September 1st, 2005

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Song title help...perhaps a bit obscure

Okay I am not exaggerating when I say this has plagued me for YEARS.

I heard a song on the radio many moons ago, and it was one of those old 'story' songs about the old west, you know the type, they sing about outlaws and gunfights and stuff of that nature. However I have NEVER been able to find the title or artist of this song, but I've retained this much information:

The chorus/theme of the song is about a man named Ringo.

The word "Equalizer" was used at one point in the lyrics. The line MAY have been, but I'm not sure "an equalizer in his hand" or "A loaded equalizer in his hand"

Sorry I don't have more but I'm lost...any help is vastly appreciated.
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1. You're in the only available bathroom in the middle of whatever you're doing (toilet stuff, brushing your teeth, finishing your shower... whatever) and someone knocks on the door to tell you they have to use it. Do you hurry and get out immediately so they can go in or do you ask them to wait figuring you have the right to finish your business before they start theirs? Do you get annoyed at them for rushing you?

2. Someone is in the only available bathroom doing whatever it is they are doing when you realize you have to pee. Do you knock on the door immediately to rush them or do wait for them to finish? Do you get annoyed if they make you wait?
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I know I just posted but I can't sleep and my mind won't stop thinking.

1. What do you think the world would be like without "imaginary money" (credit, banks, stocks...)?

2. How would the day-to-day details of our lives be different?

3. What do you think of people who refuse to get a credit card because credit cards are "evil"?

3. I think they need to grow the hell up, learn to ration their money, and appreciate the option to pay for something big a little bit at a time.

Blood drawn question

I had 2 vials of blood drawn this morning as part of a physical, and now the spot on the inside of my elbow where they drew blood REALLY hurts. I can't bend my arm straight out or use it to hold the phone, etc. It hurts a lot more than I remember the last time hurting.

Is that normal and I am just a giant whiner, or should I be concerned? :D
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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I haven't had any luck on Google, and nobody I've talked to has any answers, either.

The past two times I've gone to get gas (two different stations), the pumps didn't shut off when my tank was full, so gas spilled all over the ground (and I had to pay for it, of course). I know they shut off when the pressure inside the gas tank gets too high, but why wouldn't that be getting triggered? I haven't noticed any changes in my mileage, so I don't think I have a leak anywhere. Does anyone know why this is happening? I've had the car for four years and it's never happened before.

And while I'm at it, does anyone know of any DVD writing programs that actually work? I've tried Nero and Roxio (and a boatload of others that wouldn't even install) and have been unsuccessful. I use XP Professional.

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Love Was Not Was

If you had a really good frind - say someone you felt was the other half of your soul sort of thing, who the whole time you knew, nothing ever happened other than harmless flirting - who broke down over a year after you'd gotten married and confessed they had loved you since the day they met you, would you lament love you never got to experiance or just be glad you're happy and your friendship with that person never suffered through an attempted relationship?

Poll #562844 Love is a Strange Thing

What say you?

Mourn what could have been.
Be grateful for what you have and leave it at that.
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Do you give your business to telemarketers?

I work a switchboard where I answer the phones for about 20 companies. This means having to deal with 20 times more telemarketers than the average person who answers calls for their company. They're trying to sell me office supplies, copiers, toners, long distance service, local phone service, internet service, etc.

I'm having trouble understanding why any company would do business with some one who's calling them unsolicited like this. I mean every company I've ever worked for already has vendors for all of these services. And if they weren't happy with the service or prices from their vendors, they would have switched vendors. Please enlighten me. Has anyone here ever done businesses with a vendor or company that called you unsolicited at your place of work? What made you decide to give them your business?

Self esteem / Body image

I have poor self esteem regarding my body at the moment. I've lost a bit weight over the past three years but I still think I can stand to lose more. My parents and friends think I am at a perfect weight now and make comments about how "skinny" I have become.

Problem is, I don't feel any different. I look in the mirror and still see a fat, ugly person. I don't understand what my boyfriend sees in me, and honestly, all the compliments he gives me about my body haven't made me feel better, instead they have made me feel more self-concious. Because now I know someone is actually looking at my body! It makes me very uncomfortable.

With summer on the way I'm going to have to wear less clothing and it's scaring me because I don't have the confidence for it.

It's bizarre to me, that I can look in the mirror and see someone fat, ugly and unattractive, but my family/friends/boyfriend don't view me that way.

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is there any way to deal with it and somehow change the way I see myself?

Loaded question

Why are they not flying in water and food for the people waiting to be transported at the Superdome? Yes, I know the transporation amd communication infrastructure is hosed. But -

If the media can get in there and take pictures, and they can land helicopters to take the sick away (though those have been suspened now due to an alleged shooting) surely they can find a way to start getting water and some sort of food or something in there. And if they can bus people out they should be bringing supplies IN on the busses that are coming in to pick people up.

The reason people are starting to riot is because they're desparete and have no food or water. Don't they think that the situation would improve if they helped the people while they are waiting?

Yes, I know 60,000 people is a lot. And if you start bringing in supplies and there aren't enough you risk a real riot. But come on, you have to at least try. There has to be something they could be doing.

EDIT: Latest update from CNN - Mayor is issuing an urgent "SOS" for the people trapped at the Superdome:

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I use a host to block MySpace. however Im thinking of going back to it, I know I shouldnt but its a huge thing on campus and Im feeling left out. anyway, Theres a person whose MySpace I never want to see. so, the question is if I got the URL for his specific profile and put it into my host file, that would block me from seeing his...right?

and fucking lectures about how I should have some self restraint and just not go. Ive fucking heard it all

Fun with Credit Cards!

If my credit card payment is due on say, September 9th, but last month I paid it on August 2nd, is it better to pay it on September 2nd (within 30 days) or is it just as good to pay on the 6th (before the due date, but more than a month since last payment)?


a mouse!!

i just caught a mouse in my living room. i put him in a ball jar, i have the lid half-cocked so he gets some air.

i don't want to kill him, but if i let him go outside he's just going to get back into my house again. what can i do with him? wouldn't he get killed if i put him in the woods?

also, he has the biggest balls i have ever seen on a creature his size. why the heck would that be?

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I know there is a way to do this butI just can't figure it out. How do you import/transfer (whatever the word is) your favorite places on AOL to the internet? For instance, if I want to use the internet and AIM as oppossed to AOL but still be able to use my favorite places? Hope that makes sense. Lol Thanks. :)
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(no subject)

How effective/helpful is it for you to load up on a huge amount of responsibilities to keep your mind off the "harsher"/"harder"/whatever aspects of life?

Ever tried it? How'd it go?
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Can you spare me a little hope?

I'm in north central Louisiana. We've got thousands of shelters open, kids are able to go to school here, colleges are extending enrollment, all sorts of awesome stuff. School is closed tomorrow so bus drivers can go down to New Orleans and help evacuate the Superdome.

Meanwhile, the ward 9 people (to my understanding, a lot of them have partaken in the looting sprees) have been moved to an empty building maybe 15 minutes from my house and we're starting to run out of gas. There's talk of rationing gas starting next week.

Are things ever going to get better?

And do you agree that it sucks to be interviewed for a spot in a praise band and be turned down not because of your musical ability but because you aren't Christian enough for their liking? (it wasn't said, but it was definitely implied.)

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People near LA:

How big is this museum/art gallery type place? It strikes me as the kindof place that would be smallish, but I'd hate to assume that and then find out that it's, like, a two-days-to-see-it-all kind of place.
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(no subject)

I've seen people put a little thingie in their info that shows what songs they've been listening to, and I was wondering where I could get that. Is it from Audioscrobbler? I belong to that but don't recall seeing anything like that available.

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Weight lifting questions

I should have asked here sooner, but here goes.

I have a few exercise questions.

1. Since spring, I've been working out all summer about twice a week or so with a pair of dumbbells that I found. I'm doing every dumbbell exercise that I can think of, but I'm concerned I might be neglecting some muscles and end up all out of proportion from not working opposing muscles or something. Should I be worried about that? What'll happen?

Here's a what I've been doing:

* seated bent laterals (lifting 'em in an arc out to my sides while bent forward)
* seated dumbbell press (over my shoulders straight up)
* bicep curls
* tricep extensions (behind my head)
* Wrist curls (for the forearms)
* The weight-on-a-rope technique to work the opposing forearm muscles
* squat lifts
* calf raises
* tic-tocs (sideways torso exercise for the abdominal side muscles, usu. with 40-50 lbs.)

That's all the exercises I can think of. Also, without weights:

* push-ups
* sit-ups
* elbow-to-knee twists
* thigh lifts (inner and outer thighs)

2. Now I know that my hamstrings aren't included in this routine. I don't think I can do barbell lunges because I don't have a barbell. Is there any other way to work them?

3. What else is missing that I could be doing? Remember, all I have for equipment is a pair of dumbbells and 70 pounds of freeweights. Thanks in advance.

4. and does anybody know anything you can do about the soreness the next day? Maybe prevent it?

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Do you think someone who calls himself an atheist should have to pay for certain religious customs for his recently deceased wife (who was not an atheist herself)?

My uncle says he doesn't believe in it so my grandmother and great uncle (her siblings) are splitting the costs, albeit not happily (they think it's his responsibilty as her husband). Do you understand his point of view or think it's not right?

I really hope posting something like this isn't disrespectful to my family and aunt. =/ I was just wondering some others opinions of this.

*Edited to add: I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear.. I believe (but am not 100% sure) that he paid for her funeral, which was back in the winter. This is for other customs such as a stone and unveiling.
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Question: Anyone from the south east US with a room/bed/couch to spare?

Question: Anyone from the south east US with a room/bed/couch to spare?
Hurricane Katrina's toll on communities, homes and lives has devastated the nation. Now victims must face the daunting question of where to go next—and we can help.

Tens of thousands of newly homeless families are being bused to a stadium in Houston, where they may wait for weeks or months. At least 80,000 are competing for area shelters, and countless more are in motels, cars, or wherever they can stay out of the elements. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross are scrambling to find shelter for the displaced.

This morning, we've launched an emergency national housing drive to connect your empty beds with hurricane victims who desperately need a place to wait out the storm. You can post your offer of housing (a spare room, extra bed, even a decent couch) and search for available housing online at:

Housing is most urgently needed within reasonable driving distance (about 300 miles) of the affected areas in the Southeast, especially New Orleans.

Please forward this message to anyone you know in the region who might be able to help.

But no matter where you live, your housing could still make a world of difference to a person or family in need, so please offer what you can.

The process is simple:

You can sign up to become a host by posting a description of whatever housing you have available, along with contact information. You can change or remove your offer at any time.

Hurricane victims, local and national relief organizations, friends and relatives can search the site for housing. We'll do everything we can to get your offers where they are needed most. Many shelters actually already have Internet access, but folks without 'net access can still make use of the site through case workers and family members.

Hurricane victims or relief agencies will contact hosts and together decide if it's a good match and make the necessary travel arrangements. The host's address is not released until a particular match is agreed on.

If hosting doesn't work for you, please consider donating to the Red Cross to help with the enormous tasks of rescue and recovery. You can give online at:

As progressives, we share a core belief that we are all in this together, and today is an important chance to put that idea to work. There are thousands of families who have just lost everything and need a place to stay dry. Let's do what we can to help.

Thanks for being there when it matters most.

—Noah Winer and the whole Civic Action Team
Thursday, September 1st, 2005
Summer puppy by ninneve

Anyone here try the new Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza from Papa John's? Is it good? Is it weird? Does it taste like a CBR sandwich?

Also, What's with the sandwich-on-a-pizza craze? Around here we have Cheeseburger pizzas, Steak sandwich pizzas, CBR pizzas, and i've seen a few Italian sub and Chicked Parmesan pizzas. Does everything have to be on a pizza anymore?

A question of friendship

I need peoples opinions if I am being selfish or reasonable about this...

A friend of mine reserved some cabins to go camping this weekend, and this was reserved a good month or 2 in advance. I said I would go because I had nothing else planned. I mean, how booked can my weekends be 2 months in advance?

Anyway... Right before this weekend, I have been presented with an opportunity to do something I would enjoy far more. And the more I think about it, the less I want to go camping. I think I want to just blow off the whole trip for this alternative event.

Here is my logic,
A. I am not a big fan of camping anyway.
B. This is family and friends, and the family (including children) will put a damper on what would make it fun anyway, i.e. drinking, vulgarity etc.
C. My presence although welcome and enjoyed, is not a necessary component to the weekend.

I feel if I go that I will spend the whole weekend wishing I wasn't there, and being annoyed that family and children are there, so why go?

I have to follow my gut on this.

So am I a selfish jerk who is abandoning his friends for any little opportunity?
Or am I being reasonable, and just doing what I would rather do?

Advice is welcome :-)

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(no subject)

Okay, I'm going nuts trying to search for something. I want to get a new purse, but it's one in particular. It's more of a small sling/messenger type purse. It's sort of sporty, a black nylon or canvas material. I used to have one, and I saw someone with one recently and I'd like to get another one. They're very simple, the ones I've seen were black, and they're not very large. Even the strap is pretty thin. I can't remember the specific brand name, I want to say Pacific was in the name but I'm not sure. Ack, I'm going nuts! If this is ringing a bell, could you let me know? And perhaps point me towards it? Thanks!

(no subject)

1. What magazines/journals do you currently subscribe to?

2. What are some magazines that you have canceled in the past because you grew up or just realized they suck? What did you get as a kid?

3. Anything you would like to subscribe to but haven't for whatever reason yet (money issues, just haven't gotten around to it, etc)?

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(no subject)

Can someone tell me what it's like to be homeless? The feelings? The smells? How the days go by? I'm writing a short story for english on this matter and I just want to know what it's like for homeless people on the inside because I know what it seems like from the outside. Have you ever been homeless?
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Trying to find a song


I hope somebody here can help me.

There was a song that played at the end of the August 18th episode of Starved (an FX network show) which I really liked. It was slow moving with a piano and a woman singing. The words that she sang before the show cut to a commercial were:

"Good night, my love, good night. I hope the bedbugs bite. I hope your dreams..."

I've tried googling variations on that and came up with nothing. I watched the credits to see if they mentioned the song and/or artist. They didn't. I visited the FX website (didn't work on Firefox, so I tried IE and it did work there) and while I was able to get to most of the flash features on the site, when I clicked on "Message Board," I got a pop up with nothing in it.

Then I thought to visit the message board on and there was a nice handful of people asking the same question of "who sang that?" on one thread.

One person thought it was Jill Sobule. Another thought it might have been Amanda Kravat. A little over a week ago, I e-mailed both the contact address for Jill Sobule (on her website) and the FX contact address, but haven't heard back from either of them. I didn't contact Amanda Kravat, because I wasn't able to find a contact e-mail address for her (there was a site designer link, but I was iffy about contacting them).

Does anyone know this song? Does anyone know who sang it? I would be *very* grateful if anybody could give me any information.

Thank you! :)

(no subject)

about a week ago i posted about using
so i ordered my books and all that good stuff. orders confirmed yada yada. For one book though, the order was confirmed and then cancelled, so i ordered another one. Will they charge the credit card twice or only once for the second time?
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Ring my tone

Might I possibly get a list of free ringtone/wallpaper/game websites for cell phones? I've got a Cingular LG that came with my plan, and I'm not keen on spending 2 bucks for each ringtone MIDI file I download.

The only good free one I know of is, but it freezes up a lot. Any others you've used that don't fuck your bill over?

Much appreciated.
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(no subject)

1. If one were to say "The glass is only half full" is that still considered optimistic?

2. What is your favorite chip dip? And favorite chip to dip?

3. My friend's birthday is coming up. 23, preppy-perky-pop-princess type... any gift suggestions? ~$30ish I guess.

4. What show(s) are you anticipating for the upcoming season?

5. Do you know any girls with blatant boy names, or boys with blatant girl names? Not androgynous names like Alex or Ryan... but like, a girl named Richard or something?


Maybe I can help by starting a discussion about it... 

I was called out for not posting about Katrina in my personal LJ.

1) Has Katrina changed your life or affected it any way?  Are you doing anything to help the victims?

2) Have you posted about Katrina in your LJ?  Are you writing about personal feelings or adding value to existing coverage?

3) How do you cope in times of personal crisis?  How do you cope in times of national crisis?

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Massive List o' Reads

I want to compile a list of all the novels / books / anthologies / short story collections / poetry collections / plays / etc that I want to or should read, as both an English major, and as a well-read, cultural human being.

Can you help me out with as many suggestions as you can provide? I'd prefer serious suggestions only (thank you, but the Where's Waldo Complete Edition doesn't really rank on top of my list), although some things can be justified (such as the works of Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein) for their intrinsic value. I'll compile all your suggestions, along with any additions I make, then put it back on here as a "How many of these have you read?" post.
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(no subject)

I know there is the technology available to make cars that run on water. Also diesel engines can run on recirculated vegetable oilif you put two engines in, let it warm up with the gas engine and then transfer to the diesel engine. My question is, has anyone marketed cars like this that we can buy? A car that uses almost no oil at all? Do you think having all cars run diesel engines with recirculated vegetable oil is a good idea as a long term replacement for oil fueled cars? Would it make a difference economically or environmentally or politically? Do you have any more info on this?