September 2nd, 2005

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Ebay spam

For those of you are members on ebay, you must know the emails they send out that advertise things like "list your car, bike or boat for $1 on ebay" or "win $10,000 ... just buy on ebay and use paypal for your chance!"

Does anyone know if this kind of garbage can be stopped via ebay's site? Like an unsubscribe option?

To my understanding, it's a legal requirement that they need to have this option and you'd be surprised if eBay of all sites would break the rules. I've had a good look and can't find it for the life of me! Thanks for any help and have a good day y'all!
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(no subject)

I'm 26, and the man is older. Despite our ages, I have cause to ask:

Does anyone here know of any miracle hickey cures?

I suspect not, since hickeys are just bruises. However, these are both bountiful and prominent, so I thought I'd ask. (My consolation is that it was so worth it.)

Many thanks.
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Does anyone know, or know of a place that could help me reset this cash register i picked up? Its a Kingtron JX50 and its totally frozen. it didnt come with instructions or anything. I know this is a long shot... but you guys have come up with answers for the weirdest things before!
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11 years ago I've read a book whose title or author I can't recall. Now I want to reread it.
Things I remember: it was set in Israel, described two brothers - Abe [Abel? not sure about their names] and Eli; Abe had a permanent frown because of something that happened when he was a kid, Eli was a rogue who later became estranged from his family; Eli had a calf which he carried on his shoulders every day, even when it grew into a bull. I think it was set sometime after WWII; possibly it contained love scenes, but I was 11 and paid more attention to the guy carrying the bull.
Googled for various combinations of bull, Israel, brothers, Eli and Abe, but didn't get useful results. Anyone able to help me out?

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everyone in my office has been working really hard this week. the head boss said that we can take off two hours early today. i'm the only one in the office that gets paid hourly. so while it's totally fine for everyone else, i'll lose two hours pay if i leave early. but if i stay, no one will be around and i'll really have no work to do. it's tempting to leave early since it's a friday and a long weekend. but i really have nothing to do at home if i leave.

would you stay, get paid and play on the internet for two hours? or leave early and lose the two hours?
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What's the most amount of weight you've lost at one period?

How did you lose it? What did you do, etc...

How much cardio would you have to do a day/times a week to lose 25 pounds in 3 months?

Any tried and true tips for losing weight quickly?

stupid question

How do you wear flare-leg/boot cut jeans?

Yeah, I get the whole thing about putting them on, but what shoes do you wear with them? Don't say "Anything" because I'm 5'4" and I'm suspecting I need some heels or platform shoes or raised boots.


I've only watched a little news since first hearing about the damage Katrina did. Figured they'd get the army in and clean it up soon enough. And then today, I check out the news, and...

Jeez... decent people fighting and looting and begging for help. Shoot to kill policies against those people. Some people murdered; others opening up stores to sell a few measly apples while most people just want something to feed their babies. Seven year olds raped. Toxic clouds now.

For people in the US: how do you feel about how katrina's aftermath is being dealt with? Do you agree with the shoot to kill policy against your own citizens, given the situation they're in? Do you think the response has been fast enough? Do you think that these people are just ruthless people taking advantage of an opportunity to be lawless, or do you think that lack of response has contributed to their reactions?

It seems to me that a lot of this could have been coped with better. Given that it is hurricane season, and that exercises and studies have been done on this previously, the response could have been prepared and ready beforehand. It also seems to me that, if that response had been ready, people could have been compassionately helped, instead of threatened with shoot-to-kill policies :(

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two questions:

1) does lj adjust the size/quality of photos you post?

2) are there any sites that let you have a free photo album and that do NOT adjust the size/quality of your pictures?



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If you go to print a document and it says "print to file:" and gives you a space to type in a file (presumably), what the hell did I do to my computer? I cannot figure out why it won't just PRINT THINGS when we press "print". When you hit "file, print", the normal printer thing pops up, but when you hit "print" at the bottom, that "print to file" nonsense acts up, and NO, the "print to file" box on that printer thing is NOT checked! Thanks for any help. I believe this is Windows XP.


  1. In what ways has your relationship with your parents influenced who you are today?

  2. Do you think your parents always had your best interest in mind?

  3. As you've grown older, have you grown closer to your parents?

  4. Do ever admit that your parents were right about something because they actually were older & wiser?

  5. Your most painful parent moment?  Your happiest parent moment?

  6. Would you change anything about your parents?

  7. Have you ever been jealous of your parents?

Unrelated: How do I keep a burn mark from scarring?  I have a steam burn that has blistered -- The top layer ripped off last night.

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Question for Americans:

Did you donate money/time/resources to the Asian tsunami relief?

Did you donate money/time/resources to the hurricane Katrina relief?

If you did both, did you donate equal amounts of money/time/resources to both relief efforts? If not, which one did you give more to?

(Non-Americans are welcome to answer; I am just curious to see if people are more likely to give to their own country or not.)

Edit from falliabledragon: How large a disaster do you perceive each one to be?

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a job application asks me for my home phone number, and then my "work/message" number. so... would i put my cell number there, then, being the number it's best to leave messages on?

It asks if they can contact me at work, I only have 3 or 4 more days of work. and I can't really talk on the phone at work anyway. so no, then?

and if they can contact my current employer... like i said, i only have a few more days, by the time the app goes through it's going to be done. If i check yes, will they call the msot recent one? if i check no, will they figure "right, she quit, no current job" or that I'm hiding something?

Where I go to turn in the app, would it be bad form to say "hey, something kinda messed this one up, could I just take a fresh form and recopy it?" like if i had spilled coffee on it, or if I had done soemthing less noticable like misspelled/written over something inside.

I overthink things.
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(no subject)

So I just happened to make a sandwich on wheat bread. As I was eating it I noticed a bit of mold on the crust. I had only taken a couple of bites, but just for safety's sake what might happen to me if I did happen to eat mold?

Also can someone explain beer pong to me? I feel this is a skill I should have learned properly last year (my freshman year in college).
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Questions on Katrina....

...there's so much news coverage I'm not sure if I'd be able to wade through it to find the specific information I'm looking for, so if any of you know....

1. Is a government (state, city, national, whatever) currently at this point in time, controlling people going in and going out of New Orleans?

2. Before the hurricane started during period of evacuation, was a government controlling people going in and going out of New Orleans?

3. If the answer to 1 is yes, and the answer to 2 is no, at what point did they start controlling things, and to what extent?

4. If the answer to 1 is yes, and 2 is yes, when did they start controlling things, how, and to what extent?

If you have any newslinks that talk about this, feel free to include them. Thanks!

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For those of you who use Netflix, how quick is the turnaround time once you have mailed back a movie? (As in, how long is it between when you stick a movie you have watched in the mailbox until a new one arrives?)

Girly girl talk...

I am trying to copy Collapse )

Any tips? I can't tell if it's purple liner that's been smudged, or maybe wet eyeshadow, or both. Also, any ideas on what color the main shadow is? It's kind of a brownish/greyish/purple -- but I'm hoping someone will have a specific color name or at least offer what colors to mix to achieve it. Thanks!

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Do you ever outgrow adult acne? I never had acne when I was a teenager, had a perfectly clear complexion. I started getting acne when I got pregnant with my twin daughters (I was 22) and I've had it ever since (I'm 27 now). This is getting so annoying!

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So I absolutely love to study neuroscience, but other than going into medicine, what can I do with a degree in it? Anything and everything you can think of, I'd appreciate it. It's time for a major career decision, and I can use all the help I can get. :o)

My dilemma - I have a bachelor's in psychology, but I focused on the social/behavioral aspects more than the biological, which is more fascinating to me. My current dream for the future is to open my own used book store/coffee bar. :o) However, if I can come up with something cool to do involving neuroscience, I might change that. I'm debating if I should go back to school and get a second bachelor's in either neuroscience/neurobiology or business management/finance/marketing stuff or if I should just go on and get my MBA. Any opinions?
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Nextel help

Anyone have a nextel phone? I have the i275 camera phone which has the same menu as others. Anyways, the way it says to assign a ringtone to a person I can't do it..does anyone know how to do it?

LOL Thanks in advance
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So another dumb question, sorry for two in a row!!!

I have a Bachelor's degree. If I go back to school for a second Bachelor's, am I applying as a transfer student or a first-time student? Will the credits from my first degree count toward my second one? Has anyone in this community ever gone back to school to get a second Bachelor's degree?

There's no definition on the website of the school I want to go to that delineates between transfer and first-time students. This upsets me greatly. :o)
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in the mood to drown my sorrows

I apologize for question numero dos tonight, but.. I'm bored... so...

What does it mean when a friend of mine, while talking about someone she met in a bar, says that "he drinks the hard stuff"? What exactly is that?

And how do you explain eggnog to someone who's never had it?
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(no subject)

1. Why do people often say "He knows his ABCs" and "He knows his colors"? Why the posessive?

2. Is there an argument that you and another person continually have that neither side will budge but it keeps coming up? Who is it and what is the the topic of argument?

3. How long do you keep bills, bank statements, and paycheck stubs before throwing them out?

4. Two different people at my work (in different departments, who don't even really know each other) each brought a box of a dozen donuts today. Nobody has ever brought donuts before. My sister also took a box of a dozen donuts today. We all laughed and then concluded that it was because people were in a good mood in anticipation of the 3-day-weekend... but we still couldn't decide on why donuts were brought.
a. Do you think it's weird that they all randomly brought donuts to work today?
b. Why do you think DONUTS were brought?
c. Did anybody bring donuts to your work today?

5. I had that name "Nona" in my head all day. Any idea where I heard it? I'm thinkg a kids TV show.. (by the way, it's not "Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring..." from "She's the Girl All the Bad Guys Want" because it was that song that made me wonder where I heard it BEFORE. heh)

6. Do you keep your ketchup refrigerated or at room temperature?

Digital Music.

Which digital player is better, Ipod or Zen?

Is 20MB really necessary, or can you get away with a smaller amount of space?

Can you take the music off your CD's and store it in the Ipod? What about audiobooks?

What is your favorite computer and/or video game?
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(no subject)

A and B are out on a date but are not a couple. A asks B to see his/her apartment, and B accepts. Is it pretty safe to assume that A and B will have sex, or is it still up in the air until it actually starts to happen? If you answer, please also let me know whether you're a guy or a girl.

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Race Relations

  1. Do you think race relations have improved over the last 30 years?
  2. Have you ever been the target of discrimination?  Race or otherwise -- Gender, age, etc.
  3. What do you think about race & IQ
  4. How do you feel about the scientific data presented in question 3?

Please note: My questions do not imply bias either way! 

I just want to know what other people think. 

Also, I'm looking for more articles & websites which deal with issues raised by questions 3 & 4 -- For & against.

I want to hear both sides of the discussion.

- - -

Yes, I have been the victim of discrimination.