August 30th, 2005

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If you were offered the chance to hear exactly what your friends/family/coworkers think about you, good or bad, from their own mouths, would you take it? They wouldn't know that you've found out unless you told them.
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Hi! *waves*

1) Has anyone ever read Eragon by Christopher Paolini?
2) I was wondering how that book was?
3) Do I need to read the Eragon to understand the second?
(I picked up the sequal on a whim and now I'm using all my will power not to crack it open! lol)

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I'm going to get lectured for this, but I need to ask. I'm supposed to take 1050mg of Trileptal every day; it is a lithium medicine for bipolar/mood disorder stuff, but the truth is that I haven't been taking this medication for over a year. I hate it and the way it makes me feel, and the thing is, I haven't told my parents or my doctor yet. I know I should, but it's a long story. Here's the thing though: My pysch makes me get blood tests done every month to check on me. Shouldn't she have figured it out by now? I stopped taking the pills last June, so I've had a billion blood tests since. What's the deal???

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The weird thing was I was considering posting this last night (my time) and this morning there's another question about blood types.

So my blood type is A-. How rare is that blood type? I haven't heard of anyone else having that blood type.
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1. what are you doing?
2. what are you wearing?
3. what are you drinking?
4. what is the next concert you are going to?

my answers:

1. doing an assessment on a new client
2. black dress pants, tank top and shirt layered on top
3. perrier
4. the bravery

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I have a 25-ish gallon tank. it was previously set up with two filters supported by plastic tubes which snapped into a under-the-rocks thingy, and fed water into the filter through there- thus filtering the water as it sunk under the rocks, and filterign out crap that would get stuck in the rocks like fish shit. the tank also had a small pleco.
my mom lost one of the pipes, and I don't really sense being able to buy 1/4 of a filtering kit from anywhere. What can I do? I was thinking maybe one filter and a larger pleco, or the one filter set up correctly, and the pleco, and the other suspended from wires or something- it wouldn't be filtering under the rocks, but it would be filtering some.
I think the filters are also involved in oxygenating the water.
Would either of those be okay? what kind of wire would not fuck up tank chemicalness?

Miss Saigon: Good? good for a birthday type date?

Blood Types Again...

I know there have been a few posts on blood type over the last few days. Sorry, but I have another.

Who can take which types of blood? I thought that 'O' was universal - does that mean that anyone can recieve 'O' type blood, or that people with 'O' blood can take any other type?

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I'm trying to download fonts from Fonts that only have one file download perfectly. But, as soon as there's multiple font files (i.e. Labtop), I get a zip file with nothing in it instead of, say, with fonts. Why is this happening?

Can anyone recommend a trustyworthy free font site other than Dafont, fontfreak and 1001freefonts?

What's the most recent song you downloaded? For me, I just downloaded various songs by the Ditty Bops from iTunes.


Have you ever gotten into a screaming argument with someone? I never have. I can't seem to raise my voice. I'd like to though. I would really like to let someone have it. I can do it and I do it well. I just do it a very stern, placid voice.

How do you raise your voice? May seem silly to some here but I really can't yell. The last time I screamed or even shouted was at an amusement park and that was because I was falling several stories out of the sky.

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I just started grad school and keep hearing things about 3-3 or 4-4 teaching loads and whatnot. Perhaps if I had been given a teaching assistantship I would actually know what those things mean. But the bastards didn't give me anything! Bastards! Bastards!

Anyway... what's a 3-3 teaching load, etc??? I assume it has something to do with how many hours of classes you're teaching?


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A) Which Simpsons character do you relate to the most? Like, which one do you see as having the most similarities to yourself.

For me, it's Carl

B) Which member of Friends do you relate to the most?

For me, it was Chandler in the first few seasons when he was a cynical smartass, before they turned him into a sweater-vested girlie man loser
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Ever have a friend who's a decent enough person, but gets involved with, and by association gets you involved with, people who are nothing but syphillitic drama?

Example: bbsy, meet skankyho2916. She's giving you the ride you need to work. She's a great gal, and I know you're both going to hit it off.

How do you deal with it?
The Receptionist Classic

Another TV Question

Back in high school, we were asked to pick TV characters that were most like our family members. The girl behind me said that her dad was most like Al Bundy ("Married With Children"). I said that my mom and aunt reminded me of Roseanne and Jackie from "Roseanne" (they still do, it is really freakish how similar they are).

Does anyone in your family have an on-screen TV twin?
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For those of you who have tried to install Google Talk, have you had any trouble getting it to run?

I installed it on my computer, but everytime I try to sign in, it freezes up and has to be closed via ctrl+alt+del. I know it isn't a problem with my account because the same account will sign in on another computer.

Windows XP Password Protecting

This has been driving me insane for the past year I’ve been using Windows XP—is there a way to password lock Windows XP like you could in Windows 2000? (In Windows 2000, hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL would bring up another screen in which you could password protect the computer until you type in the password.)

The only way I know of doing this in XP is by turning on the screensaver and choosing to password protect it—but this is annoying when I’m in a hurry and can’t wait a minute for the screensaver to pop up.

So, any ideas?

Problem Solved.
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Should I apply ED to NYU or Carnegie Melon? I'm torn between 3 schools, NYU, CMU, and USC. However, USC doesn't have ED, rather rolling. So yeah. I'm applying for mostly business, but debating if I want to double major (which I would have to apply as liberal arts) in communications.

I've always wanted to go to NYU, however it's the "dream school" and a shit load of people apply there. I don't think I can fend of the competition, and also if you're going to apply there, you basically need to apply ED, otherwise you'll prob get rejected for priority.

CMU, I'm not really a fan, but this is a decent "safety" school. But, seriously, if I did get into USC, and was early accepted into here, I'd think I would want to kill myself. So, if I do ED, I'll def have a better as shot than NYU???? because there is lesser competition? in a sense. However, it's ranked a lot higher than NYU.

I don't know which college to apply early decision to. :(
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If I take a shower/wash my hair at 7 a.m. and go about my day, my hair is still clean-looking when I go to bed at night, even if I don't go to bed until 2-3 a.m. But if I take a shower/wash my hair at 10 p.m., when I get up at 6 a.m., it already looks greasy. WHY?
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So, by tomorrow afternoon I need to have the name of a company that's taking public relations interns for the summer, and the name of a person in HR to send a resume to.

It's for a class. I don't *care* about having an internship come summertime. If I get one, cool, if not, okay. I don't appreciate being required to make a resume and send it off in the space of 1-2 weeks ish because my teacher said I had to.

aaaanyway. my google-fu is not strong. Most public relations sites I find are sites for people who are already big in their field and want to get bigger, or thoughts on teaching PR. "A student should have an internship." Great. now how do I get one?
Any websites you could point me to, or any better google search terms than "public relations"+internship, would be much appreciated.
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Are there any movies in which the actors don't talk, that their emotions are expressed through music? A multi-song music video, so to speak? Just one song after another with no lines, filling up the standard movie time (1 1/2 hours)?
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I tried to word this question better, but it sucks. I'm not asking whether girls are attention whores. I'm asking why they commonly pose this way for photos when it doesn't seem like they used to in earlier times in our photographic history.

It seems that, at least from the latter half of the last century I've seen more and more photos of girls (for instance those prom photos where a bunch of girls cram to get in the picture) where the girls all put their heads as close together as possible, sometimes put their arms around each other, and smile cheesily for the photo. Mostly it seems that guys don't do this. And if I look at older pictures of groups of girls that are taken in an obviously casual setting (like my mom's horse riding club photo), they are all either sitting neatly or standing neatly in a row and not trying to knock each other's heads off to get their faces in the center of the photo. Is this a social custom thing, or what? What would explain the way that casual group girl photos seem to have changed? Why do they cram their heads together?

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Did you ever know a Big Fat Liar? I mean a grade A bullsh1tter, not someone who tells little white lies. When I think back on primary school, the thing that usually comes into my mind is this boy called Stéphane who had a series of tall stories. He was always going on about exciting activities he had with some sort of army branch for young people, who were training him in electricity resistance. I actually believed him. Until his captain "built a giant robot" that is.

He also told our teacher that he had a pet eagle in the countryside. I wonder whether she believed him or just didn't want to expose him in front of class and cause some great psychological trauma to the poor angel. I remember other things from other people, but no one came close to this friend of my sister's (also at primary school) who claimed to be from Venus! Have you got any amusing anecdotes about LYING LIARS? Don't make them up, mind you. I shall know because I have a Truthoscope on my desk.

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Sometimes, when I want to do something, but I know I really shouldn't, I ask someone nearby to tell me not to do it, and then it's easier to not do. Anyone else do that?
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Why do girls almost always have neater/better handwriting than guys?

Why do most girls have that neat, big, bubbly handwriting? Has there been a study done on why so many girls have almost identical handwriting?
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Paper clips?

How do paper clips get linked together when you put them in the little paper clip holder individually?

I swear- no one touches them but they always end up all strung together.
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two questions.

question #1:

when i turn on my oven i get this choking, toxic smell that hangs in the air forever. i cant cook anything! see, i did the stupidest thing. i was preparing my dinner and i pulled the fries out of the oven to flip them over, and this super strong, super toxic super glue somehow got melted to the bottom of the cookie sheet. i put it back in the oven and it exploded all over the oven and caused a small fire and the toxic fumes were INTOLERABLE. the fire alarm went off too. my chest really hurt from the fumes and they didnt go away for a long time. clean up was a royal pain. i hope i dont get lung cancer. it doesnt matter how hard i scrub it. i cant figure out how to get rid of this smell that is probably poisoning me. im scared that theres some kind of insulation or other integral part of the oven that is messed up by the glue, and this may be an expensive repair, which would blow a giraffe. i want french fries. :*(

does anyone know what to do?

question #2:

can anyone interpret this? i think its more than one language:

Je l'ai apris il y a plusieurs années et je le métrise asser bien pour me faire comprendre. si esto le molesta a la gente entonces pueden quitarme de su lista de amigos.

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Hola everyone :)

I see a lot of awesome icons around LJ taken from various television shows, movies, etc and am wondering if anyone knows of any (preferably free) programs one uses to take screenshots/segments from DVD's they own. I have a Jasc animation free trial that will run out soon and I am not sure if I can use that for such a huge file (transporting one episode just to shorten down to a couple frames takes a loooong time).

I'd ask for certain poses of a certain show if someone else had those scenes but I am very precise in what exact frames I need so I need to do this myself, really. I tried to look for avatar making communities on here but couldn't find what I need. If anyone has any advice or knows of a great site/community that would answer my questions that'd be sweet.
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hair care

What's a good hair care product that will help me strengthen my hair and make it healthier? Right now it's really brittle and keeps breaking. I'm going shopping tomorrow and would like to get something for it...preferably something that won't drain my bank account, too. :)

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What's the difference between all the available roofs in cars? I always thought a sun roof was one that opened back into the roof, leaving a big open square and that the pop-ups were moon roofs, but that's obviously wrong. Enlighten me. Har har.

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Poll #562064 Common Courtesy

When you're running late, at what point do you pick up the phone and call the person you're meeting?

If I know beforehand that I'm running late, I'll call before the designated meeting time.
15 minutes late
A half hour late
An hour or more late
I don't bother calling. They'll see me when I get there.

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With brand new glasses, how do you remove the words that are sometimes printed on the lens? I know it can be removed but I don't know with what kind of solution, and I don't want to scratch it off, cause that would kinda be sad to have scratched lenses :\



they look exactly like this.
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A month ago I met a guy. We're very different. Different religions, different cultures, different language, etc. and yet we're insanely crazy about each other.

He told me he thinks I'm "the one". I think he might be too, but I'm scared.

In 5 days he goes back to Turkey and it's unlikely that we'll run into each other again.

What should I do?
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Do you have any favorite Star Wars fan films to recommend? (Don't direct me to a lousy list, please, just tell me your favorites if you're nerdy like that) [EDIT: I'm also looking for a specific one that I saw over someone's shoulder once in a Jack-in-the-Box, on their laptop. It basically a lightsaber duel between two people, one was a sith I believe, really well done (music, sfx, costuming, makeup, backgrounds, all of it was good). In black and white, I think, but the sabers were colored. ??]

And, is everyone aware that I and leastlikely are two different people? Because I even get confused sometimes when she posts because I go HEY I didn't write that! ARGH. :P
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Ever been so angry that having someone bring it up makes you angry all over again? Like, angry for hours, not being able to focus?

How do you become not-angry? Drinking doesn't work, it only makes things worse, I think. And I know I shouldn't be as angry as I am - the world will continue to go around. And I really do hate being this unpleasant. :(
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Donations to Hurricane Katrina victims

While watching the news and almost crying, I was moved to do something. We aren't really in a position to donate financially but I have three huge garbage bags filled with children's clothing that I want to donate to the children in Louisiana. I checked with the Red Cross and the Salvation Army but they are refusing material and in-kind donations. Do you know of anyplace that is collecting clothing? Thanks.
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Does anyone here know where I can find a good/nice/creative (lol) Wicked (the musical) mood theme for my livejournal?
and RENT?

Both? >.>

Thanks in advance :D
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Opening Day 2006

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Hey, I have a question, my senior year of High School (03) during the senior slide show, this song played and I could never find out what it was so I thought what the heck. I'll try here lol, I dont remember all of the words, but it has something about hanging a picture or painting on the wall, and something to the effect of "to see your face again" as a line, its a fairly mellow song, I think the main insrurment was either a piano or guitar, but not like a metal type guitar. Its sung by a male....thanks!