August 31st, 2005

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1) My boyfriend found a website for a shirt that says "I Kick It With Ninjas" and he couldn't find it again. Can someone point me to it?

2) I heart of some website that sells a shirt that says "I Make Milk: What's Your Superpower?". i heard it from the guy at the beer store, so i have no idea where it is from. Anyone got a clue?

3) For the Females (or males, if you are so inclined): what is the best foundation to use that doesn't sweat off? that stays dry, and stays on for like 8-12 hours? i use Maybelline Mousse, and its not working that great. I did use Maybelline Purestay before, but I didn't like it as much. Any suggestions?
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Rivet Riot


Over the summer I decided that it'd be a good idea to get rid of some of my old stuff (i.e. text books & cds) by selling it on & Well, I couldn't take all that stuff with me when I went back to school, so (I thought) I hid the items on and closed the listings for the items on Amazon. However, I just got an email telling me I *SOLD* one of the Amazon items, and have to ship it within two business days. Shipping it probably won't be a problem, since my parents can probably do it for me (I hope), but why did this happen? And how can I delete the other items from my Amazon listing?
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It's All Good
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So, have you ever had a dream where you got your freak on with another LJ user? Was it someone that you've never met in real life?

No, I've never had a dream like that.
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what is love? (true love, the kind of love you have/will have with your soul mate. pure love between two people)

What do you think it is essentially?

What are reasons for being in love with someone?
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1. Do you know anybody with a long name (like three or more syllables) who has never gone by a nickname? Or a name that is traditionally shortrened? What's the name?

2. Can "yet" and "anymore" be used in sentences that don't contain a negative? (ie: "I have to go to the store yet." or "I'm going to start excercising anymore.")

3. Does a tuna and pepperoni sandwich sound weird to you?

4. What food combinations do you eat but might seem odd to others?

5. Do you have any suggestions for extremely dry skin? My neck (under my chin area) is like SNOWING dead skin. Not only disgusting but very painful. I've been using concentrated vitamin e cream but isn't helping very quickly. Any ideas?

6. Does it make you sad when you're really excited about something and want your friends to be excited with you, but nobody seems to care?

Editted to add:

7. Think of the hottest guy you've ever known. What's his first name?

8. And hottest girl you've known... Name?

Help + 2 Questions

1) I'm typing the first sentence on page 13 in MS Word & my laptop flips out!!

Suddenly, the scroll bar is locked at the bottom of the page & the screen freezes.

Then my view changes from 100% to 10%. 

Finally, I have to reboot the whole system.

Now, my cursor which used to look like a bar is a blue dot.


2) Do you believe in horoscopes?  Have any been eerily accurate?  Collapse )

apt inspections

Should I stay home in my apartment while the management conducts their annual inspections?
They'll have the maintenance tech and the City Code Enforcement Officer entering every apartment. This will happen sometime between 1pm-4pm... I'm on the first floor - so I should be one of the first. This is my first apt and I'm not sure what they'll be looking for (besides that we've kept the bottom of the bathtub clean'd - had to sign off on an addendum to the lease for it since it's textured fiberglass)... the place is tidy, I washed the floors and vacuum'd yesterday. Anything else I should make sure to have ok?


One thing I'm not certain of... my bf bought a fish tank. It's filled with water and filters running. But there's no fish. Some of the other buildings are allowed to have cats, but not ours. There's nothing in the lease that says anything about fish though. And then.. it's just a filled fish tank - no actual fish (we will get fish later - we just like the bubbly water noise the tank makes hehe). Will they say something???
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Pulling frogImageshack is eating my pictures. I had one cool picture of a girl pulling a frog’s penis and eye out (quite distinctive, I must surmise), and now it is gone from the feminazis’s user info. Here I have the thumbnail I recovered from Google.

I do remember vaguely where it came from (an anti-feminazi website), but I can’t seem to get back there. Where can I find it back?
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I'm sleeping when I get home

I stayed up really late last night and now I'm completely miserable at work. If I had a way home I'd actually take a sick day just so I could sleep but I don't. I have to stare at numbers all say which put me to sleep anyway, and I can't keep my eyes open!

Does anyone have any suggestions for staying awake? I have coffee and I've randomly walked around twice so far.
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Things that make you go "hmm..."

Questions about Disney's Beauty and the Beast... that probably have no actual answer but I wanted to hear whatever guesses you could give.

1. Okay so all his servants turned into stuff, but what happened to the stuff he already had? Did the servants just decide "Oh well we're forks now, might as well use us as such". Are they telling us he had no dishes/furniture previously?

2. Do they feel anything? Because Mrs. Potts and Chip should be rather uncomfortable filled with hot stuff I think. Do any of the servants ever say "ouch" or other painy type noises that anyone can remember during the movie?

3. Speaking of Mrs. Potts and Chip, who the hell is the father?! And are the other cups her kids as well? O_O

4. If they're in France why is Lumier the only one with a french accent? [Edit: The feather duster does too I believe.]

5. Why on earth did the dresser just happen to have women's dresses in her drawers?

6. Am I the only one who thought "Eew, change back!" when I saw the Beast turn into a human? Ick!

Things that make you go "hmm"...

[bonus] What's up with the "Snuff out the Light" song on the Emperor's New Groove soundtrack that isn't in the movie? I love that song!

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Feel Free to Comment A LOT!!!

How do you communicate with yourself?

Funny question huh? Some people have a huge repritore of words they understand and can use to elaborate with. We all have a large range of complex feelings that sometimes get tangled in our hearts. But I have noticed lately that I seem to have this need to sound 'intelligent' and a desire to share what is going on in my head in an overly dramatic way to make it seem more important or even mystical. I was hand-writting in my journal last night and I noticed something... While trying to communicate what is going on in my world the words that come out on paper are a translation of what is going on in my head. Its like me saying the thoughts I have arn't good enough and they need to be modified for reality.

  • Does anyone else have this issue?
  • Is this Normal?

    (also x-posted to my own journal)
  • dream job/career

    What is your dream JOB? What about dream CAREER? (Job just being a job, not what you'd like to do for the rest of your working life. Career being what you want to stay doing, no matter what company, etc. At least, those are my definitions.)

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    For those of you who know what it is, what do you put HP sauce on?
    Some family from Ireland came here (the Sates) and brought a couple of bottles.
    I remember from the last couple of times I was there that I loved it, but its been at least three years and I can't remember what I put it on..

    I wanna say I used it as an A-1 sauce(put on meats for seasoning/ used as a marinade on red meats/chicken), UK substitue, or in place of worscester sauce...but what else can I use it on?
    dr who

    i have good hobbies, damnit.

    is it weird that i go out on the roof in the rain and bring my laptop, put it under the ledge on the roof so it doesn't get wet, jam to portishead, and write paper journal entries in my awesomenotebook (tm) and completely ignore the phone ringing and people in my house?

    'cause boyfriend thinks i'm nuts, but this is my favourite hobby.

    what's your favourite hobby?
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    2 questions

    1. Is it normal for a package mailed on August 9th from Ontario, Canada to take this long to be delivered? I sent a 'small parcel' as defined by Canada Post on the 9th to someone in New Mexico and they haven't got it yet. It went by "surface".

    2. Yesterday when I left work I noticed a lot of scratches on my rear passenger door. After checking with a neighbour who does body work, it's the type of mark left most commonly when people try to park and get too close, and the vehicles 'rub' together. Whoever did it left no note or anything, they just left. The parking lot it happened in is the type where you can only park if you have a monthly permit.

    If I see a car with very similar damage to mine, like it matches up on the height and it's a dark coloured car (based on the paint left on my car), should I phone the police? I'm not going through insurance if I have to pay for it myself, and if I find the person I'll give them the opportunity to pay for the damage. Should I have called the police already? If I phone the police, do I have to file with insurance too? Help?

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    My college accepts UPS,DHL and all those things along with USPS. However, we only have PO boxes) so obviously we cant get the UPS sent to the box. the website says that the UPS stuff just goes to the Post Office and we get a slip saying we have a package (thats how I figured it worked) So, my question is probably stupid but the sender just puts my normal address, including my PO Box and it all works.right?

    Just Curious

    1. What would make you want to cut someone?

    2. Would you cut someone who does't comment much [even if you enjoyed reading the person's journal?]

    3. Have you ever been cut? Were you upset/offended?

    4. How many LJ friends do you have? Do you read all of their journals?
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    If your long-distance partner was going to break up with you because s/he wasn't happy in the relationship (though s/he still loves you and wants you to be happy), would you prefer that s/he did it over the phone and got it done, or waited well over a month to do it face-to-face?

    It seems cold and disrespectful to do it over the phone, but it seems cruel to drag a relationship out if one person isn't interested in being in the relationship anymore. I don't know what to do.

    Tanning Beds

    Since summer is comming to a close, I am looking at starting to go to a tanning bed.

    I have never been.


    What would one wear?
    Do they go over cycles and stuff?
    What would be the cost it should roughly cost?

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    You owe me, buddy!

    Does anyone know (under Canadian law) if I am allowed to say that I will forward a person's past due account to a collection agency?

    Has anyone dealt with a collection agency as a business before? Do I need to pay them a set fee for the service or do they take a percentage of what is owed to me?


    People are People

    1) The internet alienates people more than it connects them.  Why or why not?

    2) Have you ever "given up" your significant other because s/he would simply be better with their ex or a new person?

    3) Do you date up/down/equal in terms of money/education/looks?

    4) Why do people choose to send in tapes of themselves to be broadcast nationally -- Do they not realize they will be laughed at???

    5) Humans are good.  Agree or disagree?

    Ahh! Babies!

    (no subject)

    im about to go to an event where some people who really hurt me in the past will be attending as well. Seeing them makes me upset and hurt and angry (brings back all of those feelings). I am not going to be fake around them and pretend to be cheerful and happy to see them, etc. Ideally, I'd like to avoid them if possible. My question is, how can I be polite and tactful without being fake? I don't want to cause any uneccessary drama but I refuse to pretend to be happy and talkative with them either. I don't hide emotions well so people may notice that Im upset and angry. Im just hoping that doesnt come out in my actions as well.
    buffy horrified

    Gas prices...

    I tried reading a few articles to figure this out, but I didn't get my answer. Are gas prices going to settle down in the next few days/reasonable amount of time, or are they going to stay insane/keep going up?
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    Do you wear a bike helmet when you ride your bike?

    I do. I also ride horses, so it's always been beat into my head that helmets are really important. And a riding helmet potentially saved my life (well, at least my brain) when I once had a really bad fall (thrown head first into a rail, concussion, all that fun stuff).

    (no subject)

    I recently had to wipe my computer hard drive, and I'm trying to load my music that I put back into my Itunes into my Ipod, but I lost the disc that came with my Ipod.

    Is there a way to download from the website whatever that "iPod for Windows Software 1.0 CD-ROM" does? I am pretty desperate to figure it out and there is no conveniently located store where I might be able to get the disc where I am now.
    Simba turns

    Snafu eBay

    Here's the situation: On July 31, I purchased a graphic novel trade paperback from an eBayer (I'll call him SellerX for now). I clicked the "purchase" button, and bought it (it was not an auction). I sent a Pay Pal payment right away, and my bank statement says it was deducted on Aug. 2.

    It's been one month, and I have not received my book. I've sent two emails asking if the book was on backorder or some delay, but SellerX sent me an identical cut-and-paste letter twice saying all purchases ship out 24-72 hours after Pay Pal payment, and so on. I've read up to 40 pages on SellerX's feedback and he's got a 99.6% positive FB rating. And a the 5 people who have left SellerX negative FB have the same complaint as me--item never came in. And there are some who have left positive FB but admitted that it took a month or two to get their items. So my Question is, What do I do?

    Am I being impatient? I did get the cheap-o shipping ($3.99) but I think a month is insane to wait even for cheap-o shipping rates.

    Should I wait a little longer?

    Do I demand my money back?

    I'm also deathly afraid of pissing this guy off--he leaves negative feedback on users who leave negative or even neutral FB. I just don't have a lot of auctions under my belt, so I don't know how bad it'll hurt me.

    And one more thing--I just became concerned because SellerX has posted an IDENTICAL sale for the same copy of the book-- he's selling 3 books just like before at the same price. And I have a feeling that this guy's just fucking with me. Or anyone else who wants this book. It just seems suspicious that he's selling 3 copies just like before.
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    finger ouch...

    I had a volleyball game about three hours ago. I reached for a serve and it bent my right pinkie. Now it's swollen and very stiff (it feels like there's some sort of a barrier preventing it from bending when I try to bend it) at the knuckle joint, the only position that doesn't hurt is slightly bent at that joint. It hurts to type, high-five teammates, pick up stuff with that hand, etc.

    I've got another game tomorrow that I will be playing in if I've got any sort of use of my hand. My question is, what can I do to make it feel better besides icing it? And there's no chance it's broken, right? I imagine if it was broken it would be very bruised, and hurt even when I wasn't bending it.
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    Sleep vs. Romance

    Okay. You're Sleeping Beauty. An evil spell has been placed upon you and your kingdom, resulting in 1000 years of sleep for all. When the handsome Prince comes along and kisses you (ew, morning breath magnified by a thousand), what is your reaction? Are you grateful to the pretty man for releasing you and your people from eternal hibernation? Or are you royally pissed off because he disturbed your beauty rest?
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    Turn Me Off

    Does anyone know a (non-virus) program that shuts your computer down at a scheduled time? As in, so your kids won't be on until X:30 in the morning, you can tell it to turn off at 10:00P and not turn back on until 7:00A.

    Any thoughts?
    reflections of the road

    databases are us?

    HAs anyone counted the total number of questions this community has amassed thus far?

    OR on its aniversary's(sp)?

    What was thee top most producing day of questions?

    And obviously what was the top most producing day or answers?

    Who's thee most prolific answering ID?

    " " " " question asking ID?

    When at a PC/Mac are you :
    A.)bare foot
    B.)shoes on, no socks
    C.)shoes on w/ socks
    d.)socks only (pantyhose and *other hose* count here)
    e.)huh, where are my feet?

    *bonus points if you can actually persentage your time as work and non-work related! :>P
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    Landline Telephones

    cross-posted to poor_skills

    Does anyone know of any cheap landline telephone plans that include all local and long-distance phone calls? We know of Verizon Freedom Unlimited which is $49.99 and that is the best we've found so far -- it includes all local, regional, long distance and caller ID, call waiting, etc. We've also found Charter which is a bit cheaper but unavailable in our area. Are there any lesser known plans that include unlimited local and long distance that are also reputable? I don't mind paying $49.99 but I'd prefer to pay less if I know the company offers all that Verizon does, is reliable and offers good support/service as well. Thanks.

    (If it matters, I live in the Northeast US -- Boston, area).

    For business majors/former business majors

    For current/graduated business majors: What are some challenges you've faced specific to your major? What are some things you wish someone had told you when you were a freshman?

    For former business majors: What led you to change majors or drop out? Is there anything that could have kept you in the program?
    blue flower


    What can I do to help the hurricane victims?

    What charities are the best to give to or are there better, more direct ways to help?

    Are there any charities that I should stay away from?

    What do you suggest?

    I hope you all are well
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    (no subject)

    in order to get acess to, i need to be able to recieve cookies and that gets me a free site pass, but i cannot do that of late.
    ive gone to internet options,etc and still nothing.

    anyone have any idea how to fix it?


    edit: it says "done but with errors" when its finished loading
    Me--State Fair

    (no subject)

    I used to have a typing job working with a woman who was working on her PhD. I moved, and I'm trying to find that kind of work again. So I put together a sign. I just want some feedback on the wording. Do you think keeping it simple is good, or can you think of anything that is somewhat attention grabbing, without being ridiculous?

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    cat tea

    Random Questions

    1. Do you have a Myspace account? If so, what is your main purpose of having it (friend collecting, keeping up with friends, stalking people, etc)?

    2. Why do all these people on myspace put "artsy" pictures up like pictures of them in weird angles or positions, cropped off right around their left eye, etc?

    3. What is your favorite kind of dog? I like some dogs, but I hate ones that are too small or too big and ones that jump around and shed a lot. (I know, that doesn't leave too many options - oh, and I hate poodles).

    4. When you are eating junk food, do you prefer salty or sweet?

    5. On a scale of 1-10, how attractive do you think you are? On a scale of 1-10, how good of a personality do you have?

    6. Even though you can't read minds, what would you imagine peoples' first impression of you are?

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