? Him saying that irked me a little and I don't want to not like him because he could possibly be going out with my best friend. Am I overreacting and should I just forget he said that? I want to but I can't lose this little nagging feeling I have about it.

Is VHS gone for good?

VHS -- the beloved videotape format that bravely won the war against Betamax and charmed millions of Americans by allowing them to enjoy mindless Hollywood entertainment without leaving their homes -- has died at the age of 29. It passed away peacefully after a long illness caused by chronic technological insignificance and a lack of director's commentary tracks.

No one knows exactly when this once-valued objet de home entertainment began its journey toward that previously-viewed-video bin in the sky. Some say it was March 1997, when the slimmer, sexier DVD was introduced to American consumers. Others pin the time of death to the week of June 15, 2003, when DVD rentals first topped those of VHS. And there are some -- technophobic, time-warped souls who still keep their Erol's Video membership cards in their wallets -- who argue that VHS isn't deceased at all. It's just, well, resting its eyes.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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What do you think about the Brita water filter?

I got tired of purchasing a case of water each week and decided to get one. I havent opened it yet, but im wondering if its really that great or worth it.